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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how they felt the need to resonate with Muslims during a soccer match and how the Portuguese coach's statement about wanting to play for their ancestors was initially criticized. They later discuss how the World Cup is about beating the Saudi team and how they want to win in that way. The speaker also mentions a reference to a military coup in the Ottoman Empire and how they want to fight for Muslims in the upcoming game.
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Somebody's comfort light over the couch have smelled out in the last couple semester lemme book my book to all the Muslims all over the world not just the hub's Africans to all the Muslims all over the world I needed some time just to resonate what just happened

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a lot of people went live and went crazy in a you know, but I just took some time to just go and ponder and see really what what happened. It had to take some time to resonate really for me. They did go to the semifinals now, which now the aim is really high. Because we're going for the World Cup. We are going deep we're going down we're going for the World Cup.

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But let me mention something quickly to my brothers and sisters. What the coach said the Portuguese coach said in the interview right before the game, he said, we're gonna do this we're gonna go and play for our ancestors. He's talking about the Portuguese Empire long time ago and what they tried to do that that you know, a lot of you don't know about history, maybe you don't know the history you know, with the Crusaders and Saudi been and, and en de Lucia, the history of endo loosen. And as Portugal was one of the really greatest empires at the time. And even a lot of people don't know that they had sent a ship, a Portuguese ship, and the other during the Ottoman Empire, to go and dig

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out the grave of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the era of settlement award.

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One of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire at the time.

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So he said we get a play for our ancestors.

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And he made it like a religious war. Allah subhana wa Tada defeated

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and defeated them all. Allah Allah to him through Yeah, it's it's a game. It's a World Cup, but we want it to Hamdulillah we want I mean, we want them we beat them. And now we're into the semi finalists. Allah when I could have defeated Allah Monica.

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The Marmaray Oh,

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I'm proud and happy. May Allah azza wa jal give the Muslims victory in sha Allah Tada Salam Alikum later I don't want to catch up.

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