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Hola Darla says why certain Takara who che on Oahu Jairo. lecom. It may be that you dislike something, but it is good for you. Why certain Taheebo che on Oahu, we're sure we'll look them. And it may be that you love something. But it is bad for you, it is detrimental to you.

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So in this ayah, Allah is explaining a simple principle. And he's saying that as humans, sometimes we think that something is good for us. Whereas in reality, it's actually bad for us. And sometimes we think that something is bad for us. Whereas in reality, it's actually good for us. Allah knows, and we do not know. So it's like the person who struggles to take the medication because it's very sour, very bitter, doesn't have a good taste to it. But the doctor says, If you want cure, then you got to take the medication, and Allah will give you Shiva.

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So just as the patient struggles to take the sour, bitter medicine at times, but in actual fact, it's for his benefit. Likewise, there are many things in life. That does not make sense to us. It might seem very difficult and tough for us. But Allah says, this thing, good in there for you. There's some higher and some Baraka in there for you. You might not know it immediately. Allah knows and we don't know