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Despite being married to the worst human being who ever walked the face of the earth, Asiya (may Allah be pleased with her) still was a woman of perfect iman.

The Pious Wife of a Tyrant (Asiya bint Muzahim) – Women of Paradise – Omar Suleiman

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Quran Weekly This is your brother almost today man continuing with the superstar series and we're focusing on women of gender. And today we're going to speak about a very special woman Allah subhanho wa Taala describes her in the unseen bombala method and Linda Dena Amano merata for their own, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given an example to those who believe of the wife of fit our own. And the reason why I lost them Hanuman to Allah called her the wife of fit our own is to show us that this woman the wife of fear, own Asya victimization while the allow on her may Allah be pleased with her. Despite being married to the absolute worst

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human being who has ever walked the face of the earth. She still was a woman of perfect man as the Prophet slicin him described her and that's why in the previous I lost palletizers Baba la method and Alina cafaro merata, new in one merata loop that allows parents Allah gives an example to those who disbelieve of the wives of Noah, and loot, that these women despite being married to prophets, who obviously had perfect Eman still managed to disbelieve and so Allah Subhana hoods Allah was showing us that he man is an individual struggle, and it's attained by the individual, and your associations and your affiliations and your families will not be able to save you on the Day of

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Judgment. But you know, nevertheless, we're talking about Asya. It his salon will only allow on her it is absolutely phenomenal, extraordinary, who this woman managed to become, despite being married to fit down. And when we look at her biography, we don't find much about her. Even when we look at biblical sources, we don't find much about her, we find that her life is very similar initially to the wife of a king or Prince, the Tutsi in the Middle East today, a very secret of life, not much is known about her. You don't know where she came from, you don't know much about her family. And even till today, you don't know, you know, usually you don't even know the names of the wives of the

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kings. And so in this situation with Asya, the only thing that we know about her is that she was a very beautiful woman, obviously, that came from a very rich family. Okay, so her father was obviously an important man as well. And she was in an arranged marriage with for their own as was their tradition. And at the same time, she was only known for her generosity, okay, so when we look at that, obviously, we see the the opposite of generosity, we see Asya alayhis salaam was a very generous woman. And this woman, you know, her story starts, at least from an Islamic perspective, or when things get interesting is when one day, she's at the Nile River, with her mates. And as she's

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sitting there with, with her mates at the Nile, she sees this small crate come and she sees and you know, her mates think when they see this box, that it must be some form of treasure that's inside of it. Instead, when they open this box, they find a baby and that baby was mostly at his salon, a loss of hundreds and look at the priests the precision of a loss of hundreds as Divine Decree. Not only that a loss of hundreds I tell most of it, sometimes mother to place him in the Nile. And don't worry, he'll be taken care of he will be safe and let your heart be at ease. But Allah Subhana hoods Allah on top of just just taking care of morsani salaam, planted in a way that Asya alayhis salam

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would be outside at that moment, and would see this box, come, come come come by and then take morsani his salon, opened that box and she fell in love with the baby. She was absolutely in love with the baby. And Subhanallah when we say in love, this is something that was from her fifth law from her nature because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that, why junoon maganda an authentic hadith of Sahih Muslim, the prophets why Selim said the souls are like conscripted soldiers, they're like troops, and also lost license, I'm such an animal or why in the realm of souls, those souls that loved one another, and that came close to each other in that realm come

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close to each other in this realm of dunya. They have a natural affinity towards each other in this dunya which is why sometimes you love people for the sake of Allah, even though you barely know them. And those that did not get along, don't get along in this world as well. So when Asya saw musante salaam, she instantly fell in love with him. And this baby that that fell into her hands was even more special because as he already has salon was unable to have children and their intimate say the wisdom of that, obviously, is that Mousavi Islam would be taken in as if he was her child. On top of that, that Allah Subhana Allah would not allow a child to be born to Asya and Fidel, it just

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wouldn't make sense that for their own would have the pleasure of having a child through Asya Okay, so as Jada Islam brings this baby, she

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falls in love with this baby. And she she says to fit around you know, let us keep this baby Cotabato Hein and Lee willock. He will be the coolness of my eyes and the coolness of your eyes, and for their own obviously wants to put more Sally's and I'm through a test because he'd already killed all of the babies that were born to Bani Israel that year. So he wants to put Mossad agent onto a test to make sure that he won't be capable of overthrowing him as he saw in a dream that he would be overthrown by a child that was born to Bani Israel in that year. So he puts him through these tests masani salaam is raised in this palace of Freetown and Asya. And as he dedicates herself to musante

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Sarah, as if she is indeed his mother, she raises him she continues to love him. And Pamela eventually as we know the story goes, she brings in the mother of Mossad Islam not knowing that she is the mother of Messiah Islam to be a wet nurse for musante his Salaam, and so you know, most items mother was reunited with him and on top of that asiahe his Salaam had the pleasure and the honor of raising this child Mossad Islam in her own palace. As time goes on, and Mossad Islam comes out, and Mossad Islam shows that he is a prophet and calls to to hate and for their own is infuriated and fit our own is in this battle now with more siding his salon Asya, immediately believed in the message

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that was given to most is now she immediately believed until hate, and she started to practice the religion of Islam on a personal level, without further down, recognizing that she was amongst the monotheists and she was amongst those that were following the message of Islam. Why? Because of their own, you know, mutilates children and and has women raped the way that he does for believing in a lot than what would he do to his wife? You know, what sense of betrayal would he feel if he saw his own wife accepted that message of more Sally his salon, as time goes on, however, there is an incident that would that would lead to Asya coming out and exposing her Islam. And that was the

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incident that is known as the incident of the hairdresser of the daughter of her own, and the hairdresser of the daughter for their own. You know, one day she was she was doing her hair, and she dropped the comb. And when she dropped the column, she said, Bismillah, In the name of Allah, and for their own daughter, obviously from another wife or from a concubine other than Asya. She said to the hairdresser, she said, Abby, a lot, my father. And the hairdresser responded and said, No, the Lord of your Father and the Lord of me and the Lord of view, Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the daughter goes back to for their own, she says, to fit our own, you know, she narrates this incidence

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of their own, for their own, you know, doesn't think twice, he doesn't have an ounce of an atom's worth of mercy in his heart, for their own orders for a pit to, you know, to be dug and copper to be burned in that pit. So that that woman and all of her children will be thrown into that pit in front of everyone for their own wanted to make an example out of everyone who believed and Subhanallah instead, Allah made an example out of him for all time to even wear, his corpse has been preserved, you know, so that we can see the humiliation that he was put through. But he wanted to make an example out of this woman Sophiatown calls the town Asya obviously, is witnessing this incident,

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this woman has all of her children, she's a poor woman, and for their own says that I'm going to throw each and every single one of your children into this pit. And the woman says, I have a request from the author. And he says, What is that request? She says the request is that whenever you finish burning us, that you gather our bones in one cloth, so how will look how much this mother loves her children, which makes the test even greater and fit around says lucky the luck, you have that request honored. So one by one fit, Allen started to throw her her children into that boiling oil. And they were perishing right in front of her until it came down to just her and the baby that was

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in her arms that she was suckling. And she became hesitant because she didn't want to throw this baby into the fire. And the baby spoke and also lost license. So this is one of the babies that a loss of Hannah went to Holocaust to speak amongst three babies, you can try to figure out who the other two babies were. This baby spoke and said to the mother, go ahead and jump throw me in the in the other the dunia at one woman as I will ask you, because torture and punishment in this world is much lighter than the torture and the punishment of the hereafter. And so she takes this baby, and she jumps with her baby into this pit, and she parishes and somehow a lot when was the last time on

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the night of it slept with Mirage and Sahih Muslim the prophets lights on and as he was going through the heavens, he smelled the beautiful sense. And he said yeah, Jabra did not have to hear what he had to play, but Oh god, what is this beautiful smell that I'm smelling and Djibouti Rodriguez Sallam said, that is the scent of the hairdresser of the daughter of Fidel that is her scent in general. So Pamela the Prophet slicin was smelling her cloth the Prophet

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My son was smelling her beautiful scent and gender, even as the profit slice on him was traveling on the night of an Islamic marriage. It is at that moment, that Asya as she saw the cruelty of their own, and she saw the bravery of that woman. And by the way, history repeats itself. Whenever a tyrant oppresses believers and other believers see that and the tyrant tries to make an example out of those believers. Instead, he increases the amount of those who have a man as a loss of monetize has no power, and that even the believers when they're told in the NASA pajama, that that everyone is gathering against you, they're going to torture you, they're going to do this to you, they're

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going to do that to you at last prints ourselves that to me, man, it increases their faith. So as he sees that, and Asya says, you know, what, if their own is like that, and this woman had the guts to stand up to up to him and that courage, she says, then I'm also going to go up to him and stand up to him. So she walks up to fit around that night as a valaria Rahim Allah says, and she says, Yeah, for their own cafaro tubik wala Valley was meant to be the most or of the heroine of their own I have disbelieved in you, I don't care what you're going to do. And I believe in the Lord of masa and the Lord of our own Buddha, Allah mean the Lord of all of the worlds for their own side, do you know

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what I'm going to do to you? He was shocked. He said, Do you know what I'm going to do to you? She said, I know and I don't care. Subhan Allah that Oh, Bonnie cafaro to Vicar well, that Oh god. I have this believed in you. I have rejected you. And I don't care. This was a woman of perfect amount and she saw a woman of lesser amount stand up to fit out. I don't care. Do what you want. So for their own drags, this woman asked me a bit more zachman asiyah bit Mozarteum grew up her entire life as a queen. She has never encountered any adversity. She's never had any inconvenience. She's never had to lift the finger anything she wants it and like she just tells her mates to do it, and for

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their own, drags her to the desert, ties her down, tortures her to deprive her of water deprives her food deprived her of her dignity, her honor strips her his own wife and the daughters of Fidel from the concubines and from the other wives are laughing at her. No, she has no support. No human being there that loved her supported her because most Isilon was not there her maids are silent because they don't want to be killed. And while that's going on, she looks up to the heavens. And she says Robin Lee and Kirby and Phil agenda. Oh Allah built for me a build for me with you a palace and Jen. Rob did in the near end, the Covington children. You know what's so beautiful is that they're gonna

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say here that before she asked for the palace and gentlemen, she asked for a last company and this shows us something very significant. She didn't ask for another husband she asked for a loss of hands as company her her goal was the alcohol was the hereafter just as the child said to the mother in their adopted dunya at one moment after I'd been doing it that's when I'm gonna double after that the punishment of this world is less than the punishment of the year after she was only thinking ocular said instead of for their own ovilla I want to be with you. In Dec I want to be with you replace the companies that are owned with the company of loss of Hannah Montana, and replace this

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palace that I've sacrificed for your sake with a palace in general. So Allah opened up the skies and she was able to see her palace and Jenna. Therefore when the angels lashed her over when the people lost her over and over again, the angels shaded her, the angels shaded her the same way they saved the people of Sam as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said said come and it gets a lot bassy to actually have to understand the same way the angel shade the people have shown that when they are tortured, their Eman rises, their Eman rises. So as she was being tortured, she looked up she saw what she saw and she was shaded and she laughed. And for their own sets of the guys look how crazy

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this woman is. And she laughed and she laughed and she laughed until for their own got frustrated. And he said you know what, this woman is not coming back to her senses. He said go to the highest Clif tire under there and push off a boulder so that would smash her body to pieces. And so they go up to that cliff and they push this boulder to fall on the body of Asya but a lot did not get for their own pleasure. I'm glad to have him on one side a lot took the soul when she said Ned Jeannie min Fiona many saved me from Fidel and his evil a lot took her soul before the boulder landed on her body. So although to the people of this world, her body was shattered to pieces. Allah subhanaw

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taala had taken her for himself and a loss of Hannah Montana had given her a palace in January as she requested. What an amazing woman and what an amazing example and and what a test of faith and Subhanallah she passed that test with flying colors. We asked Allah subhanaw taala to gather us with her and those who have perfected their faith from the side of painless of the clean and the MBR and the Prophet Mohammed slicer and the highest level agenda for the day was a llama I mean Zack malachite mo salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This audio is

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