Are Muslims to be blamed for the Negative Image of Islam

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Man Dr. Baldwin sauce three

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we are pravasi sanka my Rashtriya detto or Bombay Ma Ba who didn't sit around while boo husband we shall be I'm located on the bar Mala Calcutta. Up contrast yes from Milan Monica Suhag abrupt why Scalia? So we have your personal mascara. Shukria my kids both

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of us must. Canna Cha Tang the Hindu pillow speak and Rene

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Basu, haber Kodambakkam

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Massoud Heba Katoomba comme pura Prithivi Mira, coutume Bay Boulevard

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and SHA Hindu philosophy May God or surburban to Sakina starvation to niraamaya madlab sobre su ke o sub Anandi tre a Saba pierogi roti kamati Rico on under Sarah Hey yah Sunday's hamari Hindu pillow scream Adi Medi Cal se

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appcake gillaspie Maybe up get there are some Sastra maybe is it rocky Sundays Olga? Or is Sunday School upload on a summer summer separate RBI Lake him ik ash JDK shot me or who took dhabas my absco inget CallKit Karna chata who he Yato Apollonia a chronic so he Monico so he thought he can say be sure label may Rachana he a young

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chronic is sunday school yeah the upper K to summit Nirala kitten awesome now do three Mateja he Adi Puri we shouldn't remain digitally British together say Quran or Islam go Joe pallid the coyote data which about a soul said was coming I just say a turbine P term punti thank God or Kahina he took my Kasam do ya aapke pasta clinical t we

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are ya cronitor Say Sunday's alternate

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Are ya?

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Hum isn't desperate but he joy it Navara cron job Hi jet I guess and this pillar, Donald Trump Santika back I'm gonna tell you what are the visual labelmate or whiskey chubby God? Neon. Bella has a very good important question. Yes, said that in Hindu philosophy. We believe that the full world the whole humanity is like a family.

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And everyone should live happily in the family on money live happily enjoy life. Does this question Is it similar in Islam? And he says Surely in Islam, it will be somewhat similar. And then he comes to his question and as that

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this Quran is should reach the full world if they are mistake in the Muslim they fill in the Quran? Or is there a mistake in the people understanding it? That Today we find Muslims are being labeled as terrorists as fundamentalist as extremist. So what is the real problem?

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As far as the first question, I do agree with him that Hinduism does say that the whole world is a family we should live happily on enjoy. Islam says somewhat similar except for the end. Allah says in the Quran in surah, chapter number 14 And verse number 13. Yeah, I You are now so in Nicola canal comienza in Monza Jana who Shubho merkaba Allah Allah Tara foo and necro Muhammad, the lawyer's column in the law, human Cubby, all humankind, we have created you from a single pair of male and female, and are divided you into nations and tribes for that you may recognize each other, not that you may despise each other. But the Quran says that all the humankind has got one common grand,

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grand, grand, grand, grand, grand, grand, grand parents, Adam and Eve. mela repeats with them both. And Allah has divided us into nations and tribes, different colors, different languages, so that you may recognize each other and the criteria for judgment in the sight of Almighty God. It's not well, it's not cast. It's not color. It's not fixed, but it is Taqwa. And God Almighty said, most honored in the same verse of surah chapter 14, verse 13, Allah continues and says, and the most honored amongst you is the person who has Picasa in Hinduism. He said that we have to lead a life happily earn in Islam, we have to lead your life happily, yes. But on the basis of Toccoa the only criterion

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which makes you superior

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Well, it is taqwa it is righteousness. It is God consciousness. It's not money. It's not wealth. It's not sex. It's not cuz we're coming to his question that the Quran is such a good book. Is it that this problem in communication

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regarding the preaching of Quran? Or are we not able to understand? That's the reason whether we are having this talk. Islam the solution humanity. The problem is in media portraying Islam and the Muslim, it's our fault. I do agree with you. We aren't expert in media. We Muslim none to blame.

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As it is the duty of every Muslim to convey the message of Islam to convey the message of the Quran to the whole of humanity. We aren't doing a full job. We are trying. They're trying our level best today. The best way you can reach the masses. Now few the gathering, surely hundreds of 1000s I don't know how many. But yet for us, it is retail 100,000 is retail for me. We believe in millions they've ever showing live on the satellite channel. And the estimated viewership of more than 60 million people watching 60 million 100,000 200,000 is peanuts. I can give shout out to Allah subhanaw taala that we have delivered the message to humankind, and 50 million in at least 1%. Yet

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there is nothing 1% of humankind if you count it to be 6 billion what we want that we Muslim should be more forward in media. There should be more channels, it should spread much more. And I do agree with you. There is a problem in understanding that there isn't, as you mentioned, that we are being labeled as extremist, fundamentalist terrorists, and my talk was based on that. That how should you reply when a person says that you are a fundamentalist? You're a terrorist. You are extremists. So hopefully inshallah we'll get the translation after this lecture. Hopefully, hope that answers the question. Well,