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AI: Summary © The importance of science and the connection between the Prophet Muhammad's story is discussed, including a brief advertisement for a man struggling with addiction and struggles with relationships. The struggles of people who surrender to Islam and try to transform them are also highlighted, along with the challenges of hardships and loss of time. The importance of trusting oneself and staying on the rules is emphasized, as well as the importance of gratitude for one's actions and the need for gratitude in the face of failure.
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In the next section of a song of the SHA, Allah azza wa jal begins recounting the story of Musa

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Remember when we were called out to

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go to the wrong doing people, the people of Pharaoh? Will they not hear a lot?

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When you are reading the format, it often happens that Allah azza wa jal changes the topic suddenly.

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Here a law had been talking about the importance of science,

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and what it takes the requirements of sincerity and piety, to notice and to follow a lot of science. Now, all of a sudden, we're talking about Moses.

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But there always is a connection. There always is a common thread. When a law changes topic, even though he rarely spelled out explicitly to us.

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He wants us to figure out

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what's the connection between the story of Musa

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the rest of the chat?

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Wasn't Musa on a given size? wasn't gonna

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show signs? Aren't the Stories of the Prophets? signs for us? Just like the Earth and the Sun and the Moon? Yes, but Stories of the Prophets are sides for everyone pays attention.

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The first part of this story involves a conversation between Musa are they

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the law is legit.

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We're jumping in at the point where we lost a ton of votes, Hana has made a profits and given him his mission, go to the cinema

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Musavat, et cetera response in a way to show that he's not so sure that he's able to do the job.

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Call me in the hospital and you can people.

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He replied, My Lord, I fear that they will reject me.

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We don't leave to somebody. What are they going to

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And I fear that my heart will become broken and my tongue will become tired. So send it along as

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well. I'm ready.

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Path halfway in the afternoon.

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Also, they have a charge against me. I have a rap sheet. So I hear that they've been killing.

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It is telling of musos character I made the Sunnah and his sincerity, that his first reaction

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upon being made a prophets is to doubt himself.

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He wasn't jumping at the chance. He wasn't ambitious, meaning that he wasn't trying to get famous or make a name for himself.

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He knew his own shortcomings.

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And in one of the most selfless acts in the history of mankind. Musa sit down asks a lot to make his brother, a prophet as well.

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Can you imagine?

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Can you imagine if you were given something great in the dunya, a house, a car, a million dollars in income for life?

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How many of us would think of our siblings right away? How many of us would think I have to share this with my brother or my sister

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and Musa alayhis salam has given an honor not just in this dunya

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but in the afterlife as well. To be a prophet, to be old enough to have a secure spot in paradise to have your name with remembered forever.

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And his first thought is his brother.

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So Musa alayhis salam is sincere. He is humble, we can tell by his reaction. He is also struggling with something that all of us struggle with

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From time to time, Musa alayhis salam is struggling with the question of TA.

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Mousavi, the Sunnah can't see that anything of this story? Or maybe he knows how it should, and he knows how he would like it to end.

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But he can't imagine how the present situation can reach that happy ending.

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How many times do we find ourselves in the same situation as pusa

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we all want mostly the same things out of life. We want a nice family. We want good, meaningful relationships. We want a steady income, we want health and safety from heart. But in this life, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam compared to a prison for the people of faith,

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we don't always enjoy those things that we want.

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Sometimes our families are filled with conflicts. Sometimes our relationships are complicated.

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Sometimes our income is in doubt, or even completely non existent. We don't know where the next meal will come from, or we don't know how we'll pay the next bill.

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Sometime sometimes it's our health and our safety. We get into an accident as we suffer injury or disease. And like most babies survive, we can't see how we're going to get out of the mess that we're in.

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Because hardship is variable. When we know that we have to just hold on for a little while longer for a short period of time. But when there's no end in sight,

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when we don't know how long it will last.

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That is a scary situation to be in.

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And this is when the devil comes to you.

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This is when the devil comes to you when you're afraid and he tries to suggest things to you. Either. He suggests that the way out of this situation is through something that Allah subhanaw taala does not allow.

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Or he riles you up so much about how unfair your situation is, and how much you deserve the things that you want. That the devil starts to turn you against other people or even against Allah azza wa jal himself.

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The lesson in Musa this confession or at Sudan to Allah azza wa jal is that we can't always know of how we can always know how a loss kind of was ALLAH is going to provide for us or restore our health, or to heal and our hearts or men and our relationships.

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And the fact that we don't know how it will happen. Well, that's actually the whole point.

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As someone who used to lead groups on camera, I can tell you that the people who had the best experiences were always the people who were willing to let Allah figure out the how. And the people who have the hardest time letting the Hajj letting pilgrimage transform them. They were the people who tried to control everything, every step of the way.

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on pilgrimage, anything can happen.

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itineraries change at the last minute roads closed down, buses break down, bags get lost, people get left behind.

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Those who have not completely surrendered the How to Allah subhanho wa Taala are thrown into crisis at the smallest hiccup.

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I remember one pilgrims, who became separated from our group during a wall.

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They were so panicked and afraid that they didn't realize that all they had to do to find their way back to the hotel in the clock tower

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was to look straight off and they wouldn't have seen the clock tower looming, right.

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On the other hand, people who have surrendered to how to Allah subhanho wa Taala often have incredible experiences on pilgrimage. As a group leader. I'm usually

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able to maneuver the people with me to touch the Kaaba at some point during a while, but touching the black stone, that's something that is a little too dangerous to do with big groups. So one time, one of the men in our group, he really, really wanted to touch the black stone. And so I told him, You can go off on your own Bismillah and I'll see you tomorrow.

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I caught up with him the next morning. He told me that he stood near the Blackstone for hours and hours,

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not moving an inch. The crowds are so

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just when he was about to give up, the crowd suddenly started shifting.

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He said that the crowd sucked him in like a wave, moving him against his will.

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And the next thing he knew his face was right in front of the Blackstone.

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Do we think that any of the hardships that we suffer in life is without the permission of Allah subhanaw taala

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getting lost in the law, given a second, poverty hurts feelings, it all happens with the permission of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And since we go,

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and Allah shows us over and over again, how much he loves us, and how much he wants us to succeed. We can only assume that a loss upon with the other allows hardship to happen to us in order to make us better people.

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Hardship is an opportunity for us to strengthen our faith and to strengthen our reliance on the loss of time and

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did we think it would be easy

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at the end of the day, all we have is our connection to Allah our creators.

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And all he is asking from us is that we trust Him and that we stick to the rules that he says, if we do have Allah Subhana Allah, He will take care of the house

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he will find a way

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if we just leave it up to him Well maintenance off the bat is out of the way resuming faithful earlier testing and Whoever fears Allah Subhana Allah will make a way out for him and provide for him in a way that he never even expected Hakuna Valhalla was nothing more than a company serving

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what's up if you want to know

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what's actually

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to Steven

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trusted Allah. So Musa obeys, he goes to

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tells them about Allah and demands that they don't let the people of faith leave Egypt.

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Listen to the responses that

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allow them to be convener when either one of the Phenom in Hungary Cassini, there are protests.

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Did we not raise you almost as a child and you say for several years of your life and our care

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what the odds of that and that's a tendency for after one and

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then you did that thing that you did? You were so I'm grateful

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that he brings up the past. He recounts the favors that he did for Musa

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I close the eyes.

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And now after all I've done for you. This is how you repay challenging live authority, claiming that there is another God besides me.

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Reminding someone

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of the favors that you've done for them is a symptom of spiritual disease.

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Allah azza wa jal says it's sort of a bucket. Oh yeah.

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That's the

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other cabinet the usual people. Nice

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The Metro will committed to the software and amazing

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care at

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all we will have believed, do not invalidate your charity and the things you do with reminders or injury. Like just like someone who spends his wealth only to be seen by other people, and does not believe in a loss of common was a highlight of the last day. Such a person is like a snowball and Boulder with a little bit of dust on it with a downpour comes and leaves the rock completely bad. They are unable to keep anything of what they have heard, does not guide the disbelieving people

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for admits us from reminding others of the features we've done for them and compares such a person to someone who spends money just to show off

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because the type of person who reminds others of the good that they've done is revealing their true intentions and their ulterior motives. The moment they arrive at some point of the favor that they've done. They show that there were strings attached the whole time, that the favor was not done for all laws say the Follow button was done with expectations of favors in return.

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Remember, I will rule the law more on who and his relative Miss

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whom he supported financially, when missed often got caught up in the difference, the slander against the law.

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Volker declared that he would not give this off any more financial support

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than Allah subhanaw taala corrected him and told Abu Bakr to keep supporting us off, because cutting off this stock would have shown that nothing was

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expected something in return for the money he gave.

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That's not worship.

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That's business.

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As people of faith, we want our good leads to be part of our business with a loss of time with the Creator, not with the creation. All the accolades and the favor is all the praise that we receive from doing good will not help us at all in the afterlife. But whatever we do purely for the sake of Allah subhanho To Allah will remain and endure forever.

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he is doing business with the creation. Whatever favors he did for number seven.

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It was not for Allah subhanahu wa taala it was not sincere. It was for something in return. He was to protect himself from criticism and validate his delusion that he was calm. But it does not stop there. He brings up some of his past mistakes. We all know the story of Musa alayhis salam and accidentally killed a man after he was roped into a fight now that Allah is trying to hold this over his head as a reason to reject his requests. Watch how Musa response by the Abdullah either one of you know for me, Mousavi Slammer cries, I didn't back when I lacked guidance to put up to me. Let's not have to get off the hook now. Without any more serene so I fled from you. When I hear you that

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my Lord granted me wisdom and made me one of his messengers. Musa alayhis salam holds up to his mistakes. He doesn't defend himself. He doesn't deny what he did. But he does question the relevance of his past actions to the current situation. Fit out is basically saying, Look, you're being ungrateful for all the I've done for you. You're a criminal. On top of that, why should I believe in you? Or your dog? Mousavi is trying to question that entire narrative. He says yes, I did that. But that was a very different time in my life when I was confused. Now I'm a completely different person. Now Allah Subhana Allah has guided me and made me a messenger.

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And as for Musa suppose ingratitude, he challenges that as well. What silica networks to me

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And this so called favor which you remind me of that you explain this my people

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who somebody rejects the narrative that fit around ever did anything for Musa that couldn't be considered a failure.

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The whole reason that I found on the booster

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and raise them in the first place was because of its policy of exterminating baby boys just like moose

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and subjugate his people.

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Without the tyranny of Fidel

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Musa alayhis, Salam would never have needed a place to stay in the first place.

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That ominous a master manipulator, he created the problem, then the relief that he offers, is really just a way to control others. Some people are so lost in doing business with the creation, and so on accustomed to doing business with a loss of product,

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that they can only think in terms of failures and return. They even go so far as to claim that some of their actions or failures to mothers, when in reality, they are clearly not.

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At the end, it's literally printed off a loss of pilots or other reviews, some of the new Muslims for having a similar attitude. No, not a

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but the law

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delicately The

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only thing

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they consider it a favor upon you

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that they have accepted this.

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Go tell them do not consider your risk of failure upon me. Rather the loss of Hannah who has done a favor for you, that He has guided you to the faith, if you should be truthful.

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Search for tribes when they accepted Islam, during the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu.

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They used to act like they were doing a prophet so a lot bought me a favor. They were thinking of things only in terms of military alliances, since the Muslims have literally been in a constant state of wars that Medina and the vast majority of the Arabian Peninsula have united against them.

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So the tribes have accepted as

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they were only thinking of things in worldly terms. We could have fought against you. We could have opposed you like the others, but instead we decided to join you so you should be grateful.

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have also populates Allah corrected this attitude right away. No, no, you're looking at this thing all wrong. You didn't do anyone else a favor but yourselves. Allah subhanaw taala guided you and gave you an opportunity for salvation after you had been lost in darkness. So you are the ones who need to be grateful.

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This is an antidote to the attitude of entitlement. That imagine is that other people owe us things for the things that we do for them.

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Maybe you can give a loan to someone who needed it. Maybe you donated your time. Maybe you were merciful when you had the ability to punish someone.

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If you catch yourself looking for that recognition, if you catch yourself thinking well I did this so they should be grateful to me stop yourself. And remember You are the one that should be grateful. Not that Allah subhanaw taala favored you with guidance and the opportunity to do good so All praise belongs to hit the muscle on me rockin Can I have an amazing call Allah

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Yeah, so the money we're certainly testing a lot

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here, what are the people walking in the room

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we been? What are the shifts they want speaking? What definitely after a deed once already does that mean? What

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a loved ones.

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As one of the people although not so

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