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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says in the from

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the I that I wanted to stop at

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explain what I must have said.

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Call we

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had Mr. Hoffman

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when they are resurrected from the grave, they're gonna say, you know even

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in some translations, they're going to say to us this translation, right. But as I told you, and why were the key gentlemen, it's a valley in Hellfire, which will find itself six cities with a lot from the punishment in that spot in general.

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And somehow when you know,

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when the person knows that they have judgment that they are doomed, and they're going to hellfire. And they know that the promise of Allah, they can see now it's happening.

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Imagine if I tell you that they're going to come out, and they're going to arrest me. But I'm going to be excluded. And I'm just waiting for the execution to happen. And it's going to be in 10 minutes from now. But I know for sure that I've excluded What do you think the feeling that I would have at that time? Would I be waiting in the same field, Mashallah, it's very hopeful, optimistic, or even with up it, okay.

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You can make it easy for them.

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And for all the Muslims all over the world, in Burma, Syria everywhere.

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So Subhanallah

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Imagine if you know that you're going to be excluded. But you know, for sure there is no way out.

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So sometimes people come to this point, they would say, you know what, this dude, now I can't wait. Bring them and let them finish me.

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To be with me, like, wait, this is exactly the same feeling. They know, because they used to deny this. And now they can see this Hellfire that is genuine, or they used to deny is true. So when they know that the punishment that Allah promised is going to happen, they can't wait. You know, when you're when you're excited about something and you say I can't wait. But this is the opposite way. So they will say we can't wait to be punished with the punishment come to us. That's the meaning of

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all that valley in general, we're coming to you in a way so please come to us.

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Because Yeah, in Arabic is needed. You're calling upon someone, and you call upon someone. There is

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reasoning that can think and respond to you. Imagine somebody is calling upon a spot and Johanna, come to me, because I'm coming to you anyway. Yeah, we learned learn batter, man can look at the world. If I switch

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to the right Raise your hand.

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Okay, Monica was

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a nice place where you get some rest and sleep and then you know, that you will wake up is the meaning of work. A lot of work for the people who used to deny this election, they are calling the gray market.

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This is the word they're going to use.

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So how can you deny this? And now admitting they say had them

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up from our market from our sleep. paranoia used to saying he had

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no mood to

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die. And that's it. And this one, as I told you how many times you sit in the newspapers, the newspaper, the newspaper, or in the TV, they say, look at your your iPhone 11.

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We did this many times. as well. It's stuck in the minds of people that when we take somebody to the grave, that's the final

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stage, right? It's not an kabru is a stage the grave is a stage in the eternal journey. The End the destination is in one place of

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either gender,

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or gender inshallah for the Muslims. These are the two options. Okay for him for all those who need to get the slides.

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So they're going to say yeah, wait a minute.

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That's what the man promised, nothing believed

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received by profit,

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starting from the beginning with anomalies, they all confirm it this this slide is this is coming to an end is another life which is eternal is the day of judgment and after that there is gender

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man was not alone, the messengers were telling the truth.

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Allah said

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on the day

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there will be no injustice, no question, but

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para la, when you read many verses in the more or less, as it were in Tacoma, da,

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da da.

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And we discovered the Word of God only science talks about an atom only the 20th century and the Kalam talked about this as a revelation from Allah more than 14 centuries ago.

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I was saying if what you have done is equal to the weight of an atom

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anybody knows?

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Anybody has the courage to come here and decided

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amongst you know, my age, 14 and 14 and now should know

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the hall.

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Yo, homie,

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source hashtag, Leo.

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Do you?

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from a young scholar.

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Should we give him a candy?

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It's so easy to come here uncomfortable and talk.

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Okay, so

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let me decide this. I want you to live the meaning of the

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Have you ever seen an earthquake?

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Raise your hand.

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Have you ever lived in an area where there was an earthquake? I did.

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It's amazing. It's very scary.

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In November 1992.

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I was visiting my in laws. And one was sitting, the earth started shaking.

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And everybody at the beginning was like

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No, it's true. Everything is moving.

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A lot faster. subhanho wa Taala is talking about the biggest earthquake is as

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I said, this is the biggest earthquake.

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The earthquake and it will bring for everything inside it. We're

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look at the word that was using its burdens. We are burdens. Why? Because this causes us to said the more we sin,

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the more the earth gets sick with us or we become heavy and it becomes a burden.

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And then when we are burden the grapes we are again another burden

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So let's say

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the earth will quake, it will bring forth everything inside. What's inside the earth, you and me after we are burning, and billions of others before us.

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And then when we come out

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what's going on? And we will see what's happening. What Why do we come out of the graves? Yo man.

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On that Day the Earth will talk

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your way then the earth, when that day to hot days,

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it will share the news.

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A lot. What are you talking about? Whatever you do on this earth, it will justify either for you if it's something good against you, if it's something bad.

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Have you noticed when people pray in one area, right? And then once they want to pray another nampula? Will after the fourth? What do they do to remain the same spot? Or they remove? Why? Because I saw my dad doing this all the time to have it. Right? No, listen to this if you want to when you read this again, remember what I'm saying now? Because every spot will you make some truth with this define the data before you move from one spot to another response, another response. And I told you before, I was driving with a friend of mine in Saudi Arabia one time. And somehow all of a sudden he stopped the car in the middle of nowhere in the desert. He did something he didn't even

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talk to me. And then like when I saw him getting off the car, I didn't know what he was doing when he said you know what, if we do something, and then I stepped out of the car, I did something I came back.

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And once he started resumed to drive both of us were trying to remove like the past without the other party noticing what we will do.

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And it's like, what do you do is like, what do you do?

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What do you do?

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Nothing. Okay, nothing. And I said, like, No, you were doing something here with me first. Somehow I just came to the my gift to my mind. This is your wedding.

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So I wanted this spot to testify that I went to the USS Apollo is the daughter of a god. I didn't know what you wanted to do. But I said why don't I do this to

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some color. We did the same thing at the same time.

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You know, they call this an English telepathy, or people think about something at the same time.

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Careful, wherever you are.

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And you do something and you think it's dark. You think it's light. You think there is no way around that spot on earth will talk with a gentleman and see exactly what happened.

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Remember the I was given the amazing

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the earth is doomed. Right?

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So lots of

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people will be rushing in groups.

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Why? And that's the verb that was difficult for him to say, because the verb supine a lot is in the passive. It's not the I don't know liong

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they will be presented with the deeds. I was gonna say, look, Allah will make you look. So it's not voluntary look, not allow will make you look will make you see what you have done in the record

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of us of the euro, man. Look, sometimes we'll do something that's very tiny. I never think about it. In the Day of Judgment, some kind of law, a man will come and his scale the two sides or even

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but somehow law on the Day of Judgment, one of them has to outweigh the other unless it is sort of the Guardian, right? For a moment. As you know, if the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds to hope you're

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gonna be in a pleasant life and have fun now as you know, but if the benefits outweigh the good deeds for Oh yeah. meaning is that because this is the heaviest part in your body, who is going to go into a bar, would you sit down

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here now county health bar.

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So the man is going to be stuck is waiting because he has to make it to gender

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Kindle Fire, and the props that I'm standing there in the past that I was gonna put his hands in his pocket and get something very tiny, and he will throw it on the side of the good things. It will outweigh the bad deeds. What is that they're gonna say profitable was this. He will say how this allowed

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us to say simple love Allah Mohammed salatu salam ala, so it benefited him at that point.

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Don't ever get

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a morning use.

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So Allah Subhana, Allah says, you see something when they are walking in the street, and you see something that that that's blocking the way of the people to stop and removed, that could be a decisive hustler that will take you to jail.

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Sometimes we walk into, like, you know, who cares?

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Right? And so many people here in the masjid when they go out,

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is you go out, and you find

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somebody ate a banana? I don't mean anything wrong.

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How can you know that somebody had a banana? When you see?

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Right? So and you know, if somebody steps over that, what's gonna happen to them? You're gonna slip, right. So if you take it and put it in the garbage, okay, saving people from something that might happen to them. So Paula, this could be the one that will take you to them.

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And don't ever look down upon something good that you will do. Even he gave us an example. He says, well,

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even if you receive your brother with a smiling face. Okay.

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Can you can you give me this now?

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I'm saying the brothers because sometimes the brothers they, they apply this Hadith, but only with the sisters. You know.

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One time I was *ting on the mother came to me. He said, I want you to clarify this because the brothers are not applying that is the proper way. So what is it?

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Like, you know, when you serve the Hadees when the

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man came to inform us, I said the law, but you can feel from walking in the street. But I look and all of a sudden I find a woman is sort of bustling. And olek was 30 Ali, when this happens, you know, turn your face away. Because the first look is for you. Second one is against you. So you know the brothers did.

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And then when the system comes to do like this

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next system

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What are you doing?

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The first time when you look is is not Hello?

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I said no.

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Go back. Rewind. Okay, the Sahaba from an assassin.

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What was the question? If I suddenly look and I found, you know, a woman? What did he say? He said

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turn your face away? Right? That's the first one. The one that was sudden not the predetermined one. From the beginning of the street to the end of it.

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Okay. Because others are very smart and applying.

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Okay, so allows

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who ever does anything good even if the weight of an atom? Can anybody see an atom with his own eyes?

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Or do we need a microscope? But alas, Panda knows the minute details of what you do in your life.

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A good word is challenging. A lot. Give us an example of a parable in Surat

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Ibrahim, he said

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you can imagine

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it well follow up is

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a good word. He gave us the largest it's like a tree that does Deep Field.

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And so deep roots was

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flourishing so much that the branches are like you know very high

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their fruits. They're all the time meaning when you say a good word to someone is exactly how it leaves.

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In the heart, it's always there. Every time they think of you remember the good words, but some people choose the other one

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was a local emergency Elisa

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in Manhattan.

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And a bad word subparallel is like, you know, a bad tree

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that's worthless. It's uprooted. Oh my god in some way. Even if it was like the weight of an atom of evil. You will see them