The Benefits of Hasbunallahu Wa Nimal Wakeel

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except for him, and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions, that served alongside him and those that follow in his blessing path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah him I mean, the brothers and sisters, there's one that I want you to say so frequently after this ultimate and I'm just going to say it from the very beginning in sha Allah to Allah, that it becomes a regular part of your thicket has when Allah when they are met what he has, when Allah when they are going to look he has

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someone Allah when their mental acuity, Allah is enough for us, and He is the best Disposer of our affairs. And you know, Subhan Allah the best do as the ones that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam prescribed to us that unlock the greatest blessings in our lives. Sometimes, when you're reaping the rewards of these diets, they're so unbelievable that you're just like, is it really possible that with one sentence, so much can come out? They are usually the neurons that have the greatest level of a combination of vulnerability and submission combined. And so you find Yeah, how you yeah for you bureaucratic esta leave a slightly shut Nicola wala kidney in nfcu thought for

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terrain, the famous Hadith that we've spoken about, oh, how you yaka young Oh Ever Living, oh, ever sustaining in your mercy. I put my trust, rectify all of my affairs and do not leave me to myself even for the blink of an eye. So you're submitting every function to Allah subhanaw taala. And as a result of that, Allah Subhana Allah Allah takes over every one of your functions in your affairs, and you're at peace. La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the country, you know what I mean? There is no god but you how perfect Are you? I was from the transgressors. The deer out of Yunus it has said on Jonah peace be upon him, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said, No one says that

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Dara, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer their need when they make that drought when they make the liquor and here has to be Allah when atman Joaquin has when Allah when that letter will keep Allah is enough for me, and he is the best Disposer of my affairs. This is something that comes reflexively almost to the companions of the prophets lie Selim when they face hardship. And it usually comes in the most desperate of circumstances and situations. And the larger the obstacle grows, the more important and harder it is to remember that Allah is greater than whatever obstacles in front of you are mother Artie shuttled the Allahu Taala Anna Hadith that will if the slander of

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our inshallah the Allahu anha she leaned on to statements of prophets that came before she leaned on the statement of Jacoba Annie his Salam nama eskie with the school but it wasn't even Allah, I complain of my grief and my sadness only to Allah subhanaw taala and she leaned on has to be Allah when that medical cube she was saying, she looked around and she saw Yeah, Allah, I have no one here supporting me.

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The Sahaba some of the Sahaba are passing the slander, I have no one on my side. When Allah when that mineral kid, she looked up to Allah subhanaw taala instinctively and said, Allah is enough for me, and he is the best Disposer of my affairs in that moment of desperation. So I want us to look for a moment in sha Allah to Allah as we are coming into the days of the hijab,

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at our father, Ibrahim alayhis salam, and then our messenger sallallahu alayhi salam, and I'm going to share some of the miracles of the Quran, that Rahim Allah to elucidate so beautifully from the various verses that are mentioned. But before I get to the verses and what time Rahim Allah said of the various Villa and the various benefits of this verse, imagine Ibrahim it has salah, your last words of Ibrahim alayhis salam. Imagine Ibrahim money has Salam in front of the largest fire that anyone has ever seen, about to be catapulted into it, stripped of his clothes and his dignity and support. No one around him everywhere he looks around like bas if which was the hardest day of the

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prophets lie sums life. Any direction he looks in all he sees is jeering and mockery and people egging on those that are gonna throw him into the fire. He has no one Subhanallah I mean, that is trauma. Can't find a single person in the crowd that says don't worry, you're okay. He doesn't have an even a secret supporter amongst them that standing in that crowd, all of them yelling, cheering, jeering ready for him to be thrown into that fire. I need his salatu salam.

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And they've been Ambassador the Allahu taala. And Homer says, Can you call the Ibrahim Hina nuclear for now it has to be Allah when that metal located.

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The last words of Ibrahim it has Salam as he

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was mid air going into the fire has to be Allah and aeromedical cube.

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Allah is enough for me and he's the best Disposer of my affairs. As far as Ibrahim alayhis salam is concerned, this might be his last words period. This might be the last phrase that he ever gets to say. Because he's being thrown into a fire. He is not privy to the plans that are to come. The angels are coming to him as we find in the narrations and subsea debris that he has set up. Do you need help on that lake villa? If it's from you know, other angels trying to think how they can support the creation of Allah Subhana Allah wanting to support him because they know this Khalil of Allah this best friend of God is about to be thrown into the fire and killed so unjustly. Rahim Ali

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salaam says has to be alone airmen are lucky.

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These were his last words as he was being cast into the fire as an ambassador, the Allahumma narrates and so he had Buhari. He also says what are the Allahu Taala and Houma that has to be Allah when airmail will kill the last words that Ibrahim alayhi salam said when he was thrown into the fire. And it was said by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions when the hypocrites said to them in a NASA pajama Lulu calm that verily your opponents have gathered and impossible army when does this happen? After heard when they're still bleeding when they're burying the largest amount of mass casualties in the community that they have seen and the hypocrites are loving this.

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They want to see a crack in the confidence of the Muslims. They want to see the prophets lie some express a moment of confusion, a lack of clarity, a lack of purpose. They want to see him crumble sallallahu alayhi wasallam they want to see the Companions crumble. And above Sofia, and after hundreds gathered, and an even larger army, they smelled blood. They smell blood literally they smelled blood. And so after 101 the Muslims were wounded they planned a second attack and they gathered that army to attack right after and the hypocrites came to the Muslims insert in a NASA jammer. Welcome you thought it was bad? You thought ahead was bad. Watch what happens to you now you

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should see the army that is waiting to cut you into pieces. And Allah azza wa jal says in the NASA Kojima welcome that the hypocrites said that Verily the people have gathered against you, * showhome fear them. The hypocrites are even trying to project the emotion that they think you should have. You should fear them you should be very afraid right now.

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And Allah azza wa jal says facade the home Imana first the reality on the inside, their faith in Allah was only increased. As much as they were told to fear people, they increased in their fear of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, as much as they were told to give up because the people were going to overwhelm them, the more that their trust in Allah Subhana Allah grew. So their Eman increased what Paul has when Allah when that medical kid the prophets lie Selim and the companions said husband Allah, when they are lucky. This is what they have been taught to say. Allah is enough for us and He is the best Disposer of our affairs. Imam Malik Rahim Allah to Anna actually had a ring in which he

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had Hussman Allah and airman Joaquin inscribed on it. And they asked him America Rahim Allah to Allah, why out of all the phrases he chose to inscribe on his ring, he put husband Allah whenever men were killed, he said because immediately after that verse, Allah subhanaw taala says Feng kala boo be NetMeeting mean Allah he will further than lamium system so what Tibet we would have one Allah wala who fought the Aleem that they returned with the favor of Allah and with his bounty, no harm had touched them, and they pursued the pleasure of Allah. And Allah is indeed the bestower of Great Bounty. So what came after it was miracle after miracle after miracle was the mercy and grace

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of Allah, meaning if a person gets to that point, if they respond with hospital Allah when airmen Joaquin, everything opens up after that,

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And subhanAllah you look at this verse, and you look at these words, Hassan Allah, I need no one else I have Allah Nirmal Joaquin, I choose his planning these the best Disposer of my affairs. I choose his planning over even my own planning. I would prefer his planning even over my own planning and so I'm choosing Allah has to be Allah over people, when they are men will kid and I'm choosing his plans even over my plans, when it comes to what is ahead of me. And by the way, as their intimate mentioned before I go into it and they will tell you more him Allah said if you look at the verses the common denominator here, the scholars mentioned here is that Allah is not someone you

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resort to only when no one else is there for you. Allah is someone that you resort to even when everyone else is there for you because the tree

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Esther Ebrahim and his Salam heron, Allah subhanho wa taala. Decades later when he's sitting with his eight children at that point and saying to them, what will you worship after me and seeing his grandchildren and seeing his offspring worshiping Allah subhanaw taala and the fruit of his efforts, the trust that Ibrahim or Islam had an Allah at that moment was no less than the trust that he had in Allah subhanaw taala at the moment he was being thrown into the fire. And the trust that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and submission that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had to Allah subhanaw taala on the day of feta Makkah on the day of the conquest of Mecca, was no less than the

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trust that he had in Allah on the day of or when he was in the cave and it was only a while back here with the Allahu Taala animal. The idea was LA Times and in Allah Marina do not grieve Allah is with us whether no one is with us or whether everybody is with us. When Allah Allah has enough,

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I'm satisfied. I'm okay with Allah being enough if no one else is left, but Allah subhanaw taala has to be Allah when that men were killed, and he's the best Disposer of my affairs, not that I have been able to find others and nothing has worked and so now I'm just gonna say yeah, Allah I failed so now you dispose of my affairs. No yeah Allah even when my planning is perfect, it will only succeed to the extent that you allow it to succeed

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dispose of my affairs, oh Allah as you see fit and as you see best remembered another claim Rahim Allah ta then lists some of the miracles of this euro. Some of the beautiful benefits of this euro. He says every time Rahim Allah Tada. He says every time Allah mentions in the Quran, the statement has wound Allah when that man will kill in some way. Allah is enough for us and he's the best disposal of our affairs. It comes with a combination of gender mantra for definitely Madala well, he definitely Madala it comes with the bearer of good news benefits and doing away with harm. It brings both benefit and it does away with harm every time Allah mentions it. He specifies that both of

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those things come into a person's life as a result of that so for example, Medina Carla homeowners so in anassa Pajama Allah config show that the home Eman and makan who has been Allah when no matter what kid, the incident of the Prophet salallahu Salam in the Companions, when they responded to the hypocrites and they said Allah has enough for us. And he's the best Disposer of our affairs fan colorable veneer and Mateen min Allah he will flatland they returned back with the blessing of Allah and His grace men for Allah Allah is blessing Allah is goodness coming to them the benefits learn themselves from so and they will not be harmed. So the removal of harm, the presence of benefit the

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removal of harm, both combined as a result of that what Tibet ordered one Allah and they pursued the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada and another verse Allah subhanaw taala says what to insert into human halacha similarity well oral layer Quran Allah, Allah Afro Ito Murta their own I mean do Nila in Aurora Danny Allahu be Dorwin held Hoonah Kashi fair to Booderee he o RR, they may be Rachmat in hell who naman Seacat rahmati. He could has be Allah. Are they here? Tawakkol in Matoba Quran, Allah subhana wa says, say to them, oh prophet who created the heavens in the earth? And they will certainly say Allah, they will admit to you that God created the heavens in the earth, they will

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admit that much. Then ask them, these idols that you invoke besides Allah subhanaw taala if Allah wills to harm me, could they undo any of that harm? If Allah wanted to harm me with these idols be able to protect me from any of that harm? Or if Allah willed some mercy for me some benefit for me, would they be able to prevent any of that mercy and that benefit from coming to me? Could have be Allah say to them, Allah Zina for me, and upon him the faithful put their trust. Scholars mentioned in this regards, Pan Allah. Look at Ibrahim alayhis salam when he spoke to his father Lima Tambo do mana yes mera wala Yeosu wala Yoni and kashaya.

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You know when they say easier said than done. Ibrahim Alia Salam was speaking to his father about who he puts his trust in.

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He puts his trust in his idols and Ibrahima Islam was speaking with the authority of a messenger of Allah, of God said these things that you worship besides Allah subhanaw taala out of why do you worship things that don't hear you or see you or do anything for you? They can't protect themselves. That was the whole that was the whole foundation of Ibrahim it said when he challenged them in regards to their idols. Do you think anything changed when they brought him on Islam was being cast into a fire and they were chanting about their idols? They weren't chanting about their idols. They were really chanting about themselves and Subhanallah as they were throwing him into the fire, they

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were parading their idols.

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And when they were facing the prophets lie some in his companions and they were screaming out the names of a lot will Erza will hobo they were screaming out the names of their idols, and in both situations the prophets and in the case of Nabil now sallallahu alayhi wa sallam those that were with him, the Companions Hussmann Allah, Allah has enough for us. Allah has enough for us. And so in this verse, If Allah was going to decree harm for me, would these idols be able to protect me and if Allah was going to decree mercy for me, would the idols be able to stop that mercy in our ardently Allah will be door? If they wanted to hurt me? Would they be able to do away with the border with

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Rahim Allah said this does away with the harm. And if they wanted to benefit me a mantra if they wanted to bring about any mercy in my life, could they do so? Absolutely not. Finally, dear brothers and sisters when Allah subhanaw taala says, One mania tequila Hajjaj Allahu Maharajah while your Zuckermann heyfield is tested, whoever is mindful of Allah, Allah will make a way out for them, meaning that the removal of harm Allah will make a way out for them, ie the removal of harm, while you're Zuckerman hateful lie are tested and Allah will provide for them in ways that they would not have even considered before warming Etowah can Allah Allah for who has spoken

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and whoever puts their trust in Allah, Allah is enough for them.

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Every single time as of no pm Rahim Allah says every single time Allah mentions has to be Allah when Emma luckyland some way

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it combines both the removal of harm and the paving the way for benefit and goodness to come into our lives. And this is especially true when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and you still put your trust in the giver of all light when you can't see the way out but you still put your trust in the one who makes ways in and makes ways out. When you can't see the reward of this world and you put your trust in the one who bestows reward in this world and in the afterlife. And you submit yourself because the story of Ibrahim Ali Salam is Islam submission to Allah subhanaw taala mostly mainly luck submitting to you Oh ALLAH has when Allah when airmen were killed.

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And so my only reminder to you in this whole book is to recognize the power of this draft. And to see it both in your moments of personal distress as well as your moments of community's distress, especially when you can't see the way out

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that you know that the one who sees all has a way out decreed. Finally a Buddha or the Allahu Taala and who narrates that whoever says seven times in the morning and in the evening has to be hola La ilaha illa who la hito akin to a horrible absolute Aleem has to be Allah La ilaha illa who la hito a Cal two were horrible Amsterdam has to be Allah, Allah is enough for me, La ilaha illa who there is no god but him. La hito account upon him I place my trust, while horrible, absolutely Him and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne. Allah will be sufficient for him against anything that grieves him. May Allah subhanaw taala be our Protector. May Allah subhanaw taala be with us when no one else is

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with us or when everyone else is with us. May Allah be with us in moments of ease and in moments of hardship. May Allah subhana to add us pleasure be with us in this life and in the next has been Allah when Allah ke Akula Cody Hello stuff Allah he will accompany certain Muslim investor fellow in the whole of Food Wine

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Ali he was so happy woman wala La Nina well maybe not well Muslim you know what a Muslim and Allah here in humble Mr. Tanaka Samia on Caribbean would you be there a lot, a lot more thrilled and our Hamner wife Wanda wala to Dibner Robin alumna and Fuson our inland tougher Linotype Hamner Lana Cunanan middle class serene La ilaha illa Anta Subhana que nunca nominal while I mean La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in Hakuna immunoblot Amin La Ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran me not widely mean has spoon Allah whenever Milwaukee husband Allah whenever Melba kill husband Allah whenever Milwaukee's Allah homophily YT Dena Oberheim OMA Kamara,

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bonus Ivana Robina habla naman as far as you know the reality in our Kurata Aryan what Jana Linwood Sakina Imam llaman so this one and install that our FEMA FEMA sharekhan or do a MongoDB alarm adequate lighting you know with lighting you know, average number one and then being him certainly mean about the law and the law here and it'll be dandy with Ehsaan what eater little quarterback while young hair and fascia you will Moon carry well belly aliquam tele Coronavirus Corolla Heathcoat wash kuruva Nirma is it luck on one of the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu jamoma Plus in our own welcome