Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 29

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters and welcome to Torah with reminder, day 29. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at the time of mousseline, slang through the man who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala for 500 years

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500 years full obedience to Allah Subhana Allah

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and when the time comes, and Allah, Allah prescribed that this is the end of his life. The angels of mercy said to him, it will engender before the level of magic. You know, you will enter gentlemen,

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because of the mercy, Grace and bounty of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The man said, lab and a total herb, you know, I've been working hard for 500 years. Notice obedience.

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In the interest of they said, the instructions we have is that no one will make it to gender except due to the bounty, grace and mercy of Allah. And that's exactly what our beloved prophet Selim told us. He said to Ayesha Elia

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family, nobody will make it to gender because of their good deeds. Illa Anita mother who law hermetic, except that Allah will shower him with his mercy, bounty and grace, panna cotta, and Terra sola, even your messenger of Allah. And he said, he said, yes, even me. So when this man said this, the angels of mercy, they went back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they said, Here is one of your slaves. He's claiming that he will intergender because of his deeds, so Allah subhanaw taala said, you read widely loudly, he wants justice. He doesn't want my grace and bounty.

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Agreed. So last pocket, I said, put his 500 years of obedience on one side of the scale, and put one of my blessings on the other side of the eisah. Let me let me freeze the camera and come to the 21st century and ask myself and ask you, brothers and systems.

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If I want one of your eyes, how much would you sell it me for?

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You know, I know the answer. I'm gonna say it's priceless. I'm not going to give you my I. What about your heart?

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What about one of your kidneys? What about just one quarter of your liver? How much? No, I can put price to that. It's priceless. Hold on, let me ask you the opposite question. How much did you give a lot to give you rise?

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How much your kidneys how much your liver. So Pamela, we take the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala for granted. So when we abuse that system, when we abuse these blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah gives us a chance after a chance will lie. If we spend all of our life in a state of suzu to Allah, it will not be enough to thank him for one blessing.

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Let me go back unfreeze the camera? So they put the eyesight on one side of the scale? And 500 years ago better on the other side of the scale? Guess what?

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The eyesight outweighed the 500 years of a better and the 500 visible better. They just flow away.

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So loss of control. I said that's just as your 500 years of evidence not enough to show gratitude to Allah for one gift one blessing the eyes

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is a photo of the landmark take him to the fall.

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So while the man was walking to his father, he was still looking at Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah knows

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what for us to learn. Look at the dog Allah said Why are you looking at me? Today I call Arab Muslim until TV from now until I don't think that you will throw me in hellfire. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala said hoodoo abdiel Jenna because not only Hebei. Allah says take my slave to gentlemen, not because of the 500 years of a vida, because he thinks good of me.

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And this was apostle himself. He said laya Morton hadoken illa

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do not die except

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when you think good of Allah always think of Allah Subhana Allah

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because Allah also said in the footsy Hadith, he said Anna and the husband is on the app dB.

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You know, whatever my slave think of me if you think is good of me, I'll give him the good if you think sparingly you will get what he wants. This is why the processor learn when to visit.

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Look at

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Young man who was in the deathbed. And he said, Take a look.

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How do you feel? You could the answer he said, a half of the movie will be.

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I'm afraid because of my sins. That's fear one side. But the other wing is hope for our drama therapy. And I'm hopeful that Allah subhanaw taala will short me with his mercy. The President said, Mr. Martin, if in Britain, he had a motive level for Allah.

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He said, when these two emotions when these two feelings come together in a situation like this, when you are on the deathbed, except the last part that I will forgive you.

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And this is why I have a beautiful analogy by emotional pain.

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And he said,

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once the person is born, the arrow of death is shot. And our life is nothing except that span of time when we go to meet that arrow and then we die.

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Then he said, Our journey back to Allah until we meet that arrow is like a bird with a head and two wings.

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And then he said the head is the love of Allah.

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And then he said, the two wings are fear and hope.

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And we have to maintain a balance when you are flying back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if a person is very close to Allah, he should feel a little bit more because when you feel like I'm okay, I'm done like that man. What's going to happen?

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And when somebody is away from Allah subhanaw taala and he is disheartened and he feels down, then you have to give hope, a little bit above fear, then you will maintain that balance. So

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he told us that at the end of Ramadan, we started Ramadan, we were hoping for the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and in the middle of Ramadan, we were seeking the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Taala and the end of Ramadan now we're seeking to be saved from hellfire. You know, everything comes to an end. And good time flies. Yesterday we should Ramadan started today. So Panama This is the 29th light.

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So how can I end my month, there's a price is a gift at the end of the month.

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Because every single night Alice panda has a different number of people. He saves them from hellfire. But on the last day of the last night, he saves a number equal to all these lights. This is the night of a choice of the price. So some of us at the very end of the marathon, we feel so tired to start being lazy. Guess what?

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The racing horse. When it comes to the last turn in the track, they exerted atmost first, sorry, exerted the utmost efforts to win the race. Let's learn from these forces. And let's push our gears to the optimist so we can reap the fruit of Ramadan a lot to be saved from hellfire. I want to share the good news with you that will hamdulillah

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we have raised a good sum of money during the month of Ramadan hamdulillah close to 35 to $40,000 and 100 lakh and this is all because of the generosity of this community. But you know what? I'm very hopeful that if we can push this to 70,000 inshallah, I'll be very grateful. So between now and read in sha Allah, you know, I have all the hopes that we can make it you know, we can make this $30,000 you know, which is our target and Sharla to complete the 70,000 Sharla and this is the field of competition a lot smarter said we're fee delic affiliate an FSM with an episode you know, we need to race for what to secure our position in Jenin you know, and the competition should be about the

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hero after the after. So inshallah I'm not going to do a fundraiser I will leave it to you because of hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We go to GoFundMe, we found almost like $3,000 hamdulillah you know, generous brother donated like, you know, $20,000 and hamdulillah other people look Mashallah they made a commitment on a monthly basis. They have done a very good job. So I did all the calculation, we're close to 4040 something Alhamdulillah and this is one of the best achievements in the city Alhamdulillah

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But we are still we want to hear for you. We want you to build a house in general. Imagine the seller said, If you build a house for Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will build a house for you. Even if that house of Allah is equal to papa that means the nest of a bird. So sometimes somebody might say it takes a million or 2 million to build the house. I don't have that money. You know, if you give that little bit of share with that intention, Allah will build the house for you in general sha Allah. So let's show a loss a pattern that we care about the massages so as we can continue to Allah, our activities and programs after Ramadan inshallah, don't forget tomorrow inshallah, we'll

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continue our Holocaust of Tafseer so are you so at 5pm inshallah, and if inshallah tomorrow we're gonna you know announce because tomorrow is the 29th day we're going to announce if reading so Allah will be saturday or sunday inshallah, if it is Saturday, then we will not be doing taraweeh and there will be no mind on shanwa but if it is Sunday, inshallah Expect us inshallah also tomorrow to give a reminder at 11pm inshallah, we wish you the best and if we meet tomorrow inshallah, we're going to remind you of salata the Torah exactly to my except that after the first beer on the free soccer we do seven times Iraq and after return for the second record, we do five euro if you want to

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follow the some of the above some of us to please Allah in the first soccer and sort of Russia and the second worker, that's it, the whole map comes after and it's not, you know, mandatory, you can make any reminder anybody at the house can make a reminder but you can listen to my intention Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who will be saved from Hellfire and Ramadan. We are lost battle accept all of our good deeds in Ramadan, and May Allah subhanaw taala make the last words that we say we will feel before we meet with him. La ilaha illallah wa salam