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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season three episode 27.

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And welcome to production listen podcast season three. I'm your host, Dan Hamdi, and welcome to the production Muslim Ramadan hot detox challenge. So we're on day 27 of Ramadan, we could potentially have 2728 29, three days left, or maybe four days left, depending we do not know yet. So for today, your article is on how to develop family ties with the Quran. Okay? Now, the Quran is obviously what we call our blueprint in life. It's got everything that we need to live a life as a devout Muslim, but how much time to actually give to it? And when we give time to the poor, and are we seeing it as a chore? Or are we seeing it something that we're excited to do? You know, even for parents,

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parents, when you neglect your children, you know, you should read more clutter? And are you making your children want to read more? And are you making them feel like it's a burden that they have to do. So this article looks at how you can actually build your fan relationships through the app. And one of the key things is can and should be a family event, and core and should be a well structured family event, that is something very, very key in this. So it's not enough to just say, right, guys, let's get together, we're going to have a session on the car. And we're going to focus only on the areas that talk about being good to your parents.

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That's not a way to meet the quota and enjoyable, that's not something that your children will look forward to either an opportunity for you to use the content or sculpt them the same way as youth, okay, when your parents call you to the court. And if it's something that you're not incorporating into your life, you're not doing daily reading, there's a reason why your parents are insisting that you need to read more color, add color, and should be something that is a source of both enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. So you need to structure in a way that is engaging and interactive. It could be that through your car and sessions, you do recitation together, and then every week it is

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one person's turn to present a Tafseer on the set and a get your family members involved so that they have to do research, how can they present this stuff? See it? You know, some people think, you know, let's get the answer already got basic tafsir in it, we'll just get someone to read it within the family members. That makes for a very dull reading, okay, you need some that's going to be engaging. And the key thing that you need to focus on is making the core and relatable and relevant to your life. Remember, there are different parts of the core and reading, reciting, memorizing, understanding and implementing, make it something that is a part of your life, it shouldn't be

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something that you encourage other people to do, but you don't do yourself. So after reading this article, your next task of the day are, you are going to donate whatever money that you would have spent on lunch, and you're going to donate it in your mother's name to charity. After this, your task of the day is that you're going to do an lF prayer for each seller. So you're basically going to do a sauna prayer for each seller. So you do your to like as before you needed to rock as at least for the hook as before. Awesome. So I'm not as after Malin, and then your chef annual return after a short prayer, you're just going to incorporate some their prayers, because it's something

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that we need to get more in the habit of doing. Like it shouldn't just be we've done a five minute Salatin, that's it. No, we need to be doing more. These are tasks for the day. Shauna, you guys are enjoying these podcasts inshallah you guys have been following the challenge properly and then surely you guys are seeing reward from it and you're seeing benefit and changes within yourself and your own habits. I pray that Allah access all of our files and I pray that Allah forgives all of our sins, and I'll be with you tomorrow. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh