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Spanish And Loving Islam Because Of The Quran


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How you doing Danny?

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How you been? Excellent. You're enjoying Chicago? Yes, definitely always enjoy the the Windy City. Now I heard you got into some good conversations before you came here. And hamdulillah It was very interesting how a young Muslim who accepted Islam in January

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through the use of social media, so social media, Facebook and YouTube, you know happens to be a follower of the work that we do. And to be able to impact someone, and then realize that they, you didn't realize that you when you're impacting these, these individuals, you're doing the work for the sake of Allah. And it's beautiful to see to see the manifestation of the work in people that you are serving, and you're unaware that you're serving. So I think it's a blessed opportunity that we I came to Chicago for, for the amateur conference, to join the other Imams and to discuss contemporary issues related to Tao. And these incidents that occurred or these situations that presented

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themselves whether in the restaurant, whether in the masjid, whether outside of the masjid, these Tao opportunities that naturally came to place. Were unexpected, not planned. But there were they felt so fruitful. You weren't always Muslim. Tell me we've had you on before we did a program kind of going over your whole story. But just in a summary. What had you accept Islam? What was it about Islam that had you basically

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the impact

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of the Quran, when I befriended Docker and the impact that it had, and what it what it offered me, of solutions to many different solutions to many different challenges as a youngster growing up in America that I experienced, I found that the local and the Quranic remedy was the solution. And trust in the Quran impacted me to the point that didn't leave me with no doubt, but to accept the way of the way of Islam, the way of life, which is Islam, that Allah prescribed for us through the Quran. Now, if someone says, Look, that's just another, you know, religious scripture, you know, you have the Christians who have the Bible, you have the Hindus, the Vedas, and whatever scripture just

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like to each his own what what what what would you say? I mean, why is the Quran so unique? Are all these books, all these religions from God? Of course, all see, the Quran confirms that as well. The Quran confirms that there are profits that are mentioned by name, and there's those that are not mentioned by name, there are scriptures that we know about, and there may be scriptures that we do not know about. But what gives us certainty in the Quran is its preservation, and being preserved for let's say, 13 years in Makkah, and then and then 10 years in Medina. So basically 14 150 years approximately, the Quran has been preserved. So the Quran itself is the sole purpose for the Arabic

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language to be preserved.

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So it's not vice versa, the Quran being preserved for anyone who wants to study Arabic, if they will, you go ahead and say if they really want to get the benefit of the Arabic language, one literature that is recommended is to is to explore is the Quran. So the Quran what distinguishes the Quran from other scriptures, even though the Quran tells us that we should honor that we should recognize that that that God revealed different scriptures. But the what distinguishes the Quran is that the Quran is preserved in difference from the other scriptures that does not

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The case where many of the Bibles have been changed by the hands of human beings. There's still some truth that it contains. We can't say that all of the all of the Scriptures are false, or they're all corrupted, because we will not be doing justice to what the good that Allah revealed that still remains in it. But if a person goes to that which is pure, which is the Quran, uncorrupted? Allah says in Surah, in Surah, alkaff, Allah says

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Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza, Allah Allah arbordale kita while I'm Elijah, hello, Elijah. Oh, praise is due to Allah, the One who has revealed the Book and placed there in no crookedness. And then the word that follows after IE man, meaning it stands on its own. The Quran doesn't need somebody to support it. Now, you weren't you weren't? I mean, you're not Arab. You're actually what's your background, Puerto Rican, you're Puerto Rican? Yes. And you speak in Arabic, which is the original language that it was revealed in us. If someone goes back to what we don't have what was given to Jesus, peace be upon them. in Aramaic, we don't have anything in Aramaic that you can sit and recite

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numeric, even if you want it to. or we do have what you're saying the Quran which is preserved into Arabic, and you're Puerto Rican and reciting it, that's a miracle. And so that's I will say that's a favor of Allah upon me, and upon all those who were blessed with learning the Arabic language, which is the tool, I won't say that the learning of Arabic language is to make you an Arab, but the learning of Arabic language is to understand or to come to interact with Docker and in the way that it was revealed. Now, miraculously, historically, we find that majority or a great number of scholars of great reputable scholars in Islam have ended up being non Arabs. Yeah, like emammal,

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Bihari Muslim, they're all from different lands, but they learn the Quran they learn the sciences and they contribute it for that for this cause now, myself being a Puerto Rican, I love being a Puerto Rican, I love my Orozco Avi trella. I love the culture. That's my culture, but the filter of my culture is Islam. That's my priority, because at the end of the day, submitting to God's will is what will give me the salvation. And so because of that, I chose to not be at the mercy and May Allah reward all of the brothers and sisters and those in the past, who strove hard to translate a lot of the works to the best of their ability, but I I wanted to be able to interact with the Quran,

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the way it was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Let's stop right there. The way it was real to last define a master problem and peace be upon by accepting him you accepted Moses, Jesus, Abraham, all the preceding prophecy, you're not doing anything new. You live in the same way of life. Yes. Which you said you wanted to submit your will to the Creator. That's IE, that's Islam. And then the filter went on about this filtration system, we come back here to the show, don't go anywhere. Let us follow in the footsteps of Al amin the trustworthy and be trustworthy ourselves. But as following the footsteps of Mohammed, peace be upon him and be kind, merciful, giving and

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charitable, morally upright, and noble character obliging to our neighbors and fellow citizens. Let us follow in the footsteps of the greatest men who ever walked this earth, the messengers that God Almighty sent like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon them all, who all called people to worship the Creator, alone and not his creation. Take a moment now and fulfill one of those qualities and that's of giving towards the dollar. Something all these great giants did, and call people to do. help us reach our yearly goal for Ramadan, help be part of sharing the truth, support the deen show.

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Back here on the dean show. Now, before we left, you talked about the filtration system, we know that there's a lot of things in culture that are good. Now you're talking about like, you know, Islam, how is it elaborate on that? How is it a filtration system? So basically,

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did you say that? Yes. In Islam, in Islam, we Islam teaches us that

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culture is part of the signs of Allah, languages as part of the signs of Allah says in Surah room when I mentioned that, and from among this is His Signs is your different languages and your colors. So these are the signs of Allah. So anyone that says, you know, reject everything that's part of your language, your colors, your culture, you know, this is

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from Allah, so we have to accept that. But at the same time we have to also understand our religion, our Islam, and culture has several aspects which is, which is a little bit different than, than in general Islamic sciences. So there is a there is a subject of Islamic culture, which one is you learn for an for an history of Quran. Number two, you learn the Sunnah. Number three, you learn the cedar, the story of the Prophet number four, you learn the history. And number five, he learned the language. So all these elements compose the Islamic culture. So now understand, we have a responsibility to learn it. But at the same time, we should not just learn one,

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and neglect the other. So I being a Puerto Rican, American, Muslim, I accept each one of them. And I have a responsibility to learn my Spanish language to polish myself up to learn my culture, my Puerto Rican culture, as I have a responsibility to polish my English to polish my American culture, as well as I have a responsibility to learn my Arabic language and learn my Islamic culture. What's like a popular food in the Puerto Rican culture? Oh, Roscoe are each other rice and beans, rice and beans, rice, and now no problem with rice and beans. But also with that rice and beans. part of the culture might be that what kind of other amenities caloric and so that's where the court the

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filtration says no eggs, right? Yes. How about some, some alcohol, they got chocolate Exactly. So we can drink. So I say that's where it's not, it's not you. It's the creator saying this is not good for you cut it out, we see all the evil. So what we do is we look at it in a way that we can drink so much like we can drink all types of drinks, except alcohol. Okay, and it gives you a lot of options. You can eat all types of meat. All right, rice and rice and maybe slow down a lot of carbohydrates under rice, right? No, of course. Now, now that you made a very good, very important point, which is that even though you can eat all types of food, you still have to be eat healthy,

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Because taking care of your health is a sacred trust. Yeah, so I'd like to it's a filtration system now for what you can eat obviously, and there's not so many you mentioned the pork eat everything or the other kind of meat, the alcohol and we can see, you know, there's nothing that the creator obviously prohibited that it's not harmful for you. One of the greatest things now I mean, is there a lot of like saint worship a lot of superstitions, that's another filtration system that will stop and we only turn our direction of prayer and everything to the one who created us. Yes. So for example, in in our culture in our Latino Hispanic culture, we have that common because of the

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ancestors also, they came from some parts of Africa, right? They brought in some of the records Santeria, which is like the white magic. So you have the different saints, a saint for the rain and same for money. So in Islam, we only ask God, only God, that's why you said in Spanish, so do deals always. Yeah, deal only deals. So now. So we we we filter that? Yes, we have a need. We won't turn to other except God. We only submit to God's Will we only like the Prophet peace be upon him.

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told his son and this is good for, for learners for newcomers for new Muslims. The Prophet gave a beautiful advice to his cousin. And he said Yahoo lamb. Oh, all child.

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If they learn, yeah, fatca preserve Allah and he will preserve you. Now, just this meaning and the Hadith is longer. But this meaning has that if you preserve Allah,

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if you preserve Allah, you preserve the prayer, you preserve the will do. You preserve your chastity, you preserve your tongue, and your senses. If you preserve all these aspects, that's how you preserve Allah. And Allah will bless you with two things in the dunya Allah will guide you and in the hereafter. Allah will preserve you by forgiving your sense, and answering you in paradise. This is according to the explanation of Ibn Rajab. So I wanted to share that we're gonna take a break. So keep mentioning Allah and some people that's foreign to them, but I had a guest and he actually showed that people just unconsciously they actually say a lot in the portal.

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Reading the Latin language. We'll be right back and you don't go anywhere.

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I've never seen this before.

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I've never done this for you. Okay, so

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I got a, I got a nice nice little hole there to help no fake food, no fake food. Only real food, fresh raw eggs and a very healthy happy chicken. I know these chickens. It's the Warriors way when you don't have the war your way the ultimate fast food and great nutrition.

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Back here on the D show and we're with our brother Danny. And happy to have you back and you kept you kept saying Allah, you know people when they're talking in the Puerto Rican language, they say what do they say deals How do they refer to God? We say deals, but sometimes when we want to say like insha Allah that means God willing. Yeah, God willing or want to say God Willing insha Allah, we say Oh Allah. I mean is I sounds like a lot in there. Yeah. Greater. Yes. Oh holla. So how do you say that? Oh Allah. Oh, Allah. Oh Allah. Oh Allah Allah. Yes. You're not even Muslim now but your Latin speaking Spanish speaking. And you Latino say that. And typically you say it similar to as

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Muslims. Like, for example, if I say I'm gonna see you tomorrow, like say, I'm going to see you tomorrow. Holla.

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Right. I hope like, if God we we understand that as if God wills Yes, I will see you tomorrow. So that's the beauty of there's so many Latin words in the Spanish language that go back to Arabic. And it links as to the oneness of Allah. Like the siesta that the midday nap. That was a religious practice that the Prophet

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taught his companions so that they can be able to wake up in the middle of the night to pray. And we in our in our countries, we do this to our grandfathers used to do a siesta. Yeah, that's deep. Tell us something else that the Hispanics community they, because I see this. I mean, there's a big flux of Latinos coming to Islam. What else do they What do they resonates with them that it connects them back to their roots with Islam? I think basically, everyone is is yearning for

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certainty in their connection with the Lord. That's number one. Number two, the sense of community come into America, we get involved in a lot of work, and sometimes we break away from our families and our communities. So now I wanted to just share something very interesting that we were blessed. This January will open in the Islamic Spanish central Islamic circle, and hamdulillah we have a masala and we have our weekly classes. And it became naturally an environment where parents will come to take classes on Sunday, they bring their children and they formed in a Sunday school. So Alhamdulillah we are we are providing the services now we have the week the hood was in Spanish

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every week. And worldwide people are seeing them and in places where they don't have access to visit a Masjid. This is in Spanish in Spanish and and they're saying we we appreciate from Argentina and different countries. They're saying we appreciate your contributions. And so Pamela we are just doing it because it needs to be done. We're putting it online and hoping to benefit people and that's an amazing armrests are a lot of people outside now in these different places because there's a lot of brain brainwashing going on a lot of people a lot of false propaganda and you know, as soon as you say Islam people, you know, think some crazy radical, you're gonna turn into some suicide

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bomber. Yeah, dude, are Latinos more open to see this is a lot of just false propaganda against Islam. Muslims are actually the most peaceful people out there. Yes, see, like Latinos, Latinos that immigrated to this country. They, they know about

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the history and they know about different

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ways of using that the media is used for but to proclaim particular messages. So, we have found a different response when we did a class. I mean, a we give material, educational material in the flea market. We fought and majority of the people in the free market or Latinos, we find the response amazing that people are saying thank you for giving us this material. And honestly, we didn't find no backlash. They didn't come with misconceptions. They said this is interesting. Thank you. We so we just tried to educate you so Alhamdulillah

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I think that, yes, the media, they do their job. And there is some, you know, we don't want to generalize, there's a lot of good also coming out. And sometimes out of the negative propaganda, creates an interest in people and ends up people's sincere individual starts searching. So I think that it is a perfect opportunity to use the media to do the work, never lose hope in doing the work. And trust God, trust Allah smart Allah, what is the main message that you would reach out to the people at Tinos, who are tuning in and watching? And what's the main thing that, you know, you think would interest them about Islam for them to motivate them to look into it further?

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I think what Islam offers as a way of life, a way of life for the individual, for the family, for the community, for the society, for the city for the state, I think that should be taken in consideration. But with the priority of being connected to God, being connected to Allah, no saints, no say no middlemen, no middle profession box, only straight to God, asking God seeking help from God seeking forgiveness from God, trusting God. The law says, Whoever puts this trust in God, He will suffice him How do you say that in Spanish? Kim panga su confianza en Dios, el Sara suficiente para. They can understand that right? Yes, yes, yes. All right. So any suggestions, any closing

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comments for the Latino community out there? I will say please go to the YouTube page of Islam and Spanish. Subscribe, subscribe to it not, not for the sake of subscription. Subscribe to it because we have live programs. And you want to get the notification of these programs that are free of charge. We have sometimes four day seminars about Voodoo, about prayer, about worship, about different aspects of the religion. So take advantage of this and share it with others, even if you are not Spanish speaking. Know that in in America, in major cities, Latinos are becoming a majority. And your duty as a Muslim is to for the sake of Allah to proclaim this message. And the way you

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proclaim the message is you take the initiative to subscribe and you share the good with others and trust God And may Allah accept from you and from from us all. Thank you very much peace and peace and only when it comes to help us reach our yearly goal for Ramadan. Help be part of sharing the truth. Support the deen show