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Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a concept used in the Arabic language Maccha, meaning "will" or "mistake." The concept is used to describe actions taken by a person, such as sucking a bone and touching a rock, as examples of behavior. Maccha is also used to describe actions taken by a person, such as drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, as examples of behavior.
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The word Maccha what does it mean? What does it mean not get what does it mean? It was mentioned in the Quran in the word bacchetta. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this word when Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call that Mecca. Mecca comes from the word Alma qu. And the word ultimate in the Arabic language means in the source to suckle, right? So if someone was eating a bone, and he was sucking the meat of the bone, that in Arabic is called Mecca love them. And when the child when the baby the animal when the animal is breastfeeding, from the teeth of its mother, then in Arabic, they see Miguel fasulo, without me that the baby animal, suckled circled the teeth of its mother mark.

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And so as a result, NACA was called Maccha. Because this is the land in which a person's sins are sucked away from him, the sins are removed away from him, and they are taken away every step is a sin removed in Ebola, and the kissing of how

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our sins being vacuumed and sucked away from a person. And touching a rock near Manny is also sins being removed, and moving from one place to another in the rituals of how our sins being removed. This is what Maccha is known for. It's like a massive spiritual vacuum, that vacuums the sins and the filth of a person. So if you have bad habits, and filthy habits, and evil deeds that you have been upon for years and ease and you don't know how to stop, and if you've given up and you've just accepted some kind of sin or some kind of bad habit in your life, because you've tried many years and you've tried thing of the thing and it's never ever stopped, then he is your solution. Maccha is

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the solution in where a person may put a stop to his bad habits and to his filthy sins and these evil desires.

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