100 Years From Now

Kamil Ahmad


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100 years from now all of us will, with our loved ones will be knocked above the surface of this earth. But beneath the surface of this earth 100 years from now, our internal feelings where we are headed, whether it be genuine or the Hellfire will become crystal clear to us. 100 years from now, our homes in this world that we worked so hard to build will not be resided by us, nor even our children's but rather by complete stranger, our businesses will not be owned by us will not be worn by us.

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Our names and our looks, and our images will be forever forgotten. No one will remember how many of us today remember our great grandparents, barely anyone. So why is it that we spend our lives consider about how others look at us forgetting about how ALLAH SubhanA wa? Why is it that we spend our lives worried and concern about the future of our possessions, our wealth and our property when it was a longer beat in our hands? 100 years from now in the loneliness of our brains, none of that will be of any concern to us. Our existence here in this world is nothing but the passing of a few warnings in the grand scheme of things.