Waleed Basyouni – Reflections on the death of journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the recent murder of Janaza and the distractions among Muslim groups and the media. They emphasize the importance of protecting people's blood and calling for clarifying the situation. The discussion also touches on the negative reactions of Muslims to certain actions, including black people being killed and non-Bigarian groups being targeted. The speakers emphasize the importance of human rights and justice in the fight against racism and emphasize the need for justice and hate towards those who have been abused.
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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena via the Hobart

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there is other points maybe in another Hotbot we'll talk about it. But I want to touch upon another issue quickly. In the last three or four minutes I have in the hotbar. We all heard and witnessed and some of us seen and witness

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that horrific

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crime that it was done and Palestine

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against someone who had been sanctioned safety and been grantee safeties, which is a member of the media, which is the reporter from Jazeera TV in Jerusalem, Shireen Abraca.

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She was shot, I believe she was shot in the head, you know, with with the bullets killed, she was killed, while she is trying to cover you know, and report to the world, the crimes that happen in a daily basis.

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I know she knows

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that she might be one day herself, the victim that she's been covering every day, for the last decade or so.

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And no doubt that this is a crime.

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And the irony is that the murderer

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will promise to investigate the crime.

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There is no doubt that this

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people and Palestine Palestinians

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the level of abuse and the level of

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violation towards the basic human rights, it's something that's so hard to express sometimes the words cannot express how much you feel about it. much anger, how much frustrations how much, you know, sadness that you have, when you watch what is happening?

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Yes, I know that this young woman

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her blood is not any different than many Palestinians killed for the last decades or so.

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Yes, got a lot of attention because of her position as a reporter. Because of all those myths for us as a Muslim, we know that every person's every blood is so valuable.

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Doesn't matter if you are a president or governor or are just a young man on the street. Every innocent soul must be protected. But it became even worse when it comes to area like this.

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It just a reminder for the whole world about what's going on there that there is no Palestinians no matter who he is, what it is, what gender, what religion, what has any regards. There is no discriminations when it comes to discrimination against Palestinians.

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that big reaction that we sow,

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among the Muslim world, and among the Palestinians, also a testimonial that the abusers they said is not only towards the Muslims in Palestine,

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but in against any Palestinians in the Arab Palestinians who

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decided not to bend their back and not accept the occupations of that land.

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Any person who believe in the freedom of their own people

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doesn't matter. Because this young woman was not a Muslim, she was a Christian.

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And she was killed. And you saw how Muslims responded to that with no discrimination to because she is also her blood is protected and she's a Muslim and non Muslims.

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Even if that person would be a Jews will all be standing in angry to protect the blood of any innocent person doesn't matter injustice and injustice.

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Also my brothers and sisters, if this been said,

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I also want to say and he mentioned that brought to my attention so many in the social media and people from the community asked me about

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some weird reactions to this, which is I call it a distractions from the case itself.

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And it because it was done, it is important for it to be clarified, but I believe those who brought this up out of ignorance, the causing distractions among the Muslims, which is when you hear people making salata, Janaza in a Muslim format on her

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line tonight up and making salatu Janaza on her eyes if she's a Muslim,

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or people start arguing on the media about your hammer Allah may Allah or

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Some people even says that she's in Jannah

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and now she's not a non Muslim, not a Christian and a Muslim.

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And saying she is in Jannah or saying she's Shahida and not you can say she's Shaheed of the Palestine shade and out of the Polya Mashi. This is a restricted type of Shahada. You know, but that doesn't take the shape and linguistic meaning, but as No, no, I'm talking about some people said, this is equal to the Shaheed in Islam.

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And people wrote articles to defend such ignorance and nonsense.

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I'm gonna say those people who bring this up and stare the community up by bringing these things up, in my opinion, V just distracting the Muslim from the real case. So we can get an engage and I said, Hey, you're not allowed to say this about you. And we start like fighting with each other

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as Muslim.

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But because this issue is has to do with the Amida, and unfortunately, some young Muslim and non Muslim will fall for that.

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No matter how much I care about human rights, I care more about Allah has rights.

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And there is no equal by someone who worship Allah alone. And someone worship Allah and claimed that he has a son to care do similar to yet have a turn meaningful to him.

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As much as I care about justice towards humans, I also care more about justice with Allah in the sheer caliber of him.

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This principle cannot be compromised.

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Agenda is not mine to distribute it, he deserves it. He thought she doesn't deserve it. She is with Allah He deals with her according to His justice.

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That's not my point. My point is to defend her rights as a Palestinian woman been shot unfairly. That's my right as a Muslim.

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After that point, she goes to Allah but for you to come to say all this on that No.

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Or to offer the same no matter him Allah there is no two opinions that's not exist. Not exist and I claim and I stand for it never exist that any scholar ever said that you're allowed to do such things for a non Muslims, somebody in die as a non Muslim, you cannot say your Hamdulillah you cannot say May Allah have mercy on him. intergender go to Paradise or you pray Janessa on them like the way you do the Muslims. No.

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You didn't need to be your ally. Yeah. And he had a better you didn't need to go from far left to the far right now. You just tell us the time out. We have to the issue today is not where she is or where he this person is. The issue today is why and where we stand but we cannot let political things like this shake our belief and make Islam equal to four and towhid equal to

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we can't allow that

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are just ignorant

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and shows how weak the to hidden the Eman and the value of to hate and the meaning of Allah and in humans heart unfortunately,

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that's when country became over God or equal to God. And it's not

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that's why I hope that we don't get distracted from the issues with such things.

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Man ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to bring justice to Shireen and her family and many Palestinians die unfairly in this beautiful land. May Allah subhana wa Tada

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bring relief to those who have been abused around the world. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us to always stay in the straight path and to guide us to always worship Him until we meet him on he's pleased with us. Aloma Finland our him know if you know if Rhonda, la Marfa Wilma and mobile Amin, Allah Marpha volna and imovel Amin, la Herman took him to a radical model Amin Fiamma. Shadowclan audio MongoDB

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