Ahmed Hamed – Repentance In Islamrecite & Reflect #4

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video about a man named Subhanallah who committed a sin and is facing consequences for his actions. Subhan explains that he needs to stop his sin immediately and receive forgiveness for his past actions. He also mentions that he wants to stop his sin from continuing and seek forgiveness for his past actions.
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Spann law in this aisle, we get to know that when we actually reflect that when we actually commit a sin, it is we who lose, it's we who suffer from the consequences of our sins. So

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even though Allah subhanaw taala could get a full stop there when you sin, you will be punished but then it's out of Allah's mercy that he kept the door of forgiveness, repentance open for us Subhanallah the moment we commit a sin, we need to go back to Allah and confess our sins. And that's the way Allah subhanaw taala loves to forgive. So this repentance that we're talking about is though but in the sutra, which means that we need to accept our mistake our sin, we need to stop it immediately. We need to have this desire not to repeat it. And we need to make sure that we continuously seek his forgiveness for the sins that we have committed already in the past and if we

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have violated the rights of the people, we need to mend those as well. So when we do this Subhan Allah, Allah says forgiveness is waiting for you. Even if you have committed a humongous amount of sins. Just seek his forgiveness sincerely

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