Reacting to Mike Tyson vs Bill Maher on Islam

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Salam, Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatu How you guys doing? Today I'm going to be reacting to a particular segment I've seen

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from Bill Maher and Mike Tyson and you're a Muslim? Is the whole family Muslim?

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Some of my kids, but listen, it's my wife, and my kids, they have to choose what they want to be right that they choose. And you're okay with that? Absolutely. That is not a point of view that is even allowed in many, many Muslim countries in the world. There is one religion, it is Islam. And well, I believe we're not they're not a big on like, hey, you know what? Let's agree to disagree. i But listen, I'm not that Allah. I know. I'm just

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excited to get this guy. Bill. My first and foremost is saying it's not allowed in Muslim countries.

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There's there's many there's layers of problems here. What is a Muslim country? Exactly? Is it our country, the majority of Muslim population? Let's just say that is the case. No problem. Let's go with that. Now is what happens is a month in a Muslim country representative of what Islam says?

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No, it's not. Okay. So it's not really a good argument. Number three on this point. Actually, there's many verses in the Quran, which very clearly tell us that prophets, prophets had their own sons disagreed with them. Their own wives disagreed with them, betrayed them, when against them didn't believe in what they believed. No other examples depicted in the Quran as having his son disbelieve, or that his son disbelieved and that he went against him he didn't force him to become

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a submitter to one God. lot as well. His wife disbelieved and so on. So the Prophet Muhammad salallahu Salam himself, his uncle Abu Talib did not believe in the message of Islam. And then Allah in the Quran says in the care letter demon, Roberto, like in the La Jolla Demacia. That you don't guide who you want, but Allah guides him wherever he wants. So let them do camellia deen or the idea that he just negated to you your religion and to our to us ours is exactly a verse in the Quran. It's not necessarily as he says, women who don't want to wear the *ing, you know, whatever the

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cover of a motorboat. Well, there's some people, some people more modern than the bright. I wish I had I wish I had.

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I wish I had the dignity to be that modest. Modest. Yeah. Why do you say

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because they believe in covering themselves. Oh. And I'm like you said I gotta be don't how much money I gotta be in this cheap ass playing with people and talking to these people. There's one thing too modest is one thing, completely covering a woman. So you don't see any of her was not modest. That isn't pathological. Suppose she is she looks he's now the final what what is pathology? pathology is really a psychological disorder. What is I mean, you haven't described to us if you're saying is pathological. What exactly what pathology? Is it? How do we classify this pathology? It's not? It's not just about using terms here and there. They have to have substance. So what are you

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diagnosing women who cover in a certain manner? With some kind of psychological disorder? Which which disorder? Is it? We would like to know? The point is, is that who gets to set the criterion of who should wear? What should it be you Bill? Because you have a big platform? And because you're white American? Should it be your friends and compatriots and colleagues?

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We believe as Muslims, that the one who gets to set the guidelines, is God Almighty, the one who gets to tell us what is virtue? Is God the one who gets to tell us what is modesty? Is God the one who gets to tell us what is honesty is God and so on and so forth.

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It's not you who gets to set the those criteria. You have no way of substantiating your morality in the first instance, happy with that she's not oh my god, she's not happy with it. I mean, you can brainwash someone, how do you know what she's happy with and what she's not happy with? And what is happiness? How do you know? What is? If she's happy with it or not? This is no longer an academic discussion. Is it? What have you served them? Have you spoke to them?

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And I got a question for you. Do you think that women who were typical Western dress code do you think they're happy? Is there any evidence that wearing that makes them more happy than wearing what these other women are wearing?

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Does the question was I honestly do not think potentially there's an argument to be made at least that for women who get to who are not privatizing their ornaments? Yeah, women who are not privatizing their ornaments at least have an a sense of insecurity which may cause be a cause of depression and anxiety.

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Could not an argument to be made that based on sociological and psychological investigations, which links social media, for example, to depression and anxiety, that that is because of an exacerbation of competition metrics, which include but not limited to one females ornaments, where a woman now has to compare herself with not just 1000 other woman in her village, but a billion other woman in the world.

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Do you not think that that could potentially be a cause for her depression and anxiety? Are these not arguments that could be made? So if you're talking about happiness now, what do you think causes happiness? Do you think it's feminism? So if that is the case, and why is it? Why is it the case that the longest the longitudinal study that was done from 1970 to 2000, Blanche Blanchflower, and Oswald indicates at the increased

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anxiety and depression of women in the western world after so called reforms were made legislatively in your country.

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So unfortunately, what you're what you're saying has no backing and has no substance. I think this Bill Maher has a bit of he's disrespectful. Even if you don't accept it, this man's religion or what he's his faith, you've got a son, you're you're, you're speaking to someone who's contributed majorly, to your country's culture. And you're speaking to him with all this. All this disrespect, have respect. You might not agree with someone's religious beliefs. You might not agree with their choice of spirituality. But also then start you know, putting yourself in the driver's seat thinking you're some kind of an interrogator. Who are you?

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Why do you think what is this where is the sanctimony coming from? Where is this sanctimony coming from? My friend? Why do you think you've got it? Right? Why do you think all the other worlds culture should kneel in humility to you great white men? Why do you think that's the case? Who put that entitlement in your head? Was it your followers?

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Was it was it the payment you're getting from whatever new station you're working from?

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Who exactly put you in this position?

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That's my question to you.

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So look, I think you need to be educated with all due respect. Yeah, you need to be educated because as as it sounds, you don't really have much of an education. You're culturally deplete. You have a lacking of cultural capital.

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That's you.

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So next time you speak to someone even if you disagree with them, unless they're coming. And it's not understandable. He's not even coming at you with hostility. He's sitting there

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and you're interrogating him on his religious beliefs. I would suggest that you change your way. And if you don't, then to UAE and to be my Solomonic slavery guys.