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Have you ever been asked the question? Where are the real men? If so, did you answer with confidence and not arrogance? Right here? If I was to ask you, what is the definition of a real man? Would you be able to answer without hesitation? I'm Abdullah Oduro, founder of the master man movement. Our primary goal here at Masterman, is for you to master the man within you. You see, we believe that you males have a man inside of you waiting to be unleashed, in order to be the best upgraded version of yourself by becoming a physically strong, self sufficient, desired man grounded in faith. Have you ever felt that there are people places and things holding you back and distracting you from

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being the best version of yourself being the best man that you could be? Well, we here at Masterman want to help you with that through classes, courses, camps, ranging from things such as talking about cleanliness, to finding and being the best companion. You see, our culture revolves around education, to move on to cultivation, resulting in transformation. To further be the best man that Allah has created you to be. You see, we want you to be at your best. Because when you're better to yourself, you're better to other people, which results in making the world a better place. Join us in the mastermind movement and start your journey and mastering demand within you. cinematic camera.

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Hello to everybody. katzie Thank you