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Salam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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and then Hamza Linda Hina muda who monastery and when a stock photo, why not? Oh, belay Manchurian fujinami say yeah, Dr. Medina mejor de la Hello fellow modela woman. Lil further her da da y shadow

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Illa Illa la de hula Sherry Keller, y shadow. Mohammed Abdul humara solo. I'm about to fall in nos da Cunha de Chiquita Baba, WA Hira alhuda houda Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Morimoto de to her wakulla mwah

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Desert in bedarra wakulla habitat in Bala that in wakulla Bala that enfinger rubbish really sorry for your silly I'm very well hello la codata melissani of Coco Lee of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing the journey of prophetic traditions, a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whereby the previous Hadees talked about good characteristics and behavior, and sharing goodness and kindness to the people around us, and trying to excel in doing good deeds and staying away from bad deeds. All of this is a build up towards at the core root in Allah subhanaw

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taala. To come close to Allah Subhana Allah, when a person helps the creation, or help themselves, the intent is only to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, whereas in commerce and allow a lake shall goodness to people, just like a last Panda and I showed goodness to you. So a person helps other individuals to come closer to Allah, person helps their own self to come closer to Allah, till event you find that this methodology of closeness to Allah Subhana Allah eventually leads the individual to become one of the friends of Allah, one of the allies of Allah, and as you find his manhood inside the Quran, and inside, the sooner that person follows a certain path, the person comes close

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to Allah Subhana Allah will eventually find that Allah Subhana Allah begins to show or declare war upon those individuals who show animosity to the friends of Allah Subhana Allah. And as we know that his Bula Allah in His ballet humulene muffler on the allies, the friends of Allah, Panda Allah, the group of Allah Subhana, Allah will always be successful, when his boo shape on Allah in His bus shaytani, whom will cross the road as sort of the allies of shape on therefore ever going to be in a state of loss in a state of loss inside this dunya and more so inside the euro and us in this prophetic had either Pudsey that we find manera Delhi Valley and then to Bill herb, whoever declares

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or shows animosity to one of my servants, to a servant I've selected for Adam to Bill how to be have declared war upon that individual. And you find that such callamard are very rarely mentioned inside prophetic traditions were had to feel or earn only a few occasions that you find that the word warfare is declared by Allah Subhana Allah, when essence you find only one clear verse inside the Quran, declaring war upon those individuals, or certain type of individuals. You are larina Amano taco bar was aroma documentary or you fail Allah Subhana Allah, then stay away from whatever remains of a river, any form of usury transactions, dissolve yourselves, take yourself away from the dealing

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of interest. And as early may have declared that amongst about the shift key belay, Subhana Allah and move be caught, stubborn will be caught. It's terrible, and movie called sub l mobicred. Stay away from the seven deadly sins. A ship could be lei Subhana Allah and then you find a river inside there, the seven deadly sins, the eating divorcing of usury across a river that taking a river for elective if you don't begin to stay away from it, then know that Allah Subhana Allah has declared war and he's missing a declared war upon such an individual. This is a severe warning inside the Quran. There is no place inside the Quran where Allah mentioned that a person touchable Harmer

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drinks alcohol alters need or commit Zina or steals or lies or cheats. They certainly are poor but mentioned inside the Quran. Certain punishments are mentioned for those individuals, except for our river of glory by that we find they take your gray bar that Allah and Adam mentioned very limped up, then we'll be happy may not lie. What are so Lee, if you don't give up our rubber, they know that Allah and His Messenger have declared war against that individual. Many times we talk about this Muslim or maybe at war with the people around us at the moment, but we should stop and think that when you become at war with Allah when I was declared war upon this Muslim oma because some of us we

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think that we are new shabu lamer that we had chosen children of Allah are the chosen servants of Allah. And as even the Quran talks about this methodology inside the Quran. When inside sootel Merida Hello kita people of the book called Abner on a bell were the children of God were their beloved ones of Allah, Allah, Allah you're a double compared to become, but unto mushroomy man holla then why does a love punish you and torture you?

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Because of the sins that you commit, and as mF aluminum have mentioned, and the idea here I'm, I'm really Jamie ness for all of mankind, any individual who begins to go against the teaching of Allah Subhana Allah will be exposed to the punishment for law. The only difference is that this Muslim Ummah will not be destroyed in totality, will not be totally destroyed because of this application, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, as for punishment coming with this Muslim Ummah, they don't think that it will not fall upon this Muslim Ummah, this Muslim Ummah will suffer many times, will go through many hardships to awaken this Muslim Ummah, our own unknown euronanomed afternoon equally

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I'm in Merton O'Meara de familia to poonawalla homea de Peru, then you see there is Muslim almost tested once or twice in a year, that you may begin to repent, to begin to reflect and you begin to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and that if I do feel better he will be Makassar but a DNS llyod combat Allah de Amelia Allah whom your Jeroen inside Soto room Allah and I mentioned maharal pasado filbur evil Bakker, corruption appears upon the land and the ocean be made possible a DNS because what we send forth with our own hands, what we do with our own hands, then you may begin to taste the fruits of your own actions. And then you begin to do what returned back to Allah Subhana Allah

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does he find me? Rasul? Allah murase an omarion, head of sins of this Muslim Ummah, is a clear river is a taking of Riba clearly inside the Quran, Muslims day in and day out even female Asia tonight, the daily living that we find in a Muslim army of family members, that the taking of usury taking over mortgage taking over law loan for heritage phenolic there is no harm in doing that. But they fail to understand lacunae Sakina hola Tama, Nina de aqui, Reba. Reba, there's going to be no peace, no tranquility, no, nothing good of that individual inside this dunya and as you find the Quran continues that a person who takes Riba is the one is like the one who's been touched by a shape on

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what has to Allah. Allah mentioned, if when people are dealing Saudi Arabia, they're running from here today, Phil Hey, Iran don't know what they're doing inside their lives continues to show up in the touching of the shape on what Phil earlimart described as well the people of labor that you find will be like that want to be in touch with a share of pain had to kill me. I bet. I've seen that a lot kind of declared war upon those individuals will be said to a person who takes Reba who the seller heck want to hurry Bala. Take your weapons and go and fight a lot. Go and fight Allah. Well, I had the illness I have a genuine person, a mad individual thinks that they're going to fight

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against Allah. That's what we've declared upon ourselves upon this dunya that is no rest inside our lives. No rest. It is Muslim oma, that we begin to belittle. despise the sin just because everybody on the earth does it. Which because life revolves around Riba that is prophesized by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, after who who borrowed Riba that the dust of rubber will enter to every single all of the wealth, the currency that we carry, the banking system around all the elements of robot touch all of us individually, for takubo must apothem fail as much as you can to stay away from it. And other locations are a lot under mentioned about herb about declaring war upon such individuals.

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It damages our old lady, Harry boonah, Laura Sula, who we found out of the facade, once again, such subtle Merida, that gesture, the reward of those individuals who fight against a law, who fight against the messenger will only fill out the facade, and they spill corruption upon the land. For those individuals that need to be crucified, they're supposed to be their hands, opposite hands of their of their arms, and their legs are to be amputated these individuals placed upon crucified or disposed to be expelled from the land. That's the punishment those individuals upon this dunya those who fight against Allah and fight against His Messenger, it's a losing battle. For a person who

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tries to think that they can fight against Allah, that they can say things about Allah, they can say things about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and think that nothing would happen to these individuals. Allah Subhana Allah protects his Deen protects his messenger will soon not Allah, Allah is the son of Allah upon this dunya that no individual who speaks out against the deen of Allah, who speaks up against his messenger who tries to harm Islam will walk away scout free upon this dunya Allah dunya

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that you find for me, I'm not trying to speak to that, but I will inside surah Hawker that on that day you find this individual that is in the unknown, you are doing

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Ashiya while you're matakohe Musa to lF Your Honor, I said the other day find that out and he's you know, then his troops that you find us to do nurse and allowed the most wretched individual upon this earth. From amongst these four are any

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Are these three rounds that we find no one can compete with your own. No masala had called under a book called Allah and the almighty Lord. You should slay the people around him crucify and harm the people around him. But what there's a lot under describe about your own. If your own will be entered into jahannam into the fire animal described another your Khun Phil Phil khobar inside the grave is the first time that he's going to face the punishment and an alma takamasa to airlifted out under a shutdown either. Under their judgment, he's gonna be exposed to even more severe punishment, which is a jahannam lj for unfair our Judo and like was better who whoever follows the path of teardown

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and the works of such individuals will be exposed to the fire inside the grave and inside the IRA. And that's the point that we don't deny the concept of Allah tala about the friends of Allah, Allah talks that he has certain friends or certain individuals that he selects. But he mentioned certain characteristics of these individuals, and managed to become the friend of a bar in such sort of universe that we find Allah in Olia lightner, California, La Jolla, whom yes or no, and Medina Manuel can we get the code siefert Leo Leo liceu panatela. This is the manager the Quran talks about how to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah in Olia Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he has no

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friends of Allah never fear, never a state of grief, never a state of loss. The friends of Allah Subhana Allah and levena armano Alicia and Emma know whom a Sorry, sorry, well they have an email Now usually called a builder, the amount of these individual connection with Allah, Allah kita to Salim of these individuals. That's how laquanda describes individuals and levena Manu, what can we get takuan and they say Allah Subhana Allah pious individuals that they are. Well I mean Mariani of taqwa, Allah Subhana Allah to stick to the hell out and to avoid the Haram normal Boucher, full hearted dunya Allah disguise for them we be glad tidings inside this dunya unlike what's inside the

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era, these are the friends of Allah subhanaw taala that you've heard me talk about this verse for kulu min aku min Taku for Who will you Lila he supernode Allah and the single movement cannot Tolkien phase Allah Subhana Allah by default becomes a friend of a bar, like una libs. nim slots are weird because special clothing, special turban special and special words especially an ear special dress application, or a token, a token popular chandelier dish to add you to Roku how popular all these episodes are all false. There is nothing that exists inside the shery of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah lays out the qualification to follow the way of the prophet Elijah can goodness the most

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pious of people

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of color who are particular suit Rasul Allah salatu salam, no saint, no shame. Nobody can ever bypass the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, there is no one who can come and say and Nikita rica filled with either of his decorada in this liquor or this remember that we find proximity to Allah Subhana Allah credit allocated Liana Baker and Alicia Nina de la salatu salam, the best Vicar is upon his tongue. The best prayer is upon his practice. The best life is his life locker Kiana configure Sula, he also has Santa Monica Juma Yeoman was the Corolla kathira inside sutra Sarasota deserve the best example the best model for you to follow inside your life is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So a

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person comes and says that this is the best way to come close to Allah or the best methodology the best way, then it is going against the way of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, as Imam Malik said, Guru Makana Dean, he walked in nubby everything that was religion at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam should be religion today. It should be well attempted to call it a bit rude, a taboo, follow that which you've been told to do, what I attempted to do, you know, innovate that you find the end will be it up a bit. I'd like to spread innovations and try to divert people away from funder from student at the center nurse to comedy bonus in affinity people soon I tell you to come

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closer to sadhana. That's what people should not do. They tell you stay away from innovations. So that's the best part becomes people of sadhana who encourage you to live your life The sooner if people say that follow this, this path, follow this practice. Possibly it could be something good to do inside your life. Pella Harsha don't fall into that trap, because the safest path is the path of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he left every single thing that he told us to do inside alive, how to come close to him some of the law a solemn and as you find this hadith he talks about manhood ambia the way of the message how to come close to Allah

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Allah, what actions that we need to do to become the friends of Allah Subhana Allah in South Dakota and before that we find a lonely you Latina, Manu, Euclid umina boo Murthy, Eleanor. Well, Edina. cafaro Alia Mata who you know me no guru Murthy. Illa. Nor Allah Subhana Allah Hey, in the beginning of his third Judo sutra Baccarat that we find Allah Subhana Allah is the world he is the friend of the believing individuals, Ukrainian woman, Abu Murthy, in a note, Allah takes him out of the realms of darkness to the light. And as for those who disbelieve, then you find that their friends and their allies, they take them out of the light into the darkness, will show you one thing, none of

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this stuff on the same page, you find three or

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three signs of miracles of Allah subhanaw taala about his friends.

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How will it Rasul Allah Jesus ambia the essence of miracles, it lies with the messengers, all of the messages were given certain miracles were given to them. But one miracle remains for time, work as well.

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As more Giza abadia Hector roofie, I will earn the miracle that remains with time is Docker. And so when people say that I want to see a a Muslim to a strange action, do something miraculous, do something special? Why do you need to see something special inside your life? You have the Quran, the Quran is the everlasting miracle given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in front of her hand. And as to the Quran, it narrates overland. It's to Abraham la Salaam to Cuba. Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, the miracle that was given to him Mirza and Colombia in his ability to speak to the people lm Torah in Allah the Hajj Abraham of Europe B and

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is called Abraham rubeola. Do you meet color to meet? Have you not seen the one who disputed with Abraham Alisha pretty much mentioned as a medic, the mood is king of Morocco dimension. Only two kings that a rule to non Muslim things rule over all of this earth, about NASA when the moon would rule over all of this earth. Have you not seen the one who disputed with Ibrahim alayhis salam when he said I'm the one that gives life and death? Abraham said no my lord is the one that gives life and death called Abraham over in the mighty Bishop similar Mashallah Fatima Hamadan, McRib Babu Italia de Carvalho, a coma body mean, Ibrahim, Giza Allah Listen, he does even more miracles don't

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have to be something you visualize, is for Asa, his foresight, his speech his wisdom is the ability to say the right words at the right time. So Abraham left him dumbfounded. If you're able you cannot claim to be a deity, then change alternation of the Sun within a straight after a lot of dimension. Another miracle about an individual and about his humor about his donkey called I know you had the low bar demo to her. When he goes past a barren, barren land and downtrodden ghost city. He makes this statement. How can I learn how to give life to this dead barren land is empty land for Amato Mia to me, Summa Baca kala,

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kala lamesa Yeoman. Oh Baba Yaga last panda caused him to die and then resurrected him and asked him how long did you die for said maybe day or maybe part of a day Bella Vista Mia gentlemen, but rather we took you away for 100 years. So I'm going to make a look at your food looking a drink looking at donkey and a look how we now then a lot of times are not mentioned in one book either America well in a attentiveness that look at your donkey how it becomes a sign how Allah Mandela bought that donkey together to become dust decomposed, put it back together in front of this individual to show him this is how Allah give life and death and then straight after that, what is called Abraham would

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it be a rainy day for two years Mota Kala Kala Bella

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Ibrahim La Silla Abraham's acid Lord Allah to Allah areni kafer to heal Mota Show me how you give life to the dead. God took me Allah, Allah Allah can be done you believe about him and a salon, but even had an MBA, they wanted to see certain things to start with the man, Alabama, but I want my heart to be at peace for about a minute. Then take four birds or eliminate FRC they mentioned he took four but he trained them he gave them names. He took care of them, then I'm not trying to say that then now sacrifice them well and then mix up their flesh, their feathers, their beaks, their bodies and place it at four different peaks of a mountain. Then call each one of them and see how

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each of them they come together. We're anila Aziz and Hakeem and know that Allah is the almighty dollar wise handling the Shara

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rocky Quran focus on the Quran is build up to Ramadan, more Jesus

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Liana Quran bousema in Santo

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Quran been divided in various stages inside the Quran, have encouraged you to individually come close to lust and the other. Alessandra also mentioned well lonely you mean? Unlike the friend of the believing individual? We I think Oprah will know what do you mean? Allah is the friend of the pious individuals, Allah in Olia who lol moutoku. Indeed they only have allow only the pious individuals. There is no other way that a person can do certain other actions that you become the friend of a bar. Only the pious individuals who seek to the Hillel avoid the harem become the friends of Allah and as you find in the lead the Nakamura buena bar for Mr.

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Miller Allah Allah doesn't know what

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to do I don't know

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what will surely help those in the in the lady Nakamura una lafuma como se Allah is Allah did remain steadfast upon that tetanus la mala, aka angels descend upon them and let the half wanna know why Vishnu billion Atilla t quantum to I don't have glad tidings of Paradise has been given to you. And that's the point earlier if Allah will exist. We don't reject Allah tala. We don't reject the Friends of a bar. There are numerous friends of Allah that existed Rasul Allah salatu salam could be a smooth ovation corny, we in such a Muslim that we find an individual come afterwards by the name always corny that his daughter will be responded that has already caught up search for this

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individual till eventually he met him because the profit is and profits are this individual he makes his do is responded and as even you read Peter forgot I also had the book of talking about some of the companions, you find out when they made the other two hours responded and collected books on Oh snow Buddha torico man had two

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ways of making the cut cutter move completed about those individual who knows that when they made their door I was responded, this is all signs from Allah Subhana Allah, there are so little righteous individual, that person should fear the fear the application of a person who's close to Allah Subhana dalaman add the value added to belhar be whoever shows animosity most animals to a server of mine, then our declare war upon that individual and thus we find that the answer is quite simple. That if a person wants to be close to Allah, Allah who

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is oneness of Allah Subhana Allah that's how simple it is. As we make Quran who Sima Illa Allah the Quran is divided

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into three general portions and motto heed our passes are stories of the past. Oh and can any verse in the Quran for at least three general patterns, but as a side point you find all of these extra two

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subdivisions will actually fall into tauheed because matara, I had the answer between Oh Allah Hickey or will occur in Illinois Savannah data. What about Wi Fi kuliah every single ayah points to the oneness of Allah. Every single point put one as a lead person delves into that verse will see that if I utter heat, you call Rebekah lava worship and all of his format takes you away from Allah. That's what I'm not trying to describe. It's I sort of

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talk about shake. Woman you shake belief, okay. Anima hora, Mina summer, Fatah forte otavi. Bihari FEMA can insane. I'm not going to mention that SoTL Hajj, whoever commits should be the last and Allah it's as if falling from the heavens or a bird snatches him or takes him away to a faraway place. From that one manner. You had the Al What's the meaning of this? Ayah Mr. jovia he mentioned about this I and the ship Kala Yukari buka

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sure never brings you close to LA surf takes you away from a lot takes you away. A you know him in a ship. Nausea tonight aboard. People come to the great unknown solely hold their pious individual, their righteous individual alberca Allah kabuli him blessings upon their grave Netherworld, aka booty we ask that great we do this at the gate, the ship builder, ship builder, all of its associated partners with the law, unless the panel does not accept anybody tainted with ship passes, you'll find it trivial. Just turn a blind eye or not Muslim in at the moment most of the Muslims on the face of Earth coming up with a law with the excuse that these are pious and righteous

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individuals. We come to the shrines we come to the shrouds we come and we we deliver ourselves

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as a blessing area. But most of them they fall into shake because most of them will ask the dead individual. And then what if I had a new ship? Welcome back not equally. Amati Rasulullah Bhutto, Baja watch Tony baton Lima urusan Why did Allah send the messengers Abba

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Just to talk about Allah, welcome back the equal numero sulan. Any Buddha law, for one purpose, to worship only Allah. That's why Allah said the man had coolican or was somewhat heavens and fo created for a reason to serve Allah to recognize the oneness of Allah. So it doesn't want to be hierarchical, inside suta nallah. Look at this, this sutra is achieved, he could say tauheed by the toe heat in such a tunnel in the 16th Chapter The Quran, have you seen a person take a partner's besides Allah, a person who has two masters who control them, a person will fall into a run into a state of loss, one masters has ordered them to good, another master orders them with even another

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Master says do this. And our Master says do that most of us are going to do inside their life. Even if doing that we find that if a person serves, you take care of a person, you look after them, you nourish them, you feed them, you give them a home, you give them clothing, from their hair, their shocks, then this person turns around and says mathematically shaped and you've never done anything for me inside your life. How will a human being feel that you nurtured your son, your daughter, your family members, a friend you took care of them and then they have the audacity to say that there was nothing that you've done for me inside your life, while in a must Allah Allah, to Allah belongs the

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greatest example for Abu Salah what he will put matuszak Bella, then you pray to other than Allah, you submit to other nulla you ask other than Allah, and then you think that this is something trivial, that Allah will not do anything to you should could be learned. And

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then voila, Kaka is to associate a part of the law and he's the one that created you and does Allah who ask other than Allah, in your cannot Buddha canister in one verse in Saudi Arabia, Josie, I mentioned this one verse, who are called on Islam, who are called will that's a hero reseller or this one but he cannot Buddha canister a man for him I had an idea for him in Islam. Only you alone we worship and You alone we seek aid and assistance. That's all that Islam is. That's all that the purity. The Orthodox Islam is to ask only Allah Subhana Allah will allow you to lay a 32 billion population now what you say are you trying to tell me to take another welly another protector when

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he is fought? They will submit what he will up. He's the Originator of the heavens and the earth in other places look around for a summer what will uncover leave it? Yeah, well.

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You are the Originator of the heavens and the earth. You are my friend my allies at this dunya that were funny. muslimin will only be soil

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demo. How do you make me die? I'm with the righteous individuals in a state of Islam. While How can you be solid in make me to be amongst the righteous individuals? Well, we'll let Allah Salim, Allah is the one who protects you take care and be with a pious individual and totally unifrac fildena were hamdu antihero Hoffer, in another place in the Quran and Tawana Yuna you're a protector, you're our friend. This was a Muslim believes inside the like time and time again, that the Quran is replete with verses or reminding for a person to become the friend of Allah Subhana Allah and then comes the manager coming close to LA when makabayan dBc I have a master to LA The only way you could

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come close to Allah is via the obligatory actions, the fluoride. So when people try to bypass the Sharia,

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for argument's sake, talk about Sharia talk about the love of the Sharia.

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Law of resurgence of Islam, the laws of Islam, the love of this love of that now use alone, they don't pray, they don't carry a firearm. They make it trivial, nobody Shabaab they don't think that the success of this Muslim oma is to do with alpha is to do with the obligatory actions. Leave the supererogatory action for now. Now focus upon alpha right? This is the only way that a person comes close to luck hunter in the beginning, that a person cares that olabisi action I am a bla bla bla, what is the most beloved action to Allah? I have a million dollars under Allah, a Salah to Allah walk to her a Salah on his right time, unless he doesn't mention doing this action or doing that

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action. The most beloved action to Allah is Allah. Allah Bhakti her prayer is right time and I've even if you studied pithier to Salah

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kulu cavani

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Quran all of the 600 odd verses

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of Quran ob talks about it's like a camel or an I will reveal upon this dunya in the Salah. Except for us Allah Subhana Allah the US Ravi Abdi Laila Meena, Massoud haram al Masjid aka Allah to key seven all the way

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from the

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This most from from a Masjid al haram Elon Musk Oxford, comma in a summer into the heavens, and then told the prophet Elijah Amaro he sola and prayer musala salam, we went to meet Allah Subhana Allah in many anillo La Ilaha Illa Ana fabu de la que mi salata v when he met Allah Subhana Allah, Allah septum indeed I am the one and only Allah Subhana Allah Allah worship only me and establish a Salah decree to remember Allah, Amana Salah manga Kp to select Indiana magnet school. See above it fuqaha people always debating about around here about the prayer about a fear to Salah rocky Zhu Li Lu Salah, focus upon the essence of the prayer, see Tolkien in the standing of tm for Rasul Allah

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salatu salam wa Pharaoh he was he said God or fetus yahoodi he defined difference of opinion you find he Scylla to Buhari a person will go to pay to Allah to go to the laboratory onto the pool of nature. carry that out, perform Moodle returned back what Torah rasulillah salam fue Look, I can find him still standing in the first car salatu wa tada Rasul Allah, still standing there and look at our prayer today. Look at a copy of Salah that we find especially to build up a Ramadan that we find we will avato to hastin in a reading of a Salatu tarawih is something which is highly recommended whereby you find here the Eman is the opposite you could come and request to the email

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and say to email the selected Makarova who fifth letter be easy people have worked people have responsibilities mm should listen to them. Why masala to throw away Fela yes ma illa Allah wa meanness para la mina there's a listen to the people in Missouri and you're cool with Puli Salah

00:37:02--> 00:37:27

mm hmm can recite as long as they want as much as they want. Not that you begin to tell the IMA what to do, because this is a one time that you find the person is following the Quran reciting the Quran, emphasis of the Quran and as you find that the Quran is a person begins to have digital Quran this hydro Quran staying away from the Quran just becomes a rapid deliverance of the Quran. Quran is a month shadow

00:37:28--> 00:37:44

Ramadan Hua Shan Shan Shan Ramadan allele on zero Philo Quran who deadliness by unity Min alhuda. Well for Khan Academy for living in an icon for personal studies, the Quran but the cool Lisa, you're

00:37:45--> 00:37:54

on a Jeep, Indiana by the police sir every salaried one just comes a job for young people are half

00:37:55--> 00:38:27

human half is for anarchy Sahaja every after every Salafi Ramadan weed one juice in six days to commit when you complete the Quran. This comes your daily routine to come we have the stamp on your relationship with the Quran. What our culture you can't do that. And his mum for Ramadan promise yourself and nanny Accra Quran kulu olecranon mama our complete reading it from the beginning to the end wakulla Cody had our stuff from Ali welcome only Jimmy a Muslim he never stops we know before Rahim.

00:38:37--> 00:39:19

Alhamdulillah lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a human Temasek episode Mattila Yomi Dean, after the Hadith I mentioned wamalwa Zelo Abuja Takara Bula. But now I will tell him that my seven begins the next stage of action that after completing their first Salah, they go into unknown FL go into the supererogatory actions for either a boon Allah bad word ina. Allah Delia Muna B sadhana t several buddies who claim to have a love of the Sunnah for a Sunni is alone. What should not do they read after Salah is become a common factor. Most of the massage of the month of Ramadan, Ramadan they complain as soon as you complete your

00:39:19--> 00:39:58

prayer at the back of the masjid outside the masjid nipsa, sir to Camila half an hour an hour to cover everything. No no of disturbing everybody inside the masjid. You don't want to read extra soon and Shahnawaz will then quietly leave the mustard. Why you disturbing other individuals, man half without will preserve Paul's record in a day provocative sunon inside the de la Batesville, Jenna How old are they trying to focus upon this? They won't get house inside paradise. They want to follow the 12 sunon inside the day whatever house inside paradise, so no problem that we find had it inside a Muslim

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

arakata in

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

Couple of accomplice today Hi Romita Jr. Wanna see our Malaika to record sooner that we find is better than the dunya whatever it contains. Amina has a technical babble and hanafy aroma.

00:40:14--> 00:40:45

Taste for alcohol Howdy, lemon in the hand of fear take this hadith and so even though a man is praying Sonata Omaha Colorado is not the most accurate statement but understand the entrance even a mom is praying selected father to kabil rock attain complete to Raka and assess how the Hadees is better than your whatever it contains. While referred as America has never left it we're in Cana safira Omar even even when he's sick when he's traveling, he paid his two sadhana. He paid these two sadhana

00:40:46--> 00:40:58

Masha Babylon, we had de Sala Masjid Nisha babina. Salah inside the masjid for many of our youth at the moment, something difficult to come to select to

00:40:59--> 00:41:00


00:41:01--> 00:41:05

the excuses after excuses that we find adequate amen

00:41:06--> 00:41:09

amen no only nanofab hypocrisy at

00:41:10--> 00:41:13

the masjid walk too soon for the nifa

00:41:14--> 00:41:39

this is hypocrisy you don't find yourself there struggling you don't find the being there and not question yourself then you know inside your heart No one minute an element of hypocrisy and as you've been concentrating after for I know I failed on the extra axes that we find head to head but who and he's mentioned it Allah loves that individual loves the individual Ramadan will be fine once again debating once again and again that we find a similar to Tara we have

00:41:42--> 00:41:55

a 20 Lemma up thermen alfi Sunnah. More than 1000 years I've been debating. oxen alfi Center. What is it? Oh shoot, you should

00:41:56--> 00:42:12

know what color noir tamaya Allah says Hadith Bukhari Hadith. Chateau de la calidad O Salafi Ramadan hurry Ramadan. masala FOCA. Ashoka never prayed more than 11 is what we may follow inside their lives. Why isn't us urato and you salute Dr.

00:42:15--> 00:42:56

punakha Adela, a Sharia that they may want to follow. Don't make this Ramadan to begin to debate spoil your Ramadan every time you come out. Then you find hatred you find a mob begin to write about other individuals. Is that a good feeling in Ramadan, a Muslim writes about another Muslim I know he's a stray, he's ignorant, he's deviant jail, he might have faith in Allah Ramadan in this month of Ramadan, speaking ill of another individual and these are all clear here. These are all existed a person should be tolerant towards them. If you want to pray eight o'clock the a machine pray your eight and quietly leave and when you pray your 20 pray your 20 and complete your Koran compete your

00:42:56--> 00:43:11

Salah don't make it a month of debating one another speaking ill of one another creating friction between ima creating hatred between in the inside the massage it that's not the purpose of Imams and people

00:43:14--> 00:43:33

in the home. olfa will help love and devotion towards one another causton is horrible for people of color and person should show love to people who are on anti Mahathir Karanja. He never memorized the Quran other officially inaccurate. Person reads 20 record half on what can be

00:43:34--> 00:43:55

preserved the Quran recites the Quran. konnyaku Bharara will be amongst the pious or righteous individuals raising their rank inside Jenna, why not? Why Nana? Where am I? Where are you? Where's our relationship of the Quran? Where are we going to be excelling? That you find to be saying to the Sahaba on Accra, or Taki

00:43:56--> 00:43:57

real well what a

00:43:59--> 00:44:40

landowner resign and ascend that you used to resign upon this dunya Calvin ascending way, inside agenda. Wow. Takara yokomen silica Phil Jenna, the final words that you stop on is your place inside Jenna. That's what the Quran should be doing inside our lives. And as you find these action nawala we find out that Hippo in conclusion to Allah loves the individual until Allah becomes the site but with the witch they see the hearing by which they hear their hands by which they touch their legs by which they walk by, meaning they look at only that, which is Helen, they touched that which is only Helen, they work to only that, which is Helen. They stay away from that, which is her arm. And a

00:44:40--> 00:45:00

final point you mentioned this month of Ramadan, a boon Greek name are many of our youth that we find this month of Ramadan, to sit inside the shisha lounges and these bars and they think a serving serving Islam, serving Islam by after completing a posit Ravi, to sit there. And then they think it's only McLuhan. They think it's only

00:45:00--> 00:45:33

shisha and cigarettes Ali moku it HA HA HA, HA Tasha that we find Why have they written at the age over the age of 18? Why is it age limit on there? And suddenly when righteous people don't carry out such actions, don't sit inside such environment, don't waste their time. This is the biggest thing that we find that really map concluded is not some of us Muslims spending doing harm. But um, I've concluded spending time doing halaal things below. Wasting things game and play has partially destroyed this Muslim Ummah as well. Those who gather everybody

00:45:34--> 00:46:12

who is held on to it, there's no harm in it is wasting your time. This Muslim Omar doesn't need that anymore. Doesn't need play and amusement and games, you're sitting You're wasting your time, that's not going to stem from this Muslim oma underhanded that we find while in salani. Now, Tiana will either win or he doesn't know he doesn't know, if you still ask me that I will give it to him. If you seek my protection, and I'll protect the individual. This is the conclusion of the federal law. The End conclusion is when a carrier is inside their life, if they ask a law response to their doctor, they seek protection a law protects that individual. Where are we from this? Do we feel

00:46:12--> 00:46:47

inside hours? If I was to ask a lot today? He answers my code he answers me if I asked him to protect me will protect me. Why? Why do we all feel it inside our lives? Because we all know that we're drifting away. We're drifting away from the obligatory action, drifting away from the supererogatory actions, drifting our lives away till eventually that we find that there's going to be no closest to Allah Subhana Allah and as was mentioned, known as St. drudge. Some people said Why do non Muslims carry on living your life doing whatever they want to do with certain Muslim do whatever they want to do? right amount of concrete, this is allistic leaving them alone, leaving

00:46:47--> 00:47:24

them alone to enjoy this dunya get involved in more in in Mahabharata, leave them alone, till eventually he takes them and there's no share of this dunya for them. And no Shay, inside the ohana for these individuals. Some Muslims should be worried that they won't they their share of the euro. In preparation we are not going to give us all the tofik inability in his build up over means of Ramadan that you find the amount of Shabbat that we find appropriate past excessively we couldn't access it before it's early on I mentioned in the build a prelude to Ramadan that you're prepared and you're equipped when Ramadan enters that is a state of rest and tranquility that you find a tell

00:47:24--> 00:47:59

us those fillory Bell you find Beauty Inside eBay you don't find it harsh you don't find it difficult. You don't find complaint inside you're a birder if I'm hella with a man if I'm sweetness of a man sweetness of a better standing inside the machine and praying a Salawat I'm calling the email now last kind of give us all a blessing Ramadan and take us a good action that we take Is it a blessing Ramadan or give us life to continue doing more actions in the following Ramadan that may come upon our lives in number one Allah equity soluna Allah nebby yeah you will Edina subdue Allah.

00:48:00--> 00:48:43

Allah Allah Allah Mohammed Muhammad Ali Muhammad Yunus alayka libre hemara Libra Hema cambie de magie allama vertica Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Anika hamidou Maggie cabana Tina Fey Tanya Santa waffler Sierra de hacer una joaquina robina columnar fusina lm Tukwila field and our hammer, an akuna nominal how serene cabana Fulani holiner Latina Takapuna v min, Colucci nahi Linda Dena Manu Roberta in Nakuru for Rahim rabona Africa Dino sobre la wasabi dakoda monzo nanoco malcare fury from Canada today Palutena barreda de tener learned a Milan kurama in ntaganda hub of Ghana habla Minnesota Gina was Maria Tina kurata you end

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up in an email from Ghana Taco Bell midnight Nikita Samuel le watauga La Nina cantata Weber Rahim. So Pandora Baker Villa is that the American seafood was more and more Selena will hamdulillah lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu kamiyama como la