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If this world is nothing, and you mean your mother is nothing, the father is nothing, your children are nothing.

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Then prayer is nothing because that's in this world. What I'm trying to get at is sometimes what you feel like is an emptiness. We think every time there's a problem, it's a spiritual problem. Sometimes it's something physical that's causing a crisis. Sometimes it's a big emotional, sometimes it's something intellectual that's causing a crisis. Sometimes you it's not something you can change.

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was quick,

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slow, Heiko, fresh, are you guys friends? Kind of? Yeah, two quick questions, because it's not going to tell you why I asked that question. Because of the shirts that we wear. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I didn't say it. I have one question in the context. And one question out of the car, because it's quick, by the way, okay. About the I up the meaning of the ayah that we

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said that it's about exact being meaningful about the value of something. Yes. And the, there's another idea that versus Allah says, Woman idea, man, haha, similar to a lot, run, etc. And at the same time, woman higher to dunya law or life? Doesn't this kind of decrease the meaningfulness of this world? The life of the question, and the second one is out of the kindness was coming from long way that they told me to have your opinion upon it. And that's the emptiness of the heart. How should we go about it? How is there anything to heal this the emptiness of the heart? Okay, yeah, this first Oh, can you can you ask him? easier questions next time. Okay, so.

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So, remind me of the first one again, my heart got empty after that second one. There was

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Oh, yeah. So the idea has meaning. But Allah also says worldly life is nothing but a game. But worldly life actually means. This is why context is so important in the Quran. When Allah says worldly life is nothing but a game and entertainment. He's actually talking about how people think that the the experiences you're having in this life are somehow permanent, or you get lost in them to the point where you can't see beyond them. Like, for example, when somebody's having a problem, then it's hard for them to think beyond that problem. To step beyond that problem, you understand? And what's the thing what happens in a game is that a game has a limited beginning and an ending and

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then reality strikes. Right? So a comparison is being made and how temporary the issues in this world are. But while that's one side of the equation, on the other side of the equation, of course, we're you know, well, Mama Doherty dunya phylloxera T, luckily, worldly life has nothing compared to the next life. Right? That's what that's that's a reality. At the same time, this limited worldly reality has extremely valuable lessons in it.

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Right, and extremely valuable. And those lessons are the ones that give meaning to both this life and connect it to the next life that they tie them together. And we have to live that dichotomy because one extreme that happens in religions, and even in some Muslims is this world is nothing.

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That's an extreme that is not the Quran that is not the Sunnah. If this world is nothing, and you mean your mother is nothing. The father is nothing, your children are nothing,

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then prayer is nothing because that's in this world. The carbon is nothing and then everything is nothing. Does that make sense? No, it doesn't know what this world compared to the next is nothing means whatever I do in this life should be of some benefit also in the next life, or at least don't violate the next life. That's the point of it. But and the, the, the insignificance of this world does not take away from its it giving a significant direction anyway. Right. So both of those things go hand in hand. And it does save us from a really terrible extreme because when you start saying this dunya has nothing I just want to ask her. I just want to ask her, then you don't you haven't

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understood Allah's book. Why did Allah say go look at the mountain Look at this beautiful fruit that I'm giving you Well, when I flew that on a command will help with the last few what I had, you know, like look at this beautiful smell in the breeze. Look at this tree with the fruits that have covers on them and you say Allah thanks but it's nothing. Nothing

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monetarily but cranial Tolkien nothing

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done we read the Quran. Okay, so we, I've noticed something every time somebody goes to an extreme is because they're distant from the Quran. Every time

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it will mention something but it'll balance it. They'll mention something then I'll balance it. And if you don't have that balance, you'll go either swing this way or swing that way and your worldviews gets

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It's really twisted. Okay.

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All the empty heart.

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Oh, man. Okay. You're recording to do that, that takes the pressure off. Yeah.

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That's great.

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So okay, so, briefly, my thoughts on this, I've talked about this before, but briefly for you guys, I tend to believe that human beings are complicated creatures that have multiple components to them, an intellectual component, a spiritual component, an emotional component, and a physical component. I'll say that, again, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical. It's at least these four, right? And the problem is if, for example, you are living a decent life, but you know, intellectually, you're capable of much more, you're not exercising your mind to its fullest, you will still be dissatisfied. Something is not something is missing. Even if you're praying

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spiritually, emotionally, all your relationships are okay, physically are in good health. Intellectually, there's a gap, and it leaves you with an emptiness. Similarly, there are people that are intellectually fulfilled, they are spiritually on point, they are physically okay. But emotionally, they've got some problem. They have a terrible relationship with their mother, they don't get along with their spouse, or they have a deep sadness inside them because of something that happened. And they're never able to cope with it, something like that. There's something missing. So this time, it's not the spiritual or the physical that's missing. It's the emotional that's missing.

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Other times, it's the physical, like, you're just you're sick. Right? Now, the thing is, these four things are not four different boxes in myself, these are connected to each other. So when I'm fasting, for example, when I'm fasting, I sleep a lot.

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Okay? And you know, when I'm fasting, I'm not able to concentrate and study as much, I'm just not able to do it. So the physical effected my what?

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It affected my intellectual, it did, directly or outside of Ramadan. When I'm hungry, I'm not in a good mood.

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I've had hangry, okay. La Hungarian. Okay, so what? So what is the physical is now affecting what? The emotional, the emotional, what I'm trying to get at is sometimes what you feel like is an emptiness. We think every time there's a problem, it's a spiritual problem.

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But the spiritual gets affected by the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual. Those three start having an impact on the spiritual. So somebody, for example, says, I just feel so hopeless. What do I can I make? I'm like, hold on, where did the homeless come from? I keep having an argument with my mom.

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So the problem here is an emotional one. And you're thinking the problem is a spiritual one. And you want to do our to solve this problem? Well, while you're making the DUA, you're still having the same argument with your mom over and over again, and you haven't actually addressed the root problem. And you think now this is becoming us. Yes, it can become a spiritual crisis, because you didn't address the thing that was causing the spiritual crisis. Sometimes it's something physical that's causing a crisis. Sometimes it's something emotional, sometimes it's something intellectual that's causing a crisis. Sometimes you start something you can change, a disability, it can change

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it. With Allah's hands. Sometimes it's a situation like a relationship like a Buddha hub. That's the Prophet's Uncle, you can't change uncles.

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You just stuck, whatever you got, you can't change it, then you have to learn to live with that problem. And not allow that to affect your spiritual and stop making delusional prayers or thinking that somehow if I pray that Allah will the tomorrow he'll turn into Hamza.

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He is who He is. Right? I can make dua for everyone's guidance, but in the end, they have to make their decision. A lot of times people's hopelessness comes from their inability to make someone else change. We're obsessed with making somebody else change according to our expectations. So that would be my, my two cents on the emptiness of the heart. But I also think that meaningful company meaningful experiences, they can replenish the heart quite a bit.

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