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AI: Summary © The importance of memorizing "has" in cultural and political settings is discussed, including the use of the "has" as a reminder of the presence of the sun and finding the right fitna for one's life. The history and importance of the Bible, including praying and finding the right fitna, is also discussed. The "will" in the interviewer's opinion of the job is also discussed, along with the potential consequences of not mentioning it during the interview.
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swindler Ashman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi

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Rabbil alameen Cerulean fusina tr Melina manga t Lofa de la woman, Lil fella de la was shadow.

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de Huda Shetty cara, Shadow Allah Mohammed Abu hora solo. I'm about to finance da Cunha DC kita. Baba hiral had you had you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was more emotionally attached to her wakulla Desert in VEDA wakulla Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

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Or beshara Hurry, sorry. Well, yes, sadly, Emery. Well, Dr. melissani of Koh Kohli. As we mentioned, I'm delighted today to discuss the sheer sort of gaff.

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And we mentioned or should highlight that

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the virtuous nature of disorders will enter upon the benefits of a word or a hadith in appraising the virtues of salt gaff.

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But before that, we find that this surah the day of

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the data when it should be read, that, at times, people pay a great emphasis on certain days, certain times in certain places.

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As far as the Mormon believer is concerned, days and places don't mean much.

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unless Allah Subhana has given a significance to those days, as even his abdus salam highlights that days are given preference,

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a temporary preference or a spiritual preference

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by Allah Subhana Allah. So if Allah Subhana Allah selects a certain days certain time, a certain location, then obviously that that day becomes important because of the web the reward or loss may attach to that day. Some people try to focus on a certain day certain time and believe that I can just rely upon that one day, one day that bad one days of action, etc. So amongst those days that we do know clearly about last hand, others praised or highlighted those days of the Prophet Mohammed some highlighted those days etc. is for example, days when we enter into Muharram, as we know, the 10th of Muharram is a day that Muslims should try to force that was the day that Musa alayhis salam,

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or benissa it was saved from your own.

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And the Prophet Mohammed has already entered into Medina he found them offering the fast in the hood, the Jews and he said we have a more right over masala cinema. And another narration highlighted if I thought if I live to the following year, I will force the ninth as well. So here you find the son of fasting, the ninth and the 10th or the 10th and 11th. And some other movement in one generation came back to him on Monday evening Kodama to foster ninth, the 10th and the 11th or three days and some of them highlight the the reason for fasting three days is a Stila for Roja a difference of opinion about the sighting of the moon you know, people think that this difference

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exists today in the hundreds of years ago that there's a difference of opinion then fast all three days that way you will definitely fast the ninth and the 10th whichever day ends up being but a problem with many Muslims they don't read heritage they don't read history they think that these are only currently arguments that exist, say mom and dad who died in the year in 240 Islamic calendar as good 1200 years ago and one of the numbers in the Mohini nicodemo highlights This is one view that exists

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but obviously we get to technical thinking that it could be a new science that exists even the famous hadith of women Muslim that nano paraphrasing the Hadith any only you were illiterate people we don't write you know so what is the scientific study in all this as sometimes you can understand why certain olema you know, they don't really care about the scientific aspect. Because the head Italia we are people who are illiterate we just count the days as well as the as they appear lower on them. But the data concerns are obviously at nighttime certain times when you offer the prayer and then you find your measurements of the day of uni drummer that's what you find the whole surah

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in the Quran uni called surah to Juma yeah you're letting me know either noodle dish Allah Timmy Yeoman Giamatti, first illa decorilla. If you hear the call for the rumor that you should come out and answer you need that call. So the virtuous day of Yom Yom and that you find as you find the Hadeeth once again narrated by Muslim, b hurayrah, Taraji alota and Andrew Paul color Rasulullah sallallahu hailu, Yeoman talad, Alicia Matsuyama. Juma

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The best day The sun is ever written upon is a day in his Yama, Yama, Fie Holika Adam, that is the day that Adam was created would fail agenda he was entered into paradise where fee or Collegium into that was a day he was thrown out of exited out of uni paradise. And likewise you find another Hadith that is the day that whereby the judgment will be established on Yama, Yama.

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So we should be going back to the to the Quran, because referring back to the Quran throughout in our lives in inshallah and to drink from the fountain the Quran because we should all become two lovers and students of the Quran because any science that you study is all based upon the Quran whether you study the sea or pseudo Tafseer Hadith or solid Hadith

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it's all based upon the Quran, the mood of the Quran the understanding of the Quran you have the more memorization or under you have everything else will become quite simple to read to retain and to understand. That's why you find that this famous had these you already saw Hey Bill Khurana we said to the companion to Quran ekra watashi wa till karma contra Torah kill for dunya any read and ascend

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like you used to recite in in the dunya for in Amman Zilla, Taka in the market is in Accra, and your location, your position will be the final verse that you stop upon.

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So if some of us only have in the Athena Kota and a few other suitors that when you decide on that day you own that's going to be positioned in paradise. So that's the idea that wherever you stop recycling is your place in paradise. And also this hadith is you can mile reputation those people are beginning to focus upon other things

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about the memorization of poetry and Nasheed as well at the moment last time does not going to ask a person how many lines of poetry did you learn and Nasheed What did you learn? The illustrators are going to ask as I love that element, even though some of them are even allowed and as she said, if it begins to give preference of the book of a loss of LFO shape, Bartell is something then falsehood is waste of one's time.

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So even in the Remove, allowed, allowed, they still lay down conditions. But at the moment, we find this this influx of this this new culture is is turning away from the book of Allah Subhana Allah And likewise, a person should never feel any jealousy the word is correct upon one four sir hair one's color one's Bella one speech only of the Quran and if you remember the load and and who and in obese Allah La Selim Paula has said that he left with nothing. There's no jealousy except for in two individuals. Rajan Lola Koran for your home ob Anna a lady with

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a man who stands with the Quran who's learned the Quran and reads a day and night and gives it its due right and the other man is unique. He's got the wealth and spends it day and night. Here the meaning of law has said that has said hoonah doesn't mean jealousy means it means aspiration, to be like that individual because has a jealousy means that you want that person to lose that blessing that they have. Whereas hyper means that you aspire to be like an individual and that person still has that blessing given to them.

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And that's also another side of the coin as well that were many people saying that you need you need the data always seems to be political, there seems to be some political speech, etc. Are they the real all of us should be going back to the Quran, that's where the essence is for every single any Muslim. Now, the sort of the day of your Muslim as we mentioned, the preference of the day of Juma is none other than so to get half the 18 surah that we're going to go through because especially if the Day of Judgment is going to be on a Friday and likewise many of the major signs which occur in the are mentioned inside some of the major signs Sorry, I mentioned side sort of gaff as well, for

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example to make most major signings horror, horror, that coming out of the German shall we'll talk in the second part about the topic of the job.

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And that's you find many ahaadeeth talking about men half either Asha I mean, I will assume that will Gaffey or Sema minute the gel whoever memorizes the first in our yard from SoTL calf will be protected from the journ mancora Asha a worker in Surah t calf, OC mom in fitness, the child whoever memorizes the final 1010 yard will be protected from

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another iteration you find mancora stellata yet in an overly sorted calf, whoever recites the first three is to show the calf will be protected from the job. So here's some of the elements in here you find the first 10 and then you find the final 10. So someone who said you may as well memorize the whole of the surah. So that way, you got the first 10 and you've got the the final 10 as well. The least that one can do is memorize the first 10 and then memorize the last 10 and a protection for eight days.

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For every type of fitna, you find mancora al Qaeda Yama Yama format Suman, Isla de man, the man at a young man khalifate nothing Taku fen hora de JAL Oshima men who have recites any sort of gap on the day of Yama, Yama. That person will be protected for eight days from every type of fitna calamity colita kunafa inherit the Jerusalem men who and if the genie comes out and that individual will be protected from adventure. Also another narration that you find there is some

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statements of the early amount about these a hadith about the authenticity of them, but we'll come to those which are more authentic Albay to let the typography historically have or by to let it to crop up so little calf

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shape on till kelela the home in which certain calf is recited on normal Umar on that night shaitan will enter into that home, but as I mentioned in some of these ahaadeeth they need to be referred back and checked into greater detail, but I had these which which is checked and authenticated, is mancora SoTL caffi Yomi. Juma Allah Allah homina Nuri ma baina who abena Juma attain whoever read SoTL calf on the day of Yama, Yama and light will spread for the individual, my baina who have been in Juma attain between that Friday and the following Friday. So whether the person reads it once again Allah begin to discuss whether to read it before the Imam begins to hotbar or is it

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afterwards? Safe his opinion is any time on normal job aren't the person before you need a sunset the person should try their best to read a neat sort of tool to have another Hadith that we find. Men Cora Surah Al caffee caymanas Allah can at laahu neuron Yama, Yama, t minakami illa maka, when I first read this hadith I couldn't find authenticity, but hamdulillah later discovered the authenticity of this hadith. First we'll write the Hadith will read sort of gaff cam and the way it is been sent. It has been sent down, it will be light for the individual on the Day of Judgment minakami illa in a in a in America from the places all the way down to Makkah. It's not the Hussain

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tamakoshi Nasir Udine Alberni Rahmatullah Ali, and it's not as authentic as any check by the late chef of Hadith. Chef Nasir Dean Alberni Rahmatullah LA. So, to gain that light in the Hereafter, any then and we should be trying to gain that light because literally if you read some of the Hadith which talks about, for example, at Bora

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Bora, as it says Cana Rajan yasutaka, have a man was reading certain calf for color, and then you find that

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a Sakina came upon this individual

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tranquility came down upon this individual because of the reading of the Quran. Now, if we analyze this hadith that you find that the reason this tranquility is a famous Hadith that you find that say the beholder was with his with his son, and he was any reciting any the Quran, and all of a sudden, the horse, which was besides Him, because reading in the stable began to move, and then he stopped reciting. Then he began to recite again, and the host began to move again. Then he recited again and then on the third occasion, then he stopped reciting, fearing that his son and his father could yahia could be trampled upon. Then he looked up in the sky, and he saw any clouds of light masabi

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and he saw these clouds uni of lamps of light that were there above him. And then you need he stopped reciting and then you need when he told this to the Prophet Mohammed Salaam, he said that tilaka Sakina Tanzania in the Quran, that is a tranquility the scent that is brought down when the Quran is recited out tena Zilla Quran or because it just comes down because the reading of the Quran say you find the tranquility in the peace in general the reciting the Quran and in the citation of sootel as well, tranquility from the heavens, that alight stems in flows out any of that individual and as you find that light will flow from whichever direction because the whole suit is called. So

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to get half. And from that small location, you find Look how much new begins to disseminate from from from the surah that it begins to shine everywhere, what is a light any of the surah one may be asking what is the light that is Surah that it has. And you can see from the we go back to the reason of revelation of the surah for the surah. He is one of the early men of Sierra he writes that the Quran to men, to the Jewish rabbis of Medina, but remember the Quran, they didn't have many answers to give back to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem about in terms of history in terms of questions that he posed to them. So they knew that the best thing to do is that we should now go and

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approach and he did that

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The rabbi's in Medina so they sent another opinion Harris walkabout ignore or be more eight, sent these two individuals to any to the to the Jewish rabbis of Medina. So they highlighted the concerns about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and said that you know tell us something that we can test this man by, we can really find out if this manager is truthful, truthful or this man you need this individual is a liar. So they said Salou until Earth asked him about three things for any

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beginner for an OB morsel. asked him about three things. If he answers them, then this person is is a cent profit from Allah Subhana Allah, while lamea Alpha Rajan matakohe will if he doesn't answer them. He's just a person who's going through hallucinations, to statements that come into his mind, and he is full of falsehood, this individual making up slanders and stories

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sallahu and fit that in an unfit yet in ask him about the young boys that have goofy dad who went away at a certain time in one of the previous locations. What happened previously mecanim in a marine what is the story about these young boys? Fine, no, but Canada home had even a Jeep because indeed about them as a strange, strange story about these young men. Secondly, solu androgel tawaf Bella Masaryk on Earth, Mama horiba asked him about this traveling individual who went to the east and went to the west, McCann and about Rahu and what was the story about this individual who ruled or conquered when all over the world? Thirdly, they said ask him about what salute and, and the rule

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man who asked him about the spirit?

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What is the Spirit?

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And then when they when they came back to the Prophet Mohammed doesn't they they wanted to know belittle him and ask him they asked him these three questions. So he said, Oh, biro comes along, I tell him what I must do. And he said, I will tell you tomorrow, the answers to these questions you asked me because obviously person did not know the answers directly. You have to wait for the revelation while I'm yes desna and he did not say in shaba.

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So that comes inside the suit as well. He said I'll tell you tomorrow the answer to these questions. And he did not say inshallah, and no revelation came for 15 days. So you can see now how the courage would triumphant because they said that they asked him the the rabbi's had asked him about these three questions, if you can answer them, then this person is just making up stories, perhaps and became haziness state of any sadness and grief and the courage continuously kept on questioning him until then this surah ne was revealed.

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And in this way, you find two answers. The first two questions are answered in this order. And the third question is answered inside sorted. So the first two questions that they asked they are they asked you you need about a firstly you find before that what occurs is the etickets that occurs inside the surah verse number 24. What are the olan Alicia in Indy fairyloot Delica Hoda, in the inertia of law. Never say I'm going to do something tomorrow.

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But always say insha Allah.

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So that's the first etiquette that the Quran is trying to highlight to the Prophet Mohammed Islam and to us as well. That everything is by mushiya de la vida permission of Allah Subhana Allah. Then come the answers verse number nine you find em hasip to announce herbal Kathy, what rocky McCann mean, Tina, Jabba, do you think that

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that the companions of the cage, and working we'll come to the meaning of rakeem samalla go to the opinion of being a valley the inscription of stones, the tablets, whereby the story is written in a teenager by some amongst one of our strange signs and then the rest of the if they continue talking about their story, and inshallah we're gonna return back and go into that in further detail. Then verse number 83. Why is aluna Karen Dale Carnegie asked you about the dual coordinate bus number 83. So that's the answer to the second question, and then they continue talking about the life or the personality of coordinate. So then you find that the third question that they're posed,

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to ask about the roof, about the soul or about the spirit that comes inside so today is the 17th chapter, verse number 85. In the sutra that comes just before so we can have what is aluna Annie rule, they asked you about the soul about the spirit. Fully rooming me Robbie say Indeed, the soul of the spirit is from the command of my Lord Allah Subhana Allah and then comes in another etiquette one oh t 2 million around me in the kalila you've only been given a minute drop of knowledge. So once again another etiquette Adam has been taught here as well. That the amount of knowledge inside has been given this very minute well my ot to mineral oil me Illa Allah by Allah Subhana Allah so in

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these 110 yet that you find

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What does the surah cover in these 110 years

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old you find all these areas as a man and core to be highlights that all of the areas here makia any field called Jimmy remove Assyrian, the all of the 110 is the old mutton is because sometimes you find even in the Medina and surah, you find that time some ayat could have been possibly an integrated in Mecca. And what you need to bear in mind is what is a Moroccan sower and what is in Medina and surah and makansutra is whatever was revealed before the Hydra

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It doesn't mean necessarily is related in Makkah could be outside of Makkah, it could be another location, it could be another place that he was visiting or going to, but whatever was revealed before the hijra is classified as a Moroccan surah. Whatever is revealed after the Hydra is classified as a Medina and Sora. And then even then you can find that certain ayat could have been revealed once the proclamation was in Makkah himself. So somebody found me reading books that have said, you could find that early Mao will write or the Mufasa right any all the surah is Medina Illa hadn't yet here any makia all the surah is a mecca except for these idea Medina and he is and also

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you find other lemma written about if you look at works of lwml Quran about the signs of the sutras which are mccunn and assigns a sort of richer Medina makansutra in general talk about the oneness of Allah xpander talk about though he talks about Yama, Yama gives you the master of the era the concept after the Medina sutras talk about any item about rulings about regulations about power, followed

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by an inheritance about business transactions is the general theme of the Medina and sutras and that is the general theme of the month insurance. Call me I burst into makia Jamie who has been a birth doula and understands all the disorder and he is a mcenaney surah. Now the main topics that you find inside this surah are all within us have to have any hammer colada boys, young boys in the in the cave

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is set to attain the story of the two gardens.

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Thirdly, pizza to add the mobilise the story of Adam and Emily's. For free you find pizza to Moosa and dishonor, the story of Musa alayhis salam with the righteous unique person and you Heather

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fifthly we find pizza to Dale Carnegie the story of a fool for nine and then six we find your Jewish woman judge Gaga and Annie Magog. These six main topics take up 71 verses out of the 110. So you're not left with many verses. So the main crux of the surah is discussing these six any main topics. As mentioned again, you missed them as Hubble can have the young boys in the cave, please sir, to attain the story of the two gardens. Be sure to add them I believe the story of Adam and Emily's pressure to musar the story of moves and fader, the pressure the story of the codename fifth and sixth Lee and George, George. Even the remaining I add that you find that all linked to the above

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are somehow related to the above all the link to Misha hadal Yama are linked to the affairs of the era or the affairs of this world. So even those are still in quite strong, not getting really off the topic and discussing another topic. Now what is the main theme, or the topic any link in the surah together linking the verses together? That's what I meant to talk about the science and he

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was sure the science of linking verses together and linking very soon as together. And it's a very deep science that you find that some of them have gone to great lengths to talk about how one surah is linked to another surah or one verse is linked to another verse. Even at times you don't really find the link is apparent and some are talked about as being as excessive knowledge of trying to link one verse to another verse. But sometimes the link is quite clear. And it is beneficial. In some some knowledge that you find early Mother's Day, it's like a milk, Alabama's like salt. Any on food

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doesn't necessarily mean that it's the most important but it gives it a good feeling good taste. For example, the 20s decades Some people go back to a bit about the social order. Go back to the school itself. You know the number of eliminating madaraka mollycoddle a lot more

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than a gentleman eco fee here. They go back to the word fee here in the pronoun. The pronoun in this surah is the 27th word.

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So take the opinion that the 27th night.

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So obviously that's just me, that's just salt is not there's not we don't take that and build the whole essence.

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is the 27th night

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because some people will do, they will use such knowledge they look that's a sign. Or try as you find that 19 hoax or heresy theory that you find that everything goes back to the concept of 19. So this person should qualify to begin to interpret certain ideas and to fix into his theory. So remember a lesson that they've used if something comes along and it is highlight, you just take it as a tertiary, as tertiary even something as a fourth concept of knowledge. You don't base the whole of your knowledge upon that, when people say the Quran is a book of science. Now, if something comes in talks about science, then you take into court and it's not predominantly a book of science. It

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talks about the embryology system inside any rock called holla. Kakuma Torah we created you in stages.

00:25:44--> 00:25:51

But look at some Muslims tend to use this verse in the Quran created in stages, that this is talking about Charles Darwin's theory that man is once an ape,

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because that's what any earthworm means in stages, but he is talking about the stages in the womb of your mother.

00:25:58--> 00:26:17

One than the other as a as a Sharif that he that was his view, based upon this verse, are called Hala Kakuma Torah we create in stages A man was originally an ape, Darwin's theory, so obviously we don't link the Quran to any two signs the way some people have taken any science that the Quran is a book of science.

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But a main theme from the beginning to the end of the surah is to say what

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is the rectification one's belief. The surah begins with Alhamdulillah Illa De Anza other abdiel keytab wollombi Allah who

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praise be a lot of praise be given to Allah Subhana Allah who sent down a pony seven the book and found there is no crookedness inside this book, a human Leandra Batson Shadi de Milla de basura, meaning alladhina Yama, Luna solly healthy and nano ajaan hacer una macchina he ever the Wonder alladhina Kala de de la hawala the and to give a severe boonies those people to attribute a son any to God. May Allah be human, they have no knowledge regarding this, while Ali Abba eat him, carrot Kalimantan taco do me a favor him in your coluna in the Khadija indeed is nothing but a lie that comes out of the mouths which they attribute to Allah Subhana Allah, that's the first five if you

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find a certain calf. Then if you go and look at the end of the surah likewise, you find Pauline NEMA Anna Bashara Miss Lucan say indeed I'm only a human being like you, you have a layer a NEMA Isla hokum. Illa why revelation has been given to me that indeed your ILA your deity is only one God from uncanny or Julie corabi failure. Amen. Amen. saleha Well, are you sure it could be better to be ahead once again, don't commit No *. So the sort of begins which they don't actually anything to love Mandela, which you don't have knowledge about, and the end of the surah isn't complete, why don't commit any shake with Allah Subhana Allah. And thus you find that this final verse in his

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verse number 110, in the cathedral is to see the highlights that this is the verse which talks about the essence of any single action that you do in your life. He quotes this verse from from sort of gaff, he says, overland an akuna ha, listen, that you are sincere in the action that you do. And secondly, it is according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam. So that's what you find righteous actions. Any and the righteous actions are based upon the Sunnah and the total sincerity that you find. to any Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, mmm Baba, we need to see the verse the beginning of

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will lead the helical Hayato will lead the helical moto hayata Leah blue s And who am Allah to see which of you is best in action? Unless parent I didn't say a thorough Allah who does the most action mm bubbly highlights that central Amala McKenna who will asaba who wherever his journey is the best and you need pure or accurate and pure accurate be Mariana is coding to the son of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and pure meaning sincerely seeking the face of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And if you look through the whole of the surah you'll find this contrast between a tauheed and ship, cars even a story about the men of the two gardens who come to the store you'll find that what is it entailing that one is feels that through my own power and my own ability and my own might have been given this garden to me or is belongs to me. This is shipped this arrogance that the person believes that they've been given this through their own power and their own ability.

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So throughout the Quran, you find it through the sorry, throughout the surah and even throughout the Quran, you find this parallel of Zuni zolgensma to peers. That's the that's the theme of the Quran.

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Buying and machinery when the between any given glad tidings and warning humanity that's the that's the theme of the Quran throughout the day we find the concept of peers by an agenda winner between paradise and hell, Ben and Kofi will Eman between disbelief and Eman, buy in a shifty with their head. While Barton will help between falsehood and truth. That is the way the theme of the Koran travels throughout the Quran.

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And then you find that the other main theme of the of the surah is any obviously the story of the boys inside the cave, the story of the two men or the story, the two gardens, and then you need the discussion about Akiyama. That's the general theme, and some have made the following any extraction. But there's four main prime stories inside the surah. The first story, as we mentioned, is as Hubble gaff, the boys in inside the cave, the second main story is hip, any agenda to the man who had two gardens. The third story is in our header and the fourth stories, there are nine copies you mentioned, we talked about the six main topics but these are the four main stories that the Quran in

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the surah talks about. Now, the story. Each of these stories, presents a fitna

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to each of these stories presents a fitna that obviously that we can see something that can be related to us and to those individuals. The fitna of the young boys is fitted to Dean has been trialed inside your religion.

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The fitna of Sahaba Gen attain the mammoth to garden is fitna to manual Well, it is a trial of having wealth and children and property.

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The fitna of moose and feeder is witnessing

00:31:47--> 00:32:25

is a fact of knowledge because most has said that I'm the most knowledgeable individual. So knowledge can be a fitna for an individual as well. And then fourthly, you find, of course, main, what is a fitna here is fitna to any super the feeling of being in power in being authority, or being dominant, or being in power and controlling, doesn't define us. For some people, it goes to the mind goes to the head, football coach, he loves the chair level position, people don't want to step down. These are the four feet and that you find that we probably are surrounded by these four feet as well. What is their knowledge? What is the cure, that we extract for each of these four

00:32:25--> 00:33:09

fitting that occurred in these stories that can occur upon any individual is overland the solution from the story of the young boys in the cave and the fitting of deep is Jenny a sofa to Sonia is staying amongst righteous individuals having good companions, friends who have any a good deal, a good o'clock and a good character to be surrounded by such individuals that enlarge the solution for a person who get so engrossed in the world and the fitting of man of property and children is modified to happy catatonia is to study the essence, or the nature or the knowledge of the reality of the world. The world has no value in front of Allah Subhana Allah, that you find many parables

00:33:09--> 00:33:25

and felt bad and unfairly in the Quran, talking about the dunya the parable of the dunya in front of Allah Subhana Allah fitna to the realm or the story of moves and hidden you find the fitness realm is what a toddler is humbleness, humility,

00:33:27--> 00:33:59

taking away arrogance. So that's what that's what really that's an individual that a person is throughout makes them become humble. That's what knowledge should do at the weather. Then you find fitness and so far the fitness of being in power is an EClass the solutions is sincerity. This is a merner This is a trust that was placed upon an individual even placing this in a situation when placing authority. So a person needs to be sincere that I've been trusted with this position. How am I going to carry out this unique position

00:34:01--> 00:34:08

and thus you find another extraction but some of the elements on the add the gel will come with exactly the same for fitting

00:34:09--> 00:34:30

to these four fitted that you find in these stories. You'll find at the jail recumbent is for fitness Well, the fitness of fitness Dean so you find yet luminous a birdie to me doula he will try he will ask people to worship him besides Allah Subhana Allah because he's going to be claimed to be a god.

00:34:31--> 00:34:53

When he has the fire, when you jump into the fire thrown inside, you've been thrown into paradise. So he's playing God. So that's fitna. He's going to come with fitna to Dean try putting people into trial on that day. Secondly, find your stillness be mafia demon and while he will trial people with a wealth of the property,

00:34:54--> 00:34:57

he'll be given much a mass amount of wealth and property were given to the jail

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

and people fully

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

into the traps of uni at the job. Thirdly find fitna to the lbma. You've been asked me about the fitting of knowledge as well as regarding what people have been told about this individual. But still certain individuals will not take a veil or take lesson from this knowledge. And then you find you say to the other exotic Kabira mineral out and he will dominate amongst it a large portion of the world at the journal have dominance and he upon uni, the land. So with that, we're going to now look at the need the concept of the journal according to classic and he sources and then afterwards we're going to return back to the story of the companions of the cave, and focus on the move. That's

00:35:39--> 00:35:54

the main four things we're going to focus upon inshallah, companions of the cave, moose and Heather, Volker nine. And yeah, George and George. But before we enter into this habit can have any just look at your knee at the jail, because obviously any

00:35:56--> 00:36:10

many people they like to listen to the topic about the journey inspires many people and always people are interested about the journey, where he is, etc. But it may be an interesting topic, so many people left what Islam has become for many individuals.

00:36:11--> 00:36:26

They like to seek interesting topics. But well like Islam, the more and more you read about Islam, it's not about because sometimes unfortunately, even many of us were traveling on that understanding of Islam as well. We become full of academia

00:36:27--> 00:36:32

it's just it's just rhetoric. It's just it's just speech is just facts. It just figures it's just a hadith.

00:36:34--> 00:36:36

We should be matassa we phone

00:36:37--> 00:36:39

we should be from the Sophia.

00:36:41--> 00:36:42

But what type of Sufi?

00:36:43--> 00:36:46

A Sufi *y was Sufi?

00:36:47--> 00:37:00

A person who is a *ing a jury to understand the thick of Allah and Allah and Zed and a person is absent from this world that a person is just a Sufi and has no fear commando commando, she doesn't mean the Sufi at the moment so unfortunately,

00:37:01--> 00:37:24

they just they don't have an understanding of the deen they just do whatever they fancy doing. But all of us should be like that we should be there he didn't eat dinner. But because some it's all become academia whether it be the study of acquired a belief or soul How do you sort of see you just find a time this is Elmo Jeff at times the film itself is not Jeff itself is not dry. we ourselves have become dry

00:37:25--> 00:38:07

should be more of an implementation. That's where you find that people remember knowing that not not only some scholars only write books that are for specialist people to go and read. Mmm no we you find every single individual had his books at home. We don't even know that are buried in our we have 40 I had these are the 42 days left behind what for the Rio de Sala hain study Rio de Sala and you find great for so many benefits inside the reading of the other side of him that after that. So we should sit at home read it to our family read it amongst brothers, you find many great benefits inside of another cellophane and more than one that had the authentic majority that had this idea of

00:38:07--> 00:38:42

selling authentic there may be a few odd number. As far as I know cautiousness ravintola has taken them out or highlighted them. But in general, there's much for it in benefits Kitab bukovina, zeker, which Mmm, no we left behind, which benefits people. So those are the real people that we should need that we should aspire to be like that combined knowledge with actual implementation, closeness. When people just begin to study these affairs of the unseen, it becomes just a happy subject, a good subject to a scary subject, intriguing subject to go and listen about the Hellfire, listen about this, but it doesn't move you You're still the same individual.

00:38:44--> 00:38:49

The Quran begins by talking about the believers, Allah Deena, you may know why we believe in the unseen.

00:38:50--> 00:38:57

And the reason why I highlight this is because these same respected individuals, they've taken this modernistic Islam,

00:38:58--> 00:39:32

in everything that they understand, they begin to twist it around. And voila, he will only be a matter of time that these affairs of the unseen, they will twist them around as well. It will be a matter of time, just like you make that weird interpretation of everything. That's as soon as you reinterpret it, it will only be a matter of time, there's a phase of the unseen, whereby you find that clear things that we mentioned are the texts, and we're not going to shy away from it, there will be a final battle Bane and hoppy will battle between truth and falsehood. Even the Bible talks about the the Armageddon, the final war between the allies of truth against you need allies of

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

falsehood, the Bible documented this as well. We're not trying to show any hatred towards any individual, but this is a fact. So the same way you interpret those things that you find don't fit into the Western society, you begin to reinterpret them. It would only be a matter of time with those clear sources which have been highlighted about certain events that will happen in the future, you will begin to reinterpret them as well. So we shouldn't just be studying these topics just for to make ourselves feel good and just to learn about certain affairs of the unseen because this

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

Already this moralistic interpretation exists Don't be surprised at the job for some people is a television

00:40:07--> 00:40:13

with a satellite station, so some some olema written that they believe that the job is television

00:40:14--> 00:40:33

in the shape on the television and then came along his son the video then came along the grandson the grandson came along the DVD and and other grants and came from a satellite dish only system they believe is that the junk, some other people right but the jealousy the actual system that we live in is at the job.

00:40:35--> 00:41:10

The system itself is at the jail is not an actual individual that will come it's the system, which is an add the ante antichrist. Some people say the New World Order that's at the jail, the New World Order that many people that talk about the coming of controlling the world, etc. That's the job. Some people believe currency, money, wealth is at the jail because it's been spread everywhere. And some people believe the spread of evil is at the germ, these are all modernistic views that exists about the agenda that some of them are written and some intellectuals have written what their beliefs are about the job. But like I began with, we are simple people. And we follow the simple

00:41:10--> 00:41:49

text that the jet is an individual is an entity that will appear at the end of time. Amongst the famous interpreters who denied the Japanese people like Mohammed Abdullah. Obviously, we mentioned his name, not to belittle any of these individuals, some of them may go against the views of Ellison, etc. But it's just you need knowledge to have about certain famous individuals existed. Mohammed Abdul and you find the great revivalist that you find that people write about. And he rejected the concept of the gel we made that we'll have regarding Abu obeah as well, even hasm and remember how we began to reject his powers are some are highlighted. And Abu Ali a Jubilee edition

00:41:49--> 00:41:53

initial Tesla, initial Tesla he rejected any

00:41:56--> 00:42:02

Rashid Rida fi series Well, he also rejects any at the jail as well.

00:42:03--> 00:42:49

As for the belief, the sooner that you find an Audi a yard sale says no shocks on big he is an individual a personality. And he as an individual, every Casio says Bella who hockey cotton, rather this this individual has a point of reality. In Danilo Bihar a bird the houfy aphorism in Los Angeles will test any humanity via this journey this individual likewise will have been hijacked and abused out to be in Al Maliki the famous and the Lucien scholar and those exactly the same belief any as the McCarthy era. Now some people they cannot even handle the fit and that we're living in today. And they're talking about that they can handle the fit and though the fitness and the job.

00:42:49--> 00:43:16

The small calamities come upon people Oh the non Muslims are looking at me. I shouldn't go to the masjid I shouldn't dress like a Muslim. I should do this. I should do that. Think about the greatest fitna the greatest fitna. According to diverse words of the Prophet Mohammed Al, salaam, LA Fitness, there are other men fitness, the journey, there's going to be no greater fitness in the coming of the journey. So all these are minor trials and tribulations. And it shows what a lack of a man

00:43:17--> 00:43:26

because every time I read this Hadith, the ones who have the strongest faith will be tested the most part last panel and then underneath and then underneath.

00:43:28--> 00:43:31

A toast gets burned in the morning and our Eman begins to waver.

00:43:35--> 00:43:39

And we think again, through trial and tribulation, you missed the muscle game.

00:43:43--> 00:44:20

We should think of loss under that we're not testing the way those people this is the yahuda gel had yet hollowness and decree, that gel will not come out until people begin to overlook or neglect him. We're Hector truecolor. I'm Victor who Alma Nabeel and the early Madhava in the preachers begin to neglect mentioned him upon the debonair bear upon the member, because a perfect person would would endorse warning about the coming of adventure. And that possibly is common at the moment people don't remind about the coming of the agenda, most people overlook or neglect concept of the germ

00:44:21--> 00:44:56

theory for the job and what is the theory what is the, the the understanding of the job, or the name of the gelatin digelar means to deceive, to dupe to cheat, to take into lie to cover to claim for who were dajin what the journal any, the person is a trickster is deceiving. So from here you can understand how as we mentioned previously, how the Arabic names that the linguistic meaning is always very similar to the technical meaning.

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

For example, mentioned a Salah Bhima Anna Dora

00:45:00--> 00:45:11

Salah linguistically means do. You need to raise your hands and to pray to supplicate and the actual Salah itself is what nothing but a complete prayer beginning from the elector sleep

00:45:13--> 00:45:15

and jamberoo the jello.

00:45:16--> 00:45:18

The plural of

00:45:19--> 00:46:02

the job is the job alone. Another plural that you find which is the broken plural is Jenny, the judge. The judge Allah is another plural of union something's wrong. Right the unknown the day that the liars false imposters. As for what the Jayla sounds like with the Georgia chicken, because many of them you read about these imposters you find about their life they have any cowards in the way that they conduct themselves. Sumida like why is this why is this individual called Yanni the imposter or the false layer? your belt and he mixes the truth with falsehood.

00:46:03--> 00:46:19

deceit, someone sounded physical even talking about the magician if the person is a magician. He's a trickster. He's deceiving people. So the judge you see that when he comes out he's going to try to deceive people that the truth is with him or deceive people in thinking that this is actually paradise when it's actually the hell

00:46:21--> 00:46:55

that's the whole the why the name the false imposter has been given to him. The jello yakun fee. So Mr. Malik highlights the Gita is remarkable bien ns How will I gela Some even Malik even unless use the word at the judge ILA. How will I judge that those people are false imposters sociolinguistic word that existed previously as well? A Magellan actually when you find the Hadith yakushi Arthur is a man the jello and the end of time you will find the jello many any false imposters

00:46:57--> 00:47:08

in Albania Do you sir the jelly can there be in the room? Indeed before the coming of the hour between myself and accompany the hour will be many faults many imposters

00:47:10--> 00:47:25

immerman ought to be fitted Kira said Gemma Gemma Ashura will do the job has collected some unique 10 different unique derivatives from the word uni the gel

00:47:26--> 00:47:36

m I'm going to be also highlighting it amongst the from HD Hawk derivatives you find easy collect some 23 derivatives from the word you need in the gel.

00:47:37--> 00:47:42

And so I have a basis on 50 derivatives from the word you need from the word you need to

00:47:44--> 00:47:45

ask for the word Alma see,

00:47:46--> 00:48:26

because Alma see because suddenly find a word Alma see what the gel Alma see to pluck an acidic any is goes upon the acidic the true for one, which was Missy who was who a submarine that he was the one by the permission of Atlas panda healed that blind, anyone suffering from the skin disease and gave life to the dead by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala while it delete and condemn and also allow Mercy is also thrown upon the person who puts people to trial with the powers given. As we find here you find the calming down of rain and plantation to grow. So it's both names uni because mercy carries the meaning of

00:48:29--> 00:48:58

these two understands of mercy one is mercy because of traveling extensively Jenny from the word you need young earth to travel across the land. And because the judge will actually travel across the land, he's been classified as Missy had the job. The other reason some of the earlier Are you traveling to the landini in 40 days is the unknown there is a mom sue her one of his eyes is wiped out this move. So he's been given the title of

00:48:59--> 00:49:01

the one any single I

00:49:03--> 00:49:26

so many have come at the saloon I will talk about the 30 and the false imposters and some animal Collected Works of listing them can be named by name amongst the contemporary ones that we find amongst the Jalan is Mirza Ghulam Muhammad qadiani. And he is the one amongst the false imposters and who claim to be a prophet by qualifying

00:49:28--> 00:49:45

Elijah Muhammad the leader of Neo the founder of Nation of Islam, but the real dogen who will come What are its or his characteristics and the descriptions as highlighted by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam also offered the job the description of the job that you find as Imam show Kenny

00:49:47--> 00:50:00

has collected hundreds of Hadith describing a dogen and his fitna, so mmm show Can you the great chef of Yemen has collected this any benefit about the job. It is amongst the most great

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

is a fitting for the Muslim ummah. Thus, we have not been left in darkness regarding the fitna of the judge.

00:50:08--> 00:50:51

In Nila under Kumu, who may not be elected under under como la camisa hola como de una de la comida in an hour we're in the LA Lisa B our indeed every single prophet warned his people about the job, but I'm going to give you some information about him that none of the other prophets have given before and that information in no hour that he's blind in one eye we're in the La Mesa be outward and illustrations Allah is not blind. And Hadith Morrow Imam Bukhari our iron alumina is right I will be blind can enter Sophia as if it's a protruding grape that's popping out of his out of the socket.

00:50:52--> 00:51:19

So the person claiming to be telling claim to be God, and the last 100 Lisa be our last hand Allah is not in the blind. Some narrations talk about the left eye emammal or the yard ghost both eyes are deformed goes to the view the both of them are deformed with any detail for either orajel just seen a hammer in his strong, reddish individual, Dr. Doris our eye any blind one I can enter in a

00:51:20--> 00:52:06

coffee as if it's a protruding grape which is coming out of his eye. Most of these works have been compiled into English. The Book of chef Nasir in Albania Hamilton de la to easily Sharla talking about the judge has been translated as well. My Burnaby elder under our motto our cancer there is no message that came except that he warned his people about the this liar. This one eyed blind liar. Allah in no hour indeed he is blind or inner Bochum laser br were indeed your Lord is not blind by Nabina. I named him octobe kefir and Hadith Morrow, Eman Bihari yaku Kula Muslim and every single Muslim will be able to read that. So the narration of Muslim you find al haruf TEF Aurora will be

00:52:06--> 00:52:49

placed upon his forehead. Now the majority of explainers of this had to go to opinion that the right thing is to be taken literally. There'll be one is literally on his head calf route will be placed upon his head and the head in kitabi Allah bahariya one Nikita bata kita button happy kya and indeed this is any IV writing have we placed upon the individual head in any images must have died as it's just a a figurative speech is a matter which is weak, that has some some element interpreted there will be no actual clear sign. It says care for the Twister didn't reject these a Hadith, but the most strongest opinion is that they will be placed upon him. Also, how can they read if people are

00:52:49--> 00:53:30

illiterate? Once again, I've given a rebuttal about this holiday and a delicate sermon and Holic feeling that there will be a time that you need the face will be changed that everybody will be able to see the letters calf RA and be able to recognize this is the this is captured. This is the person who's a disbeliever other signs that you find he will have twisted cropped hair and no akima you don't know who that person will be barren and he will will be sterile and will not be able to have you any have any children. And Khalid bijelo on his journey at the jail currently living Some people say that he will come out at at the final stage will be created then.

00:53:31--> 00:54:05

There have been this famous Hadith at Tommy Madhuri and regarding Musa yard, which will prove your Nicki's existence that he is any living will come to that famous Hadith as a meme a dirty, where will the money he come from when he does return and McCann who hold a son or woman Villa del mashreq income from the land of Horace son, which is in a country from the east as narrated by by Imam Ahmed in his Muslim. And likewise, you mentioned towards the east, as you mentioned previously, that indeed, this is the land of Fitton of trials and tribulations.

00:54:08--> 00:54:18

Along with the the timespan that the gel will remain upon the earth. yada yada yada Jan Fiamma tvm Khufu, in

00:54:19--> 00:54:50

the Arab arena, Yeoman, our ballerina Sharon, our ballerina Armand at the gel recover and he will reside amongst you for 14 the narrator says I don't know whether it be 14 months 40 days 40 months or 40 years. But what we do know is a yo Minh Hakka center, one day will be like one year or yo minha kashia another day will be like one month a yo minha Kazuma another day will be you need like any like

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

like Umar or one week samosa era Yummy, yummy come howdy and the rest of your days will be like your days. called we are a surah la k furnace.

00:55:00--> 00:55:14

There are a furnace, Nairobi Salatu Yama eaten, look at the companions, what they're worried about what we do on that day? How are we going to pray if one day is going to be like one year? If it was many of us Alhamdulillah

00:55:16--> 00:55:19

just pray once in the morning and that's it, no need to pray.

00:55:20--> 00:55:27

That's what many Muslims would do in reality is that when some of our brothers from Jamaica to believe that they mentioned this famous Hadith,

00:55:28--> 00:56:01

authentic hadith, he obviously sama Hadees that they quote an unacceptable but we mentioned this is authentic when, when the prophecy went up to the night journey and is given the gift of the prayer. And it was first he was 50 prayers. And then he came down and musasa What did your Lord tell you that you have to pray 50 times a day said let go back to people not be able to do that. Continuously going forth, back etc. until it comes back to five prayers and for each prayer you'll get 10 rewards given to you. So some of the brothers do out in the boonies and they're saying to the people, the shopkeeper, look, you know, you should be thanking a lot as he was 50 praise before you look at

00:56:01--> 00:56:08

these people. He goes we wish it was 50 prayers, because you guys wouldn't come and disturb us give you the machine all the time.

00:56:13--> 00:56:50

There's some people for them Islam it just it just becomes something trivial. Just a joke. This is leave us alone, just like go and pray 50 times a day and leave us alone but the companions in his serious nature that here you find this journey this exception that in one day will be like one year many of us think there's no need to carry on praying this and he said salata Yo, any knock there should we pray once or should we estimate all about Takahiro but estimate the time span between each prayer. So if no music gap of four to five hours, you have that gap, and you offer the next prayer, the next prayer, so they were worried about that, as you find any happy to Allah salatu wa salatu

00:56:50--> 00:57:24

salam, ala carnitine preserve your prayers, God your prayers, especially the middle prayer, and the correct opinion by the middle prayer is not an acid you find a hadith where Mrs. salata acid is as they lost their family and all the property whatever they own. So Salah is a man especially live in this country, and especially in the West Indies, obviously, sometimes you could be in an environment where Salah is the norm and is acceptable sometimes work in the real world amongst these people. Many people you know you feel sorry for them, they have to compromise on their prayers, etc. Because the whole environment is not designed. Even the Muslim lands are corrupt. But what they don't stop

00:57:24--> 00:57:53

you from praying as you know, my own eyes people not praying to get up wish to start praying they don't want to pray. So you can just sit there You can't stop me from brain. But in this country, you have to you have to continuously struggle to get your rights and your regulations and then if you start praying, but you never used to pray before in your life now you're starting to pray. You know, because obviously many Muslims that came with their assess was wrong. When they came here many of the most we're not worried about establishing houses, or left handed about the prayer etc. Whenever they could fit in prayer, the offer the prayer, that's what you find is this weak mentality among

00:57:53--> 00:58:10

some of the Muslim from the subcontinent that we do. They call it Casa casa. When I go home, I had many friends when I was growing up, and it was time for Salah. I'm going to pray later on what you mean I'm going to pray later on. He said I'm going to go home and pray especially with the bar after Maghrib and Isha altogether.

00:58:12--> 00:58:23

And some of these people were in terms of the masjid some of these people will have the Quran so that's the state. Think about that. Think about the general public.

00:58:26--> 00:58:39

so intensely the missing their prayer and night and saying But no, we can go home and offer the prayer. Some of the quality really Masha deed somebody will go to pinyon you even miss one prayer. Don't quote me on this, but they say that your disbeliever

00:58:40--> 00:59:07

is harsh words. But also you have to look at the br people live in a Muslim land and they stay away from the prayer then the earlimart not hesitant to label them as non Muslims they're not hesitant because you had to attend the hotel bar remind you that I'ma remind you this works is all advice is given to establish the prayer. But here we find that the prayer is something that's been written by many individuals. They don't give it a meal just because I don't have a beard I shouldn't pray now Why not?

00:59:08--> 00:59:29

You go to Afghanistan the some of the guys are drug dealers, they still offer the Salah, because then you ask them what are you doing here? They say Listen, my bad sins, my is my own fault. But I'm not going to lead the Salah. I'm not going to commit any major disbelief by abandoning the prayer. And so many of our students think that I'm guilty I shouldn't pray let that is your key of success throughout your life.

00:59:30--> 00:59:45

And as you find inside the Quran was there a newbie Sabri was Salah ya know Allah Kabira Illa and Akashi in hold fast to the prayer is there a newbie Sabri was Salam patients were in Allah Kabira to India and Harsha in the prayer is only difficult. It's not difficult for people who have

00:59:47--> 00:59:48

the love to return back to Salah.

00:59:49--> 00:59:59

And that's what that should be the whole look of every single Muslim is horrible machine the love of the machine the house of Allah Subhana Allah Hubble jamara think that something is left if you don't catch you need to catch the jammer.

01:00:00--> 01:00:09

There's a summary magnitude opinion even the opinion of the Hanafi Fiqh is Salatu jamara is worship is an obligation person has to be there

01:00:10--> 01:00:50

but this is something that we should you need to reflect reflect upon the stance of the of the uni the companions who did the job were with the place where the gel when he will come out and the bane Old Mill hammer is between the Great Wall and we're fertile Medina and the opening of Medina. Medina here means Constantinople, the opening of Constantinople in current day in Istanbul and all that area around it. And is it the Sunni Maharaja the gel for Serbia? So you find the great board vote take place on Mohammed Cobra, the opening of Constantinople and then you will find in the seventh year will be the coming out of the jail and Hades Morrow Buddha would any sunon in the German ha de

01:00:50--> 01:00:57

Botton Yakubu ha he will come out because of something that will get him angry make any this individual come out.

01:00:59--> 01:01:37

Other had these talks about when knowledge is limited ignorance is prevailing and there is excessive drinking and eat in the land and the jam will come out. Then we come back to the what we talked about is McDonald, the john, the place of your knee. The judge you mentioned the Hadith meme at dairy. The meme of dirty as narrated by Fatima bint ice. She writes once and writes about talking about to me my daddy that he says that once he was a Christian, I was traveling on a ship and the ship was tossed about for a month or so. And then it took a small rowing boat and landed on a Island when they got to this island they met in a beast with long thick hair could not tell the front from

01:01:37--> 01:01:40

the back all and it just Sasa said that Anna just says

01:01:41--> 01:01:46

so they said that any woman just says that you need in what is this just says say me.

01:01:47--> 01:02:25

They said go to this person in the monastery and he's eager to meet you and He will tell you about me who I am. So we fled from him thinking it might have been a Devon. So the mean with daddy diploma This one is a non Muslim named in the writing and he's become Muslim. So we went to the monastery and in the monastery we found a well built person there with his hands tied to his neck and iron shackles gripping his legs at the ankles. And we he asked about he asked them certain things they asked him about the knee the date palms, trees are based on the lake of Berea. He asked him about the spring of Zohar. And he asked him about the unlimited profit.

01:02:26--> 01:03:12

So he wanted to ask them certain things that are taking place. And then he or he highlighted to them and shortly permission be given to me to live in an atmosphere. Indeed I am you need to fall Shani antic antichrist. And you find such wording some reason Allah in Novi berry Sham indeed he's in the Syrian sea the Mediterranean Sea out battle Yemen, or in the Yemen sea or the Arabian Sea ballmill pebble machinic or rather towards the east, as far as the journey as for the people that will follow the journey, yet battle the gentleman yahood us behind Sabrina alfen Allah himplasia Elisa out in the sun, the photos of the gel will be in the 70,000 of the Jews of us the hand and E which is in

01:03:12--> 01:03:56

the area east journey to Medina with possibly the current day in the area of Iran etc. Person Persian shores they'll be wearing a short like garment will be worn over their heads and shoulders. As you can see that is amongst the characteristics of these individuals. Wilma del Sur Bruna alfen lamc jan sock Farah tabber hula hula Nisa you'll find that the majority of the photos of the judge will be any yahood one Lisa and women because women are easily taken back by these signs that you need a pair of trickery also other Heidi's point to Allah Jim took an Arab and you find finally filiana Jehan collibra him because ignorance is prevailing over them. So sometimes when we say

01:03:56--> 01:03:59

things about the r&d people say you mean many times I know personal electronic herbal startups

01:04:01--> 01:04:41

don't say that don't say that. That had this hadith is stating Leanna filiana jalahalli balagan because ignorance is prevailing amongst many of them so you can see the many demands the state of them who dominates and controls in ads and tells them what to do because they think they're very intelligent, but not very intelligent and the mass amount of them you know, the the understanding at the jail was shaped in the jungle would have with him in his shop endeavors with him. Well yet theologian called Mata who Amata boohoo for your call writing a burqa was a delicate haka unless that unless the Taliban Arabic so called Bella for you must say Lucia de nawabi when he and Hadid

01:04:41--> 01:04:59

Morocco, Mr. Murphy, Mr. D. It will come to me a man whose parents have passed away, or his four brothers passed away, and his parents of father's passed away. He said, If I bring back to life, your your unique or your father and your brother, would you believe that I'm your Lord, for all but I said indeed. I do. Believe that

01:05:00--> 01:05:41

Yamanote. So indeed shape on to shakedowns will take on the resemblance of his brother and his father. And the showing that the shape in the devils will be aiding any at the jail, as well. As for the fitna fitting of the jail the fit and that this the gel will bring, as I mentioned, we think we're living in troubled times, there'll be no creation creating more trouble than at the job right from the creation of Adam until the last hour and Hadith Marwan Muslim, Adam will fit in the suburbs of Lima, income with certain fitten that will change the natural unique creation of Allah Subhana Allah obviously by permission understand allottee all which literally means will blow the mind away

01:05:41--> 01:06:19

the things that these individual come away will just take the mind away, one cannot perceive how this individual is doing such things. Amongst the signs that you find that the fitting is he will order the sky and will begin to rain. He will order the ground and the air for the vegetation begin to grow. We will walk through the desert and bring forth your treasures, his walk through the desert and bring out the treasures of the desert in front of you. He was pretty young boy in half and walk through the two halves and then bring him back together again. You will have two rivers, a river of water and a river of fire neuron. Jenna tahunan wanneroo Jonathan, the river anything under the

01:06:19--> 01:06:31

river in the garden will be the fire and the fire will be paradise he will have a mountain of bread and he will have a huge great big donkey that will be given unique to him. So these are great major signs that were given to the job.

01:06:32--> 01:07:10

However we find for every disease there is a cure at least the other men at the job even though these great things that were given to this individual and let's find allies highlighted that there is a cure. As you find under Rasul Allah He suffered the loss of limb Canada limb Omaha the outcome of the masura mineral Quran. He taught them just like he taught the companion surah from the Quran, Shahada for yesterday Billahi min Arabella the individual seek refuge from for the wordings different, different in the way that they presented. In Aloma in Yarrow to becoming ardabil copper wire will become infinitely messy the gel will only become infinitely

01:07:12--> 01:07:49

long, narrow to becoming massive mineral matte semi well macro, consider some narrations have for example you find here woman shattering mercy the gel, we're all becoming fit netic the gel woman shared with it nothing messy, the gel will only become infinitely messy the jelly found various wordings that you can come back to the words of Hadith and whichever one is easy for for us to memorize and to learn is any totally any acceptable inshallah. Also what else what else will protect the individual from the jellies we began with is three, four SoTL calf is narrated by imitate Maddie, the beginning 10 Ayat of sowton calf,

01:07:51--> 01:07:54

as narrated by Imam, Muslim, and Imam.

01:07:56--> 01:08:34

You can see it goes to the opinion as well, rather than the final 10 is some highlight to be read when one goes to sleep to recite these you need these 1010 is and that's even some as we mentioned, go to the holy surah base in the Hadith because of the surah has many benefits and topics that you find inside there. Other forms of protection that you find is a termasuk bill Islam to be a servant Islam holding foster teaching of Islam, and Al Pharaoh rumina dogen and to flee away from the jungle. As you find that don't hope to meet him as you find it in a hadith regarding the man who loses faith and falls into his deceptions a person shouldn't think oh, I've got strong Eman. I don't

01:08:34--> 01:09:21

mind meeting the jealous person to flee away from him. Stay away from from from this individual. Where can we individually flee. That's what we may might be thinking. American ality lottoland that there are certain places the gentlemen enter and that those places are any as we find like liat, Medina rotable Merci de la Yama in cyber to honor Kali Bab money can that day the fate of mercy had the jail will not enter into Medina. It has several entrances and upon every single entrance will be two angels guarding that area. While your curb and massage they will not enter for massage. It must be really hard on any machine haraam, the carrabba, Michigan Medina mosquito poor mosquito oxide

01:09:21--> 01:09:23

narrated by Muhammad in his Muslim.

01:09:25--> 01:09:47

It's obviously a person is living in that area. And he as we know that earthquakes will come and the hypocrites will be thrown out on a date. And how many there will be a number thrown out for this from the placid area and only the pure Muslim to remain there. Then you find a question may arise. Some people talk about us for the duration. You mentioned the Prophet Mohammed says I'm seeing him was making to walk around the house. There's some integration. He's talking about seeing

01:09:49--> 01:09:57

what he's making the tawaf that the alumni have highlighted about the seeing of the job, that the two views are given by him and know he

01:09:59--> 01:09:59

and I like

01:10:00--> 01:10:41

In hodgetwins, first he's shown in a dream his appearance. So it's only a dream in a dream is making the top top. So in terms of making the power and oh you visualize it at the job making a tower. Secondly, there is nothing preventing the job from entry McCann, Medina, because that was not his, his initial or his, his pure exiting of coming out as being at the journey. So if he was there in that area, he was not at the jail at that time. So he was allowed there. Once he declared himself to be at the job, then you'll be forbidden for him to come any in acid is Amanda and of time you will not be allowed to enter into uni, the precincts of Makkah and Medina and so those are the two

01:10:41--> 01:10:55

interpretations of those happy as for any refutation of some of the some of the doubts that you find which are written about the job, some people say the jail is not mentioned in the Quran, there's no dhikr of the Japanese are the Quran.

01:10:56--> 01:11:09

That is true though. There is no decree of the judge and the court under some who say we only take from the Quran, we don't look at a hadith however, the Quran indirectly does the need discuss him he does discuss you need the concept of you need the job.

01:11:13--> 01:11:37

First you find why he has he not been mentioned inside the Quran Firstly, we find the first answer that we can give is because the unknown shark with a very because even individually, there's no need to mention him. So the essence of this individual is even then it may highlight then how comes that always mentioned in the Quran. He was an evil individual because you're only claimed lordship and however that was for that specific region or for that specific unique time.

01:11:39--> 01:11:54

But as for the indirect area, which will make it more clear talking about uni and the gel is if you look at Surah Surah Nisa the fourth chapter, verses 157 to 159 indirect versus which talks about any other job and talk about uni

01:11:56--> 01:11:57

resub memoriam

01:12:01--> 01:12:49

so here you find that if you read these are yet what oleum in cottondale Merci de Santa Maria Rasool Allah mercato una sala boo Allah can be hella home. Wine alladhina la foofy Isla Fisher came in Milan bohemian Latina one mama pata Lu jacobina Baraka Allahu La La Cana lo Aziz and hakima y Min kitabi, Illumina Nabhi kablammo T, Wyoming Yamato chacun rollin shahida So, you read these verses talk about a submarine that did not kill him, they did not any, Crucify Him etc. The books at the first year offer the many Hadees talking about the role of Isa and his tasks when he returns, which is to break the cross to kill the swine and not take the gesture and to kill the Antichrist. So

01:12:49--> 01:13:34

indirectly is talking about that they you did not crucify a submarine but refer low labor was lifted him up, and he will return back and you will have to Illallah you mean a Navy cobbler Moulton, you will believe in Him before his death. So when he returns, what is the task of a 70 million because a 70 million he's the only one that is going to kill the job to do the job be Bab load. A submarine will kill the job in the door in the area of load, as defined in the narration mentioned by Imam Ahmed in his Muslim load is a secured area for Philistine or any bait and knock this out close to current date Ramallah International Airport, that is an area of load in today's any language.

01:13:35--> 01:14:04

Secondly, you find the second version to court uncertain and an arm the sixth chapter and verse 158. Yo Yachty back to it. Rebecca Leon Coronavirus Emanuel amtico. American hobble Casa de Manya Hira on that day will not benefit the individual. Any Yamazaki back to it Rebecca when some of the signs of your Lord will come up talking about the major signs and then after proceed highlight the major signs of Allah. Allah is the journal

01:14:05--> 01:14:36

that once the journal comes out, a man will not benefit you if you have not already believed in him. Like what you find is inside the Quran you need 40 of chapter verse number 57 that is one Hadees he talks about a Lucien that he is any ajar a messiah the Hadees narrated by Imam Bukhari ignacia in your surfy pillar, Abdullah condominio hudl Medina, Taylor from the alongshore and some of the companions took the view that he is at the job like armor and even your armor and Jabir and a Buddha.

01:14:38--> 01:14:39

They said that this individual

01:14:41--> 01:14:41

is at the job.

01:14:42--> 01:14:59

And the clearest view is that he is not at the job, as you mentioned, and the judge still has to appear, because what happens and you can understand why they began to have this understanding is that when the Prophet met him, said, What can you see? And he said, I can see a throne on water

01:15:00--> 01:15:04

To understand this is the art of man, we know that this is the throne of a police.

01:15:05--> 01:15:23

So he met the prophet and talk to him and express Prophethood in Revelation. So the Prophet Muhammad who tested him, he was a young boy at that stage and asked him a question. He had something in me and he said to him, What am I concealing? What is it I'm concealing from you? If you know the unseen, tell me what I'm concealing. He said Who?

01:15:24--> 01:15:25

Who, who.

01:15:27--> 01:16:02

So he said part of the verse referring to uni and Doohan the smoke, because you find for Takayama, that is somehow be the honey moving on that day when the old Smoke will appear because the appearance of the smoke is one of the major signs of day judgment and the profit margin so just leave him alone armour wanted to kill him he said you cannot you cannot abuse at the jail and if he is not there's no benefit in you killing him and even even to the end of his life he used to mention these people think I'm the gel as we began the jelly bean is barren I've got children in I've got a family many so many interviews still thought that he was any at the job and he himself he says I've

01:16:02--> 01:16:43

got no any miraculous signs or miraculous actions that aren't many that I'm performing. So that was any in short any brief discussion about the job? based upon various sources of data to enter the room you enter the home and Island three the world are waiting for any and Maddy coming up the melody and mercy are coming on return Jesus recently Mercy Mercy, the jail the false light antichrist doctrine Ashura to say signs any of the Day of Judgment by sheer use of webbing is beneficial work as well. or coffee cups political and we'll be happy to lay undisturbed Furukawa tabula