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Introducing the Productive Muslim Podcast

The long awaited Productive Muslim podcast is finally here Alhamdulilah!

In this quick episode our founder and CEO, Mohammed Faris introduces the podcast show along with introducing the podcast host, Mifrah Mahroof.

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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast Assalamualaikum and welcome to the productive Muslim podcast, the weekly podcast where we help you live a productive lifestyle so that you can be successful in this life.

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Mr. Lee can productive Muslims. Welcome to the productive Muslim podcast. My name is Mike Farris. I'm the CEO and founder of productive Muslim company. And I'm really excited to have you all on board on this new venture, the productive Muslim podcast. It's been our dream for many years to launch this podcast. But sapan Allah Allah, Allah chose the time for us. And you really can't be more excited that the podcast has finally arrived. What this podcast about the productive Muslim podcast is a weekly podcast where we share tips and ways of living your life fully connecting your spirituality to self development and productivity. We'll bring on experts to tackle relevant topics

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and speak with productive individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a professional, a student, this podcast will have something for you. We can't wait to get started shot guide. Now I'll introduce you our hosts for the show. Mithra maroof. Some of you might known her from her other podcast, the Muslim life hackers podcast. Now she has been generous enough to join us for this podcast and help us set up and launch the productive Muslim podcast. Mithra has been hard at work putting all these interviews together and really thinking deeply about the structure, the content, how to edit it, how to, you know, bring this podcast to life. So we

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omafra to help in helping us bring the podcast to life Mithra over to you and it can't wait for you to get started. Thank you, Mohammed and thank you to the entire productive Muslim team for working hard to make this a reality. My name is Miriam Arif, and I'll be the host for the productive Muslim podcast hamdulillah It is an honor to be taking this on and facilitating the conversation on how to live our most productive life. If you are not familiar with what a podcast is, a podcast in simple terms is like an on demand radio show. So you have a host guests the opportunity to send in questions and the ability to listen to an episode whenever wherever you like. So that means if

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you're driving, doing housework, going for a walk, you can listen to the productive Muslim podcast. You can also subscribe to this podcast by heading over to our website, productive Muslim and tuning into the podcast from them. You can also subscribe to work on your mobile and information on how to do that can be found on that site. So do subscribe, and also help us get the word out there about this podcast by leaving a review for us on iTunes. You can do so by heading over to productive Muslim slash iTunes. So guys, that wraps up our first episode. It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope to speak to you in the episodes to come to even work hard be

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