The Firsts #16 – Suhaib Ibn Sinan Al Rumi (RA) – From Persia, to Rome, to Paradise

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the first seminar and hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman. So tonight inshallah tada we're going to be talking about the last of the first seven to show their Islam publicly to display their Islam publicly according to the narrations that we have cited when speaking about bilad and hubbub and Omar, and his character is one of my favorites to cover because he really is a character Subhanallah and has such an endearing personality that comes through even as you're reading about him in the books about what made him so endearing to the Prophet slice of them and the companions,

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his charisma, his humor, his, you know, his his journey to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which was so unique, and that is sohaib leucaena. And even Malik or Rumi, or the Allahu Tada. So hey, boo Xenon is a companion whose journey is similar to surmounted fighters get all the long time, I'm hoping that it brings together what was taking place with the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. And then, of course, what was taking place in the home of the Prophet salallahu. It he was setting them in the heart of Mecca, because so he ties all of those things together with his own personal journey much in the way that said Manuel, the Aloha of Thailand who does, however, so heaps

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is a lot, a lot less conventional, if you will, from the very beginning. So Manuel de la Juan, who who will talk about in detail, you know, his journey starts off at home in the Persian Empire as a Persian his father was, you know, a ruler, a leader amongst the Persians. So he didn't know Xenon was actually an Arab. And so you wouldn't know that if you read sohaib Rumi, you would assume he's Roman, and we'll talk about why there's an assumption that he's Roman. So havenwood, xenon is actually an Arab. And his father was an Arab, the name cyanide of nomadic, and his father was so intelligent was so advanced that on, you know, it appears to be a trade route with the Persian

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Empire, or something along those sorts, the Persian Empire, Emperor of the time kisara, appointed him to govern a city on his behalf. And so he's an Arab governor, in a city by the name of Bula. And,

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you know, he's an Arab governor of a Persian city on behalf of the Emperor and so hey, is growing up in that city. And this city is now by the way, part of bustelo, because remember that Iraq was encompassed under the rule of the Persian Empire at the time. So sohaib is an Arab kid growing up amongst the Persians, but his father is a leader amongst the Persians, which is very rare in and of itself. And so he was one who was, who was particularly loved by his parents, and to make this even stranger, so he was an Arab, whose father was a governor in the Persian Empire, who looked like a Roman kid. So he had white skin, he had blond hair, and so he looked like a Roman, but he was an

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Arab and he lived amongst the Persians where his father was a governor. It gets more confusing if you will, or not confusing, but it gets it gets more adventurous as you go through his story. So hey, was only five years old when his mother took him out for a picnic in a city that is in what was what was Nina, we were unicity, his cinemas from where the prophet Jonah is from. So Nina way in Iraq, they said it was an area, but by the name of assignee, and as suhaib his mother was playing with him. A group of Roman soldiers attacked that that city, and they took a large number of captives including so Hey, bro, the Lakota analysis of hannula you know whether it was a hubbub of a

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lot, who was kidnapped, sold into slavery purchased from the slave market ended up as you know, in the presence of the Prophet slice lm or of course, the the beloved, the beloved of the Habib sobre la vida, who is sometimes a dependent howdy fellow, the Allahu taala. And who, who once again came through socolor apart into the house of Khadija all the lohana into the possession of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and freed by the prophet, slice alum. All of these people have the story and this is why it's just so important for us to understand some kind of law. We don't know what's at the end of our story, each one of us has this unique story and the twists and turns that are happening in

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life are ending up at a certain journey. And clearly, you know, with so April the alongside on who Allah subhana wa Taala was planning in his favor, and things are taking place in a very interesting way. So so he is kidnapped as a five year old from the Persian Empire or from the rule of the Persian Empire taking place.

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Back with the Byzantines separated from his mother in the slave markets, his mother was sold to one to one master slave master, who, you know, would would take his mother away, and he never actually see his mother again. He never saw his father again. So hey, it was sold to another slave owner and sohaib would remain in the land of the Romans. And he looked like a Roman and Arab kid whose father was a governor in the Persian Empire, kidnapped by Roman soldiers would remain as a slave amongst the Romans For about 20 years. And so haip said that I would be you know, I would serve with one master and then I would go to another, and because he looked like a Roman, and he was in the Roman

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territories now, so he picked up the language of the Byzantine Empire, so he learned how to speak Greek. And so he completely forgot Arabic. Okay, so Subhanallah there's a story now for many of those whose parents are from different countries, maybe and have resided in this land, and they don't speak the language of their parents. So he'd lost his Arabic language, he really lost his Arabic identity, his Arab identity as he was amongst the Romans and their lands. So hey, grows up knowing that he is from amongst the Arabs, which is significant to his story. But he looks like a Roman and he is a slave in the Roman lands. And he speaks the language of the Romans. And he, you

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know, he constantly craves or longs to be amongst his people, right to connect with his roots, because he never actually had that being in the Persian lands, even though his father was royal amongst the Persian Empire. So hey, remain disconnected from his roots. And now of course, being taken into slavery and sold over and over and over again for two decades. So he longs for, you know, for that ability to connect to his roots. So sohaib looks for an opportunity to escape from slavery, and to head for the land of the Arabs, and he chooses Mecca. And there are two two, you know, parts of the story, none of them are actually fully authenticated as to what would have brought sohaib to

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the land of Mecca. There are some that right that suhaib had heard about the church leader speaking about the awaited prophet in Mecca, sallAllahu wasallam, which of course, in the land of a sham, there was talk of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So that's one possibility. Some of the historians they say that it was because Mecca was a place of asylum, it was a place of escape a place of pilgrimage and a place of asylum so so he wanted to escape to Mecca, and treat it like a place of asylum, so he escaped slavery from the Romans makes his way to Mecca. Here you have an Arab kid that was born in Persia, enslaved by the Romans looks like a Roman speaks like the Romans now escaped now

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to Mecca. And when he arrives in Mecca, he is either purchased initially by the love Ninja,

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or he is immediately taken as a leaf as one who is indebted to him as one who is under the protection, the guardianship of our beloved ninja Don of the love ninja. Dan was the richest man in Mecca. He was a person who, you know, who was well known for not just his wealth, but for his generosity. And he takes a heap of Romi. Again, whether he took him as a slave initially and freed him and made him you know, to be under his protection or immediately took him under his protection is not for certain, but it is important to understand the love ninja Dan story of the love Ninja, Don was the cousin of Apple back of a study called the law of town and the richest man in Mecca a

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powerful man because of his wealth, healthful food, which would have guaranteed the protection of the likes of sohaib. healthfully took place in the house of add the love ninja that he was the one who finances all of what took place and had fulfilled or he was well known for his generosity to people that were suffering and neighbouring lens. And so, you know, when, when the people of Sham were suffering, I'm loving to dine since 2000 camels to the people of Assam and loaded them with all sorts of goods so that they could, that they could have their needs fulfilled. People used to call from the roof of the cat, but to the poor, to tell them to come in to fill their to take their fill

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of the provisions of Abdullah ninja Dan. So I'm loving ninja and was a man who was very wealthy who was very powerful because of his wealth. And he takes in suhaib, of Rumi. And the reason why sohaib is called sohei by Rumi, even though now he's amongst his people, is because even until the day he died, so he did not speak like an Arab he spoke Arabic, but he always had a Roman accent all the time. I know even when he passed away so he looked like a Roman because of his appearance. He had blond hair

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At fair skin, and he spoke Arabic always with a foreign accent, like one who was not who was not native, due to his upbringing, all the Allahu taala.

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But with that being said he had a character that, that made him particularly endearing to Abdullah john. So I'm loving to john turns him into His representative. He taught him trade, he taught him how to be a merchant, he taught him how to engage the marketplace of the Arabs. So he was sharp. He knew how to engage with the Arabs, he knew how to, you know, to cash in on on major deals. And so in the process, he himself in his own right became very wealthy. So, so he was very wealthy, but he has no one to really protect that wealth because sohaib is not from one of the tribes in Mecca, where he could be protected. And so his protection, his protection solely rests, his tribal protection solely

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rests in the power of our beloved ninja Don. Now in the love Ninja, the an passes away. So he was just a rich man in Mecca, who trades who buys and sells and trades. And you know, he doesn't really have that protection. So if things are to go wrong, if there's any type of instability, so he would be the first one to have his wealth taken away from him, because he is is not protected the way that many of the others are protected. Now did he knows the Prophet sallallahu it was something before Islam there's a narration where he actually says so I helped him to be Salalah Hardy, who was seldom Kabbalah and you had a lady that I accompanied the Prophet slicin I'm I've been with the I knew the

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Prophet slice Allah, before revelation had come to him. And this could be in two capacities, either through the house of Avenger Dan, who again healthful floor was in his house, and the prophets lie Selim after he married Khadija la de la Juana in particular, was looked to by the nobles to solve their issues. To judge between them the prophets. I some was the youngest member of healthful football of the treaty that was made the pact that was made in the house of Ninja, Dan. So that's one way and the other way is trade. Right? So the profit slice and um, of course, himself was a merchant. And so he was a merchant. So they would have come across one another, perhaps through some

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of the trade that they were both engaged with it his Salatu was Salam O Allah, the alongside Allah. And so Hey, now, so hey,

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here's about the Prophet sallallahu. It was some calling to Islam. And so he caught on to this because so he was deeply perceptive in the marketplace. And so you know, he's he's very sharp. He's very perceptive when he hears the murmurs about the profits of lysosomes call. It immediately lands in his in his ears in his heart, he becomes very curious he hears before most of Mecca has heard that the prophets lie Selim is secretly gathering with a small group of people in an outcome to teach them about this new religion of his sohaib has experienced the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he did not grow up in idol worship the way that the Meccans did. So

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what you know, as far as his previous religious background, it's important to understand this, so he was exposed to Zoroastrianism in Persia, he was exposed to the to the religion of the Romans, the Christianity of the Romans, the Byzantines, and he was exposed to the idolatry of the Arabs. He's kind of seen it all. It doesn't seem like he had a particular attachment to any one of those practices, and any one of those faiths or ways of practice before, but he hears about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He's experienced, the nobility of the prophet SAW Selim, both in the house of image and perhaps in trade, and he hears that outcome is where the profits license is

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gathered. This narration that I'm about to share with you is so beautiful, because I want you to actually imagine the scene, right if you were watching a movie and things were taking place so perfectly.

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Who narrates the story of sohaib Islam? I'm not opening acid or the

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one and only he won Avi. Amar, the son of sumaiya. And yes, he says that I found sohaib lucky to sohaib nesina on alibaba.an outcome, while Sula he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said I and sohei both arrived at the door of a lot of time at the same time where the prophets lie Selim was inside. And he was teaching Islam to the handful of people that were around him. So suhaib and Amar arrived to come and accept Islam at the exact same time these two legendary figures in Islam. So So haven Ahmad arrived and Omar says that when we both got to the house of an outcome amongst that I talked I said to so

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Hey, mother to read, what is it that you what is it that you want? What are you doing here? And so haip said, Well, what do you want? You know, what are you doing here? Right? So they're both feeling each other out to see if they've heard the same news about the Prophet, slice alum, and his few followers and double outcome that are speaking about Islam. So Amar says, I said to suhaib, you know, I'm intending to enter upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and hear what he has to say neither of them are Muslims before they go into that house, right? So our motto says, You know, I heard that Mohammed is here. And I want to hear what he has to say. So he said, I'm here for the

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exact same reason. So they knock on the door of an outcome together. And outcome enters the door, they enter in and the profit slice on them is their battle arlena Islam, Islam now. So the profit slice and presented Islam to us and we accepted Islam. So Amar and sohaib accepted Islam together at the same time. Now we know as we talked about hubub, and Amar and Bilal and, and sumiya, and the acid, that they were going to be tortured in unique ways. We know that the powerful the elite amongst pro race would be tortured privately by the elite of their own tribes. So hey, is a very unique situation because suhaib has no protector. He has no Master, he has a beloved ninja Don is

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dead. So he's gone. He's fair game to flourish. And he's a tempting target. Because if you attack sohaib, you can take his wealth and right now, with the anti Islamic fervor that's going to grow in the climate and Mecca, the hostility towards the Prophet sly summoned his followers, who's going to stand up for sohaib in a society where they would have been hesitant to stand up for him in the first place, who would stand up for him as a Muslim now in that society, so they leave that house as Muslims, and they're going to be forever tied together. And so he is fair game to correct. When Quraysh finds out about sohaib Islam, and sohaib did not hide his Islam. He's amongst those who

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first made their Islam public. He's fair game to correct meaning anyone, anyone could torture so hate any one of the elites. If it was Abuja had one day or Mayor the other day, it didn't matter. Any one of them could pluck so hate from the streets of Mecca, and go and torture him for a few days, and no one would say anything to him. And the connection of Amar to sohaib is constant, the connection of our modern sohaib to bilad. And hubub is constant. As the narrations tell us in the books of CF cannot model vinyasa, you either had to remain cold or cancel Have you either had to lie under my a cold that Amar and sohaib used to be tortured, until they would not know what they were

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saying. So they would be beaten to a point of incoherence. They'd be tortured, hung out in the sun, with dehydrated, starved, and each one of them would be tortured to a point that they no longer were even aware of their environment. So they would be tortured to a point of being disoriented. And then you find, you know, some of the Hadeeth. And some, you know that we've narrated thus far, the Hadeeth of where the prophets lysozyme is told to abandon this lot, this group of people, and this group of people included Bilal and kebab and Amar and sohaib. So it was those types, they were considered the lower ones of Mecca, not low because of his wealth low because sohaib did not have a

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tribe in that area to protect him. So so he was disregarded by the people of Mecca, even though he was an Arab, even though he you know, he was wealthy, because he didn't have a tribe. And there's a beautiful narration from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam from a Bo Mama. And though the authenticity of it is questionable, it's in all of the books of Seattle because it speaks to something very powerful about the sabath about the four runners that the profit slice of them said

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a sabbatical autobarn that the four runners are for the first four the four runners are for NSI big pull up muscle, hey, cervical room will be la cibic will Habesha with salmaan subequal first and foremost, so he said so Allah Hardy, who was setting them that the four runners are for I am the four runner amongst the Arabs, sohaib is the foreigner amongst the Romans. Dylan is the foreigner amongst the Indians and salmaan is the foreigner amongst the Persians. So, even though so hey, by the way, it was of course, again, as we said, an Arab in his blood, but because he lived amongst the Romans, he spent his childhood amongst the Romans he grew up amongst the Romans, he looked like the

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Romans. He spoke like the Romans, he essentially was a Roman when it came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so the name fit him as so.

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habe Rumi or the Allahu anhu as he embraced Islam in those under those circumstances, now the hero comes and when the time of the hero comes, so hey bro the allot of time who was one of those who was basically borrowed from society. And he was also barred from the ability to make the hids alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he talks about this, he says that I try to migrate, but Quraysh basically chained me up and they locked me up. So hubub was freed, and Bilal was freed. So hey, remains in the state of uncertainty because there was no way to actually free him. He wasn't someone that you could go and purchase his freedom. He just had to remain in this status of limbo

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amongst Clarice this entire time. So he said that, you know, I was always held back by koresh. And he hid his wealth. This is also an important part of the story he hid as well. So so he has this wealth somewhere that Qureshi is unaware of hidden. And if you know the story of I'd love to do that, and it fits because in Japan got rich because he discovered some treasures in the caves on the outskirts of Mecca. And suhaib says that I was watched by the guards of Quraysh 24 seven, I mean, it was consistent watch for me, I was locked up and unable to go and join the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and his companions. So he said then the time of his little King, and he said, when the time

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of Hitler came, the companions had gone forth. And when the prophets I summon Rebecca will the allow Thailand who were to make the hits that I was supposed to be the third amongst them, but Quraysh blocked me so Subhana Allah, he was looking forward to accompany the profit slice I'm and Rebecca this vehicle of the alongside annual on that journey of the digital but he was unable to do so. So he separase blocked me I was locked up. And their intention was to forbid me from doing the digital altogether. So haev said every single Muslim, had left Mecca all of those who intended to make the hits that I had left to make the hits at all. Except for me, I was stuck in Mecca, all by myself,

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accompanied by the guards of Quraysh. unable to do anything in regards to my situation. He said, so one night, remember, so he was was a very smart man all the time. And he said one night I pretended to have diarrhea. Okay, so he said, I would stand up and sit down, I'd hold my stomach and I kept on requesting to go and answer the call of nature. So I kept on telling him, I've got to go, I've got to go. I've got to go. And he said that I did it so many times that night that they lost attention to me that they that one of the times it just got they got sick of watching me as I'd go out to use the restroom.

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They lost sight of me. So he said I immediately went to you know, when I went to use the restroom, or I pretended to go use the restroom. He said I took off. And I started to make my way to Medina. By the time they realized it, I was already you know, I was already advanced, somewhat to the outskirts of Mecca. So he said they caught up with me. And I was on top of a mountain or on top of the hill, actually. And I saw them coming at me. And I said to them, yeah, marshadow Quraysh in Neiman Marcus, voila, sido una la Hata on me conductively sermon marry, he said, Listen, oh Quraysh you know that I am amongst the most skilled archers amongst you. And he's pointing his arrows

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towards them. He said, Well, LA, he I will take every single one of these arrows and I will pop each and every single one of you. And you will not arrive at me. So he's threatening them with his bow and arrow and he's you know, he's he's, he's on top of the hill. So he could technically strike that group of people that came to him. So they call out to suhaib. And they say, you came to us with nothing, and became wealthy on our accounts. And now you think we're just gonna let you get away. You came to Mecca as a slave. And you became rich and Mecca as a representative as the belief of Abdullah lagna down. And you think that we're just going to let you come to Mecca get rich and

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Mecca, and now you're going to leave and get out of Mecca with all of your wealth. So, so hey, thought of a compromise. So haip says to them, Listen, I will leave Mecca, just like I came to it. If that's your concern, I'll leave Mecca just like I came to it. You no longer have any use of keeping me here and torturing me. Right? So he says, if you want, if you want my money, the life to come here, then I will, I will tell you exactly where all of my hiding places of my wealth are. And you will be able to go and to take all of that money. And the condition is that if I tell you where all of that money is, then

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You have to let me go to Medina. You have to let me go to Medina. So, so he told them exactly where his money was. And they said to So hey, you know what, fine, you know, go ahead.

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Now so hey are the Allahu taala and who is able to leave Mecca having given up everything that he earned in his time in Mecca and that's where By the way, a lot of them office they don't say this is where the i o Amina nasima, yesterday enough Sahaba de la la la Some say it was revealed after the torture bilad Some say it was revealed in this incident, that those who sell themselves for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he gave away his decades of wealth. He was one of the richest men in Mecca but in a peculiar situation, because he wanted to join the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in Medina, so so he makes his way to go back to join the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his and his

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companions in Cuba. And as suhaib is getting there, he sees the prophets lie Selim and the prophets lie some Cecil haev coming forward with none of his wealth all by himself, looking sick. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I'll be headed by yahia Robbie Han Bayer, Robbie. Hello, Bayer. What a profitable transaction abou Yeah, what a profitable transaction with a profitable transaction. And this is very powerful because that was the same language that the unser used. When they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are we going to get in return for taking you in? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them as Jelena he said, I'm not

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guaranteeing you anything but paradise. That's it. I'm not guaranteeing you that yet that it was going to become a world class city and turn into Medina, that people will visit it from now on that this is to your worldly benefit. I'm not promising you victory and battle I'm promising you agenda and they said lobby healthier than it is a transaction. That is indeed worth it and the prophets lie Selim is telling sohaib I'll be happy to hear everything that you gave away. It was a profitable transaction. You can imagine some kind of law on the day of judgment as sohaib is enjoying his genda right, but I'll be held in a row about you're here, what a profitable transaction over here that you

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made. Now, as he goes forward. And some of the you know some of the narrations that say he arrived at Koba at the same time as ideal the law of Thailand. And if you remember when we talked about it, a little the Allahu taala and who went by foot all by himself right after he took on the task of sleeping in the bed of the Prophet slice. I love discharging his m&r, discharging the trust of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the people of Mecca than ideal, the longtime man who made his way to Medina by foot and came to Cuba and his feet were full of blisters. And you know, and wounds while the alongside and who because he had to make that journey without any horse or any camel. So

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So hay arrived at the exact same time as the low tide and also he's amongst the last to arrive at that time. And there's a funny narration that takes place here. And you're going to see a beautiful relationship that develops between Alma and sohaib. Okay.

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And this narration is at globat. So he brought me a long time and who says, I came to the Prophet sallallahu it was Sunday I'm starving from the hospital. I was hungry, I was hungry. I was sick. I was tired. He said My eyes were red inflamed. He said one of my eyes was almost completely you know, was almost completely shut because it was, you know, inflamed, clearly inflamed. And the prophets lie Selim told him you know, come on and eat so the prophets lie some had some bread and some tomato in front of him some bread and some dates in front of him. So So Hey, bro, the Allahu anhu says fellow carciofi, I just started to dig into the dates in the browser start to eat like crazy, right?

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Just I forgot myself. And I kept on eating and eating and eating and eating. So Oh my God allowed time and who said yada Silla, O Messenger of Allah? Can't you know, do you see how sohaib is eating all of those dates, even though he has a sickness in his eye, like you think that you know, when you're really sick, or when you have these, this inflammation or this is happening, that you wouldn't be that hungry, right? That you'd want to treat your, your illnesses? So the prophets lie some of them he said to So hey, kulu Tamron we're bigger. Ahmed. He said, you're eating these dates when you have that inflammation in your eye. So he says, I said to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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that I'm eating men now here to know what I'm eating from the other eye, from the direction of the other eye.

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And so the prophets lie Selim, he smiled widely, and of course, the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a wide smile, when he would see So hey, what do you allow in this situation and you

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already start to see the, the relationship between so haven Omar that will develop that inshallah to Allah. We'll talk about momentarily. So in Medina so hatred all the a lot of time who says that there was not a single mesh had not a single battle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam except that I was by his side, I was in front of him, I was behind him to his left or to his right. But he witnessed a closeness to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Medina and and he witnessed a particular closeness to Omar gonna help out with the love of Thailand, as we said, and I want to actually fast forward to fetta Mecca to the conquest of Mecca. Remember when we spoke about

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billaudot, the allowance Allah and who we said that there was a comment that was made to Abu Sufyan, that verily the swords of Allah did not reach the neck of the enemy of Allah, as they should have. And that was salmaan, sohaib and Bill are, right, and I just want you to remember that and shot lots of data so you can kind of understand the way that these lots are forming amongst the companions of the profits of alaris. And so hey, you've had this connection, always to,

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to build out all the law hotel and hotel model, the long term and how to hobble the long term.

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And to sell model the a lot of time new shares a unique journey of Islam and of course, going through slavery, to arrive at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as well. And of course, the prophet slice Allah told Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah and who who had admonished them for saying that Abu Sufyan that it might be that you would have angered them. And so you would have angered a loss of Hannah Hosanna.

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And Rebecca went to them and he sought forgiveness and they forgive him all the time. And so let's talk about this relationship between so haven Amato because it's important for a few reasons. One of them is that once we get to the life of our model a lot of time on home. It's very interesting that all model they allow I know who is this proud boastful man keeps showing up as someone who is extremely close to beloved to kebab to sohaib to Amar, to sell man. And then Mr. Rude By the way, who will also talk about may Allah be pleased with them all, which shows you how Islam truly turn these people into brothers across class across journey across race across all of these different

00:32:21--> 00:32:42

things across tribe, of course, you know, more than all of that. So almost all the Aloha townhome has this narration where he says to So hey, so Hey bud, come to the area of the elevated lens, if you go to Medina, so the the area where you find,

00:32:44--> 00:32:53

you know, the worst of the model, the allowed time and whose garden was where some of the Sahaba used to live, and all model the Allahu taala and who said,

00:32:54--> 00:33:37

he said that what a man you are, Lola, he saw philosophique. He said, had it not been for three things in you. Right? He said, I find no flaws and you also hate except for three things. He said, number one, he said that you have taken the Kenya of Abuja here, and you don't have a son named Yeah. So why are you able? Yeah. And so I don't understand that about you. He said, and then you ascribe yourself to the Arabs and you're a Roman. So why is it that you ascribe yourself to the club and you are Roman? And then he said, you tend to be extravagant and your purchase of food you purchase a lot of food and remember that incident that took place once a haven for the a lot of

00:33:37--> 00:33:58

Thailand who came to make the heads up with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So So halal, the law of Thailand who responded and he says, asked for the kunia of Abuja, here he said, The Prophet slicin called me. He said, that was something that the prophets lysozyme said to me and so I embraced that name because it was what the prophet SAW some called me. And he says us for the,

00:34:00--> 00:34:41

the ascription, to the Arabs, it is because in fact, my father is an Arab and that's how you have the the the narration of sohaib Well, the a lot of time on hotelling his story about how they were an Arab family amongst the Persians, his father became a governor on behalf of kiss Allah. And then he was kidnapped to the Romans and then he made his way back to the Arabs. And he says, As for the third one, which is that you are extravagant in your purchase of food, he said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Say hi to come and ultimately, the best of you are those who feed many people. So So hey, like to purchase a lot of food and he liked to feed many people, as well, whether

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

it was the poor or whether it's some form of keeping people together. So they have this relationship on the loud side. And so a lot of times, and it shows in the virtue of sohaib, as well. Actually when Amato the Allahu anhu was attacked and murdered.

00:35:00--> 00:35:18

When all the law of Thailand who was stabbed and of course we know that all modern lives sometime because of his strength of the law of Taiwan who despite the severity of his wounds to where he still is able to appoint the Shura, he still was able to give his orders and to make his final requests for some time after he had been stabbed. That will be a long time.

00:35:20--> 00:36:06

Amaro the Allahu anhu appointed so hate to be the Imam of the Muslims, until they would settle on an Imam through the Shura meaning until they would come up with a halifa. And this is this is huge for many reasons. Number one, it speaks to the virtue of slave right, in the presence of all of those companions or model the alongside and who chose him favorite him to be the one to leave the salon, in the presence of or in the absence of a Khalifa as the Shura with deliberate and would come up with the Khalifa number two, so hey, you've had a foreign accent, he did not have a native Arab tongue. And so you know, despite his foreignness, both in terms of his appearance, and where he came

00:36:06--> 00:36:47

from, and his language, the way he spoke, his foreignness and not having a tribe to ascribe himself to that was known to Quraysh all of that Amaro the allot of time, and who still appointed him as the Imam of the Muslims, as they were deliberating on who the halifa would be. So that's one of the great virtues of sohaib the a lot of time and it speaks to the culture in Islam. You know, that was created that model the allot of time, no, of course, who you know, we saw was completely transformed by Islam is outlooks of the world is tribal outlooks, all of that was completely transformed with Islam, and that shows itself and still haven with a lot of time and hope being appointed as the Imam

00:36:47--> 00:37:31

in his absence. And we also see, by the way, that when all model the allowed Taliban who was wounded that so he wept in the presence of armor, and as he wept and cried heavily, he shouted out where a ha, oh, my brother, oh, my brother, so hon Allah, he didn't call out to him and say, Oh, my halifa Yeah, I mean, I mean, but the affection that he had for a lot of the a lot of town annually said, Oh, my brother, you know, my brother is dying. And Amato, the Allahu taala and who said yes, so he also habe Don't you know that the Prophet slice LMC said that the dead is punished because of the laminating of the living. So he told them to tone down his weeping and his morning as almost all the

00:37:31--> 00:38:13

a lot of time and he was passing away, but that shows you the love that they had, and what an honor that so haven or the LA hotel and who was actually the one who jumped into the grave of Omaha follow the law and received his body to place it alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Abu Bakr Siddiq are the Allahu anhu. And that speaks to you know, that in and of itself is an incredible honor that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed on sohaib of Rumi, about the Allahu tada and he would live some time into the the life of Earth mama the logs on and hope and when the fitting out would break out when the trials and tribulations amongst the companions would break out. So he was one of those

00:38:13--> 00:38:58

who avoided it altogether. He took to the mountains he he purchased two sheep he he did not want anything to do with the internal disputes amongst the Muslims. And so he died relative in a relatively obscure way despite his lofty status, but Allah Subhana Hosanna may Allah be pleased with him for the the wonderful personality and the journey of this man who is again one of the first seven to publicize his Islam, the last of whom we are covering in this series. He was, you know, survived by a few of his children. He was married once according to according to the books to write a Beatlemania and he had a few children. And that's actually where you find some of the narrations

00:38:58--> 00:39:36

of his Heidi's like below the law of Thailand who likes some of the others that we mentioned because he died young and because he did not have the ability to transmit some of the narrations on behalf of the prophets, I saw them. There are very few that are narrated from sohaib all the time. But I was just looking and one thing that I like to do always is when I look to a companion, especially those that haven't narrated a large body of Hadith, I like to see what they did narrate. And you can think about how those ahaadeeth affected their own lives. And Subhanallah I found one of the most famous Hadith of the Prophet sly seldom in regards to tribulation is narrated by this man all the

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

time. And think about how this hadith fits him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Agia Bentley embrittlement How wonderful is the affair of the believer. There is good enough for him and everything that happens to him. And that is only the case of the believer Walesa directly I had in London. This is not for anyone except for the believer.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

If prosperity comes to them, if good comes to him shakaama then he is grateful for Canada hate on that, and that is better for him. And if hardship comes to him, then he is patient and that is better for him. So this very famous Hadith that you will hear often talking about hardship and talking about the way we perceive life. This is narrated by Sahiba Rumi from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and think about all that happened to the prophets a lot that happens is April the longtime animal in the pursuit of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam Robbie held they have a a what a profitable transaction you made oh yeah here in the process of coming to a loss of hundreds and

00:40:38--> 00:40:51

giving everything else up for the sake of a loss of hundreds and not thinking about the consequences at any points. Another famous Hadith that's narrated from April the Allahu taala, and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:40:53--> 00:41:35

recited the various Latina acts and an husana was he that for those who have done good is the is a sound for those who have put forth excellence is an excellent reward in return and even more and the Prophet size Some said when the people of john enter into gentlemen and the people of fire enter into the fire. A caller will cry out and say Yeah, hello, Jana. Oh people of paradise. You have a covenant with Allah subhanho wa Taala that he wishes to fulfill and they would respond and they would say, What is it you know what, what am I who? What is it that a lot wants to give to us? Hasn't Allah subhanaw taala already made our good deeds heavy Hasn't he already made our faces

00:41:35--> 00:42:10

bright? Hasn't he already entered us into jennife protected us from hellfire. And then the prophets license said the veil will be lifted and they will gaze upon Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says follow law he I swear by Allah, ma hum Allahu she and a habit he laid him in a novela de la he was a carwash they are using him the Prophet slicin and said Allah will not give them anything that is more beloved to them or more pleasing to them than being able to look at him subpoena what's on and so little have been asked and who

00:42:11--> 00:42:52

was Jada the more in this ayah what is more than a law repaying with Jenna is the ability to gaze upon Allah subhanho wa Taala in agenda and that was narrated by sohaib law, the law of town and who may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be in that gathering that gazes upon Allah subhana wa tada in the highest level of generative through those in the presence of the Prophet slice Allah Allah Ameen. And lastly the long story of us habit of dude and Sahih Muslim when you read through to broach and you read about the people of the ditch the people who were tortured for saying that Illa Allah and killed by that oppressive king that long narrations Sahih Muslim is also narrated by so

00:42:52--> 00:43:32

hey roomie while the a lot of time so it gives you a little bit of how these companions would have really had certain sayings of the Prophet slicin resonate with them in a very powerful way. Because they could they could see it in their own experience. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to experience generative videos alongside them a lot I mean, inshallah, Thailand Next week, we'll talk about an outcome and not an outcome because that is the home where Amar and sohei found Islam together at the same time and inshallah Tata will help us to continue to build out the the climates in Medina at that time. There's a lot of hate on with Santa Monica, de la heat or better cattle