Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #321 – Two REASONS You Should Get Married

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of marriage in Islam, as it is a crucial step in the formation of a relationship and self-development. They emphasize that marriage is not about accountability, but rather about self-development, and that women should be empowered to pursue their own interests and develop themselves. The speaker also mentions that women should be empowered to pursue their own interests and develop themselves.
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marriage is extremely important in Islam, it's referred to as half of your faith. And this is very, very significant in the time we live in where marriage rates are down. The common sentiment in broader society and our cultural moment is that well, you don't really need to get married, just a piece of paper, right? People say,

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if you want to have a kid, you can go have a kid, you don't need to get married.

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And Islam is completely against this way of thinking. Islam wants us to get married, because marriage is about accountability. And marriage is about self development. And someone's going to come in, they're going to say, well, there's abusive marriages. And there's this and that, and the other. And, you know, I know lots of people who aren't developing themselves in a marriage. And so

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that disproves what you're saying, and doesn't disprove what I'm saying. Just the, the fact that something can be done done wrong,

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doesn't mean that the whole thing is the whole idea is crazy, or is useless. So no, you can do it wrong. Anybody can do anything wrong. But it has to do with, you know, you can be a bad citizen. A country can be bad, does that mean we shouldn't have countries that mean, we shouldn't have citizens. That's ridiculous, right? Like you have to, you know, you have to strive to be good at what you're doing. So marriage is extremely important, because it draws people into a relationship of accountability, you have to go home, at the end of the day, you have to face your wife, or you have to face your husband. And you have to be accountable for how you behave, right? The idea of

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free *, or the sexual revolution, where people can just go and hook up with anybody,

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you know, with no consequences? How do you expect people to behave? Right? How do you expect people to treat each other with respect, it's not possible. It's not possible. You can do whatever you want to another person. And you don't have to face any consequences. If I'm married, the way that I treat somebody has immediate consequences, that person is going to if I, if I mistreat that person, they're going to make my life miserable. Or if I really go overboard, and we're talking about abuse, then the state might get involved, I might get hauled off to jail, right? Like these are, these are real things. So there's a huge push towards getting married. And that's not to say, you know, you're

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allowed to not get married, it's not like, against the faith, but you're strongly encouraged in Islam to get married because it pulls you into this relationship of responsibility. Right? Now, you have to be sensitive to the feelings of another person, you have to be sensitive to what another person needs, you have to be sensitive to different personality types that are other than your own. And it's a way more immediate relationship. It's a way more binding relationship than your friends that you can just kind of meet whenever you want, right? Or like the people that's like the people you know, on Facebook, you can present whatever image you want to your friends, or your people on

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social media, your followers.

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But somebody who's sharing the same living spaces you constantly are going back to, you know, they know what you really like. And so, that kind of forces us to stop putting up fronts, and it forces us to actually deal with who we are as people work on ourselves, develop ourselves

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and try to become better, more responsible people.

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