Omar Suleiman – Virtual Reality & the Fitna of Dajjal

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in protecting oneself from false messiahs and practicing faith in praying is emphasized. The speaker discusses five things the Prophet Sallua taught about staying in a gym, memorizing ten verses from the beginning of every prayer, not putting oneself in bad situations, not being in deception, and not resorting to false deception. The importance of practicing these things in advance to benefit from faith and achieve success in praying is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of not thinking about long term consequences and rewarding one's deeds through deception and rewarding one's deeds.
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Brothers and sisters, in every one of the scriptures of the past, you find this notion of false messiahs, false messiahs that come and go. Some of them are more advanced than others. Some of them have certain tools of deception or the circumstances allow for their deception to last longer than others. And sometimes as the tools advance, then the case becomes more convincing because every one of these false messiahs that has come makes a claim. And so if you are looking in Judaism, you have false messiah after false messiah after false messiah. And then there's the concept of the ultimate false messiah before obviously, the ultimate Messiah. And then on the other hand, you have messiahs,

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who are like Mujahideen, people who revive until you have lmsc, the ultimate Messiah, who of course is reciting his Salam Jesus peace be upon him. And so in our conception, as we look to this idea of the job, and we talk about a digital and what the digital looks like the Antichrist, the False Messiah looks like. There are few things that I wanted to cover a bit in the nighttime before us today, more about the conditions in which a figure like that can rise and can take advantage of so many different people. Now over the last 200 years, or last 100 years in specific, the tools of deception have obviously increased the quality of those tools, and those mechanics have increased.

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And so, you know, when the TV first came out, some said, that's the job. It's your iPad, it is your phone. And then no, you know, it was Facebook. And now it's Metaverse, and these are all the jobs. And while there are certainly forms of data, certainly forms of deception that are enabled to these tools and those tools, you know, as they develop, become more frightening.

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There is the the job that we hear about from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in numerous traditions, and there's a specific twist to this the job and that is that he is the ultimate deceiver. He has the ultimate optical illusions is able to play with people's eyes and able to deceive them with his claims in ways that other people before him were not able to. So he is the culmination, if you will of all of those tactics, while certainly the conditions prior to him make his arrival right. Now before I go into the conditions in which the job rises. I think it's very pertinent that we talk about the things that the prophets lie some told us to protect ourselves from the just very briefly,

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number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned Eman faith, and specifically faith before it's too late to have faith before it's too late to profess and to have faith a Zemon Allah de la yoke bellafill Eman. There's a time when faith comes or there's a time when faith is no longer accepted and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that artha that there are three things either Harada once they come out lion Pharaoh Nelson he Nanoha lamb tekun ammonites McCubbin O Kesava te Nanea the prophets I seldom said that there is a time that comes once these three things arrive. At that point if a person did not profess faith, or none Techwin amulet COVID O Kesava te Manaea Hydra, they did

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not benefit from their faith. They did not benefit from their faith, meaning it was merely an expression, but not actually a heartfelt reality or something that was acted upon or practice the Prophet slice. And I mentioned the rising of the sun from the from the West, the profit slice I mentioned at the job and he mentioned the dabba so he mentioned these three things, the rising of the sun, the beast and the Antichrist, and that at that point, Eman does not benefit a person if it's sought to be initiated at that point. It's something that you have to do in advance. The second thing the prophets lysozyme gave us was in was knowledge. And the prophets lie. Salem told us who

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this person is and what he looks like. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that no Nabee was sent, no Prophet was sent, except that he warned his people about an al Qaeda, about this one eyed liar. And he said he is one I and your Lord is not in our back home Lisa B Allah your Lord is not one I will in the Vayner na hemoglobin CAFR and between his two eyes on his forehead is written the word katholische Okay, he is written as a disbeliever. Now this builds upon the previous one which is faith. Why because faith is what inspires that proper knowledge. And that knowledge is not merely information, it is knowledge that you ascertain that you affirm with everything that you have

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So there's number one faith before it's too late. Number two knowledge of the digit. Number three, the prophets I seldom

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taught us to make a deer at the end of every one of our prayers I will write all the Allahu Tada and who narrates that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that at the end of every one of your prayers when you finish the to shepherd, each one of you should seek refuge in Allah from for things say Allah in the rule obika may either be Johanna woman or the woman fitna tilde mafia Walmart woman surely fitna sigma see had the job again. Allah in the arrow to Vika Mina, Adobe Johanna, oh Allah I seek refuge in You from the punishment of Jana woman either I will cover and from the punishment of the grave woman fitna tilma, here will not and from the trials of life and death, woman shatter the

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fitness, intimacy had the job. The prophets lie, Selim said, memorize this and say it at the end of every prayer before you're testing. Now, of course, if you don't pray, then you're not making the drought. So it all builds on it, right faith, knowledge of who the job is, the faith and knowledge of how to pray and then the prayer that you do on a daily basis. And the point that you make in every single one of these prayers, you learn this job, you memorize it, and you say it every time. Number four, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever memorizes 10 verses from the beginning of certain calf, he said Rosie Mammon at the job, he will be immune from the fitna from

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the trial and tribulation of the false messiah. And another narration the prophets lie so I mentioned the last 10 verses are sorted cuff. And it's very powerful because if you think about the people of the cave, the sleepers of the cave, they were people, young people that left the allure of this world and left the deception of this world they sought they sought to flee from fitness is to flee from that deception, and to protect their faith and Allah subhanaw taala calls them a miracle in which he allowed them to sleep through that fitna for hundreds of years, right and he made an example out of them a positive example out of them Subhana wa Tada. So, the profit slice on him

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said, Whoever memorizes keeps these 10 verses the first 10 And the last 10 asserted calf, then they will be protected from a digit. Number five. The prophets lie Selim taught us to flee from fitna flee from tribulation. He said Salalah Harney, who was seldom Let he who hears of the digests go far away from him for I swear by Allah, that a man will come to him thinking that he is a believer, he'll challenge him. And then he'll leave confused by the ideas and by the deception of the judge. So the prophets lie some taught us in general, don't put yourself in bad situations. Don't put yourself in bad situations. This is of course, a general principle of fleeing from fitna to avoid

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places where your faith is likely to be compromised. Don't put yourself in bad environments. So the prophets lie Sona saying, Allah is not tasking you that if you hear about this person, that you go and you confront him, No, rather flee from this person, flee from their deception, and of course, flee from the types of things that would be put out there by the job. So these are five things that we take from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, of how to protect ourselves from a digit, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us that protection, Allah Amin, but here's what I want to go on to.

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The journal does not arrive in a vacuum.

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He does not come at a random time. There are things that precede him that are not to signs, but that make the environment for deception, that much more fertile, and make the hearts and the minds and the vision more susceptible to being deceived. And that's where this hadith where the prophets lie, some said from Edison cinematical the Law No, and pay attention to the wording, you know, sometimes Subhanallah we read through these things so fast, and every word you've got to pause and think, you know, I never thought about the way the prophets lie someplace that here he sent SallAllahu wasallam in JAMA, the journal skinnin Hadera. The prophets lie Selim said before the job comes, there are

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years of deception before this false Messiah comes. There are years of false Messiahs and deceptive tactics, years of false deception years of these things happening. Right The world changes in a way that it sort of sets the ground it sets the stage for the job. And what happens in those years of deception the Prophet Seisen said you can see her Sadhak that a truthful person is called a liar while your son Kofi Hellcat, and the liar is considered to be truthful why because the liar

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is good at deceiving and covering his lie whereas the truthful and this is something very profound. A person who is truthful, will not resort to deception to prove their trustworthiness.

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Right. And so what's going to happen, they're just going to have to take it on the chin. That's how it's gonna be. Because a candidate will do whatever it takes to portray sick, whereas a thought that is comfortable, truthful person is comfortable with just being a truthful person. Right. So that's what happens first, then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that the that the trustworthy people are discredited, people of Anana are considered to be discredited. And those who are treacherous, are trusted. And the prophets lie Selim said, we are to Kela Murphy have reliable, he said SallAllahu wasallam, that at that time, the most disgraceful of people speak, their voices are

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projected. So people can't distinguish truth from falsehood anymore. They can't distinguish trustworthy people from dishonest people anymore. And because of that, who's going to take the stage? Right? And the prophets I said, I was asked who are they, somehow the way he described them, he said Alpha basic, little for sec, little men, little men, subhanAllah little people, little wicked people. But at the same time, they speak about affairs, all types of affairs and all types of things they have no business talking about. They cause all types of issues for people. This is what precedes at the John. So this is what's important to understand here. The world prior to him, is a

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world where realities are distorted, realities are distorted, and people seek to create their own paradise on Earth, our sensibilities our are lost, and our fitrah is compromised, our natural goodness and inclination is compromised. And so people operate in a day and age prior to a digit in Vanity, and they can't see past their immediate surface level of vision. And as people become shallower, the tools to distort shallow realities become more advanced. So people can't see beyond the movies and the graphics and the and the tactics and that stuff right in front of them. They can't see beyond that. But at the same time, they trust it more.

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And the tools by which you can distort all of that are becoming more advanced. And so you have the situation where if that shallow reality doesn't immediately satisfy me, and this is how it affects faith, denied denials. So that's why you see people deny faith in the name of rationality. Now, not that Islam is not an intellectual faith. Islam is an intellectual faith, if you don't use your senses, use your brain. But then people treat their senses as divine, even those those senses are being constantly compromised. And if I can't see it immediately in front of me, then I'm not going to believe in it. So, you know, when people talk about faith, and they talk about gender, and they

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talk about not and they talk about ocular hereafter, and they talk about the unseen and all that stuff. I can't see it right in front of me. And even though I don't even know what I'm seeing anymore, it doesn't make sense to me because I can't see it right in front of me and Subhan Allah, ironically, those who deny the existence of a digit, you know, in the name of some enlightenment, those who deny the existence of a digit in the name of no visual evidence, they're displaying the very weakness that makes them more likely to fall for his visual distortions. I can't see it. I don't believe it. Where's this the job now? Oh, really? The job sounds funny. You know, and so

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people that start to deny it like because I can't find it now. I don't see it now.

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They trust their vision so much, that they're most likely to fall victim to their vision when the actual digital rises may last pantile protect us from His fitna Allah I mean,

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where do I want to get to this inshallah Tada, and what do I want us to really take home and think about

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the job himself this false messiah. He knows he's an imposter.

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And he sees things Allah subhanaw taala will cause him to see things that put him in his place. The Prophet slice of them said and Medina, yet he had the job for God to melodica when when when the job comes to Medina, he would see the angel standing in front of Medina holding their armor and he would not come anywhere near them.

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The profit slice and him said when the job Caesar, he saw it, his Scylla the actual Messiah, Jesus peace be upon him when he sees or he Sati slump literally starts to dissolve and run melts and flees away from him because he knows he's an imposter. And he knows that his time has come. But there's something that I want to get to that is beyond that, which is, you know, when the job is presenting all of these different things to people

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A virtual reality that you can step into, that will completely take you to where you want to go. Right? He's presenting to you, the dead. He cooperates with the shale clean, so that the shale team would take the image would take the vision of a person who has passed away that believes in him. And that affirms him. And he's creating all of this, all of this deception, there's something very specific that I want to get to. And that is when the job actually presents his gender.

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This is something somehow that just caught me and I just couldn't stop thinking about it. When the job presents his agenda, and says, enter into my agenda, go ahead and enter into my paradise. And there's something of his magic SubhanAllah. And these these tricks and this deception, that speaks to a weakness that grows beyond within us as well. It's not just about the tools, but also about the search for instant gratification, and inability that we're developing to see past surface level, where people in general try to recreate themselves and their universe to fit their desires. And they don't think about the long term consequences. They don't think about ethics, they don't think about

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what this is going to mean. So then what happens when this the job presents his Genda

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and says here, you can escape, you can enter into this, and you'll have everything that you want. You don't have to wait for anything, just go ahead and step in.

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And I think about May Allah protect us? I mean, the prophets lie sometimes to seek protection, I think about people and the mindsets of people as they take that step in.

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Right? And what's going through their minds? Is it that they're so convinced that he is indeed God?

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Is it that what's the worth of this life anyway? You know, somehow I remember watching the some interviews with those that are

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going to Mars at this point where you know, are signing themselves up and listing themselves knowing that it's a very risky mission. But I remember one of them saying, you know, if I die, then it's better than being in this world anyway.

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I thought, wow, he literally listed out the options, like that's how he did the math. He said, You know, I either make it to Mars, or I die, or I stay in this world. And he said, staying in this world is option number three for me. So I take option number two anyway, over option number one, you got to think about that. Like what world nurtures that right? Where people try to recreate themselves and recreate their perfect world and someone that might say, You know what, I don't care, I'll step in anyway, what's the worst that could possibly happen? What's the worst that could possibly happen? And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that he comes with an agenda and or not

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agenda itself the likeness of paradise, the appearance of a paradise. And he said that his Jana is actually fire, his paradise is actually fire. And another narration, the prophets, I seldom mentioned that he has these two flowing rivers. And there is no contradiction between the two. The two narrations here because the prophets liasons presenting, what he's saying is very specifically, as that he's got these rivers of lava and burning and fire, right, and he's saying, This is my, this is hellfire. And he's got these rivers flowing, you know, Musk can have milk, the image of which he says, This is my agenda. He knows what the profit slice and I'm set. He said, If one of you sees

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that if you get into a situation where you're standing right in front of him, and that's what you have to do. The profit slice on him said, lower your gaze, close your eyes, put your head down and drink from the boiling water. And he said, I swear it will be cool water is Jenner is not and has not as gender flipped. Trauma, like Don't be deceived by what's being put out in front of you like that. And people have to ask themselves, you know what motivations and weaknesses, the job preys upon, that could be within us. And this is what I want to end with. The deception of the job cannot happen without the deception of dunya. And the deception of the devil can't. The allure of dunya is

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one of Xena, Xena to hire to Junior, right? It has appearances. But we can't see past appearances. People become relegated to the material world they can't see past it. And the promise of the devil is what? That the consequences are not going to be that bad. If you boil down the deception of shape on the deception of the devil is what? That the consequences of your deeds you should not think about because it's not going to be that bad. Right? The pleasure that you're going to enjoy right now is greater than any possible consequences you might face. That's a mindset that's a weakness that's exploited and that grows.

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And so then the final piece of that is simply a presentation of what you want to jump into. And we have to resist as the world becomes shallower, and our senses become more distorted.

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falling prey to that type of stuff. And thinking about the long term consequences and thinking about purpose when it's so easily diluted and thinking about why we exist when it's so easily diluted and thinking about the hereafter when we can't see it and we don't have 3d graphics or, or actors or movies and what thinking about agenda we're not thinking about that meeting with Allah thinking about that meeting with the prophets. I'm thinking about that idea of being held accountable and thinking about that idea of reward and punishment. You got to see through it all, and remind yourself that I can't turn my senses into something that's divine, nor can I put my trust into tools

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that are becoming evermore deceptive and deceitful. May Allah protect us from all of the fittest that we are surrounded by May Allah soprano allow us to develop that strong sense of faith and certainty that we see through deception and that allows us to act in that which is pleasing to Him and may Allah subhanaw taala reward us for the best of our deeds and forgive us for our shortcomings. Allah Amina political the other stuff that I do, like Monty said was to invest in a whole food wine hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah while and he was a human wala Lama, Mineola, twin Muslim you know we must demand here minimal Martina Casimir and Karim emoji with our Alma

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hooded and our Hamnet lifeline Noah to live in one on one personnel in Tofino to learn akuna minal Hostin olam indica FluentU hebbal alfalfa Allahumma Feliway Dnata Bahama monumental bonus era, Habana habitat, Amin as well as you know the Bianchini karate area. Regina mustafina Imam Lamassu cuando Mr. La Vina fimasartan Aldo do Nevada law article by immunoblotting mean was originally one and then veniam said you mean about the law and the law here a little bit I deal with their son. Well, you talked a little Corbeau inherent in fascia you wouldn't want to carry well Valley ever coming to come to the Quran fefco Allah hath Kuru come watch guru Juana Nirma. Is it luck? What are

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the CRO Liaquat Allah young metal stone welcome

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