Omer El-Hamdoon – Stories From The Past #21 Umm Sulaym and her Mahr

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who lost her life for a proposal from a man named Malik. She became a Muslim after the woman died and the woman had a big wedding, which was a big blessing for her. The woman had a history of being a woman who wanted to become a Muslim and had a lot of pride in her sister's actions.
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Throughout history there are many people who have sacrificed for the deen and in different ways. And today what I want to mention to you is the unique sacrifice of one of the great women of Islam. Her name is actually more known by her her cornea which is the mother of you know his mother of saline almost Salim who she's also the mother of NSE bumalik because you so known as almost Salim her her actual name isn't quite agreed upon some states, Ramallah some say Salah some say is a room a saw a law may cite a different different names. But anyway, there's almost a lame Greek woman in many ways as we will see in sha Allah Anna and I'm going to record a couple of videos on this in this regards.

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So make sure you do watch the others. She was married to a man called

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Malik liberal novel Malika Navarre

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when Islam rose and Islam reached yesterday about as it was known at that time before it became Medina, almost Salim that she became a Muslim. And that might be also related to the fact that obviously Masha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala, guide her to Islam, but she was also related to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from his mother's side.

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And his you know, from from the same the maternal side, so

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she became a Muslim.

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However, her husband, Malik was not happy that she became Muslim. And he

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was, you know, was upset about this. And

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he was even trying to, you know, in some ways, threatening her, her son ns, who was young at that time, she would, you know, teach him or try to instill within him the Tauheed belief in one God and he was saying, Stop corrupting my son. And Allah's pantalla gave her another son from this guy called Malik, his name is Alberto Alberto Malik, the full brother of Anna's also a righteous guy, Inshallah, we'll get talked about him in the future. So as Muslim, was married to Malik Malik once once on a trip,

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and during this trip this expedition he was killed. And so, it was like a gift from Allah subhana data because this man was a stubborn, he was not only stubborn, but he was quite, you know, quite a harsh person.

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So, she died and the nature of the society that this palette is such great practices that women and men want this, you know, these spend their lives, you know, bachelors, and married, widowed, somebody, the husband died or she divorced us to carry on get married, move on. And so, a man came to almost sinning by the name of Abu palha. And he proposed to marry her now, this is before he became a Muslim. So, it was the tradition back then that obviously any person who marries would give a gift to the potential bride

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and Maha which continued as an as a, as a practicing Islam. So she said, Look,

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I don't want any more, I don't want any money. Nothing, no cash, no jewelry, no gold, no special clothes. I don't want this massive wedding with a big reception and the big cake and a big, all these things.

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I just want them Mahato that you become a Muslim. You become a Muslim.

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That's my man. And that's the kind of sacrifice he gets Pamela such a such a great sacrifice. And in doing that, he obviously thought about the matter.

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You know, a person wants to become Muslim as well for the right reasons. And he thought about that, and

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hamdulillah was pantalla guides him made that as a reason for him to accept Islam, and he accepted Islam nounce Islam with the prophet slicin And she married him and that was really a beginning of a great blessing in this household which inshallah we will learn about in the future, but can see the sacrifice of this woman Masha Allah to sacrifice. A lot of women today are very obsessed with having you know, massive weddings and not just wedding big mohar sometimes they even compete with each other about the amount of that they have and how much should be paid and so on. Her Muhammad was that I want you to become a Muslim. And what a great sacrifice what a great blessing. But Allah

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Subhana Allah places in such women who are ready to give up on their personal desires for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala may Allah have mercy on her may Alexa turn be pleased with her great woman in sha Allah

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As we learn in terms of her sacrifices were slain. bint mille Han of the allowance

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