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the unfortunate moments at Marina Maria de La, La

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La La ilaha illAllah Alessia Cara.

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Mohammed Abdullah Zulu

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party here. Let me turn it over to Mr. Moon.

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Lady. Hello? Hello. Hello. I mean her soldier. Semin humare Jana casilla. When he said

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he will have him in the La Cocina de como te De

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La Hoya kulu Colin salida

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de novo.

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motivate them shocking with over 2 million gentlemen z there was a lot that we had in mechanical Baka Da Da

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Da Da Da Vinci osteoma La Villa in La Villa.

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Model Ana de Mattia de la Sofia cornhole ahead Elkins, Elkins alethea Hassan, who saw a couple of abacavir

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and had cancer fusion modifiers on

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the watch for Tessa was

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goofy milk in MRR, MRR, lay

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your persona and handle cans,

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cans in

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Kalia Petra Anissa

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my brothers and sisters in shallow data Today we'll be talking about this treasure that all of us are looking for. Some have reached 20. And some have reached 40. And some are reached 60, and others even beyond 60. And they're still looking for this particular treasure. Some thought it was to be in married, so they got married. And some thought maybe that treasure is in getting, you know, businesses and wealth and whatnot, but they're still looking for this treasure, that treasure is happiness, how to be happy. I think we all agree here. despite our differences, we all want to be happy. I've traveled in so many places all over the world. I've never met a person who tells me said

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I just want to be sad. I've never met that person. amongst us. There's some that are black and white and Senator Brown, some that are tall, some are short, and some that are wealthy and some that are poor, and some that are big, and some that are small. And we all differ in so many ways. But we all agree on one thing, we all want to be happy.

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I used to drive a cab when I was back in the US going to school in San Francisco and I used to drive a part time you know driving a cab. And then sometimes on the weekends, maybe some of you, you know, had that job. Sometimes I used to pick up these kids, you know, on the weekends, you know, late at night and you will take them to clubs. So you would say no, I'm a cab driver, I just pick people up and drop them off. So you have these white, Caucasian penal kids, they know they they jump to your cabin, then the on the way to the clubs, you see them in all laughing and screaming and you know, rolling the windows down and go and putting their heads out and screaming out loud. And I think to

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myself, they're happy. They're happy. And then I you know, by two, three o'clock in the morning, I drive by the same spot or I dropped them off the same kids I dropped off the same youngsters, those that were screaming unhappily and and laughing and whatnot are blowing up crying, fighting and then again, I think to myself, are they really happy? How do we define happiness? You have a person who may be so fortunate, who is Mashallah, driving the latest and greatest car has the latest and greatest phone all the greatest and latest house, his kids Mashallah goes to the best university than the best school yet you find that very same person. He's just a smaller and tinier than the eye

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of a needle.

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Likewise, you find another person who's not as fortunate. Maybe he does not drive the best and latest and greatest car, maybe does not live in the best house. Maybe he does not own the best car maybe does not own the best and latest phone yet you will find that his chest is as wide or even wider than the ocean

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Then how do you define

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in this health reported by a calamity and the returns

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by IBM Watson

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Rasulullah his salatu salam

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Mohammed Khan and in unfi, c d.

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f and V Bettany and the hukou, to me he

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he's the dunya.

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the Prophet Mohammed Allah said to stem cells in this hadith reported by Timothy and also reported by Buhari in a book called

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sound authentic edit that the Prophet Mohammed saw some says, Whosoever begins his day secure, you feel secure, safe,

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healthy, and he has the provision for his day. The Prophet Muhammad system says he has quoted to me the provision for that day the system is for that very one day. Yeah. And sometimes you go to some of our houses and you find Mashallah Potenza provision for the entire month. If not for the entire year. You go to our basement masala coat a nebula. Yeah, and had this one the house, the promise of some says, If you wake up if you begin your day, feeling secure, and secure hamdulillah a sister, a mother, a father in phosphine, she kisses her baby brother or baby son. She hugs him and then prepares breakfast for him. She you know, and then she kisses him goodbye to go to school. And then

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few minutes later she hears a bomb what happens to her son being blown up?

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Here at least you go home and you're secure. There is no f 16 running above you and bombing you and whatnot. You go to school or you go to work or you go home. I'm feeling secure and safe.

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I mean come and visit be he's feeling secure beginning his day credit secure number two. What happened? See but then he he is healthy llamada can help you're able to sit? Sit hamdulillah because there are some people who are lucky they're not able to sit and they will be willing to pay millions if not whatever they own. Just to be able to sit like this you're able to sit Mashallah, this is a great business. Some of you, you you woke up for fresh off today. Aloha American hempseed hamdulillah some people did not wake up for for the handler you go to the washroom may or may not remember you go to the washroom, Mama can hempseed hamdulillah there's some people who every day

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they have to go to the hospital hooked up, you know, by these PCs and cables and whatnot for eight hours a day, every day, eight hours a day, they have to go to the screen since process called dialysis I believe or whatever they call it, cleansing of the kidney. Why? Because they cannot use the washroom.

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They cannot urinate.

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The Prophet says if you begin your day feeling secure, healthy, and you have the provision for your day and the Hoku to me

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as if he owes the entire world and whatever it contains, you see what you and I like we like a tank that says handling is what we're lacking. We'd like in showing gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala but brothers and sisters, what is happiness and what are the keys of happiness and how we define happiness

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and Sharla Hotel in the next 15 minutes because you know the hot was nowadays the only 25 minutes or less so inshallah Allah in the next few minutes I have left I will share with you some proactive items or keys to happiness inshallah hotel. In fact, this is a seminar, which I'm going to summarize in a few minutes. First key to happiness. Oh, well, Mr. has said, Oh, well, if that said.

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Soda, soda, you say numb as we say. So it's the same thing as soda. It is the first key to happiness. And I wonder I'm amazed of how can a person who does not pray be happy? How can a person who only prays once a week on a Friday be happy? How can you be happy and it's impossible to hate somebody who does not connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala somebody who has broken that link between him and Allah and is what is that link between you and Allah is a solid? Imagine I'm a father. And I have three kids. May Allah bless you with righteous pious kids. Imagine me and my friend, let's say I'm dying in my bed, my my bed, I'm dying. And in my last breath, I'm about to die and my kids are

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surrounding me. My family's there. And then I'm talking to my son and I need to give my son that very final advice. Let's call it that.

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The Golden advice when he said a son before you die, you want to give him an advice. What advice would you give him? Make sure you follow that team and you cheer for that team. Make sure you study well. You think you're gonna tell your son before you die make sure you study well. Make sure this make sure that make sure you help your mother and look after your mother. You're going to tell your son The only golden advice Rasulullah

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sallallahu said

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in his final breath, dying

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by final breath What was he saying? Asana Asana one moment look at a man.

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Imagine his final breath is saying Asana Asana Asana the very first key to happiness my brothers and sisters is a select number quickly make it productive and quick inshallah number two second key to happiness. Like I said, Every item of every part requires what by itself. Number two second key to happiness.

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And tada Bella Bella, Islami Deena we're gonna have masala Ladouceur gonna be yes, the matter to someone else because I'm Muslim.

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In MongoDB Lucha Islam Idina will be Mohammed, somebody who's never yet the Prophet Mohammed salado, who says he shall surely taste the sweetness of a man.

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A man has a taste. The man has sweetness. The Prophet Mohammed awesome says he shall surely taste the sweetness of the man. He who is pleased with Allah as his Lord, He is who is pleased as Prophet Mohammed as his prophet, He who is pleased as a stem as his religion, he shall be happy, but you have to be pleased. You have not only to accept you have to be pleased with Allah as your Lord, you ask anybody here of course I'm pleased with Allah My Lord. Of course, I'm pleased with profit man. Are you truly truly pleased with poverty? Mohammed is your profit? What do you know about Prophet Mohammed, some others?

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Are you truly pleased with Allah as your Lord Really? aina?

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What are the rights of realization? Are you pleased with Islam as a religion? Have you may say, of course I am.

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Where's Islam in your life? Or is it stem in your home? Where's the stem in your business? Well, Islam is in the masjid when you come to the masjid. To truly believe and be pleased with Allah as your Lord Prophet Mohammed as your Prophet, and Islam as a religion. That's number three. That's number two. Point number two point number three

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decide for

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you, that you accept the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That whatever happens, it happens with the will and permission of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah says in Surah Allah verse number 216, and memorize this ayah

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Toshi Boucher and

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this is it. This is sufficient for us. It may be that you like something and there is no hair in it for you. And it may be that you dislike something and there is good in it for you. And Allah says, And Allah knows and you do not know. Allah knows you do not no you thought that this job is the best job for you. You thought that this girl that you want to marry she is the girl for you. Or you thought that boy that you want to marry He is the man for you. You taught this and you taught that but Allah knows otherwise. subhana wa Tada. This is what Allah says, while love we want to move on Allah knows and you do not know except the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala for dunya dunya What

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does actually then you shall be happy in this life, and you shall be happy in the life of the hereafter. that's point number three. Point number four. You want to be happy? cinco Allah subhana wa Tada. But I am not saying something you do not know. I'm only reminding myself and reminding you of these keys of happiness. It's all in. And from those profits it is a vicar which shall make you happy, shall make you happy. Allah subhana wa tada says in verse number 88.

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busy karela

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those who feel ease they feel peace, they feel serenity and let in

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their hearts will find ease in the remembrance of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, indeed it is with the remembrance of Allah that your heart shall find the peace shall find ease, you know, sisters and brothers. I think you may agree with me here. Some of us are a long time ago. When you hear somebody goes to psychiatrists or psychologists. We call him probably murjani

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The puppy of the crazy people it's a it's even a shame to say to someone, I have an appointment with a psychiatrist and the psychologist will look it says, Are you crazy? Today? You go to any Muslim or non Muslim psychologist or psychiatrist sometimes you may take a line up yeah and six month wait six months even sometimes more Wait, why people mental health and whatnot, people are going depression, anxiety, stress, distress and whatnot. What is the problem and sometimes you go to a doctor, what does he give you? He gives you things that would put you to sleep medication to put you to sleep well as Allah subhanho wa Taala answers and let me know in Nakuru, tequila, Allah, Allah subhanaw

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taala. Those who believe whereby their hearts will find ease with the members of Allah. Indeed it is members of Allah, that your heart will find that serenity Subhanallah hamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and I wouldn't say the best of all, but one of the best dek my brothers and sisters is a solid Allah never

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send the salutation of a prophet Mohammed Salah one of the best because if you go into problems, hardship, hardship anything you go into school, you having problems at school with a teacher, whatever, a salt Island Navy, must virtue of salt and maybe Allah subhanho wa Taala will alleviate your pain and stress and distress

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in the

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world hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam NFlt, Assad was just talking about the keys to happiness. So another key to happiness my brothers and sisters is and I wonder, and sometimes I find it really hard to believe. How can a person who holds so much in his or her hearts holds so much graduates and animosity and an envy and hatred feel happy.

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You have to cleanse your heart from the diseases and I call them the enemies of happiness. sad,

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sad, the enemies of happiness, clean your heart from all types of of envy, of all types of graduates of all types of animosity and an enemy T and n whatever. All these are any poisonous things that you carry sometimes in your heart? You know, he said and she said and she did and he did and why this and why that and to the extent that some people today would

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accuse him

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of being unfair and just

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lay out a B. B What did I do? So people? Yeah, it's not right. It's not fair. That Oh no, we're not

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accusing Allah subhanho wa Taala of not being just not being fair.

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The heart is sick.

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This heart needs to be clean. If you want to be happy.

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You're malaria feral man. Oh

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verse number 28. Though we all met a man Oh, man, oh,

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Sunny day when your wealth the day when you when your family your loved ones will not be of benefit to you. Except that who comes to Allah with salema in Arabic means heart Sally cleaner, fewer serene, clean this heart You shall be happy.

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Mind yourself, focus on yourself on your think clearly communicate.

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What you want to bother yourself with. Had he said she said what he did to me would focus on you, on yourself on your family on your loved ones. Clean your heart. There is something called a Disgaea buno that is key. The components of Ischia purification two things Leah,

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Leah is clean, clean the heart first from all these sicknesses and poisonous you know, diseases of the heart and then beautify it. You know, when you have a cloth that's dirty, you're not going to put perfume on it to make it smell and look good. First you need to wash it

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when she wash it or bad then put some perfume and some cologne or whatnot. Likewise, this heart We need to wash it cleans it bad in put some apples in it and was the musical of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the fall of loving one another is how we can purify our heart number I don't know what number I'm in. But another key to happiness. My brothers and sisters is helping one another, serving one another supporting one another as the Prophet Mohammed it says in the help narrated by our beloved mama when he was asked

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Prophet was asked, Do you know the most helpful or the most beloved people in the sight of Allah, and the most beloved deed in the set of properties asking the Sahaba Do people know the most bit of people in the state of happiness a llama

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is the most bit of deeds to Allah, Allah.

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Then the Prophet says, the most beloved people in Allah, happiness in Allah and feminineness, the most bit of people to Allah are those who benefit others. And the most beloved deed in the sight of Allah, the Most Beautiful, mm, a smile, that you bring the joy that you bring in the face of your brother or sister, make them happy, you alleviate their pain, you pay their debt, whatever you could do to support them and the Prophet awesome says, Your Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he said some of it is more beloved to me to go in the service of my Muslim brother to serve Him then making it because in my image it for one month, I'd rather go and serve my brother Muslim, rather than

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staying in my image and making it to care for one month, that's not helping one another and make you happy Quickly, quickly with other medical images looking at me another quickly inshallah Tada, two points quick.

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He wants to be happy about social scientists.

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This is a lecture as though just a righteous wife, inshallah, tada is the key to happiness. Some of you may say, Please, just don't open that door. And it's all from

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the Prophet Mohammed. suicide, Muslim, hidesign Muslim, don't adonia muttahida metatarsalgia

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The Prophet Mohammed blossom says, life This life is, is is but enjoyment and the best enjoyment of this life is our righteous wife. Now, if you have a righteous wife, and of course, you go to work, and you don't have a wife that brings people in that cheats you that that betrays you that

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she takes care of you six of your kids to take care of your I have your private matters and whatnot, said hamdulillah. And also you want to be happy if you have kids. lamonica hempz happy if you have a righteous and unrighteous Mother, you should be happy Why? Well, Lola de la ilaha illa who when you come back from work so Pamela and then you look at your son, when you look at your daughter, just that smile is sufficient.

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Sometimes our kids they blame us that the old you know is did you pray? He already asked me did you pray to mama, Hey, can I get about everything else? But first and foremost? I have to tell you, whether you like it or not so late, but I'm also late. Did you pray to them or I have to you can hate me all you want but one day you would understand

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this too if you have a righteous son or a daughter. There are people who are billionaires I know them one by one man $600 million in his bank account. He says I'm not I'll give you not more than six I'll give you anything just to be able to have one child. If you are able to have kids say handily that they are the means of happiness in childhood.

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That will make it tough for you you'll get that will pray for you. You get the word ask Allah subhana wa tada after you die to for Allah to elevate your your and to elevate in fact to elevate your ranks inshallah inshallah. Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah you know hibino janessa

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blue been added in

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Allah, Allah meeya Shafi shimoda Allah Masha

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Allah May Allah civil sadhana Yeah, as I said, Yeah.

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Are you a winner of Mahamaya to work to Ballina? Allow me to work to Ballina? yellowhead having them in India, Allah May Allah

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Allah May Allah

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me Hello my daughter Dina. Dina Dina Hello my

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Rodman whom she

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married me mean that you know, oh my god.

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She fell in love she felt a shame

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about Allah