Riad Ouarzazi – Remember Me and I Shall Remember You

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to spiritual health, including physical and mental diseases, and the potential for corruption. They share two prescriptions for softening the heart and encourage people to use the word "has" to make reference to the Lord. The importance of forgiveness from Allah's subhan Dar installation is emphasized, and the speakers stress the need for a church for one's life. They also discuss the importance of staying in a safe environment and finding one's friendships. The transcript ends with a video featuring a man named Jesus making a call to his followers and expressing his desire to alleviate people’s hardship, pain, stress, and distress.
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So now every time I see Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, I'm making the members of,

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you know, I understand what I'm gonna get, you know, I get hamdulillah peace and tranquility and serenity allies with me, Allah loves me a lot. You know, the more I make these things, the more happiness spiritual I will feel. I understand now about the beauty of the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, and in fact, for every Subhanallah you say, Allah would pin the tree for you in general for everything hamdulillah that you say, Allah will plant a tree for the agenda for every day that you say, Allah will plant a tree for you in China. Now, how about the fall? What do I get by mechanistic fall? A lot of things.

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Milan hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum comes to light Allah.

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Allah is my witness that I love you all for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yeah, hello, I will have a

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I miss you so much. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as he has gathered us here today. So gather us all in a better gathering in the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I'm no politician.

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I'm not an expert on panel talks. But my students they call me the heart doctor.

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Because I love and I'd like to talk about

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the hearts and I'd love to talk about spirituality and the diseases of the heart and how to cure these diseases of the heart. So my brothers and sisters today inshallah hota. I'm going to try and aim at softening your heart inshallah. Today inshallah, who Tada. I'm going to try to make you all extremely happy.

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If you were to

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either Antara and Allah subhanho wa Taala you have Corona?

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Ahmad oduya.

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Ahmad calvia. You see when you read the Quran, you will find that Allah azza wa jal when he talks about diseases, he talks about two main diseases. You've got something called physical diseases, and then you've got something called spiritual diseases, physical diseases and spiritual diseases, physical diseases, fear all over him muddled

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or insulted shall Allah subhanho wa Taala says that either Molly

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or Alison Ebrahim, ye de Maria,

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when I get sick, he is the one who gives me the Shiva. He is the one who gives me the cure the healing. This is when it comes to physical diseases. But how about spiritual or, or heart diseases in South Africa when Allah talks about those whose hearts are whose hearts are very harsh ficolo be him murghab faceva Houma la Humala, hula in their hearts there is something called as mud. Mud in Arabic means a disease. The Prophet Mohammed le Salatu was Salam. He says in the heritage reported by a Muslim and the * it is narrated by an amendment machine con para la salatu salam ala in the future, said the Buddha. He the fellow had somehow just said Dooku were either first at that

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festival just to kulu Allah wa who will come indeed, in the heart, there is or in the body, there is a piece of flesh. The Prophet Mohammed says indeed, in the body, there is a piece of flesh. If this piece of flesh is sound, the entire body becomes sound. If this piece of flesh is is sick is corrupt the in

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tar buddy becomes corrupt. And this piece of flesh is

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the heart.

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The heart, the heart, my brothers and sisters is like the king.

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And the physical faculties. Yeah, and the other organs are the soldiers. So if the, if the king is good, the soldiers are good. But if the king is corrupt, of course, the shoulders will become corrupt.

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And that heart and that King is the heart. When the heart is sound, it sends a message to the eye, and the eye will not look at her arm, because the heart tells the message to the eye, don't look at her arm. If the heart is sound, it sends a message to the ears not to listen to her arm, and the ear will abide by every law coming from the from the heart. If the heart is sound, it sends the message to the hand not to touch her arm, it sends a message to the tongue not to talk about hallum. But if the heart is corrupt,

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all his messages will be not abided by why because it is corrupt.

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mabuni but I hadn't been Koba a shed min. us whatever.

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This causes, they say that one of the worst punishment a man may get is the toughness of his or her heart, the toughness of the heart. You see a man some time walking, some handle Kareem walking on Earth, with a heart but such a very tough heart. So now my question to all of you here today, none. When I get sick. I go to a doctor. If I were to get a broken arm, I go to a doctor to make my arm. But my question to you now how about if my heart is sick? Who do I go to?

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sisters? If somebody breaks your heart, or even your brothers, if somebody breaks your heart, somebody who do you love your respect. It could be a loved one. It could be your son. It could be your daughter. It could be your husband, it could be your spouse, that you gave all your life to and they break your heart Your heart is broken. Who do you go to? to mend that heart? You see? This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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sola Trotta verse number 88

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yo Malaya Pharaoh man What happened? Oh,

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yo, Malaya fellow man oh

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Illa man at en la Hobie Saleem,

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the day when your wealth your children will not be a benefit to you. Except that who comes with

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a sound heart, on the day of judgment, your children will not be a benefit or help to you on the Day of Judgment, your money, your wealth, your properties, your businesses, even your parents will not be of benefit to you, except that person who comes with a sound heart. So my sisters and brothers, how can I have a sound heart? How can I have a sound heart? When was the last time you did the n? Or you in the Salah, and your eyes shed some tears? Feel of Allah subhana wa Tada, matter.

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Man, Hachette Illa

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Allah Allah says crying, washes the heart maladies, washes the heart sickness crying, but what can a crying crying afraid of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So how can I get a soft heart? And I'm talking to everybody, including myself, including the CEO, acronym, we all want that soft heart. How can we get it? I'm going to share with you today in Sharla hota, two prescriptions, two prescriptions from the end, and the son of the Prophet is allowed to sell them to prescriptions on how to soften the heart. Are you ready? Yes, sir. Yes. Hello, this is the Arabic the democracy as we have it back home. Yes, sir. Yes, we only have one choice.

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I'm going to share with you two prescriptions in Sharla. Who to Anna, and I'm sure you may have heard them. In fact, I'm sure you've heard them, but listen to them with the heart. How can you soften your heart prescription number one,

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Victrola. And please hear me out. Don't say Oh, I know that. Don't say that. Hear me up. The Vicar of Allah softens the heart.

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In fact, the IQ of Allah cures the diseases of the heart diseases such as envy such as hatred, animosity, you know, all these types of diseases, you know, how can I cure these diseases? One of the prescriptions one of the cures is the vicar of Allah, which is the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala let me share with you some of the virtues of the dhikr of Allah and then how to make the decree of Allah subhana wa tada the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said hallettsville Bukhari

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he said, Call Allahu Allah Allah, Allah says, now it becomes QC,

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as it becomes courtesy that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and in the Vanya, db or an AMA who is the Kalani and are in the dunya Abitibi what an MA who is the colony the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Allah Almighty says, I am with whatever my servant thinks of me.

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I am with whatever my servant thinks of me, and I am with him. When he remembers me. Holla Holla Holla Holla I am with him understand this, I am with him. You may say what Allah was with is with everyone. Allah is with believers, non believers, with Muslims, not Muslims, with black and white with men and women. That's true. Allah is with all with his brothers subhanho wa Taala. But what does it mean? In this hadith? What am I who and I am with me him, as long as he makes some mentions of me, as long as he remembers me, it means that you will get what you will get the protection of Allah as long as you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala everything you do, it will be blessed. You

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walk with Allah, you touch you with the novela you look With the name of Allah, you hear the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala everything you do with the blessing. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala makes a mention of you Allah. He says, first God oni as God will come. First gordoni God will come. Have you ever ever thought about this area? First Colonia of cocom. make mention of me, I shall make mention of you. How would you feed my brothers and sisters today, if the is the prime minister or presidents in Norway?

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Prime Minister,

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man or the woman,

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woman, Prime Minister, if the Prime Minister of Norway goes on TV, or the Prime Minister of tea, you know, she goes on TV, and then she mentions your name, that you're a good man or that you're a good woman. Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to tell you that this man by the name of this woman by the name of you know, and she mentioned your name, and then she speaks highly of you. You know, how would you feel? If you Oh, you know, I know you feel kind of, don't you? Or if you

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feel okay, you know, how would you feel?

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You know? Here allies? Are you saying first colonias cocom make mention of me, I shall make mention of you and who am I? Who am I to be make to for licensure to mention me? When the Prophet Mohammed was asked this held was my best. He said, Do you know the distance between the heavens and earth, he has the Sahaba they said Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and His Prophet they know, the Prophet says the distance between the distance between the Earth and the first sky is 500 years and veteran, the first kind, the second is 500 years, and between the second and third is 500 years, and between the third and fourth 500 years, and fourth and fifth 500 years, and between the fifth and sixth 500

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years, and between the sixth and seven is 500 years. And above the seven sky there is an ocean. And then the tree in the the top of the Ocean to the bottom is a distance of five years above that is the throne of Allah, and only Allah knows the magnitude of the throne, and allies are standing on his throne, and he knows about you and he makes a mention of you.

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Do you understand what that means? You may say Who am I? What do I get? If Allah mentions me? Holla Holla Holla what do you get? Well, let me tell you what you get if Allah was to make mention of you, if allow us to make a mention of you, that means he loves you.

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Really, that means he loves you. What does that mean? Let me tell you what that means.

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If Allah was to love you, this is what you will get.

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My brothers and sisters don't care. Don't worry too much about people loving you about friends loving you. wary and focus on robinus loving you because if Vanessa if the Lord Lord of the people were to love you, everybody will love you.

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Why? Look what Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, in this Hadith, the prophet Mohammed says, When Allah was to love a person he calls it punchy, but it had it is in Bukhari, or gibreel. I love so and so you love him.

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Allah mentions your name, too as you believe. Allah mentions your name because you believe or she believed, I love someone so love him, and God will love you. And then she believed we'll make a call on angels, all the angels in the heavens, Allah and I love so and so you love him and all the angels will love you. And then the angels will make a call on the people of the earth or people of the earth. Allah God than us love so and so you love him while you're there. Hola. Hola. como la fille out which means people will love you. And you know what? Sometimes you come in though sometimes you walk around on you enter the masjid, and you look at the person you've never seen before. Then you

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say Subhana Allah, I've never seen you but there's something about you. I just love you for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe this is somebody that Allah subhana wa Taala loves when Allah loves you, every dollar that you make, while they're in a state and he doesn't, you know, if you were to make any, Allah subhanho wa Taala would answer that. Allah subhanho wa Taala if you were to seek refuge in Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah to assist you will help you with preserve you. Yeah, and you understand what that means. If Allah was to love you, you would get that through the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, also the to the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will get so

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many flutes, one of the flutes is something called

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a law.

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You know what that means?

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satisfaction, satisfaction, pleasure. I want peace. You know, sisters, brothers, you know, sometimes when you feel depressed, stressed, anxiety, you know, problems and then you go to doctors and I'm having stress, I'm stressed and anxious. I've got I suffer from anxiety, depression, you know, don't you get people to have depression in Norway or you're cool. You know, like in Canada, North America, most people are depressed and they don't even know why they're depressed. You know, people are stressed, you know, a lot of traffic and things happening. So you go to a doctor to give you some some medication or whatnot. You know, a lot as soon as you already have that, in the end. We all

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look for information and look what Allah subhana wa Taala says is to provide verse number 28

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when levena Amano takoma in okuno boom bikini la

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Wa La Vina Amano Takuma in Nakuru boom bikini Illa Allah bikini la he taught me in

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a Latina M and those who believe in Nicola boom de la and the heart find ease within the members of Allah. Allah indeed it is within the members of Allah that hearts find ease so you want peace, you want ease, you want pleasure you want you know you want you want something called serenity. It is still to the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know Allah will give you that peace that we are looking for. Allah will give you that serenity that you're looking for. Another thing that you will get through the the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala is this is like Iraq, or hubback em nanoco Hickman

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woman od al hikmah fucka Uzziah hi Ron Kathy.

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If allow us to match make a mention of you. He will love you and He loves you. He will bless you with something called wisdom, wisdom to make the right decisions made wisdom to say the right thing at the appropriate time. Wisdom woman OTL hikma Allah just says whoever has been blessed with shake man with wisdom for an OT hyaluron kathira has been given so many good, so much good. If allow us to love you. He will bless you with something called Sakina Sakina is not a sister by the way. Sakina means tranquility.

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Sakina means tranquility. If Allah was to love you, He will give you tranquility. You know what that means?

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I'll tell you what it is in the UN Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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who are loving Salah Sakina toffee ob limini nearly as dead Oh, m&m him and him

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who Allah de Silva Sakina toffee meanie Leah's daddo email

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him and he is the one who sent down the Sakina the tranquillity upon the hearts of the believers that their hearts that didn't amen may increase. So you want your image to be empowered, you want your image to increase it is also to the dhikr of Allah Subhana

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In our data, also my brothers and sisters to the members of Allah, Allah will give you something that people can, you know, they want to buy with money and they cannot find it. They cannot find it. Allah will bless you with something called an M and an M and you know what to me means an M means safety.

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It means safety, you're safe. There's some people in some countries, they cannot be safe. They they know they cannot even sleep in peace. They can go you know, they are scared, and some people are scared and they don't even know what they scared. I'm scared but I don't know. I'm scared of the unknown. That's even worse. When you're scared of the unknown. What do you feel like you're not safe, that your home could be raided at any time or you sleep and then you have brains you know on top and then bombarding you hidden there something called safety Alhamdulillah when you go to your homes here in Oslo, Norway, such a very safe country, you don't feel like you know, you're going to

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be bombarded or blown up or whatnot, you safe something called an M and you know what, how can I get that enough safety, it is to the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala let me share with you this beautiful Hadith. Just to put things into perspective, my brothers and sisters headed to the border of the Bible had a look or line shot to add a B if they left this house, it will make you all of us happy with the last lesson.

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The Prophet says in Allah him Allah.

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Allah has prophets and has Angels in America.

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They go around the Earth, they go around looking for something What do they look for, they look for this type of gathering just like this. They look for a type of gathering with by the name of Allah is mentioned is praised is glorified.

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Angels looking around and then when they look for such type of gathering, they call one another and what do they say hello for Ella Hagerty calm Hello, hello Mo. Come, come, we will be looking for and they come and they sit. You know what sisters and brothers right here amongst us today. We have angels, who said Allah and the Prophet Mohammed also said,

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they sit and they listen. When the gathering is over, they go back to Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah be we found your people, little people, your slaves who love you, they praise you, they glorify you, they love you. Allah says, Well, how many? Have they seen me? Have they seen me? And Allah knows, but he asked that question, have they seen me? The answer, they say, layer A B, layer B, they haven't seen, you know, they haven't seen you? And Allah says, How about if they were to see me? Well, if they were to see you, they will love you more. And then Allah has this question from the angels. Oh, my interest? What are they asking for? What do we want?

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What do we want?

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I'm not gonna say When do we want it? But just What do we want?

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Other than you wanted to get married, other than not talking about that? I'm talking about the real thing here. The real thing, what do we want y'all to be? What are they asking for? They're asking for the agenda. Allah says, Well, how have they seen it?

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Have they seen it? The age of the celebrity haven't seen it. And then Allah says, however, if they were to see your lobby, if they were to see the show, they will make sure to work hard to be committed to it. What are they seeking refuge from? You either be the secret or fish from you shun them from Hellfire? Have they seen it? liability? Haven't seen it? How about if they were to see

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them, they will make sure to stay away from haram only to holla sooner to be admitted to it. And then Allah says the angels are my angels. And this is the beauty. Oh my angels, you all be witness. I forgive all of them.

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Sisters and brothers. You came here tonight to be forgiven.

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I didn't say that was Prophet Mohammed who said

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you did not come here you it was not your choice to be here tonight. You've been selected by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Hey, there's so many conferences and and there's so many things happening after tonight. There's a lot of things happening outside. But you've been Allah meticulously has chosen these people to be here tonight. To go in this beautiful gathering to talk about Allah to glorify Allah to praise Allah in return. What do they get the forgiveness of?

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How to be the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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if Allah is with you, you have everything. But if Allah is not with you, you could be a billionaire. But if Allah is not on your side, you have nothing is the kind of law hummock

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was the cola a what a de facto law for Coca Cola a.

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Your concern should be How can I be close to Allah subhanho wa Taala it is

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Shout Allahu Allah to the members of Allah and to the members of Allah can also wipe out your sins, erase your sins to the What have you known? Have you known the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed as Assam something so simple. Whosoever says every morning Subhana Allah will be handy 100 times I've timed it. It takes about two minutes 100 times in the morning 100 times in the evening, Subhan Allah, the prophet Mohammed says, Allah will forgive all their sins, even if they were as the form of the ocean, and the all your sins shall be forgiven, even if they weren't as the form of the ocean. If you were to say 100 times in the morning, 100 times in the evening, Subhan Allah

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Subhana Allah He will be handy, you still have time to say it 100 times Subhana Allah Subhana Allah has become the you know, it is also the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will forgive your sins in sha Allah who died.

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That can delay

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those who remember a lot of life and those who do not remember Allah, another life.

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So should be we all should be always constantly in the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada. One more thing I'd like to share with you in sha Allah, something that will also help us increase our Eman and fix or cure the diseases of the heart. cure the diseases of the heart and heal them something called an Estefan. Something called seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala it goes along with the good of Allah, something called an estate for seeking forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada what are the fruits of his DFR? What are the fruits of his fall? What do I get by making this stuff fall? So now every time I see Subhan, Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah

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Allahu Akbar, I'm making the members of,

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you know, I understand what I'm gonna get, you know, I get him to let peace and tranquility and serenity allies with me, Allah loves me, you know, the more I make these things, the more happiness spirit spiritual, I will feel, I understand now about the beauty of the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, and in fact, for every Subhanallah you say, Allah who penned the tree for you in Jannah, for everything hamdulillah that you say, Allah who penned a tree for the agenda for every day, that you say, Allah will plant a tree for you in Ghana. Now how about stefarr? What do I get by mechanistic fall? A lot of things. A lot of beautiful things all from the Quran. Allah subhanho wa

00:27:25 --> 00:27:30

Taala says, bad administration regime in short and fat, verse number 33. He says,

00:27:32 --> 00:27:36

Why maca and Allahumma as the Bahama homeopathic Pharaoh.

00:27:39 --> 00:27:43

Allah was not to punish them, as long as they make a stick.

00:27:44 --> 00:28:00

As long as they make a stick for Allah azza wa jal was not to punish them. One of the things that I can get off of so far is to ward off the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. There's anybody amongst you here wants to get married.

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Anybody from the brothers?

00:28:07 --> 00:28:12

Anybody? I don't sound like I have a wife for you. But I'm just saying anybody wants to get married.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:17

All right. Let me ask another question. Anybody here amongst you

00:28:18 --> 00:28:19

wants to do a good job.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:22

Anybody a good job, a better job.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:26

All right. Anybody amongst you here once?

00:28:28 --> 00:28:29

a righteous son.

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How about that one man, a righteous son, oh, that means a righteous son or daughter, a righteous good son or daughter anybody interested in good son. But first you have to get married, my friend you know, get married first and then Sharla would talk about it. So we have to use the means by so you want a righteous son, you want a good business? You want him to let you be financially free, you know, in terms of debt free, you know, you want to have a good living, you want to have a righteous son and whatnot. Look at the answer of all that in one ayah in the Quran from Salat not verse number 10. No verse number 10. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says Allah Listen, enjoy. Notice these people.

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Welcome to stock failover back home in

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to stop failover back home in Canada.

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Uncle Sam

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komeito Wyoming did

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my Bernie

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come Jen to

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come and have

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to stock up back home in Canada.

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You see this?

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Number one,

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no tells these people it's tough to seek forgiveness from your Lord. He

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forgive you. And then when he forgives you, what else would he give you? You'll see this summer la comida de la He will send down rain upon you. He will send down rain upon you and rain is a sign of good is a sign of of prosperity good. Your city semma la comida la William de the combi Jana Jonathan Webb any

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William did can be

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any and He will bless you with Mr. And Benny and He will bless you with wealth and children. Allahu Allah, Allah really, who said Allah

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He will bless you with wealth. Yeah. And he put Baraka in you the wealth and children.

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Children, just by mechanistic fall, will la la de la ilaha illa who and I swear by the one who holds my soul, we know people who are over 70 years old.

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They tried this prescription with his stepfather for months. Allah bless them with kids with children. When other doctors said you cannot have babies when Allah says yes you can have babies you will have babies.

00:31:20 --> 00:31:31

Because Allah all he says, Be any it is. They use the means they made love sophistic father, one lady came and they said and they shared this with us. Yes, yes. All we've been doing is is still far.

00:31:32 --> 00:31:40

Allah will bless you with wealth. Yeah. And he will put Baraka in your wealth, your business or whatnot. weapon in which I like him genetically shall come and have.

00:31:42 --> 00:32:18

Our thing is what our problems, all the keys to our problems. It's in the end all the solutions to our problems in the Qur'an, suffering from depression, suffering from anxiety, suffering or you know, having a painful life in terms of the heart life, maybe a son who's disobedient, maybe a daughter who's disobedient, maybe a spouse who's a stray, try these prescriptions or that Allah subhana wa Taala provides in the end, in the Holy Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

00:32:19 --> 00:32:33

The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and I'm almost done, don't worry. I know it's been a long day. It's been a no but inshallah huhtala short and sweet. Listen, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

00:32:35 --> 00:32:37

he's also very soundly ported by Arizona.

00:32:38 --> 00:32:50

millesimal is still for sure Allah hoonah hoomin collingham min faraja woman Kala kabini Maharajah wa hoomin Hi Sula.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:16

The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says whosoever continuously make a stick fall continuously yeah and you're walking you know you're you're you're waiting for the bus. You're you're driving, you know? And then you mechanistic file. You mechanistic Fabiani, saying stuff to a prophet Mohammed used to do that Prophet Mohammed it sometimes the Sahaba they count how many times he says stuff

00:33:17 --> 00:33:36

in a gathering between 70 to 100 times between seven zero to 100 times in one gathering, saying what a start for the low to boil a start for the lower to with it, or making the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala make it thicker as you're even when you're cooking. Can I share with you something really kind of weird strange?

00:33:38 --> 00:33:41

Well, I know when my wife cooks

00:33:43 --> 00:33:43

with Vicki

00:33:46 --> 00:33:47

and when she cooks without the

00:33:50 --> 00:33:51

How do I know?

00:33:52 --> 00:33:53

I know from the food.

00:33:55 --> 00:34:06

The same dish, which maybe she's been cooking for, you know, 1000 years the same dish sometimes and the same spices and the same everything

00:34:07 --> 00:34:45

will lie sometimes the food tastes different. When you make the call of Allah when you're cooking, the food is different. You don't believe me? Try it. I tried making my kids they always tell my wife, you know, we want you to cook like you know, Baba when he cooks that spaghetti because I like to cook them they like spaghetti with you know, with with ground beef now. So I just do that for them. And he said, Can you do you know, can you take the recipe from Baba do it as he likes? And she asked me What's your recipe and I say just put all the spices whatever I find. I throw them I don't have a recipe. But how come it's so essential to whatever I have. I don't tell them my secret.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:47

The kavala

00:34:49 --> 00:34:52

simple Subhan Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah.

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59


00:35:01 --> 00:35:30

The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says millesimal istikhara Jalla Lola hoomin kulemin faraja woman polycarbon Maharaja, what is the common hydrolate se whosoever continues to make a stick fall? Look three things the Prophet is saying, Whosoever continuously make mistakes all the time you build this you know the habit of saying stock from hour to hour to be everywhere you are whenever you know you're sitting, making thick mechanistic fog. You get this. The Prophet Mohammed SummerSlam says

00:35:32 --> 00:35:39

Allah will alleviate your pain, your stress, your distress, your anxiety was your Allah

00:35:42 --> 00:36:25

and Allah will provide him from ways and avenues he has never thought of Allah will provide your risk from avenues you've never thought of, through what through the stick for who says Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam millesimal sha Allah hula hoomin Cooley Minh follows a woman Cooley cobbin Maharaja hum cub, what's the what's the cure? The statefarm is default, Allah who will alleviate that stress, that anxiety, that hardship that you go through. And on top of that, He will bless you, He will bless you with risk. Let me just clarify something my brothers and sisters just so that we are clear here. That is not necessarily means you know, sustenance, not necessarily means

00:36:25 --> 00:36:38

money. Sometimes when we say this, we think it's money. No, it is not necessarily money. This could mean so many things. Today, you put it in the masjid, that's a risk from Allah.

00:36:41 --> 00:36:43

Your car is the risk from Allah.

00:36:44 --> 00:36:49

You know what you're able to sit? You know, that's less Chroma.

00:36:50 --> 00:37:12

You're able to go to the washroom with all due respect, right? You go to the washroom feeling? Well, I realize though, there's some people who can't, they have to go to the hospital every day to go to that crease in process of the bad blood, not because they have problems and diseases. Right? So that's also this, Allah subhanho wa Taala the fact that you're able to see Subhan Allah has

00:37:14 --> 00:37:26

had on the screen of law, the fact that I'm able me, man made from Earth, right from mud from nothing, right? And I'm saying Subhana Allah. This is from Allah who has allowed me to praise him.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:42

Thanks to him. Praise me to him who has allowed me to praise him subhanho wa Taala. Just from Allah, your children, from Allah. Hey, brothers, brothers, your spouses,

00:37:43 --> 00:37:44


00:37:46 --> 00:37:58

Yes, sisters, your husbands are also this from Allah. Allah He they are the same husband issue. What do you mean not that guy that has been with the what with with with one pack is from Allah.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:01

That is Kamala Xhosa.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:03

up but

00:38:07 --> 00:38:11

you know what, let me tell you something really nice. You know that person that you sitting next to?

00:38:13 --> 00:38:29

It could be your brother, it could be your friend. I'd like you to all stand up. I like it to all stand up. I'd like you to all stand up and give them a hug. They give them a hug because they are whisked from Allah. They always come Allah, your friend is as is from Allah.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:39

Your friend is a risk from Allah. Give them a hug, tell them you love them. Tell them that you love them for the sake of Allah.

00:38:46 --> 00:38:48

Alright, cool, less common law.

00:38:50 --> 00:38:51

And I will give you the evidence.

00:38:53 --> 00:39:00

Look at this beauty, Mashallah. I don't like NC but some sisters are still hugging, not just one of the brothers.

00:39:02 --> 00:39:34

Here's the beauty. Why your brothers will benefit you, as the others from Allah, they can benefit you, your friends, in this life and also in the hereafter. I understand how a friend can benefit me in this life and helped me but how can my friend also helped me in the hereafter? Listen has been really one of the intercessors when he mentions this Hadith, you know, to explain how it when he says in the day of judgment in a day of judgment, a man will come and he would say

00:39:35 --> 00:39:50

he will look around. Where is my brother so and so? Where is my friend so and so this is in China, this is in heaven. They all get together, happy celebrating, you know xenotime at hamdulillah everybody's happy.

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

Right? So what happens now a friend goes guy goes or sister you know they go Where is my friend so and so.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

callers say he didn't make it and he didn't make it to

00:40:04 --> 00:40:09

the man goes your biller Dr. Milla that he had to leave he saw the P for n.

00:40:10 --> 00:40:13

O Allah, my, my, my, my,

00:40:14 --> 00:40:28

my fulfillment or my pleasure would not be fulfilled totally displeasure this happiness your A B will not be totally fulfilled until you get my brother so and so with me here in general.

00:40:29 --> 00:40:55

Allah will tell that men go to * fire and bring your butter out from head fire and bring him into Shanna. And Allah will prohibit fire to burn that person. He will go to * fire. He will look for his friend. He will bring him out from Hellfire and bring him into Jenna. The people of Hellfire they would say people have had fire they will say who interceded for this man

00:40:56 --> 00:41:30

who interceded for this man. He is here he was with us in Hellfire now is in Geneva, who interceded for him. But by the way, don't go mistaken, because this man was amongst these people who knew him he was a believer, he he may be may have made some some things that he had to go to the process of clean scene so he was trying to get fire somehow he would come out from head fire he would come out from head fart and then be taken into Jannah the people of Hellfire they were no enquire who interceded for him is his father. What a martyr is.

00:41:31 --> 00:42:15

His son or his brother, half of them are and who interceded for him. People will say his friends so and so interceded for him. Yeah, and his friend can intercede on your behalf to bring you intention. So my brothers and sisters, your friends, also this from Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said, Allah, Allah de Fernando had a common heart and a man would follow the close steps of those, he, he he, you know, he follows so make sure that you meticulously choose your friends, because a friend is like a mirror onto you, who are your friends, who are your friends, the friends again, who are you have to make it you have to go through a

00:42:15 --> 00:42:37

process of of of filtering, you know, those who may be in shallow, who mean to intercede on your behalf in the Day of Judgment, you know, have you ever thought of maybe calling that friend that used to used to see in Ramadan, and then after Ramadan, he disappeared, you know, have you tried to call that friend bring him with you into the machine or invite him into you know, and

00:42:38 --> 00:43:14

into a gathering like this, you know, or who are your friends your friends are those who only call you whenever they want to use you or abuse you whenever there is a party here or a party that they call you to abuse you Who are your friends are your friends, those who really care about you, or they are with you because of what you have, you know, so these are certain things that you need to really think about because of the health again of the Prophet Mohammed for the uncle had to come in you had to make sure you choose your close friends in sha Allah huhtala that will help you all sit and make some you know, in an area where you can study and together do do some amazing work, you

00:43:14 --> 00:43:36

know, benefit on projects together, do something that would get you close to Allah subhanho wa Taala remind each other of of the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala of the bounties of Allah subhana wa tada you know, and remember that the call of Allah, remember the is too far. Remember, Subhana Allah and remember that hamdulillah remember that Allah remember Allah, and I want to end with this story.

00:43:39 --> 00:43:41

I want to end with the story.

00:43:42 --> 00:43:47

One or two, I'm still thinking, but maybe one or maybe two. Depends

00:43:49 --> 00:43:51

to not one nice story shallow Donna.

00:43:55 --> 00:44:09

Since we're talking still about the vicar of Allah Hunter, the members of Allah and the istikhara long time ago, they will show you people did not know who they were, unless they live in the same in the same country.

00:44:10 --> 00:44:39

If you don't live in the same city of the shape, you may have heard of the shift. But you know, you don't know how he looks like, like today, you know, you know Mashallah shake Haytham, you know, because even if you he does not live here, but you know him because you see him in on, on on the you see him on on Facebook, I mean on Facebook, and you see him on the on the internet on YouTube, you know, we have technology today, but at that time, there was no technology, you know, so, an Imam, the Imam, an Imam by the name of

00:44:41 --> 00:44:49

Mr. Mohammed Mohammed, he traveled to a town where nobody knew him. And he wanted the mission and he did not have a place to sleep.

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

So he went to the mission, and he stayed at the machine. And then he prayed and he shined the machine. And then he stayed because he had nowhere to go. So he stayed at the machine.

00:45:01 --> 00:45:16

He stayed at the masjid and then people left and then the guy who works in the machine wants to close the masjid. So he's waiting for him to come out. So he kept telling him you need to leave. He says, Well, I have nowhere else to go since Yeah, but you need to leave. I need to close the mess. You need to leave.

00:45:17 --> 00:45:25

And the Imam stayed there. So he came to him several times. Yeah, ma'am. You need to leave your man. You need to leave. He did not know who he was. And he did not tell him you know, who am I?

00:45:26 --> 00:45:29

But you know, who am I like today? Sure. Don't you know? I

00:45:34 --> 00:45:35

am the man.

00:45:36 --> 00:45:42

Not the man. I'm the man. I'm the shear. The not milkshape the shape?

00:45:44 --> 00:45:56

No, he did not tell him who he was or anything. He just said, I have nowhere else to go. I'm a foreigner. can I possibly stay in the masjid? law? You cannot have to close it. The Imam Did you know? What am I gonna go? The guy was

00:45:58 --> 00:46:17

gonna tell you. He grabbed him from his clothes. And he dragged him from his feet out to the outside of the measure. Misha? Yes, yeah, no, no, he dragged him out. And then she said, Yeah, sure. You know, the man is just dragging him from his feet out. I told you there is no sleeping in the measure.

00:46:19 --> 00:46:26

And who watched the whole scene? hubbas. a baker would you call Baker in Norwegian?

00:46:27 --> 00:46:34

market? bar k. bar k. a bulky guy was there watching?

00:46:36 --> 00:47:06

He watched the guy being dragged. So he went to him and he said, What do you need? She says I have I'm a foreigner. I'm stranger. I don't live here. I just need a place to stay for tonight. It says come come come You can stay in my bakery. You know what Baker Baker? Baker. Right. So the guy making bread. He said you can stay with me tonight. So he went and he said and then the man is baking bread for the next day. So he can you know cook it and sell it. So he's baking and as he's baking the bread you know the

00:47:07 --> 00:47:09

the bread bread in the

00:47:10 --> 00:47:14

butter were exact. His cooking blue is baking.

00:47:16 --> 00:47:24

And then pan led hamdulillah it La La Casa panelized 100 la la la casa de constantly support La, La La La,

00:47:25 --> 00:47:25

la, la la la la.

00:47:27 --> 00:47:51

Mr. Mohammed as the question he says, Can I ask you a question? Camilla Callahan, how long have you been like this? What do you mean like this? Like what is this like, you know, you have built the habit of making the call of Allah and he says what life was so many years I don't even know sometimes it's it's by nature. It's by nature is let's make the globalization food I just I build the nature I build the habit of making decal. He says, What have you found?

00:47:52 --> 00:47:58

What have you found with the the members of Allah? He says, Allah has blessed me with so much.

00:47:59 --> 00:48:11

Allah has blessed me with so much every day I make Allah answers. It's, there's only one day. Allah hasn't answered yet. I'm still waiting for it to be answered. He says what's that?

00:48:12 --> 00:48:15

He says I've been making the art to see the face of a hammer.

00:48:20 --> 00:48:26

I've been making the hottest see the face of Mm hmm. And I have not seen him yet. He says yes.

00:48:27 --> 00:48:35

You have to drag the mud from his feet out from the misery to your shop. I have your hand but

00:48:36 --> 00:48:52

it was all though the the members and the beauty of the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah gives us this understanding. And by the way, my brothers and sisters, by the way, to the members of Allah is something that we cannot really neglect is something called the Sara Allen Debbie

00:48:53 --> 00:49:31

Allen Levy, the making Salat upon Prophet Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah, he was sending them right. You know, this is this is again, one of the utmost ways of making the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the Prophet Mohammed by making salt Allah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Allahumma salli wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah homosassa Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim in the middle Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Ali Mohammed camera Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim, I mean in the middle Majeed you know make sure and shout Allahu taala that you you know, moisten your your your tongue with the members of Allah subhanho wa

00:49:31 --> 00:49:59

Taala with select Allah Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam with the stick fall in sha Allah hota Allah insha Allah who to Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will alleviate your hardship, your pain, your stress and distress and he will provide you from ways and avenues you have never never thought of. So my brothers and sisters in sha Allah who Tada This shall be the you know, not only the end of this talk, but maybe the end of this evening and to end it with

00:50:00 --> 00:50:29

You're going to end it in a very nice way in Sharla hota Allah to end it with another Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this hadith which is in Bukhari, and look at this beautiful Hadith because again, I just want to keep on making you happy and happy and happier. The Hadith of the Prophet when he says about people, when they get together, people when they get together just like this, you know, talking about Allah and studying and praising Allah subhana wa Tada. Few things would happen to them, for In fact, five things would happen to them. Number one, it allows you to Muhammad,

00:50:31 --> 00:50:36

Allah will descend upon them, Rama means Mercy of Allah will overwhelm them one

00:50:37 --> 00:50:47

second Sakina means tranquility, when will descend upon them. So you have a Rama will overwhelm you, you have Sakina tranquility will descend upon you with a

00:50:48 --> 00:51:08

Fetterman Metallica, and the angels will will descend and lower their wings on top of them. The angels are here, you know, you feel peace here meaning you feel peace, you know, you know, it's different than when you're home. And you're, you know, doing remote control flipping channels on TV, it's not the same. It's not the same one you're listening to a lecture or they didn't

00:51:09 --> 00:51:16

go into the machine and listening to the Imam or it's not the same email not with you the man. I keep saying, you know,

00:51:17 --> 00:51:54

somebody called him live on TV says yeah, Chef, could you please make dua for me? There is this girl she's driving me crazy. I think about her all the time. And I'm trying to you know, make her stay away from me and I make myself you know, forget about her you know, and yes, yes, please make dua that Allah azza wa jal refrains her from me I don't want to keep thinking about her even when I go I see her in my dreams even when I you know in my bowl of buddy Ernie, I see her face in at the NSA please help me help me What can I do make the offer me a ship and then the shift started making the male light in case you're the man may Allah bless you man. May Allah and then yes yeah he or she Her

00:51:54 --> 00:51:55

name is a man

00:51:58 --> 00:52:03

live on TV so it was really something that when he heard name is the man Yes, yes. No, I'm not talking about that.

00:52:06 --> 00:52:46

The angels are here. And when the angels are here, and Sakina is here, and and and the llama of Allah is here. You feel empowered. You feel the man is not the same. Eman will get in hamdulillah empowered that's number three. Number four. What the color Houma la female and I'm done. I'm done with Luffy man and Allah will mentioned them to a better gathering. Allah right now is mentioned as to His angels. Like I said earlier, Allah mentions you by name, Allah mentions her by name to His angels. And then when this meeting is over, when the gathering is over, you will all stand up. As you will all stand up a call from heaven will call and he will say and

00:52:50 --> 00:53:08

stand up and leave. all your sins have been forgiven, and all your bad deeds have been converted to good deeds. Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah hamanaka him a call from the heavens, as soon as we send that right now to leave and go back home, a call from the heaven will say Stand up.

00:53:10 --> 00:53:17

Stand up, you have been forgiven and all the bad deeds are being converted into good deeds.

00:53:20 --> 00:53:26

Do what I can look at and what I can release them when I can have to be the man that can handle

00:53:30 --> 00:53:49

I love you all for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala balaclava comes up. One last time, I'm gonna ask you all to stand up. Let's see some love. Let's get some love. Let's get some hugs. Hug somebody else hug somebody else. Don't Hug the same person. Hug somebody else. Somebody else tell them you love them. My for Nicole McFarland, the camicia Allah.

00:53:51 --> 00:54:00

Allah standard, forgiving Sharla you all been forgiven in sha Allah for McFarland me inshallah. Allah can love ECAM as I Camilla was said Mia Kumar

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