Wisdoms Behind Pain and Suffering

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In Al Hamdulillah hinterland Johannesburg and over here on a stock photo when our elementary and fusino see Dr. Molina de la la la la la la la, la la la la, la la, la la la la la la la sharika wash Mohammed Abu whenever you who are solo

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yeah you hola Dina America por la haka, Ducati watamu tuna 11 tuna Simone de de fora como la de la comida de wahida. Alcala caminhada jaha WebEx amin humare geralyn Cassie around when he says Juanita

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What up? Hola. Hola de Luna v he will have him in a la Hakuna la cumbre Kiba yeah yo Latina de la Hello kulu polenta de de eusocial Akuma mala como la Koo become one minute where a la hora Sula hufa differs 1000 alima.

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All praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we seek refuge with Allah from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds from whomever Allah guides. None can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves the strain on can ever guide. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and obedience in the absolute sense of those two words but Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth is profit, and his servant and His Messenger when we send to the mercy to the world. Oh, you have believed or believing men and women have the taqwa of Allah observance and duty and

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consciousness of Allah present in your life at all places in all times, as best as you can. And do not leave this life except while gripping to that state of taqwa and that state of submission, that state of Islam, may Allah grant us and your life upon Islam and death upon Islam.

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After welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah, though agenda we resume with our discussion from last week, which is why is there chaos in the world? And why does Allah allow for there to be pain and suffering in this dunya in our existence?

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And we said that we need to first realize that the hype was oversold, the vast majority of events and people and health and phenomena in this world are good. And that is why we asked the question, why evil? Why are there exceptions to this good.

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And then we went on to say from there we will look from the right angle to take this universe certainly has a creator. And he has placed such good and such balance and such stability, and such livability in this world, the one that requires so much wisdom. And so when there are what we see as hiccups interruption,

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pinches in our livelihood in this world, we asked why did the most wise allow for these things to happen?

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And so we read it through the lens of wisdom, what is the wisdom?

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And we said that since he is the most wise there has to be wisdom. And there has to be a degree of that wisdom that is kept from us because we are limited creatures. And there has to be a degree of that wisdom that is hidden from us because how else is life with us? If we know all the answers to the test going in.

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And we said that Allah from his wisdom, showed us some general wisdoms and benefits of why evil pain suffering me exists. So that we can use from these wide banners, something to help us navigate keep us patient help us endure whenever we face obstacles in life whenever we face struggles in life, challenges, hardship, adversity loss.

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And today we want to speak about or start speaking about some of those wisdoms that Allah guided us to think about.

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very reasonable reasons for why we wisdom exists that we were guided to by our revelation.

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One of them for sure, is that Allah allows for evil to exist in the world, to keep us aware of the insignificance of this world.

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A lot turns our attention allows us to experience this world hurt this world pinches this world disappoints. This world causes suffering so that we do not settle for this world. And we don't become too lacks for this world.

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When it will always let us down. And that is why in the Quran, Allah villages does not condemn the dunya he condemns people that are

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Dubin hierarchy dunia welcome. I know we have people that settle for this world accepted our content with it, and they put their guard down towards it.

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And the nature of the human being is that the more he has of this world, the more diluted he gets by it. That's just our nature. You know, one of the, the great writers in modern times, not even a Muslim, he recognized this phenomena and human nature. His name was CS Lewis, he used to see that God whispers to us this is the way that he puts it. God whispers to us in our pleasure. He means that when you're enjoying yourself, you can hardly ever if you will hear the voice of God meaning you don't pay attention to God when you're enjoying yourself. The Quran confirms this gala in Delhi in Santa Lucia and Rahul governor, the human being crosses all limits when he feels like he doesn't

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have any need. When your needs get taken care of. You just you're out of there in a second. He says God whispers to us in our pleasure, and speak to us in our conscience, our conscience, meaning what meaning if we were to actually pay attention to God, we would hear him it's very obvious you can't deny God, but we don't listen to our conscience when we're in pleasure. He says, and he screams at us in our pain. Meaning when do we hear God? When do we pay attention to God? When is it so obvious and evident there must be a God, when we're in pain.

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He says it is his

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megaphone with which he arouses a deaf world when the world doesn't want to listen, a love his mercy forces them to listen, how does he forced them to listen, with these disappointment with these interruption with these Wake Up Calls, that are the greatest thing for them, as in the final lesson, he takes away from you to actually give you that's his nature, he doesn't take away from you because he doesn't care for you. He doesn't take away from you because he has limitations and doesn't have enough to give you or that he's stingy with his riches, none of that he meant or who up up. His deprivation of you so many times is actually him granting you so much priceless treasures. You know,

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I remember that. And I think about the story of

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Muhammad Ali Rahim Allah, the famous boxer. He was known and even would say about himself, I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest. I'm the greatest.

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And he was what he was celebrated as that.

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And he increased in greatness, and increased in fame when he gave up his belt his championship titled by going to prison and accepted that so that he wouldn't have to be forced to kill innocent people being drafted in the war overseas.

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And so that even increased him in greatness. So it's probably reinforced in him the sentiment that I'm great.

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And then Allah gave him what gave him the gift of a disease, gave him Parkinson's. Muhammad Ali, many people know he died from Parkinson's disease, his body began to fail him at the end of his life, about him a whole lot with Tyler.

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He began to lose his balance, couldn't sense of strength anymore, his tongue would get heavier and heavier and heavier. And in one of his final interviews before he could hardly be understood anymore, you can hardly make out the words, you hear him saying it with a very heavy tongue with a very heavy lift. He says, I used to say that I'm the greatest. And Allah gave me this disease to remind me that he's the greatest. So kinda died.

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Imagine, imagine Muhammad Ali would have met Allah with championship belts with the praise of the people for resisting to go to war and being a hero. What would that do for him? alongside that arrogance in his heart that he was the greatest? How did I love break the arrogance in his heart in a way that insha Allah guarantees his seat in Jannah with that disease, that very difficult dragging long winded disease, that the ability did him slowly but surely. And so this is of the greatest benefit of this world of the harms or pains that we feel in this world is to not settle for this world to realize it's insignificant, nothing less, nothing is worth it in comparison to the next

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Hola Hola. That was emiliana

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva La ilaha illallah wa ala Sheree cara, or shadow Anna, Mohammed, an avid who want to be you who are solo.

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And this is the second of the wisdoms that we will discuss today regarding why evil exists

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to make the relationship and the process of being tested in this world to be rewarded in the next world a reality. Because being tested means there's a challenge, right? Or else to find a test if you know the answers, as we said, and so how am I being tested? If I can't do wrong? Do I get any credit for that? If I were locked away in a prison cell, and I have not drank alcohol or use drugs for 10 years, do I deserve credit for this? No, it wasn't an option to begin with. But the fact that it was available, the fact that it was accessible and I restrained myself

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that those evils being available and me restraining myself is what makes the test a real test is what makes life meaningful. And I was though agenda reminds us of this throughout the Quran.

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He says a levy Kala Kala Mota will hire Talia Balu Akuma ucommerce and Ramallah he is the one that created the phenomenon of death and life that is of the evils we all run from. But he created those to exist to test you which of you will be best indeed.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says kulu neffs in battle mode, every soul is bound to die will taste death when a blue can be shared. We will play the fitna to melena total gerawan. And then we in light of that we will test you with good and evil, there has to be good and evil. And then you will come back to us and answer for all of this.

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You know, the idea of coming back to Allah, the idea of the hereafter decimates the whole problem of evil, the objection of why evil exists in the world. This is why

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atheists always when they want to talk about the problem of evil, they say, if there's a God, why is there evil in the world? And don't tell me to test me and I have to wait for the next life. This is because they know if there is a next life, then the problem of evil makes no sense it is not a problem.

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If I am murdered as a child, sometimes they give you gruesome examples, say they say this little child who got this disease and how could he tries to emotionally shame you into How could your God let that happen. But in light of the hereafter Allah is not being fair to these children. Allah is being generous with these children. Yet a child that dies without a chance of life. Just factor in the hereafter. What happens really, they missed out on 60 years here, they missed out on 100 years here of life. fairness would be to give them a replacement life, right? That would be justice a lot giving them another 100 years. Allah is not giving them another 100 years. He's not giving them 100

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million years he giving them endless life isn't t subhana wa Taala. And in a place that's not here, in a much better place. So this is not just from a love this is graciousness from Allah.

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That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, the example of this dunya next to the last era, is like the example of one of you you do is what I hope is we are hopeful again, one of you will stick his finger into the sea, and then pulls it out for Leon looby, my arogya let him see how much of the ocean that he takes back with his finger.

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Nothing. The finger dipped in the ocean takes nothing from the ocean. The comparison of this life on the next

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ends the discussion on evil.

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And so to enable us to use the evils and the good of this world, to earn to fulfill our purpose life to be meaningful to earn our ranks in the Hereafter is of the wisdoms why this is here.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in one ha de la Mel there Oh, Sophia has become one of you the place where he dropped his whip. Phil Jenna in paradise Hi, Amina Daniela Murphy is better than this world and everything in it.

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You know, dropping your whip means what? The Arabs or people that ride animals when you're traveling, you have a whip to make sure your horse moves. When you get home, you throw the whip down so you get off the horse. You just throw it down. You don't need it anymore. You're home.

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So expression means you simply arriving in general is better than the whole world and everything in it. Because if you had this entire world and everything in it, what's the

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point if it's going to end anyway, even if it were agenda, but it's going to end. What about a world that is superior and more or less think? You know how they used to say, Alhaji Abubakar key Cairo minister have been funny. That would that laugh is better than goal that runs out.

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So what about when you have something that's golden doesn't run out compared to wood that runs up?

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This is the comparison. And he said in the final Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us,

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you be an army le dounia mean scenario multi ama for you missile fanatee Hamza, a person that enjoyed everything more than anyone ever did in this world, from those that are bound for the fire will be just dipped into the fire one time.

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And then he will be pulled out in a level asked him how to write an email.

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Have you ever enjoyed anything in your life? He will say no, I swear by your mind now our exotic

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memorabilia and I've never experienced any good whatsoever.

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And the prophets often and continue to say Will you be AB se and engine

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dunia mean any agenda thielmann tm for your home a Sufi genetti Hamza, the person who had the greatest adversities, the greatest hardships ever from the people of this world that are bound to go to Paradise and they will just be dipped. They will be sample sampling the agenda, the paradise and then they will be pulled out and told held Murat Helmer Rebecca she'd gotten up. Have you ever experienced any hardship? Any adversity, any pain? He will say No, exactly. I swear by your mic on law. I've never experienced any pain.

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And he said Allah salatu wa sallam

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that on the Day of Judgment. Yeah, what do I do last year the people that didn't go through as much pain and suffering in this world. Sheena Europa handled Bella is one of the people that went through difficult tribulations, difficult tests are receiving their awards. The people that did not go through as tough tests when they see their award. They will wish low Korea but julu humble Macario that their skins were sliced with bleeds meaning so they can match them in reward.

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We will end here in sha Allah and explore some more wisdoms next week asking a lot though just to teach us that which will grant us acquaintance with him and grant us smoothness in our journey in this life. May Allah grant us in our families ease May Allah grant us and our families ease. May Allah grant us the certainty that will lighten for us the calamities of this world. May Allah pardon us and give us patience when he chooses to test us. May Allah forgive us and have mercy on us. May Allah teach us that which will benefit us and benefit us with that which he has taught us and to increase us in observance of him and knowledge of Him and love of him and duty to him. And adherence

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to the path of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may Allah be with the Muslims in every corner of the world and bring them back to his religion and his book, a beautiful swift return. May Allah return dignity to the oma in every corner of the world. And may Allah use us and have us be of those who contribute towards that before our time is done. A lot of Macmillan our Hamner, Laughlin Alhamdulillah, Allah felina or Hamner was in our in money out of Ghana, Allah Jalla Khurana Ravi appa novena Manasa dorina Raja has Ania with the help of Amina welcome Amina Allahumma in Nana odo became an admin Lanza will call me lakeisha when I've seen Natasha What do I use the jab Allah,

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Allah who may or have been in and out to Vika mean Alhamdulillah hasn't when I was a victim of that I just do And guess what? When are you becoming a juvenile? Well, when are also becoming available? Dania makalah recorded original Salallahu Salam Baba kind of being a Mohammed do it. He was like the drain.