Omer El-Hamdoon – Safa And Marwa – Lesson 4

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the transmission of the worker's act, which is a long, long act that requires practice. The act is a combination of a Safa and Marwa, and is a demonstration of a culture of force. The speaker also mentions the importance of learning from past practices and bringing others' ideas to reality.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakato In this video, I just be talking a little bit about one of the other pillars of Hajj, which is namely called and say being a Safa. Marwah, and se is one of those words which actually means to walk with determination, or with purpose. And that's what we're going to be doing between Safa and Marwa the two small hills, located very close to the Kaaba. And this is no doubt an obligation it's one of the pillars of Hajj it's one of the pillars of Oman and must be done. A person must do this after the bow off.

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Although it doesn't have to be done straightaway can they can be a small

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lapse between you or even a person may can can return to it later, but it must be done. Nonetheless. Now a sofa and muralla two mounts and we all know the story relating back to the time of Ibrahim Ali is

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when he left his wife her job and young son his smile in this barren land of Makkah. And without having anything, no water, no food, a smile is crying, there is a need for some sort of help her job Alia Salaam, she runs between a Safa and Marwa trying to look for any help to see maybe there is anybody there on either side, maybe look for some signs of birds to see. So the water. And so by doing this on model war, actually, the continuation of this act has shown that we are remembering this ritual and this practice of hairdryer nice. And for those who actually go to Hajj will see that the walking between Safa and moto is actually one of those long, long acts it's not a short

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distance. And therefore it is an shows the demonstrates how determined her job the mother was to actually look for help and look for for water.

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There is great lessons in living also that reality of sacrifice. And also thinking about how mothers really do look out for their children very care. And I think that's a humanistic virtual reality. But obviously it's more so within

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This act, as I said, it's a pair of hands, it starts with the amount of sulfur. And so a person starts there goes up into the mount makes the intention and then stops, it goes down when you reach the other side, which is mudawar that counts as one. And then from Ottawa down to sulfur counts as two. So essentially, you'll be doing seven of those. And needless to say, if you're going to start a software and it's seven, you're going to end up at model wise where you will finish. Now much like tawaf, it's also an opportunity to remember a lot his opportunity to decode his approach to make the opportunity to reflect on where you are, and under different practices that you are experiencing and

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about to experience as well. With Hadrian behind is that life journey, it's very important to make use of it in many different ways.

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From the things that are recommended in Safa and model y is like I said to increase the requirements or law to increase the drive to rise up as much as possible on the Mount so that you're not just there is a line there which will show you where to start off with but if you go a little bit higher, people go there they turn towards the cab and make do I go down and increase their dry now there is a period of a small section, which is highlighted with green lights, and actually was highlighted before by green

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banners or flags in the past, which denoted a period where to run slightly run or just to walk slightly faster between those two time which signifies two things. One was the little bit faster that Tagil SLM run, but also there's another element which dates to the profits are licensed and because when the profit did dhamra

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after the Treaty of her davia brush, were rumors that the Muslims have become weak. They become old though these battles have actually affected them. They're no longer in good shape. So the prophet SAW sent him said this is an opportunity to show them our strength, show them our ability and while they were looking, that kind of portion if you like was where they

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We're seeing the Muslims and peering out the windows to see what kind of and so they were the Muslim.

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pilgrims were running in that period to show them that actually, we're still strong, we're still fit was doing good shape. And there's no way that you should feel that we have deteriorated in any way. So that's also one of the dimensions that a person can see there in with relation to the aspect of a sign, unlike go off site does not need to, you don't need to have

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as as as before and go off.

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However, it is highly recommended to do so as is it's highly recommended to follow the other acts related to the purity in terms of one's existence as well.

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And that said, sofar model is a very straightforward practice of going between those two,

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those two amounts, it is there for, to commemorate those acts that I mentioned. And indeed, there is a great time there in to remember the last pantalla to remember the rituals, the philosophy that Allah has placed and to glorify a law on to what he has now, I need to say here as well as another dimension is that during the time of the when the process lm ordain this, some of the Muslims felt a little bit of a burden or a little bit of, if you like, confusion about how they should carry out this ritual, when it was actually a ritual that was carried out by the pagans before because the pagans used to put some idols on the mounts of Safa and Marwa and they used to go between those two

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idols the form of sign so some of the Muslims fought that that might be you know, probably mystic Are we following their rituals. But alas, pantallas is actually a software model or not from the rituals of the machine, but they are part of the rights that are it he writes the rituals that a Lost Planet Allah has ordained in the software will moderator Misha Allah.

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So Allah has placed them there, they place them part of the rituals. So there is no burden on you to do those

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that acts because it actually is part of the house that Allah Subhana Allah has ordained throughout time and continues to be a pillar of action. I hope that's useful until I meet you in the next video. Sounds like

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