Unreasonable Goals – The Faith Revival

Omar Suleiman


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of setting long-term goals and striving for them, as it is essential for building faith. They stress the need to set realistic goals and pursue them in union with Allah's teachings.
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such short term goals and long term goals, long term we all have something to strive for. We will never surpass the Prophet sly summon his companion. So long term I want to get here. Short term I can't go from not reading Quran at all to reading the Quran three times a month I need to start somewhere. I can't go from not praying my five prayers on time to praying all night long or to saying that I'm going to play piano late every night. Start with your five prayers. I can't go from barely fasting Ramadan to trying to fast every other day going straight to the fasting of that would not answer them. If you set unrealistic goals for your faith, you will feel defeated when you're

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unable to meet those goals. So what do you have to do? You have to set goals that you can achieve in sha Allah. Once you achieve these goals and baby steps, then you build on them in sha Allah Tada. You don't start with with these lofty goals you build on them.