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Episode 20 – Surah ‘Abasa – Nouman Ali Khan

June 24, 2016


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The transcript describes a famous Islam teacher, Mr. Sallday, who interrupts conversations with leaders and tries to convince them to stop interrupting conversations. The speaker uses language and political language to make people feel like they are missing, and a powerful surah encourages people to reach out to their values and share their experiences. lessons from seminars and a donation campaign for running for the running are also mentioned.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I'm so what's going

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Everyone looked at me Listen, you've got only 100 he knows not

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only he was happy

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that one of the most beautiful students of the Quran, you know, granting nobility and honor to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is Abba Sato Allah. So does that at face value seem like you're criticizing the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because it began with him frowning, he frowned and he turned away. But if you put this in its context is a companion by the name of our beloved omac to a blind companion. And of course, blind blind people have a disability, but they also have a sharper ability, there's their sense of hearing and presence is much sharper than ours, because that's the sense they rely on the most. So the Prophet size numbers in in conversation with, you know, a leader

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of the Quran, and Abdullah bin or Mk two shows up and interrupts the conversation a number of times. And the prophets, I saw them really wants to finish this conversation with one of these leaders, it's a rare opportunity and he's gonna give us 11 bucks on this time, he doesn't even tell him to stop or wait or, you know, just hold on, give me a few minutes. The profits I haven't got frustrated that have led not recognizing the fact that there's already a conversation going on. After all, he is blind but not deaf. He hears that a conversation is going on. And it's very keenly aware that a conversation is going on. So interrupting the conversation is wrong. And I've lost part of the

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lowdown on the problem is listening, you know, getting constantly agitated by arbella. There's a bulge that shows up on his forehead, the least amount of bolts that you can show on your forehead that doesn't make its way all the way down to your face is called others. So he does does this basically this is some some bulge on his forehead, and he just turned his face just a little bit away. And then revelation came he frowned. He turned away just because a blind person came in Whoa, some heavy revelation came on Yahoo Dharma maiolica Allahu Akbar. And what could give you any clue? Maybe he wants to cleanse himself purify himself, maybe he has good reason to be there. Why would

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the prophets lie shouldn't be told in such harsh language? By the way, even if he did from even if he didn't turn his face a little bit? How could he possibly have offended Abdullah? Abdullah can't see. He can't see. It's not like the Prophet rebuke him with words, the prophets. I said, I'm even in the shoulder mercy. So then why is he being criticised in this way and being told in this way? That is because we're learning that the Prophet organizzato salaam has a very, very high standard to meet, even from a long distance of a companion season frowning, and turning his face and gets the impression that the people that have money that have wealth, or more valuable and blind people or

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people that just you know, they're nobodies in society, they have less value, it will destroy this entire campaign of Islam. Islam is about giving every human being value regardless of their political, social economic status. You cannot even afford to give the impression that these people are less important. As a matter of fact, to you believers are infinitely more valuable than the most powerful men in Quraysh. Don't ever give that impression. That's what the prophets being told. So a lot more on them. And that's why the rest of the IOD actually go on to criticize the guy he was actually talking to.

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Like, they're actually a diss to the guy that he was actually speaking to, you know, a minister to Santa Monica.

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And the one that you're dealing with, he feels like he doesn't need you. He's acting like you've given he's given you importance by you talking to him. He's got he's a VIP, maybe I'll give you a minute or two. You're the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam you're not desperate to talk to anybody. They should be coming begging to you. You know, we're not like we're not like cheap car salesmen who desperately run after the guy with the money and say, Come on, conquer this take limit. Listen to me a little bit. There's no desperation here. This message is too high in its integrity. And that's why the profits are sort of immediately subjects which is in the solar and allows origin

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says can in the heart of Kira, no, no, no, this is a powerful reminder. And where's this reminder coming from? From unshackle a few. So coffee mocha mocha Rama morpho atom Mata hora. Be at Sephora ki Rahman. Bharara this message has come down from the highest of heavens that was in the possession of angels. And you are sharing this priceless, priceless most valued treasure that humanity will ever have. He thinks he's giving you time. What do you think he is? never feel desperate to reach those people or impress those people? They are. They don't come to you humbly. Allah doesn't need them. And that's why as the surah continues, Allah says minegishi Kanaka men not fighting. What does

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he made of he thinks he's a big shot. He was made of a

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Dirty fluid that people wash off their clothes from a notebook.

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Where do you where's he headed? He's got a bright future. Amata hufa kabara I was gonna give him death and put them in his grave. You should know his place. Like, I just like, put this Qureshi leader in his place only because of blind zahavi shows up. It's such an epic surah the way Allah does that subhana wa Tada. And then in the beginning, you notice that Allah said a minister now the guy who thinks he's wealthy doesn't have any need. So Allah says, For the Angolan, Army, human, the human being should look at his food and not Solomon masaba so Masha coconut or Shaka for unbutton Avi haba.

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human being should look at our food. We're the ones who tear the earth open. Were the ones who send the water down. Were the ones who make the crop grow. Were the ones who give you the fruit were the ones who provide you your this is food for you and your cattle it's so awesome that a lesson enjoyment for you and your cattle because now Allah has put us in the same category as cattle. You know, you feed cattle. You don't say sir please and you put ketchup on the side of the hay you don't do that. Cattle is nothing like it's your it's your slave. This cow is your slave it'll eat what you feed it and it's not gonna act up and to Allah you and I and cattle are in the same category when he

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feeds us.

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That's how Allah teaches humility and so on. And so that's the scene and then he thinks he doesn't need hmm he doesn't need and that's when Allah describes the last scene and judgment in the solar yo yo, rumor Amina II, II, II, II, II II, you're gonna run from everybody on that day. And there's you you think you're independent. Now you don't need anybody else now or you're really going to run from people then you're running from the profit now a day will come you'll be learning from the people you love. And the people you leaned on the equilibrium in home shopping on your amazing Yoni.

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But on the other day, the other side, man, I love this this how Allah does this. Would you Miyama estamos Fira baja Katana stop Sheila faces will be lit that day. They'll be lit that day, and they will be full of laughter.

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Now when you're lit, that means bright light is coming on you must feel and when you see bright light, it makes you happy. Like when you see a sunny day It makes you happy. Perhaps it's the light of love because it's Moodle. Somehow it went out. But you know what you're being told even those who are blind in this day in this life. When they wake up the believers on judgment day they'll be able to appreciate light, you know first started with a blind one. And the end he's smiling because of the brightness around him. It's so beautiful. That's an in a nutshell. Some lessons from sorta seminars that will give us an increased love and respect for our messenger are the sort of slump and

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a sense of dignity and pride and appreciation for this priceless word that Allah has given. We are not desperate to impress anyone with a buzzword. We are not We are honored to be able to share that word with people barakallahu li walakum wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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