Should Fasting 3 days a month be done only on Ayyaam Al Beed

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The next question from the new breed alum from New York, USA,

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should the fasting have three days a month to be done on a normal beat 13th 14th and 15th or any two days of the month?

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The question posed by tan weed alum from New York USA that the three days that are too fast every month, should it be done only on the yam will be the 13th 14th and 15th of the month, or it can be done any three days of the month. What is the meaning of em will beat em is a pretty long of yom Beit bead means white. So I am would be means the white days.

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These days refer to the days when the moon is at the brightest when it is a full moon. So in the lunar calendar, the 13th 14th and 15th the day of the lunar calendar, when the moon is the brightest, when the moon is a full moon, it is called as a yam will be the white days or the days when the night is the brightest or the moon is the brightest. So it would be the day that 13th 14th and 15th of the lunar calendar

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the various Hadeeth in which the Prophet has recommended

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that the Muslims should fast on three days that he mentioned in say Buhari and say Muslim remote Africa like that Abu huraira May Allah be pleased with him, he said that my close friend referred to Prophet mussels alum has asked me to do three things

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every day tilapia life and I keep on doing it till the end of my life and those are fasting three days every month

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bringing the salad to Doha and sleeping after water. So, based on this we come to know the proper muscle or some recommended or burera Mallaby pizza tip that you should fast three days every month. There are other athletes mentioned in say Muslim that when one lady companion athletes Ayesha Mallaby pizza that did the Prophet fast three days every month, she said yes. Which of the DVD fast. She said it did not matter which day it was. There's one more the as I show my love up theater, she says that sometime the Prophet fasted in the beginning of the month, sometime in the middle of the month, sometime towards the end of the month. There's another Hadith

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which is mentioned in seiter give it so say Hadith Machina for the money that the Prophet said that anyone who fasts three days every month

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of his life, it is as though he has fasted for a full lifetime.

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And aim will be the 13th 14th and 15th of the month.

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There's one more Hadith in seiter game

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where a Buddha may Allah be pleased with him. He said that the Prophet told him that if you have too fast any day that a month fast on the 13th 14th and 15th of the month based on this we come to know that the Prophet recommended

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it's as soon as they walk into the Muslim should fast three days every month

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and the best it is must stop that too fast on the aim will be the 13th 14th and 15th. So the best the most recommended is that fast three days every month and fast on the 13th 14th and 15th. But if you cannot fast on the 13th 14th or 15th maybe because the ladies may be having the menstrual cycle or a person may be traveling or he may be having a guest if we fast any other days also it is acceptable. Because there are other athletes we say that you can fast on any of the three days. So the better of the options is fast on the three days. But for any reason you cannot fast on the three day the 1314 the 15 if you fast any other days no problem. Whether you fast conductively all three

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together or you fast with a break. Both accepted as long as the first three days but the upsell the best is on a MRP and what is the profit mean? Many said if you fast three days in a month

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as we have fasted for a full lifetime because a profit save that every good deed is multiplied by 10. So if you fast three days in a month, you actually fasting 30 days in a month that the full month and if you fast three days every month of your life, it is as though you're fasting for the full lifetime. So this is the multiplication of the factor by 10. That's what it meant. So if you fast three days in a row we'll beat that is the best regarding am will beat

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because most of us follow the solo calendar.

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We are not aware of the lunar calendar and the lunar calendar is followed in few countries among the Muslim countries mainly the Gulf countries. So there you follow the calendar no problem but the question can be asked that do we have to see the moon normally people are more particular about seeing the moon themselves with the eyes during Ramadan and during Hajj because there are to eat, it will filter and it will other so for a man and Hajj people are more particular. But even the calendar that we have normally

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that the Muslim country follow it is scientifically and quite accurate. But because it's a Sharia requirement for these two occasion for a man starting of Ramadan ending from that, and for the starting of it, that you should see it with your eyes. It's the Sharia requirement, otherwise even following firearm will be the normal calendar that you have. Am will be this not the same throughout the world depending upon the moon. So it may vary by one day or two different parts of the world. Like today. It's already 13th of

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the lunar month in the Gulf countries, but in Malaysia, it is not militia destroyed. So I will be fasting from tomorrow inshallah. But those who are staying in the Gulf countries and those who fascinate me will be today in the 13th. For people living in Malaysia as a part of the world. It is tomorrow. Sometimes it may differ by two days. So it's a pseudonym aka preferable to fast on the 13 1415 in the difficulty even any other days. I hope that answers the question.