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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season two episode 21

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host me from our roof and I'm here with day 21 of the pre Ramadan boot camp. Hmm day 21. So that must mean that Ramadan is very, very close by now. So I hope that you have been benefiting from this boot camp, and really challenging yourself and developing yourself and getting yourself prepared for the month of Ramadan. Now what I want to talk to you about today is about building a mental model for Ramadan.

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Salaam Alaikum. This is Mark Faris, founder of productive at productive Muslim our mission is inspired to be productive again. And when we were doing this is through online courses and webinars that are hosted on productive Muslim this platform is a personal development platform for Muslims worldwide. It combines faith and science to overcome so a practical development challenges whether it's waking up early in the morning for overcoming stress or difficulties in life. And from Bonn we've had three special courses just from a lot on the platform. What is pre Ramadan called the robot boot camp. One is Juniper bond co production modan course and

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one is postmodern called postmodern Veep. So make most of this platform join us today at productive Muslim be part of this personal development journey with us? Zach Lafitte Salam aleikum.

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So one of the ways to ensure that you lead a productive Ramadan is to imagine what each day of Ramadan would look like hour by hour. So in psychology circles, this is called developing a mental model. And it's what athletes do before a race or pilots do before flying a plane. They imagine all possibilities of how their race or flight would look like, and all the scenarios that might go wrong, and what they'll do if things go wrong. So this is how you can apply this. First of all, you can download the productive ramadaan ultimate task and ADA. And I will link this task in Ada on the show notes of this podcast. And then the second thing you need to do is fill out the first three

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days of Ramadan and what it would look like plan each of the three days hour by hour.

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And then three, ask yourself what could go wrong with this plan? And what will I do if things go wrong? So go ahead and write down your routines for the first three days of Ramadan, hour by hour. And let me know how it goes in the show notes of this episode, which is productive Muslim slash s to e 21. So that's all for me today. I will see you all again tomorrow. And until then, work hard be sincere