Focus on Your Akhirah

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We just have to work hard.

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You know provide for your family, a good life a good mother Mashallah house and property and business as long as your concentration and focus should be

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doing as long as you're doing it. Please don't get as the Prophet says, Don't let your children have the lower hand, meaning going and ask people for money, work hard. But again, the main concern should be

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this is like Hassan, the harvest.

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work here, because whatever you do here, you'll find it.

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This is what it is dystonia is just in transit, in transit.

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I'm not saying go and stay in the machine 24 seven, and only do the noise thinking and

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not saying that.

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But your aim, your focus should be How can I meet a lie? That is judgment? And Allah is pleased with me?

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Well, it shouldn't be our main concern

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what I mean, what would you be pleased with this all I care about? If you think you know what, I have a, you know, a piece of paper. And then just from, from, let's say, last month, right? This is last month, maybe too long, right? Just last week, break all the sins which you have done in one page and bring the other face straight and then rewrite all the good deeds, which you have done from last week. All the good deeds and all the things which side you think would have

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I don't know you know, if I were to look at mine, of course, you know, more since then with this, you know, if you want to be honest, so, this is it, you know, am I ready to be

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this is why I want to go to sleep, he has to say and this is Rama

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Rama has been given the option not yet before he goes to his friends a moment to ponder. And he used to say, when he left me alone tomorrow, do you have any justification of what you learned? And what are you gonna do?

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If that's what about you, and I've organized.

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My sermon has spoken the truth, open up a window for him so that he can see his accommodation engine.

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And then a window will be opened up and he will see his face. And he will say

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our man with a beautiful phrase will come to his grave. And he will tell him

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this is the day what you should be looking for. This is what you've been waiting you will give him

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and then the man will say man, who are you this beautiful man who preaches great use, he will say

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I am your righteous deed. I am your Salah. I am your car. I am I am your parents. I am institutional. And you made me I didn't make you. dimed. You're the one who will make him He will come to to to be with you in your grave he will come and accompany in your grave and your grave will open up it will open up well as the others the grave will crush them in depth in the notetakers they reveal here to be left but the believers the grave would open up and widen up an event with zombie aka Miss

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Ella start the hour. I want to go to my family.

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This is the truth.

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This is the truth

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and the stupid thing that has come with the truth and what is the truth? The truth is that you're gonna die. And

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the truth is that you're gonna die. Prophet Muhammad died didn t

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and you will die.

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And how did he die?

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Did he die? Did he die?

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He died reclining on the lap of ice