2 months of genocide

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In a hamdulillah monastery who want to stop

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on oh that will let him in shortly and we see now Mr. Medina yeah the love of Allah mandala

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What are you playing for the hottie Allah?

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Allah Allah illallah wa Shani, Cara wash ago Anna Mohamed and Ottawa solos

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yeah even at the top of Baja to party he was at mo tuna Illa and Thomas the moon

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yeah Johan national taco taco lady Hello alchemy nursing washing. Oh hello Pamela has

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over 3/7 humare Jalan cathedra when you are talking about Hello Anita.

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In Allah can adekola Kiba

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you heard Nadine amla top Aloha Punto. Colin said he used

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one way or the other householder who felt by the affairs I felt was an RV man

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hey ya Allah What are you

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hi yah como Allahu Allah will be

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what they are they look sharp and whatever What do you mean agenda team and Zillah was ALLAH to add a lazy German and if you had a mechanical one okay. I love it. And he had

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the answer he on

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the model

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love it glabrata Shalini

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either manorhamilton

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This hour from Siena Yeoman

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with me welcome

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CRN Yejin. Mamata Elena que

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lo que la que El Cajon Casa

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Okaloosa it means a young

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kid my daddy

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some of them will be

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some of them will be thrown in Mujahid

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with her birth who I don't have

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what phenomena to loosen fit

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at what you have

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meanwhile, you have the stability for

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Or cordeliers Latina cafardo Lola Lucia

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cars highly cutting you suck bit of lava.

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Can you tell us a bit Allahu?

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Allah subhana wa jahana.

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Volume and Volume in worship Oh

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well, I heard that setbacks,

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We'll see how late can the homea Kowloon a lot gonna affect?

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What's up with academica? Won't suna adult calm these guys really?

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Well, I had Tibet zikalala He Subhana who had to Allah. Yeah, you're

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either lucky to go to what Kula had

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heard he blows me out of the

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box of the first set of

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brothers and sisters

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59 days. Today

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59 days

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has gone has passed since October 7

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of the genocide that happened in Gaza.

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Every second felt like a minute. And every minute felt like an hour, every hour, fifth lock days.

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And the whole world was watching and still powerless.

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Yet, despite that genocide, we see lessons from the length of our way back from the land of Gaza, the land of the brave,

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that then all the courageous

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the land of the man

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who has

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I've been teaching us lessons in Tibet, in steadfastness

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and how to be firm and steadfast in the din of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And behind this,

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behind the steadfastness

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are yet because we saw I add after, after I add from these heroes,

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behind the Sebert,

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behind the steadfastness

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we see

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the ayat in

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Quran that was recited and he's been recited in the middle of the night.

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As Allah subhanho wa Taala says, or Colin Medina cafardo, Nolan

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because you can only talk to Peter

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as the non believers they said, Why does well as was not revealed in one shot, ALLAH SubhanA wa Genesis indeed. So to make your heart stand firm, as Allah is making the heart stands for

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behind this

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behind this steadfastness

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that these heroes were making in the midst of the night arrows being sent in the midst of the night.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says as the people are saying about finding a sunblock with a bit when sunnah and Akami Scaffidi Allah bless us with patience and perseverance.

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With a bit academic, make our our feet stand firm in your deem. as they are today. My brothers and sisters in the USA, once will not have told me to go in and make us victorious upon the wrongdoers

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behind the setbacks. Behind this steadfastness is there making vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala despite all that is happening, their tongues still moistened with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Swalot and well,

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yeah, you have nothing.

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Either the

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Voodoo was called Allah, Allah.

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Or you will believe if you were to meet Vaughn Eva, a group of from tours. First Buju stedfast was a little rock as

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with Kula Huck as ILA and the convention of your Lord of vicar of Allah, Azusa, cathedra, so that you may be victorious. Lessons after lessons after lessons behind the sun. Well, listen, well, behind the steadfastness is Maria Tila

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is Maria Tula. What is Maria Tula? the togetherness of Allah, the help of Allah as Allah subhanho wa Taala says is usually

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a mnemonic come first.

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So, tz Kuruvilla Deena Capello

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if you have a book that

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Allah is inspiring the angels defeated to the angels, if you hit a book and the Malcolm I am with you for therapy

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steadfastness put steadfastness into the hearts of the believers some old TV Apollo Binladin

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I will throw I will put in the hearts of the of those cowards and look fear despite their technology.

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Despite all the technology and the science,

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they couldn't see a little kid put in a small capsule in this huge

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cottage whatever, I'm not gonna put any names because we're all being watched in the whatever we say. Let's call it the capsule.

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They could not see another kid running to throw a banana to throw a banana into this huge

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for you to throw a banana. You need to stand you need to focus to hit the target.

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Yet this little kid is riding with his banana and he thought it and lo and behold, it hit the target. Walmart I maintained that on my toe and I cannot lie.

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You did not tell when you do but it is Allah who to do

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Despite their technology,

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victories and if after is

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after I act, we learn as these people, these hills were teaching us, the Secretary of the blood,

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the century of the blood to Aviv, Allah when they were done. Now, despite all that is going on these people here my brothers and sisters, they sanctify something called the blood. These heroes, they did not kill no babies.

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steadfastness. Have you seen that? Myskina woman, that poor woman? Have you seen that? That man? Have you seen that men who made Suzhou chickens to Allah when his kids were being killed? Have you seen that woman who is happy when her son was killed? Have you seen that? That that, that men, I'm sure you've seen this dot min just recently a couple days ago, where he's holding his baby been killed and hugging him or her and kissing him and and cry? Haven't you seen these people showing us what really steadfastness means? Subhanallah This is amazing. This is amazing.

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People who despite all that they did not kill babies. They did not kill No, no kids, they did not bomb No, no synagogues. They did not bomb, no hospitals.

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They know and they understand the meaning of how of the sanctuary of the blood. They remember the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and he's a sinner. When Osama in the battlefield, in the battlefield, he had all the rights and before he about to kill this non believer in the battlefield is a soldier. The soldier said die in Allah yet whosoever killed him, the Prophet came to know. And he told him Yeah, husana.

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did you kill him after he said, Allah?

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Will send message you Allah, Allah pada. Have

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you understood what he said it because he was scared, he didn't mean it. And then the promises, do you see what he has in his heart? How can you kill him after he said, Allah? And he kept on saying, How how can you? How did you kill him? He said, I said, I wish I had not become a Muslim until that day.

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The people who understood the sanctuary of the blood, how can the others understand the sanctity of the blood as well as the history is filled with blood?

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The people who said

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is the son of Allah.

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The people who said in Allah Hoffa, when

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the people who said Allah is good, and we are three of wands,

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how can they sink, they have something called the center of the blood, they have no respect for the blood and for nothing. For them, everybody is the same to a palm, whether it's in a hospital when we don't care. There are animals in your wisdom in the in the teachings, the Muslims, you know, animals.

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They killed more than 200,000 Christians in Rome in 214.

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They killed so many creatures in Cyprus still, history is filled with Bloods, and profits of the province How many did they kill how many prophets Allah has said to them yet de sante chopped off in half some they cut off their heads, some being killed. There's one rock and those of you who may be from a sham of Palestine, you may have heard this, there is a rock, there is a rock in the length of a sham. Yeah, and when I say shut me up, if Allah staying

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in the rock, more than 70 prophets have been killed

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by those people.

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History says,

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but we have these leaders Subhanallah despite all these, these heroes, and they call them heroes, I call them heroes. I call them the brave.

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This the Prophet Muhammad and I bear witness and always my witness Wallah. He did better than me, and they're better than all of us.

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Sahabi came to the Prophet, and so Solomon He says, Yeah, rasool Allah, man assured to NASCI but listen,

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he came in he says, young man a shot to naseeb Allah,

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Allah so Allah Who are the people who will go through the who would have

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The most severe trials the people who will go through the most severe test squad A, the Prophet says the Prophets

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the people who will have the most said the most severe tasks trials hardships are the profits, some and M feather fell and fell and those who will come after those who are back to profit those who will come after me, Anthony and then the provinces are using some for mankind Fe D He is all about the better.

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It should

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I mean, kinda fee he read

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up to the other Huseby de

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la he has had an older IE, her older ie above.

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The Prophet said and he he sort of said, with regard to those who will have the most severe trials he said the prophets and then those who come after them, and then he says the provinces and the stronger the man is in his state, the stronger the test. Remember this? The stronger you are in your deen the Morpher you are in your deen the stronger is the test and the weaker you are in the deen. The weaker is the test. The Prophet says in the Hadith, and the men, he will continue to be trialed and tested and trialed and tested anthem he walks on Earth sinless

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with no sense

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he will be tested a one test after another one test after another one after another until he walks with no sense you're not be with the witness that those people the worth. The worth. This hadith, really this hadith befits them as we bear witness that they are firm in their Deen that the offer in the religion that Iman supersedes all our event here. We bear witness your anatomy despite all that is happening Yahama rahimian We only ask them we have no one to ask other than you. You're happy despite all that because your profit and our profit your profit of the Prophet Muhammad is to save ultimately, the Almighty Almighty yah speakeasies Do

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you rip these people off for your Alma you're big if the victory

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after the company had all started looking for stuff