Ihram – Intention for Hajj – Lesson 2

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is one of the videos that we are talking in the series of Hajj, the meanings of Hajj, the obligations, what to do on what to expect, in hajj. And I spoken in the previous video about the obligation of Hajj and the importance and the virtue of Hajj and greatly had is a great time for a person to achieve so much. It's a time of connection to connect to yourself, and to connect to others, but more importantly, to connect to a last panel than to realize who you are. And to be in that to, if you like in that synchronisation with the rest of the world that is all obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala, as I mentioned, in Surah Al Hajj itself

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when a law talks about that everything in the universe prostrates itself, to Allah subhanaw taala, whether it's the heavens, whether it's the earth, whether it's the mountains, where it's the sun, the moon, the animals, and most of humanity, they they all submit to a loss pattern, and some have chosen not to submit. And so that in itself, and it's not a stranger that has actually mentioned this or that has you because Hajj is that act of submission, you know, it's going out of your way, spending money spending your time, and also as a physical challenge as well to go and nobody's going to do that unless they really have that connection to a loss of habitat want to do them.

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Now, part of being and doing Hajj, there are some important timings some important limitations related to place and time as for place, then a las panatela through the prophesize has shown us that there are certain points, which a person should not pass without doing that her arm which is to enter into a state of sacredness in which certain things will be her arm is almost like entering the sanctuary

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of Mecca and the sacred places. You have to not pass these points without entering to harness if you're going for Hajj or Umrah and these have been defined points which actually surround

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Mecca and the outskirts from different places. So the Prophet define the areas for if you're coming from Medina,

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if you're coming from Iraq, if you're coming from a sham coming from Yemen, different places, is there's it's there's border set points if you like that if you reach this point, then don't pass this point without actually going into her arm making the intention or her arm, downing the clothes and doing the things and then being aware of not to break the things that will break their heart, which we'll talk about in Charlayne later videos. I'm not going to mention those specifically, but those are quite clear. And today, when people come through their airplanes, through airplanes, you usually get an announcement on the airplane that look we're gonna pass what's known as the art the

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set allocated point. So get ready to do and to go into how long. Secondly, there's allocated time. Now for an MRI, you could do an MRI at any time of the year, so you can enter into the state of Iran forum or any time of the year. However, for Hajj specifically, you only have a period of two months and 10 days,

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which is after I don't want so from the length of show, why do Qaeda and the first 10 days of the hedger right up to the end of the day of arafah. Because after the day of alpha has passed, then it is no longer

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you're no longer able to do the hedge because an essential pillar of hedge is to stand at alpha and if they have alpha has passed, then you fall or you you lose that ability to do to get the reward of the hatch. So how much in terms of timing has to be done within those periods?

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Now, hatch and Ramadan, they have essential pillars, they have things which are considered obligations, there are things which are recommended, and there are things which within those things also have to be detailed. inshallah we'll be speaking about these point by point but also trying to touch on some of the inner meanings. Now remember, Hajj is about that journey that a person is going to connect to the last Pantheon so it's not strange that Hajj is should be used and utilized by anybody who are going to have to make the most out of it.

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There's not a vacation, there's not a holiday. They're just going to enjoy yourself and do a bit of sightseeing. So

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This is an actual act of a bada. And you are there, every moment of your stay in head, whether you are awake or asleep, should be rewarded by a loss pantalla. If you have that right intention, if you have that right purpose, that right attitude. And so like any other thing, intention is so important within doing Hajin ombre, and that's why it's also an important pillar of hedge and unblock to have that intention. But I'm doing the hedge and to announce the intention as well. That I might say, it's recommended to say what your intention is for you doing Hajj, Umrah, or different or a combination of both, which again, we'll talk about in due course.

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So intention, and the intention for a harem, which is to enter into the the sanctuary and the sacredness of doing the hedging formula. That is an important part of coming into, into this whole process of of hedge.

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intention isn't something very difficult. It's something in the heart, essentially, what are you intending? What do you want to do? But remember, it's about reaping the reward? And how do you repeat through the reward? How do you read through on you repeat by trying to make your attention as beautiful and as eloquent as possible. So don't just intend I was intended to hedge intend the biggest things as well tend to I intend to come closer to a loss. And I tend to learn, I attend to purify myself, I intend to meet other fellow Muslims, I intend to

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purify myself to have more taqwa to have more demand, do good deeds. To do this, this, I intend to give charity and lots of the more beautiful intentions you have, the greater reward, you will get from a lot of hands on with that. And with her arm,

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you're entering into the sacred city. And so therefore, your enzima once you made the antigen,

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and in your heart firmly recommended to announce it on your tongue, then you have entered into the state of Allah. And here, you will have certain restrictions on what you can do what you can wear, the practices that will modify that hold on, we'll talk about inshallah, but it really is about understanding that that purpose. So here you're entering and almost announcing to yourself that look, I'm entering into a more, if you like, a different level, a different state altogether, because now I'm in a state which I'm wanting to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So almost like I'm releasing myself from all the things that bring me down.

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When a person goes into alarm, or just before they go into how long it's recommended to do a few things. And the we know that Hajj is an act of gathering. Obviously, lots of people are going to be gathered at every different point whether it's in Bo off whether it's in society, whether it's in standing in Idaho, there's going to be minimum is Delhi for different places for many people. And there's always an emphasis by the Shetty that whenever you are in large gatherings, like Joomla, our site lead or whatever that you always are presented well in terms of your odor in terms of your smell, so recommended to have a shower at different points. And there's also to keep things clean.

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The important part of doing this as well as you enter making the intention. Also, this hedge is about lbn to remember, it's about answering the call that our las pantallas ordained on people to do hygiene, and one of the foremost Tobia which was told by the process enemies to say the baker lahoma bake love Baker luxury curricula bake in Alhambra. We're near meta Lego and milk. Sherry callek is called the tibia is like a response. It's like answering a loss or a law you've called me to do the hedge oil I'm answering you. So that's the whole nature of it. And you carry on doing this Tell me as much as you can fill in all those spaces that you have with your time with the television or with

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the the COVID was pantalla remember, so like don't leave any moments without being fully utilized. Wherever you're sitting there and thinking why should I be doing the baker lahoma bake the baker luxury curricula bake in Alhambra, we're near Mata laka wellmark luxury collection. So it's to say is to announce it to make that a part of you in that aspect. So Alexei before doing the home, make sure you get that wash in there to Raka which is almost saying that I'm This is my tour. Okay, exiting the non alarm state. You can put some,

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some perfume for the man on your body but not on your actual alarm cloths. And you've got the intention, you've done your account you then you're going to enter into a state of Islam. And you're going to then make your way over to the house to do the next important act of Hajj and in fact, an important pillar of how

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Which is the bow off, which we'll talk about Sharla in due course. Stay away