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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam as well as Saira Malik, our cattle heroes as he welcome you to another episode of Mandela Sutton has the school the health school.

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We talked in the previous episode about the the outcome that people pillars underline the pillars of hedge and also the obligatory actions of, of Helen as we started talking about heaven and also the sunon of the land.

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We said the sulan of the Heron is that you assume haram after an optional or obligatory Salah as it afforded by jabber for the law in the inherit.

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That's actually authenticated by Muslim and then the tel via which is also similar to the P the tel via the bake alarm and a back and this is the big llama bake in fact, it requires lectures and lectures really

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let Baker laminate bake the baker luxury curriculum bake in the hamburger near Metallica when they actually collect that Baker Lomond a bit. It's not a song. It's not something that we chant because you see people when they go there, they start chanting it. You know, the prophet Mohammed heavy is Salatu was Salam when he talks about Disturbia

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either bill Hajj he says Salalah

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live but either, but Hajj leb Baku, Romagna, Nina Hiroshima mean sure surely more casual in one letter. It says the Prophet Mohammed it is up to them says when the hedgy mixed in via anything on his right and his left from stones and trees and whatnot, they will make to do with him.

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Anything that hears you with witness on the Day of Judgment for you that you are that you that you were making. And here's why. The senesce Pamela is to raise your voice in making tibia, the bake Allahumma bake the bacon ash any color kind of bake in and handle when they're metallic when they actually collect what is left bake. It has many meanings here. It is not just like saying here I am coming to you Allah. You've been making so much to have my brothers and sisters to go for Hajj. And here is your opportunity. Now that was kinda what Allah has accepted you to have or maybe somebody who may do for you to go for Hajj and here you are. No go in and hamdulillah now saying the bake

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y'all will be here I am now on this one meaning of it. You know the big Alma two lab buddies of Jia

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Jia we say that a wife she is moolah back from tend to be a mother but he's also a lab but he's OSHA. Yeah, and he she, to her husband's distributor has meaning that she she loves her spouse. She loves him Yeah, and when you say love bakerella you're gonna be I'm coming to you off of love. I love you You're a love you are and we do that until we do it. Allah did not call himself

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he called himself and we do the most affectionate I love you your Allah I am coming to you because I love you I left everything behind and I'm coming towards you except me. The baker lahoma Big Daddy. That very dynamic. Another meaning My house is facing your house.

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Lab belly dark meaning Hey, I'm coming wanted to face uncle elbow. I mean, I'm coming towards your brother mean except me.

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The baker lahoma the big the big. There should equal UC Davis is no God. You

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know God worthy of your flesh any color.

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In Alhambra, whenever Allahu Allah in the handle and never matter, luck will work. The hand and the near the hand, the praise and the places all come from you. Allah did not the Prophet didn't say here a sugar. There's a difference between sugar and hemtt. Praise praise is to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. But here the sugar sugar means to people sometimes it can be to people It can also be to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessings he has blessed you with in hand think about this in and handle Nima and hand hand all belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala is all praise to Allah is devotion. Yes. Even if you spend or I spend or we spend all our life making Sousou to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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thanking Him, we will not be able to fulfill his hand

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and nobody was able to fulfill his hand including properly

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Mohammed Salah Lavoie and he was silent. Nobody knows the value the true merits of Allah subhana wa tada except Allah himself so he said

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Allah praise himself by himself and hamdulillah appeal at me in Hamza in Hamza and Hamza

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blessings so many blessings

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you will not going to be able to count the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada so many and the fact that you're going for

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Allah for Islam there a lot

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that you are watching that you're looking at, you're seeing that you're hearing that you have done you have some people who don't have this now.

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You won't be able to enumerate the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala every blessing come from Allah, you want to you think that you drink the food that you eat, it's often a lot more things from us in that ham nowhere near metallic, it is all for you, but I don't neglect all everything comes from the urban anime in the Metallica Winwood and the sovereignty of LA is the true sovereign and medic and Malik and Malik and Malik subhanho wa Taala and maleek subhanho wa Taala all these beautiful names all about the you know the the sovereignty of Allah subhana wa tada

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Allah is admitted is the controller of this universe is the Sovereign of the universe. He is subhana wa tada and where is

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the supreme inheritor, everything comes back to him. Subhana Allah is the true God, He's the God He is the true King subhanho wa Taala in the handle will never Metallica when milk

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Shaggy, kanak

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kanak the telopea of the hearts again, just like the highlight of the heart, I say the same thing, the tibia of the heart before the tibia of the body.

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I always focus on the heart, heart, heart, I want my heart to do has

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some people now I understand, especially those who go for the first time. The any, there's sometimes they're scared, and they have these books. I want to make sure I do it right. I want to make sure I say it right. I understand. And I don't blame you. I don't blame you. Because one day or one time, I was just like that too. But I missed out on something very nice. I missed out on the spirituality of hash. And I don't want you to miss out on this video of spirituality of hash.

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Not on yes need to know and learn what you need to do and what but make sure you have caught fields what you're doing

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you'd be going in and before because you are in the plane now maybe you're on a boat or whatnot and you're on a bus and you seem to bake a loaf of bacon, you're tired and you haven't slept for a day or two you're tired and some of you may be angry and dirty and and stinky with all that. Hey, by the way when you say you know, you know I'm not supposed to do this and do that while I'm waiting we can have so what's about this purification? What's this bahara it is all the Baja Allah Subhana Allah, the taharah of of the heart again, the school of Hajj that the heart of the heart before the heart of the body.

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The baker lahoma Baker Baker, you can look at a bake in that handle an ammeter laka Winwood la Shani correct. So, you start doing the tibia right this is another you know, this is the sort of L

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as well and another, but what are the forbidden actions as I mentioned there are certain things that you should not do while they are in the state of the heart. You should not cover that your head for the brothers they should not cover the head.

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And for the sisters they should not cover you know the faces but with the women who wear the niqab. Now they can put in this lock the EMR on top of the faces. It's not us It's okay. But again, for men they're not supposed to be covering you know, their heads if you were to do that by mistake.

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It's okay. Some people will say oh you have to provide you have to do them you have to pay she's yet yeah Have you been if you've done it anybody mister Can you forgot you didn't know then you'd have to do that. You just remove it right away, take it off, and then you're fine. If you're in the plane and then make sure you don't cover your your head you know your head on Melania for to sleep and then you want to cover your ad not don't cover your head while you are in the state of Alabama because these are the forbidden actions of shaving, cutting the hair. You know for both men and women where you live in the state of Florida. You know a person that should not

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do that or cannot do that clipping the nails you should not do that while you are in the state of alignment all these if you were to do them by mistake if you were to do them by mistake or no actually I forgot to ask you if you forgot then there is no problem

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wearing perfume they cannot wear perfume socks, shoes except sandals sandals crocs those are fine you know yes you can wear a belt to hold your head on for the buttons it's fine right? You can wear

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let's say a pocket where you lose those wallets where you can put your IDs and whatnot that's fine

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but that's the perfume that you cannot do that you can do that before you are in the state of Florida yes you can but after in the salary column you cannot do that you cannot have the you cannot wear perfume of course we'll bet that men and women let's say you know I want to take shower you know in the afternoon they head on kinetic Sharon use shampoo and soap now some said you can and here the only difference or discrepancies is about all the shampoo and so are they any Do they have sent or non scented because the descriptor is among some scholars they said yeah I need to better to stay away from all scented soap and shampoo and others they said if the center and instead of

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flowers with incense it's not a sentence like it is going to stay in your body is just the the shampoo smells ximo Echo, it smells yummy, like a flower or, or like honey or something. They said it's okay. Right. So some said it's better to stay away from all that we have lots of non scented shampoo and soap that you could use. So it should be fine and shallow. Also killing and hunting animals. Of course what you understand of those you cannot do and you know being intimate with your spouse of course is it's you cannot do what you are interested over here. And last but not least, you cannot propose to marry someone or you know or cannot propose to marry somebody

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while you are in the state of heaven. These are the things that are forbidden actions of

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the next. The next pillar that we're going to be talking about in sha Allah to Allah is talks about haram and then we're going to be talking about tawaf. Until next episode, the episodes are censored Emirate. Allah wa barakato