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Ramadan Reminder


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The recent death of Islamist Sayid Ben feod has caused devastating consequences for his family, including negative impacts on their personal lives and the loss of their ", [indiscernible], [indiscernible]. The importance of not being the victim of one's actions and not letting anyone else see them is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of building trust with family by not allowing anyone to see them and the importance of not letting anyone else see them.

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Data Loss paratime make it Charlottetown of beneficial escalus panatela to allow us to grow in this month of Ramadan to turn toward some long I mean and I'm going to start it off actually with

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letting people know in here those that don't know already there's a brother by the name of so hateful on who was the chaplain in Princeton University who was the son of one of the pioneers of Islamic work in this country Dr. Thought so fun. And him um so he passed away or him Allah to Allah just a few hours ago from cancer Subhana Allah his diagnosis broke right before Ramadan last year. And he made it all the way to this year. And Allah subhana wa tada called him back on this first Friday of Ramadan, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make that a good sign for him Allah I mean, just a few hours ago, there was a Hutton Quran that was completed for him, and do for him and people

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sharing their words about him.

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And his wife posted the status announcing his death. And the characteristic that everyone mentioned about him was his gentleness, how kinds he was so panela all of the testimony about him.

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And we asked Allah subhanaw taala, to bear witness to that was that he was a kind and gentle person, one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet. And his wife mentioned, he loved the product, and in all caps loved. I asked the last panel, to have mercy on him to forgive him for any of his shortcomings to accept him as a Shahid to comfort his young wife and young daughter, Leah that is left behind me Allah subhanaw taala care for them and take care of them alone. I mean, so why is this something that I want to pivot from? So Pamela, we've seen a lot of death in the last year. And one of the reminders that we've been trying to get frequently is to put your janazah in front of you

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and frame your life in accordance with your janazah you've heard so many hotels at this point, about death and janazah, and how you want your janazah to be over and over and over again. Because there were, you know, several weeks, you know, continuously where, after tomorrow, for example, we would have a janazah. And most of the time we talked about that we talked about that, from the perspective of the individual, that as an individual, everything that you do in this life, comes to a conclusion at that moment. And your page now is with Allah subhana wa Tada. And at that point, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Yes, bear with me It fell off the dead person is followed by three.

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Man Well, when

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your family, your wealth, your deets, two of them return. And one thing stays the family and the wealth leave you at the graveyard. Your Ahmad your deeds stay and somehow Allah one thing you know, it's it's like all the other people don't even count, you know, some kind of love because at the end of the day, the opinion of your family about you is more valuable than the opinion of every other human being in the worlds put together. That's not to say that sometimes there aren't unfair opinions even within a household. That's not to say that there aren't sometimes nasty breakups and things that come out of that. That's to say that the norm is that no one knows you like your family.

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No one knows you like your family, no one experiences your luck, your character, like your family, no one sees your behavior like your family. You know, you can fool a lot of other people, but it's very hard to be fraudulent with your character with your family. They see you they see you all the time and a lot knows you better than your family knows you and you know yourself perhaps better than your family knows you but people that are closest to you see things of you and in you that others don't. And the smart person is the one that takes heed of that and actually pays attention to that. No Subhana Allah at the moment of the janazah

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when you're putting your life in front of you, I want you to think about your family members.

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And I want you to think about some very specific things. And Allah II This is not to shame anyone, not to humiliate anyone, but I hope inshallah tada to wake us all up. There are some things that happened at the janazah that shaky acid can share with you. I can share with you that he moms can share with you people that work behind the scenes on the Jenna has sometimes that are devastating, even more devastating sometimes in the death itself. I'll give you specific scenarios

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when you pass away

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Your family are handed. And I'm speaking especially to the married people here, handed your phone handed your technology. Look through your stuff. You know how devastating it is when the family finds something at your death?

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Think about that.

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I hope it actually scares some people to think about that. Right? You know, they find things that were hidden at the time of death, and how difficult it is then to find any closure at that moment. It's a really hard thing to do, to try to counsel a family, when they found things that were hidden from them at the time of death. It is a very, very, very hard task, to try to talk to someone and explain to them, you know, forgive them, they're gone. Now. I'm sorry, I know this hurts you because everyone wants to bid farewell to their family member like a hero. Everyone wants to be at peace with those that they're burying. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to leave this world at peace

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with the inhabitants of this earth, especially those that were entrusted to us or those that were closest to us alumna. I mean, it's a devastating scenario. And I want you to put yourself in that position. You pass away, if you're married, your spouse is looking through your phone, looking through your computer looking for your stuff, what are they going to find? I can tell you some of the beautiful stories to a wife that didn't even know about her husband saw the home, that her husband had a secret trail of sadhaka not a secret sin, a secret shell of Southern beautiful spawn Allah, that testimony that comes right, but put yourself in that scenario. And I want you to think

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about that from now dear brothers and sisters, as you're putting ahead of yourself, the janazah, your own janazah your family, your family, your family, secondary to Allah subhanho wa Taala, of course, how Allah sees you is more important than how anyone else sees you. Sometimes we need some other things to really, to really block out the shape on when the shape on plays with us and gets in our heads and gets in our ways, and starts to guide us or starts to lead us astray.

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Think carefully

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about your family, and how you want your family to be at your janazah

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the people that are closest to you know you better than those that are not closest to you. And Subhanallah we often talk about abuse and people that that you know suffered abuse that was behind the scenes, we talked about people that suffered horrible things that saw bad character, and they're they're conflicted at the time of the janazah because it's like, everyone is saying all these great things. I feel like I should say great things, but I don't feel it. That's a terrible situation to be in. And all of these verses that we've been listening for the first few chapters of the Quran warning about hypocrisy. And the Prophet slice I'm talking about a person who speaks in lies a

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person who breaks promises. A person who betrays Amana, if a person can lie to their spouse, break the promises of their spouse betrayed the amount of a family, then that is a person that is learning how to master hypocrisy. May Allah protect the soul. That's mastering the facts and shape bonds giving you the tips and tools right, the tactics and the strategies to get around things. Now am I sharing this to put you in despair? What llahi I'm not. I am not sharing this to put anyone in despair. I'm saying Ramadan is a time to turn the page. tubal in Allah. repent to Allah subhanaw taala turn that page. Turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. We talked about these stories of people

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that shavon was able to deceive to where they went deeper into their home, tried to cover up their tracks and ended up doing worse and worse and worse and worse. And then the man that killed 100 people and turned back to a loss of hundreds out the door of Toba is not shot for you. The door of Toba is not shot for you sometimes to repair relationships with people that are inside your family that you may have hurt and you may be hurting and they don't even know sometimes that's going to be very, very, very difficult. Very difficult. But the door of Toba is open the door of repentance with Allah which is the most important door is open. You go to your grave you want to go at peace with

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and at peace with the inhabitants of this earth starting with your family and Subhanallah and with this notion, you know the in the Quran, Allah talks about and certainly those that turn back to Allah subhana wa tada before they are apprehended in property on top of him, those that turned back to a lot before they're apprehended. Right? You know, sometimes we've gone deep in certain ways. Don't wait to get caught. Don't wait to get caught make Toba to a loss of hundreds and turn back. It's too often. Too often. That shavon leads us in these little footsteps. It's usually in these devices of ours. rebuild your trust with your family.

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rebuild yourself with Allah subhana wa Tada. Be sincere in your Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala and make sure that when you go to that grave that your family bid farewell to you and they are at peace with you. And they say yeah, Allah He was a good man. Yeah Allah she was a good woman. Yeah, Allah He was a good husband. Yeah, Allah she was a good wife. Yeah, Allah He was a great father. Yeah, Allah she was a great mother. Yeah, Allah He was a great friends. Yeah, Allah she was a great friend. Yeah, Allah when no one else knew. That's where they were for me.

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Go to your grave in that state with a loss of Hannah Montana and have good deeds, has an art that you hide even from your family. You know, one of my favorite narrations about monster piano. 30 or haemagglutinin is one from his wife. So piano photo Kamala was a school of claws of sincerity. Right. We had several foot buzz about him. He was a school of sincerity, and his wife says something so beautiful about him. She said that there were times that he would try to hide his tears from me. His dad he tried to sneak out of bed perfectly and he would hide his tears and do and Vicar. And he would try so hard to hide them but she would find that his side of the pillow was wet from his

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tears. How much better is that?

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Then secret messages?

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Watch out

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and aim high. Ramadan is the time to cut all of those haraam relationships off Ramadan is the time to rebuild trust. Ramadan is the time to overcome those subtle elements of hypocrisy. Ramadan is the time to build your relationship with your family, and put your funeral in front of you. Put your janazah in front of you frame your life in accordance with your janaza dear brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to leave this world at peace with the inhabitants of the earth at peace with our Lord may Allah subhana wa tada let our secret deeds be better than our public deeds. Let our private lives be better than our public lives. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to treat

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the people that are closest to us with the best of our Allah. Allah Allah amin and Subhana Allah you know I have to end with this because I was thinking about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we always mention it shifting acid frequently mentioned the hadith of it shall not be allowed on her kind of hold up, hold on. Isn't it amazing? Not a single person after the death of the Prophet slice alum had a story to tell that put him in a bad light. All the people around him. Multiple spouses, children servants people around the profit slice of them not one story leaks after the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sallallahu wasallam that's our example. Kind of political who may Allah

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make us people of the Quran? Allah amin please keep making your art tonight for him um so apes will find in his family. There is janazah should be tomorrow in the nighttime so please keep them in your door and all of our dear brothers and sisters that have passed away does not qualify to sunlight going outside and cuts