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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa Taala what a cat. There is this thing that puts an end to everything. It puts an end to the happiness of those who are happy and the sadness of those who are sad to the sickness of those who are sick. There's one particular thing that puts an end to everything and that thing is death. The final chapter and then the journey to Allah subhanho wa Taala is it really something scary? Or are you longing to meet Allah subhana wa tada? Well, you shouldn't be longing to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala How can you save yourself from the torments of the grave? Are they any actions that you could do? That in fact, could pave the road to having a

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bliss in your grave Nam there are a lot of actions that a person can do to have his grave as low them in the religion as a garden of gender. My brothers and sisters from the UK, December 8 and ninth and shout Allahu taala mark your calendars December 8 in Birmingham, and December night in Sheffield from 530 in Charlotte hotel to a seminar called the final chapter. Mark your calendars again For more information check out WWE ww that even care uk.com is akula Health cinema data over cat