The Firsts #19 – Her Wisdom

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The speaker describes a scene where a man named Subhana Allah is facing a prophecy and is trying to get him to drink milk Levin. The man is drinking and is trying to get him out of the hot sun. The speaker describes the situation as a distraction and mentions that the profit slice is watching it.

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You have a famous incident that happened that had that, you know, the Allman father is directly behind. And you know, Subhana Allah, if you if you've ever been to had you know that the heat can sometimes really, really become a burden. And I want you to imagine being an alpha and under the hot sun of alpha, and not knowing whether you should be fasting or not.

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So, in Medina, they started fasting alpha well before, right? I mean, they've been fasting for now, for seven, eight years before the profit slices hatch. And now they're making hedge with the profit slice of them and this is the first hedge of the profit slice, I'm with them. And they notice that the prophets lie Selim has not eaten or drink, drank anything, and that he's just making that he's exerting himself into out he put his hands up it his salatu salam after salah and he continued with his hands up never wants to his hands come down it his Salatu was set up. And so the Sahaba Are you know, coming around the Prophet slice alum, they don't want to interrupt his look at the end of that

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they have the manners that they have with the messenger it sort of stuff, they don't want to interrupt him and ask the Prophet size alone. Should we be fasting or not? But at the same time, they're getting dehydrated, it's hot. They don't know if they can break their fast or not. Allman father low Baba, may Allah be pleased with her she sees the scene happening. And so she takes a you know, she takes a glass of milk Levin literally. And she hands it to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so that there could be an intervention without there having to be an intervention if the prophet SAW some turned it away, then obviously they know they're supposed to be fasting and this was after

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awesome so they've already spent hours wondering if they should be fasting on the day of Otto for not when Omen father hands him the glass, the prophet sighs um, knows exactly what is happening. So the profit slice on him, he raises his, his glass to the sky, and then he drinks from it, it has slots. As soon as he did that, everyone starts to take a drink, because they knew now that they didn't have to fast on the day of alpha, if they were actually in alpha. And that was the wisdom and the participation of almond folded, or the law of time, as well, who had that vision who understood what was happening in salt away and enjoy the closest to the Prophet slice to get the Sahaba out of

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that bind?