Mohammad Elshinawy – Quranic Seerah #13 Prophethood, Not Kingdom

Mohammad Elshinawy
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So two nights ago we left off that the prophets Allah Allahu Allah, he was selling them and the Muslims were not allowed to enter Mecca. This occurred in the 60 year and the Treaty of who they BIA was drafted. And Allah azza wa jal, despite the Unfair Terms told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, take it, take the deal. He taught him that not every compromise is a compromise. And he revealed sudut Alfetta

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the great opening in Fontana, like firsthand Medina, we have opened up for you a clear opportunity, even though it seems like other than that, that face value Allah selling him, it's a clear opportunity. And in fact, subhanAllah it was Hindsight is 2020 But you look, you fast forward to two years we will discuss today. Not just are the Muslims able to make an omelet of the following year, but they're able to make Omura without any bloodshed whatsoever. And that's what he said SallAllahu wasallam I know boorish, has been debilitated by all of the warfare. They can't handle a fight, but they will not invite me to any terms were in the boundaries, the sanctities of God, like the

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sanctities of blood, Allah made blood sacred, like the sanctities of blood, they will not invite me too anything to guard the sanctities except that I'll accept I'll oblige. And so they made Umrah without bloodshed. But that wasn't the only opportunity.

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In the midst of all of this. Number three, a great benefit here is that that period of the truce Quraysh and the Medina's right, and their eyes and their allies, no more fighting, the numbers of the Muslims tripled in two years, from where they had built up to in the past 20 years of Islam.

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They had approximately tripled. But that wasn't just it. Allah knew that Quraysh seeing its footing slipping more and more in the peninsula would play dirty and would breach the covenant would breach the truce. And so

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Quraysh supported its allies bento Buck against one of the prophets allies who was out and they breached it. And so now the Muslims are not just going to return for Umrah. They did that in the seventh year, along with the Battle of labor, which I'll mention to you now very quickly, I'll come back to Croatia in a second. CLAY But was that oasis of a fortress north of Medina, that the the the anarchy that the Jews of Medina were doing when they were expelled, they regrouped with the Jews of labor and they were mobilizing for war. And so the Muslims not only got to do their own MRA the next year, but they were able to lay siege to high bar and put an end to that once and for all. But the

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following year, the eighth year now two years since the treaty, Korea issue themselves or indirectly by proxy starting wars, supporting their allies against the allies of the Prophet to weaken him, sal Allahu Allahu Allah wa salam. And so he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are marching to Mecca. We're not returning for hombre this year, we're returning to remove these pagan warmongers from the region once and for all, to secure peace. And so they marched to Mecca. And it is the most it was in Ramadan. And it is the most glorious conquest ever because no war took place.

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And that was the liberation and the conquest the fact of Mecca that you hear about in Surah Nasir Elijah when there comes the nozzle of the great victory of Allah, well fed, the Fed and the opening up of Mecca, its liberation. And the details here are so many. But as for surety, there's two things quickly I want to mention to you about the conquest of Mecca. The first of them is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he left Medina, marching out in Ramadan to liberate Mecca. He said, and this is a miracle. This is a clear miracle. He said, Oh Allah blinds them

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from our campaign. You know, it takes much longer for 10,000 Muslims. Remember I told you they tripled 10,000 Muslims to march to Mecca.

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Then it will take 10 Muslims like the news gets out. They got to the outskirts of Mecca and Qureshi was totally caught off guard. And that is why it was a bloodless conquest, a bloodless victory, because Allah did not allow any of them to realize an army of that size was coming to Mecca until it was too late. So that's one of the proofs of the Divine aid

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For Allah for the, for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of Allah for His Prophet. A second one is that when the leader of Quraysh, Abu Sufian realized the Muslims were now breathing down his neck, it was too late to even react. He wrote out to the Muslims, and he found one of his old friends, childhood friends and our best and uncle of the Prophet, one of his uncle's SallAllahu sallam, and also his cousin, Ali nematology. Please, please help me I get it work, criminal deserve to die. I get it. Help me, said okay, we're going to bring you to the Prophet SAW Salem. And you're going to apologize.

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That's all we can protect you until you get there. And then I leave you tells him Ali, you're on the allaahu and tells him and this is a proof of Prophethood in my heart and my heart, in my mind, he says to him, you when you stand in front of the Prophet, you say to him what Joseph's brothers said to Joseph Lefkada Tharaka, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah has clearly preferred you over us.

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Because the Prophet Muhammad Ali is saying, I know the Prophet, he will not let anyone beat him in statement. So he's going to react the way Joseph reacted if you hint at him with the story of Joseph. And so they sneak him into the prophet sent. And as soon as they do, Omar catches it and he's chasing him down. He jumps into the 10th as well. He says, Let me have him, please let me have him. He says Omar No. And then he says to him, Allah has clearly preferred you over So Mohammed. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would not let himself be outdone even by use of Ali Salam and he said, letter three Valley chameleon, there will be no blame on you today. Fine. Will you

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testify to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, He said La Ilaha illa Allah, it's pretty clear you would not have gotten this far if God wasn't protecting you. This is clearly divine support from but Mohammad Rasool Allah, I'm not exactly sure just

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he was still and so and a day later, he actually said, Okay, this is really prophethood that when he saw all of the tribes now, he said, This is prophethood This is not a king. This is not kingdom. This is not politics. This is not anything that can be measured by the worldly, in the Hannibal Wah, it is prophethood and he concurred then became a Muslim.

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Remember, I said to you the other day, he was not being driven by vengeance. Right? That's why he sallallahu alayhi salam signed that who they be, and that is why he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam let Abu Sufyan go, there is no harm here now in forgiving. And then when he rode into Mecca, they said to him a home carrying with me I can carry him our dear brother, son of our dear brother, after everything you've done right now they're trying to play possum. And he says, again, that's a three valet camaleon There'll be no blame on you today. If he bufan to Mottola car, go you are unbound, clean slate.

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And in that great magnanimous moment he proves his prophethood yet again with it. He was not competing for vengeance. He was not competing for global *. He was competing with the prophets of God for the number one station for virtue. It was about power you have power now act on it did not sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as for purity

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I was reading today. The Great Great Quran scholar contemporary grand scholar shaitan masala we have the hello to Allah Ahmed, if you're slightly hot chicken masala. Oh, he says as you are seeking later to Kadri tonight. Be careful not to just seek it between the four walls of the masjid, the confines of the prayer hall, seek Laylatul Qadr in your conscience. It's a powerful statement. Because there are many things if we consult our conscience

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are worthier than voluntary prayers, things that are obligatory on us. And I will just choose for you one this evening. You know the prayers, you know the donations, fixing your family relationships, not just because it's Ramadan, and shaitan is locked up. And he always blows things out of proportion. Now we have it in perspective. It's not that big of a deal, right? There's a little bit of wrong on both sides, but also because you want Allah's forgiveness. And that is the greatest motivation for you to forgive people.

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Pick up the phone, if you can't text, the bare minimum but it whatever it is just admitted, call your parents up called your kids up, meet each other and say listen, you know, it's Ramadan, and I'm praying for you tonight and I know I wasn't my best self always. And I pray that You know, I was wrong. I'm going to own that in sha Allah it will not happen again. I pray we can put this behind us once and for all. I pray you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Just say it. Conquer your ego, conquer your pride. The Scholars say that is more impressive than conquer.

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During a city, all by yourself without an army, to be able to conquer yourself, do it.

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I know to all of you children, that's all of you, because we all have parents, right? That it's not always easy to figure out why your parents do certain things until you fast forward 20 years and it's too late right? To make amends. And to all of the parents, I know it is not easy to apologize to your children, for the times, you may have lost your temper or made a selfish decision, or whatever it is, just do it. Just do it. But you know, there was a father,

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who I must keep anonymous,

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who, while he was dying, he asked me to ask a scholar for him if his daughter has any right to inherit from him, because his daughter had not spoken to him in 20 years.

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And this was the only scholar on the face of the earth who would accept an answer from

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so I respected his dying wish. And I asked that scholar,

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Tunisian scholar, and he said to me, go back and tell him

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that of course, the child should always be the one initiating.

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But if she's not tell him he should initiate because he may find out on the Day of Judgment, that at least a share of this he was a culprit in he was responsible for and he may not see it until a time when forgiveness of Allah cannot be bought by forgiving others anymore. forgiving others is here and now. This is when it really counts, let alone on light that could be the night of forgiveness a little other fairly awful warriors for who? Allah to hit buena El Faro hola hola como, Allah says, clear it clear this late. Don't you love that Allah should forgive you. The scholar said, This hints at the fact that Allah loves to forgive. And it's really about you whether you want to be forgiven

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or not. If so, then forgive others. May we be people of virtue and not vengeance. May we be people of great magnanimous character and not grudges, and may Allah forgive us all and not allow us to be subject to questioning scrutiny on that day of judgment. Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam wa barakaatuh Vienna Mohammed Voila, early he was so happy to join

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