The Power Of One Ayah #05

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levena nostalgie boo is theurgy boo

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is the G boo. He was

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either kolima your phone

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when you go through the Quran, you will find that Allah subhana wa Taala addresses us as human beings. And he calls us in three ways.

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Either he will say,

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Yes, yeah, Bernie,

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oh Children of Adam. And this is very generic. He's talking to believers and non believers. And that's eight times in the Quran. Or he might say, Yeah.

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Which means in English, all mankind or people, again, it's very generic, because he has, he's addressing those who accept Him as God and submit to Him, which we call Muslims or non Muslims. Yet, that's 20 times in the Quran, Allah subhana wa Taala at nine times in the Quran, he calls special people. And listen, you're one of those special people. So listen carefully. To this one. It's one of the 89 times where Allah subhana wa, tada is not going to call anyone who's calling those who listen and follow and they will not listen with their ears. They can listen attentively with their hearts. What Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah,

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know, oh, you who believe. And this is one of them, the one that I recited

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so number eight, and number 24, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you have Latina M and O you who believe is tg boo, pick up the call, respond. La, La La calls, you pick up the call, wonderful soul, and his message of Why? Because whenever they call you to do something,

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he said,

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it will bring life and that life is the life of your heart, because the life of your body is completely different. Yes, there is a big difference between the life of the party I could be 60 years old, but I could be like a dead person. But if my heart is alive, then this is the real meaning of life. So this is why he said, it's 30 boonville. He wanted to pick up the call when when God calls you or his messenger calls you, because whatever they call you to do, it's going to bring life to your heart. If you want your heart to be alive, listen to the commands of Allah and he said, you know, pray, this is the time to pray, if you sit fast, this is the time to fast. If he said give

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sadaqa This is the time to reset, and so on and so forth. So please pick up the call or walk home to May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst the true believers who would always pick up the phone when they hear Allah saying, Yeah, and you