Rajab and the Prophet’s Duaa

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A beautiful thing about El Wahab. But Allah azza wa jal gives these gifts and does not require anything in return. Unlike humans, when you think about, again, the last gift you were given, depending on who gave it and how and so on, I was just visiting family or I just came from a trip in which I was visiting family and carried gifts with me, because that's what you do. When people are distant and far from you, you want to write, Kindle that bonds of family with gifts, right? imagine many of you carry gifts when you visit your family or you are expected to care potentially.

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But anyhow, there is a sense of reciprocity you gave me so therefore I must give you right, or you remembered me, I should remember you or shame on me that I didn't remember you or so on this. However, none of this exists with the laws. So which one he gives and does not request or require that you give him anything in return. In fact, there is nothing we can actually give a law so again, even our own obedience to Allah is for us and not for him.