Ramadan 2019 #03 – Unrestricted Rizq

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdulillah. Horrible alameen wa salatu salam w Karim Allah Allah He was happy ijma in today inshallah, just very briefly I want to look at one of my favorite statements in the Quran and this statement is is found twice in Surah Alomar in the third use of the Quran surah of the Quran, in which Allah subhana wa Taala. First it's mentioned in a dua, right as part of the walk towards Allah. Allah teaches us to call upon him based on his

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unrestricted ability to give whatever he wants to whomever he wants, and this do I end with the statement? What are recoupment? Asher obihiro is up and you provide

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to whoever you want, without any restrictions. one page later, in the story of muddy muddy has set up when Zachary alehissalaam finds her wood fruit that is out of season and asked her where did she get it from? Then she replied with the same statement, although this time in the third person, as she tells him in law, her your leukemia, she will be Hydra his up that definitely Allah provides for whoever he was without any restrictions. So in the span of two pages, this statement comes twice. And this is one of my favorite statements in the entire Quran. It really fills me with optimism, it fills me with positivity it, it really makes me want to immediately make to up when I see the

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statement, I feel like just dropping everything and making dua. And you know what's amazing is you read the very next verse, what is the very next verse says, Who nearly got the other career raba immediately is a Korea me to add to his word, meaning that this word is the statement or money or at least I made it when she said it, you had the exact same effect on the heart of Prophet Zachary alehissalaam, which is it caused him to immediately make up now why is the statement so powerful, why the statements are powerful, that he causes people to want to immediately make to our because this statement teaches us that there is literally nothing that you ask for, that Allah can provide.

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And, therefore, if there's something we really need something we really want something we really desire, we should ask for it from Allah directly. And we should ask, why would full would full conviction that Allah Subhana Allah is going to provide for us that Allah is going to provide for us now when we make to our lash have a handle with Allah artists, our do are in one of three ways. The first way is that he will give us what we asked for. The second way is that may he may give us something better than what we asked for are different, what we asked for that's better for our souls. And the third way is that he may would hold that do up for the Day of Judgment. And instead

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he will give us reward for it on the Day of Judgment.

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Whatever the case, is going to give us what is best for us. But the point is that when you make to our you should make to our from a perspective of firm belief and optimism, you need to be optimistic about the fact that Allah is going to answer your door, you have to be optimistic about the fact that Allah can provide for whoever he wants, whatever he wants, without the decree treasure at all. And so you should not hold back when it comes to that. If you really want something, ask of Allah, because Allah can provide anyone with anything when we look at the story of Medina Valley has set up, she was provided with a son even though she had never gotten married. And we find it in the

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story of Zachary Ali Salaam when he heard the statement from her. And he may do or he and his wife are both elderly, past the age of having children, they may do offer a child I love this similar miraculous child in the form of Prophet alayhi salam. And so what these stories teach us is that there is no limit to what Allah can provide you with. The only really the only limitation is our own do. That is that's our own. The only limitation that we either don't make dua, or many of us when we make do we kind of hold back, you know, we are free to ask for what we really want, because we're not sure if we're going to give it to us or not. So when it comes to our approach to our dis

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firmness, that Allah is going to give me what I need approach to our dis firmness. And there's optimism that Allah will provide for me, and we will just optimism Allah can provide anything to ever he was and make to our would firm conviction that Allah is going to answer your draw and give you what is best for you. And so this is really what this verse is all about this is that what what this verse inspires in my heart and this is why it's one of my favorite verses in the entire Quran.

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I hope it inspires you as well to be from those people who truly make you are hoping in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and so many times in my life I've experienced this way of me you offer something extremely specific and I've gotten exactly what I made to offer and this this verse is really what what inspires me to do it every single time. This is the month of Ramadan is the month of June. In this month you will find that there are many times of the day into aza answered at the time of Malaya which is also the time of school at the time of istar. When you are in such that, you know there are so many times and of course a laser cutter coming up in a few weeks time. Take

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advantage of this to make to make a list of things that are important to you that you really want in this life and the next and make dua to Allah to give it you make you out to Allah asking him to gratitude and inshallah you will experience miracles because of this. May Allah make us all from the people of the Quran we Himiko from those who truly understand this and live by this and practice this jungle of hate for your time, and inshallah we meet again tomorrow, same time, and if you haven't subscribed yet, please do. So. Salam alikoum rahmatullahi wa barakatuh