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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the misunderstandings of the concept of Islam being "has been" and the use of "has been" in various settings, including media and political settings. It also touches on the importance of the Prophet sallahu and his actions, as well as the use of "vericulate" in context of "has been." The segment emphasizes the need for acceptance of the Prophet's actions and actions of followers, as well as the importance of his actions in bringing peace and healing.
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They are not exist in the Quran, as they claim.

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This idea was appeared in some, by some individuals during the time of the tablet in time, the debate was the second generation Islam, the successors, for this reason, a university and one of the tabs instead.

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If you narrate to a person from the sun, and he says, leave this aside and narrate to us from the Koran, then know that he is an innovator that shows you clearly this idea this concept appeared in that time that let's leave the the sun on the side, and only take from the Koran. And, and somehow you see some people today out of ignorance, doing the same thing that they say, Let's leave this another side. Let's only take from the origin, this idea were developed.

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Because no sec.

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ever appeared in the history of Islam in the early generations. No sec ever appeared in the history of Islam. they base their beliefs or their ideology and this concept that they don't believe in sin. Can you when we study the history of all groups and sects in Islamic history, you will not none of them based their ID on this even though they said that, but they did not base their ideologies in this concept. This is one of the ideas that they came with maybe some individual among them as been this factor mentioned by certain several scholars such as the CBOT and even an image Shafi Amala, way before a CLT.

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Until the 13th century, came in the 13th century group of thinker, philosophers in the Muslim world came up with this idea and they develop this idea more and they said, they call themselves alkaline une or annual, alkaline you deny that the Sunnah is from Allah, and that it is a reliable source for the religion.

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Alperon Yun first begin as an idea and thoughts an era then moved to Egypt, adopted by several individuals in Egypt, that it was formulated in India formulated in India with the support of the British occupation in that time.

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Those the denied the authority of sydnor I'll call on you and whoever follow their footsteps. They based their positions upon mainly three arguments, mainly three arguments. First one, they said that Allah subhanaw taala told us in his book that he revealed or on and he explained everything in the Quran. So if everything was explained, everything were mentioned in the Quran, there is no need for the Sunnah. They said for instance, Allah Spanish Allah says in Surah 16 verse 89, quail minibar Sophia met in Shaheed and lamb em unfussy Vika shahidan Allah Allah zelner la calle kita, Betty Bianna liquid Li Hua Hua WA, Bushra, Lil muslimeen, that Allah subhanaw taala said, and we have sent

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down to

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you the book, explaining all matters, explaining everything. So they said since Allah said that, that he sent down to you, your Mohammed, the book, and in this book, Allah spargel explain everything. Why we need the Center for the other argument that they have. They always raised doubts about authenticity of sydnor they might not say we don't believe in the, in the in the Sunnah. Not because we don't trust the Prophet not because we don't believe that the Prophet can ordain for people or deliver a message from God. No, no, we don't believe in Sunday because these nowadays, we cannot trust the sinner because we it's not been saved. And there is a lot of change happened, or is

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the only book that Allah promised to save? They said in nationals in Dhaka, we now have a lot because they caught this verse from sort of 15 verse nine, that we have sent down the decoder and we will see surely a guarded and secure it and save it.

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So they said, this is for the Koran, not for the sin, so we cannot trust the sun. But this argument is also not a strong argument, because a vicar here in this verse means out Koran and asuma together have been hasm Rahim Allah

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said, What is the point? from saving words in Quran from seven one surah or saving this verse, preformed prayer? And Allah will not say for us how to pray, or when we should pray? Or what will break the prayer and what will make the prayer acceptable and what will make it not acceptable, what the conditions what's the pillars of the salaat of prayer, and had answered, there is no point from saving words and there we cannot understand the meaning of these words. In order for the book to be saved, the sinner must be saved, as well. Also, they said that the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim became widespread. And so whatever is recording,

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from the Sunnah, from the Sunnah, we cannot trust because we didn't know who narrate this whole narrated this ahaadeeth and there is lies been added to it. We said Allah promised to save the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was selling Allah subhanaw taala promised to save this and to keep in mind that addicted that Allah promised to save his alcohol on and asuna

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Japanese cameras today tell us what's going on in the mother's room in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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chromosomes are discovered in the 50s and they tell us the gender of the baby. And you know that spend nine months in your mother's womb in three layers of darkness. Dr. Yahya

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know all this and much more. Come and join me in the program.

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Medical Science tomorrow at 5pm, Saudi Arabia and 6pm, UAE on peace TV.

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We have faith in God, we have a man

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in his existence and in His attributes of perfection. This is something the truth of which one finds in his heart and one finds in the world around him and in the messages of true prophets. To hear what I have to say, join me in face fountain fountain today at 5pm, Saudi Arabia and 6pm UAE on peace TV,

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confusion, conflict, lack of values, lack of genuine faith, living life unaware.

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Religions manipulated myth understood religious scriptures altered and modified property gain.

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And all this really, I was trying to expose the truth because it's your right to know and my duty to tell the truth. Let false hood Parrish watch Dr. Zakir night truth exposed next on peace TV.

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We discuss the position of those who oppose the son of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we said that we can categorize those people to three groups, the first one or the first groups who

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oppose or those who don't believe in the authority of the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in general. And I said that this idea started in the almost the, in the time of the second generation in Islam in the term of the taboo and hence was rejected and refuted very strongly by the older among the Sahaba or, and also the scholars of tambien or human Milan tada a Ubisoft Gianni, for instance, Rahim Allah said, If you narrate to a person from the sun, and he says, leave this aside and narrate from the Koran, the know that he is an innovator.

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This idea never been taken as a base or foundation for any sect in the history of Islam until the 13th century, a group of we call them thinkers or

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group of peoples adopted this idea and start spreading it in Iraq in Egypt, but it was formulated in India in the 13th century as a group they call themselves on you know, so follow up on the claim that Allah subhanaw taala when he

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said in his book 30 have sinned down the book. And in that book, he explained everything he mentioned, all matters, leave thought that that that means that there is no need for the sinner because everything in the Koran and remember we said that some of these verses that they use either related to the safe tablets alone and my fault, witches exist in the setting the top of the heavens and next door las pantallas throne, which Allah subhana wa Taala wrote and it everything will happen in the will happen in the in this world. So, this book, that was the book was mentioned in these verses, or not related to the book which is alkaline. And also we said that no doubt operon

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has the all guidelines, generally speaking, but not necessarily means that every detail were mentioned in the Quran. As we know Al Quran will also include all types and different kinds of signs and different type of knowledge. There is no it's not a book of history or medicine or geography or economy. It is a guidance for humans. So if they said no we talked about only religion we should even in that religion, not every detail were mentioned in the Quran. But generally speaking, yes, uncover all areas, but not in details. That's why Allah send messengers that's why Allah have sent the messenger to the believers explained to them that the book he revealed to them

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also their their one of their famous argument that they said, Allah promised only to save his book. Then the US encode the verse

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from sort of 15 verse nine international has done a decrease in Allahu Allah half alone, we have without doubt, sent down the vicar. And they said addicted means the Quran or the book, The Quran, and we will surely guarded and or save it or secure it, but advocate here to translate it to alcohol and only this is not the way the early Muslim generation understood. The meaning of the word Vicar advocate here in this verse means alkaline and acidic the message we have sent down the religion we have sent down to you the message which will guide you and we are going to protect this religion, that what this verse means had not only

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related to alcohol, but it is more general than that as a bit Massoud and other

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said that's why there is no point as it been hasn't said from saving Ward's Koran without saving the meaning of it, how to be understood how to be under stood.

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Also the the the third argument, they use a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they claim that the prophet SAW Selim said my Hadith will become widespread. So whatever is according to the Quran, then it is from me and whatever contradicts it, it is not from me. So they said, that means the plan is the ultimate source of rule of the religion, the only source of the religion, there is no need for the center because everything has to go to the court. First of all, this hadith is fabricated. The scholars of Hadith and the scholars of Islam said a Shafi had been MADI, Abdullah Abdullah bar, a Sahaba. And he had been has been a shell county chosen between me and so many have

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mentioned this Hadith, and they judge it as fabricated Hadith, unacceptable Hadith. So how can you space a belief or an argument based on a fabricated statement and fabricated Hadith. Also, this hadith contradict itself because in the Quran, Allah ordering us 33 times to accept what the prophet whatever the prophets or sunlamps said, or whatever the prophets or sunlamps teach, anyway, the argue will not stop here. There is another group of people also adopted this idea and start spreading it and in a different way to raise doubts about the authenticity of the sun and raise doubt about that Muslim should go and refer to the sun and all matters and they should not go to the

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dentist should only go to the Koran and take their religion and their rules from the Quran. Those

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What are some of the Orientals who are like non Muslims and they are Western, mainly researchers, who has studied Islam and Islamic science,

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and wrote so many books

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about Islam and Islamic science.

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There is some doubts about the authority of sydnor. And there are several articles. And these articles read by some

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Muslim thinkers, and there are also their own articles and their books to raise more doubts about sooner. We know in

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any researcher or any student of knowledge, who studied the history of this claim, he will be familiar with so many names came in different places in the world who wrote article to raise doubts about this. Without going into the names of those thinkers, or those people who erase the doubts of the raised doubts about the third of center, let's take some of their argument and exam them.

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One, this said, many headaches are the result of a political and social evolution, and not necessarily from haematologic.

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I remember once I was in Chicago, attending to a conference, some Orientals were talking about the history of sin. And

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so far, and one of them actually said the same thing. He said that the Hadith was made up by some Sahaba, or tambien, or some scholars, just to serve a political reason, or because of social resolve, people are rich, he would make up a Hadith, encouraging people to donate to the poor, people are poor, that's a social reason, he will make up some Hadith to make those people feel good that there is agenda and that was the reward they will get. And he has no shame when he's saying that. And he said for political reason. They said they mentioned something about the healer, and about who's the Hollywood and so on.

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Anyway, first of all, we have a we have to remember some net we agree that there is some 100 word fabricated and weak or not accepted in Islam. We don't claim that every single narration is accepted. We think there are some are weak, there are some are fabricated, there is some we don't accept. So we're not saying that everything must be accepted. No, we said had it must be exempt by certain rules which has been set by the scholar of Hadith. That's one to keep in mind to give me an example of one of the trustworthy Muslim scholars of Hadith who fabricated any Hadith, because of a political or because of a social reason. The only

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example that they have or the famous example that they have, they said an Imam misery Mohammed bin she had zuri as an Arab he said one hour to Jeremy Lin. I thought she had been under Allahu perama the first one who collect the Hadith is a bin she had when Omar Abdulaziz ordered him to collect the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Salah they said, Listen carefully to what they said they could have been she had by this said that when she upset those princes, it means I'm always princes forced me to write narrations anyway, so had been she had when he start writing that I had it, it was something new. And he said, I was forced to do that, because the honey for ordering to collect the Hadith,

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because people start dying and the losing the sharp memory that they used to have and the term of the Sahaba. But we find that the statement of women she had is a quite different, he said those princes forced me to write veneration generations see the different the generations but when you take out that and it became narrations, it sounds like a make up some narrations, but no, it is the generations. The generations. It means they asked me or they forced me to write. And that because it had been she had was in depth and the helped him financially and in return the asked him to collect the Hadith, and had been Shabbat is not the only narrator we have in in the history of Islam.

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We have so many other great scholars in the history of Sam who narrated Hadith and wrote the a hadith.

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they said that some companions fabricated a hadith

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Some scholars, and they cannot come up with a single example. We cannot they cannot come with a single example to support this claim. That's why this claim is not acceptable. And it's refuted by the Muslim scholars and I will leave you with this point. And inshallah I will see you in the next episode to continue our discussion about another group or another idea

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came up in the history of Islam, opposing that authoritative sinner, malice pantalla to protect us from such ideas, and to help us to follow the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Thank you for listening to me, was Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato.

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Confusion, the chaos and the pain, man emerged and Mohammed was his name and walking with nothing but alas, he is a

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prophet, between the shoulder blades in a cave in

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Revelation pain, read,

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reading and listening, May the blessings be on almost

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none besides

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the greatest prophet

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from among other prophets, Mohammed was the last as he is was a mission of the creed.

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There was only Marvin degeneration, people who claim to Adam Adam ration for all nations he was.

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So was he praised by Allah,

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the bearer of bad sightings mushy leading into like a sea That and more need more Heaven

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the greatest prophet

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He was

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in handling the wicked he had the best kind of skill he has he fed with tolerance and goodwill, the best of marbles he aim to attain

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peace through suffering in pain without having Eman as I move back in, is known in the end as

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only he was given me on

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marriage, unique was this glory to Mohammed.

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the greatest prophet

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