Omer El-Hamdoon – Hadith – Do Not Curse Time

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the phrase"the night and the day" in the prophesy syndrome, where individuals are accused of causing harm to their creation. They stress that individuals are not supposed to be causing harm to their creation, but rather they are the creator of their time and their day. The speaker warns that while it is a simple curse, it is not a authorization or excuse.
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In one narration, the prophet tells us that Allah subhanho wa Taala says a superbug, no Adam a doll. We're Anna doll vadla on the heart

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that Allah subhanaw taala says in a hadith, that the son of Adam meaning the human, he curses or he abused his time.

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At yet I am time in my hand is the night and the day. And in other version he said, in my hands are all matters, I revolve the day over the night. So, this saying of the prophesy syndrome, where he is directly relating from Allah subhanho wa taala. It's an important indication for us to understand that a person has to be aware, first of all, it's not good manners, or good behavior to be cursing or abusing. Like this Muslim should not be a LAN or fire hash should not be someone who curses you know, someone who's abusive foul in his language, but when you are cursing time, because sometimes people say, Oh, I hate the day that I met you on or I curse the you know, the day that we got

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married or I could you know, the make these kinds of statements. Yet when they are cursing the day or the night or the time or the week or the year or whatever, it's actually they are hurting or attempting to hurt Allah subhanho wa Taala because Allah Allah, Allah is not time because Allah is the creator of time he is the creator of the day and the night. But in doing so, they are

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cursing the creation of Allah, they who is the creator of the day of night, who is the one who has given us these elements in our life, it is Allah subhanaw taala So beware that you do not curse those things do not curse, full stop. But even then beware when you are cursing, the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala you creation what Allah has given you. And you might thinking I'm just, it's just, you know, it's just a very simple curse that I'm saying or maybe abusive, whatever. But in reality, you are rejecting that Allah has given you these great things in the value of time and day

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