Stories from the Past #03 Al-Mubarak and Pomegranate

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there was once a man called Al Mubarak walk meanings, but the best one, he was actually a slave. But his master had sort of, through some sort of arrangement he had freed him, and he allowed him to work in his

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his orchard, which was an orchard of pomegranates. Now this man was was there to work as a guard. So guarding the trees, and obviously, like a security basically. So on one occasion, the man said to him, the man, the owner of the orchard, he came, he has some guests with him. So they sit down. So he said to what I'm about to go and get us some, some some of the pomegranates so the man will bark, he goes, he gets some pomegranate and he comes back. The the obviously, open them up, they they taste him quite sour, they're not sweet. He's had quite sour, get some more. So he goes and gets some more and they're all again, come back. They're also again, sour. So the man, the owner was

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quite sort of frustrated. He said, You You're, you're working here, you're the God you don't know which of the trees are a sour, which ones are sweet.

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He said, You know, so I am working here, you employed me, to God, the trees not to eat from them. You know, my job is not to eat the tree that I'm here. And when I'm the god, the guy said, I don't think you know, he thought that this may be is. He's just saying those words or whatever. But when he asked around, the owner asked around and so on, he found out that he This was actually true. The guy didn't even eat one of the pomegranates and look as Pamela This is a very important lesson which I mentioned towards the end.

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So on realizing that this guy is quite a pious man,

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the owner of the orchard, he offered him to marry his daughter, this palette, this is a great a great initiative because Subhanallah when you find somebody who has his God fearing his conscious for loss, Pantone has Toccoa then that is the best man for your daughter. Your daughter has to also be good for him as well. So he obviously agrees and they they get married Allah Subhana Allah blesses them in their marriage, and amongst their offspring is a man who has a giant of Islam, Abdullah ibn Al Mubarak, a great man indeed, he was not only just a

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hadith scholar, a scholar in in different areas of Islam, but also he was a soldier who was brave, he was courageous. He was there with the armies of the Muslims going out and he has a famous story in that regards, as well.

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And so let's have a look at this story. This this man who was a slave, he was free, he was employed to God, he was showing the trust, how important is to be trustworthy, that when somebody employs you, you don't even sell so many trees here, there's so many pornographic What's difference is if I just take one of these and eat them, but he wasn't eating them and obviously if he had eaten he would have said okay, this you would have known this tree is sweet, this tree is sour this fruit is and Samba he didn't. And that shows the importance of being God fearing. And not to think that when you are employed in any capacity that gives you the full right to make use of the resources of that

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organization unless you have permission. If you don't have permission, you can't go around saying Oh yeah, well I work here I'll just take, you know, some paper I'll take some envelopes, I'll borrow some stamps, without asking the very important and this man he left as some people commented, he said, he left the eating of the fruit for sake of Allah Subhana Allah so Allah gave him not only the fruit, he gave him the whole garden because he he married the daughter of the owner of the garden. So a lot is going to great things that can come with that. So there's a great story there. And also the other thing which I mentioned is that if you do find as a father, you find somebody who is

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righteous has stuck or then that is the best person for your daughter.

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Today, unfortunately, people have become very reserved about this. I'm not going to go and approach a man to to give him my daughter is like humiliating for me. He should come to ask for my daughter's hand in marriage, and what backward kind of reality that is because we know that today the best person or

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The best person Well the reality is that unfortunately not many people know but the best person for your daughter is a person who fears a loss pantalla and will treat her well. Great story