Nouman Ali Khan – The Definition Of A True Friend

Nouman Ali Khan
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is a Sunday.

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Oh boy. So the Sunday comes from SIDS anybody know what that means? Call it out.

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Truth, truthfulness, truthfulness, etc.

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And so he was actually a genuine friend. What that means is you're friends with someone for no reason. No reason except a genuine intention. In other words, you're not friends with them, because being friends with them will make you feel more popular at school, you're not friends with them. Because you know, when you're friends with them, then others will think more highly of you. Or they're really rich, and you'd like to get a ride home in their car, or you're not friends with them for an agenda, you're not friends with them, because you want to get a job. You know, you're not friends with them, because they're really smart at school. And you could use the help for homework.

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You know, not for any of those reasons, when the when your friendship has no strings attached, it's true. And genuine, you are friends with them for who they are.

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Not the things they owe, not the status, they have not the artificial and superficial stuff. But it's a genuine friendship, despite all of those things. That is not actually true, genuine friendship, no matter what. And you know what, whether you have a job or not, when you're doing good good in school or not, whether you're having a good day or a bad day, Sadiq is acidic, they're going to be there for you, they're going to be there for you. And that's one of the hardest things to have in life, by the way is that

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you can have people that you play sports with, it's easy. You guys can have friends that you play PlayStation with or whatever, it's easy, it's not hard. You can have friends, you know, you guys have some pretty intense sports, during your break in school under the hot sun. And you got you guys you know, the guys playing like volleyball and cricket and all that stuff in the in the heat. So you can make friends like that it's easy. If you go have friends and go watch a movie together or whatever you do, you know, hang out in the mall. You know, that's easy, but having a genuine friend that is there for you whether you own a car or not. Whether you have the money to pay for the food

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or not, you know, even a friend that when you are doing well in your Diem, they're your friend. And when you start making mistakes there, you're still there, they're still there for you. Man, that's that's a real friend. They don't give up on you because you're not righteous anymore. And that's the kind of friend you have to be I'm not talking about the friends you shouldn't be looking for Remember that? I want? Um, this is a conversation about what kind of friendship IV and what kind of friends should you be, you know, I have to go out of my way, my high school friends, they're not like me, they're in a different world. You know, we went different ways. And a lot of my high school

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friends are non Muslims, but I try to stay in touch with them as best I can. Because they're my friends. And then we'll come to that later. If you have friends that are non Muslims, we'll get to that part. Is that even possible? Yes, it is possible? Yes, it is fine. The fact that we have to understand them properly. We unnecessarily make our make the the worldview of Islam overly aggressive, overly angry and diffuse our own frustrations into it. And it just hurts our vision of the deal. It really does. So that's true of non Muslims. We'll get to that in more detail a little later. But your Muslim friends that have fallen off that you don't see the machine anymore, guys,

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you come in, they don't see them anymore. Call them don't say well, you know, he's got different friends. Now. He does all kinds of bad things. I should forget it. I don't want to talk to him. Last time I talked to him. He said all this kinds of stuff. No, no, let it go. Don't give up on your friends. And one of the greatest things about friendship

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is you know, it's an Arabic wisdom actually. So people come in Santa Clara and Santa right. Your friend is someone who's true to you, who's honest with you, not just someone who befriends you, not just someone who's friendly with you. In other words, when you're falling off, they're true to you and say, Listen, I care about you. I don't want you to do this. I want to help you. And whatever it takes, you are honest with your friends. And sometimes you have friends around you that are all fake. They're all fake. And you do the wrong thing. And they encourage you. And they're afraid to say something because if they say something to you, or you say something to them, the friendship

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might come to an end. So I don't want to say anything because they get really upset. You know, my friends got really angry. You know? Why I can't say anything? That's your friend, man. Look what he's doing. He talks to his mother. You should say something No, bro. You don't know, man. As I talked to his mother, you know, he gets he gets really angry. He makes the Hulk look calm. You know? I can't I can't talk to him. No, don't do that. On the one hand, don't be judgmental to your friends. And on the other hand, don't be deceiving the just friendly no matter why you can be friendly and honest at the same time with your friends. And that's a condition of friendship. And

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this is one of the things that people on Judgement Day that are on the wrong side of Judgement Day. They are heading towards hellfire. They're heading towards a less judgment and justice May Allah not make us from them. Unless there's about them in the

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moon. Nobody misguiding us except the criminals. So they're saying that it's not our fault. We're going to *. It's not our fault. We're in trouble.

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on Judgement Day, it's criminals that misled us that people misled us. Now, who are these people from under lemon shuffling, we got nobody to make a case for us. Now, a shark fin is someone who likes you. And when you're getting in trouble, they stand in the way and say, No, no, no, no, no, He's good. He's okay. Like, imagine you're in trouble with the principal. And the teacher comes in and says,

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he's a good student, I'll take care of it. He comes in the way that she thought. They say, today, nobody's coming to Microsoft. Nobody's got our back today. And then they say what else have eaten her mean? Sunday is the only time this word is used directly like that, and abroad.

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They say today, we have no true friends that are that are close to us, that are showing us off. No loving true friends. So kind of like, you know, what I was saying is the converse is also true. The people on the wrong side of Judgement Day will complain, we have no true friends today. And the people on the right side of Judgement Day will actually be on the opposite end. And they will have the shuffling

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around he was in the middle of all of this for them. And they will have genuine friends. They'll have friends that were true to them here. And and that's the other thing about this. Why do you lose friends, you lose friends, sometimes because you're honest. You're truthful. You just say the right thing. And they don't want to hear that.

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You don't want to they don't want to hear that. And you know what that does. They can distance themselves but that doesn't mean you give up on them. You come back to them and you still remain true. So it's friendships can be painful in this world. They can be painful in this world, but you still don't give up on them and then they become eternal friendships in the ohana. They become gatherings of constant and permanent happiness.

SADDIQUE from sidq (Truthful) A true friend, who is your friend for your sake, not to get any kind of benefit from you. The one who never gives up on you when you start making mistakes. Remains in touch with you even if you establish a distance with them because of their honesty. Continuously feel pain for you. Who supports you at every moment (for the good).

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