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Building a Coalition of Justice (The Fiqh of Hilf-al-Fadool)


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The history of the Prophet's actions, including their actions on housing and protecting Muslims, were not indicative of political views. The Prophet's actions were not indicative of political political views, and the presence of political parties in political parties is seen as a precedent for cooperation among Muslims. The importance of acceptance of Islam's way of life is emphasized, along with achieving a joint effort for bettering humanity. The speakers discuss the importance of establishing a coalition among Muslims to ensure peace and avoid disagreements among Muslims, as well as achieving justice among Muslim communities and avoidingoppression.

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In this pack, and it has been an omega. So Ben omega abstained from healthful food. Ben omega is one of the most powerful tribes. And of course, a tribe that showed notable hostility to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. When he started his doubt, for the most part, this was one of the tribes that did not accept Islam, and that abstained from accepting the conditions that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam proposed, you know, through Islam, so they came together, and it was also called helfen multibeam. They dip, which is the pact or the pledge of the perfumed, because they dip their hands and henna or some bleep, and then they put it on the cabinet altogether. And they pledged that they

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will stand together now for the support of those that are oppressed. Anyone that is wronged will collectively have the their rights upheld by all of these tribes together these powerful tribes and these powerful people. So it was a turning point in the history of Mecca. And you've got to understand I mean, when you look through the history of Mecca and Medina, these are people you know, that would that would go to war for hundreds of years because someone killed somebody else's camel. I mean, literally, right? If you if you read about what started the vessels war, or the the fee job, all of these different wars, Arab wars, it was something so silly, it would it would start off with

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a petty conflict that would just evolve into an all out war between tribes. Right, so this is a later on, as we all know, he said lo dery, to either Miss Li fill Islam. today. If I was called to something similar to its in Islam, I would listen to the caller I would respond to the caller, meaning even if someone was to initiate helpful football now, this pact of justice, now, I would respond to that call. Now that had the the prophets lie. Some is indicating that if a similar practice call or if anything is invoked, of the nature of health and food, that I will be the first to join it. In another narration, the prophets lie Selim said, from management, to head to morality,

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health and well being, he said that I witnessed with my uncle's, the pact of the perfumed referring to healthful food, he says, famau Haeberlin uncouth aho, he said that I would not want to separate when I'll be hungry. Now, even if I was to be given red camels and exchange. Red camels, of course, were the most prized possession, the most prized assets of the Arabs and the prophets lie, Selim said, I would not sever helpful for the whole, even if you gave me all the money in the world, there is nothing that would cause me to suffer it. So that indicates what, that the health, the pact was still intact, it still was upheld and to be maintained, the one that was taken that time, even after

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Islam. And even though many of the participants of the agreement did not become Muslim, not everyone that was in that room, or belong to those tribes accepted Islam, the Prophet slicin him said, He's still willing to uphold that pact with all of those people, even if they were rejecting him now as a prophet, so long as they were maintaining the principles that were agreed upon in that pact, and he continued to act upon it after Islam. Now, what would make this Hadeeth very powerful is to analyze when the profits license service. Meaning what if the profit slice I'm said this in Mecca, when he was still under when he was undergoing persecution? And the people came to him and said, Well, what

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do we do about healthful food? And he's in a position of weakness. He's a minority in Mecca as Muslims, they're persecuted and the province I'm said, will still maintain it if they want to maintain it. Well, it's easy to say that when you're one of the oppressed, and when you're one of the persecuted, but when did the prophets lie, some say this? According to the majority of the scholars of Hadith, it was after Fatah Mecca

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after the conquest of Mecca, meaning when the prophets lie Selim was at the height of his power when he solidified power over Mecca and Medina. And the prophets lie Selim says, You know what that health, that pact is still intact, even with those that chose to remain upon idolatry. That's powerful. Because the prophets lie Selim is saying that he will continue to be held accountable because he now belongs to the ruling class, that we will continue to ensure accountability across the board. Even though the prophets lysozyme could have absolved the reason why many of the scars I did say that this discussion took place after that mark after the conquest of Mecca, is because

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after the conquest of Mecca

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The Makins the Muslims were really confused about what what was what was upheld and what was not to be upheld.

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Whether that was in theology, or whether that was in seemingly virtuous things that took place before it's not. So for example, in their theology, the Muslims did not know what to maintain of hedge because there was a hedge in the days of ignorance, some semblance of the hedge of Ibrahim alayhis salaam in the profits, but it was way off, and the Muslims didn't know what parts of it would be upheld, and what parts of it would be disregarded, prominently lost. Planetside discusses in the Quran in the Safa one model water minchah illa salmon hudgell beta where a tomato fella tuna Holly and your po was a behemoth that Safa and Marwa are from the rituals of Allah subhanaw taala

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from the signs of a lost parents or whoever goes to Hajj or Umrah then there is no blame on them if they perform the rituals there because the Muslims didn't know So does this mean now we only do pull off and we do away with sorry, what parts of Hajj are parts of Hajj. So Allah subhanaw taala affirmed the parts of Hajj that were correct. And the messenger i think is Salatu was Salam disregarded the parts that were not from the original form, not from the original Hajj likewise, now with their societal contracts, when the messenger it his slotless, and I'm stood up in and this is just to understand the spirit in which this hadith came when the Prophet slicin stood up and he gave

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his his farewell speech. Okay, it's hospitalidad in Makkah, his farewell speech in Mecca. The Prophet slice them condemned usury, he condemned interest in liberty. And he said that whoever owes anyone else, the river, it's abolished. It doesn't hold anymore. So the Prophet slicin clarified what pre existing agreements held, and what pre existing agreements were to be nullified. And the messenger it is Salatu was Salam maintained the integrity of this particular pact, which is, which is very powerful and very beautiful. And it gives us many rulings to take into consideration. Number one, this pact gives Muslims a precedent for the moral responsibility of all citizens, to protect

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the weak and to speak for them to critique the powerful, and to establish groups and pacts that lobby for social rights. There is a precedent here that's given to us in this health because the prophets lie Selim upheld the original one. And the prophets lie. Some said, If I'm called to something like it, I will still respond to it that this is something that is imperfect, you know, that is perfectly congruent with the teachings of Islam and the values of Islam, that people should come amongst themselves. And they should establish agreements and Coalition's of this nature, and the spirit of those Coalition's should be to speak for the week, to speak for the voiceless, to

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raise their voices, and to lobby for their rights. So this is a precedent that we have from it. We also see that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam acknowledged through this, that Muslims could work with people that were not Muslims in such pacts and Coalition's

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that even though there were things that were hated to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would still be willing to partake in these types of agreements with these people, even if there are bigger issues. Right, this is where the contemporary understanding has to come in, even if there are bigger issues that are present. If a people are coming together to form a coalition to achieve a specific noble goal, they can all cooperate for that. What's the proof of that? The prophets lie Selim when the people came together to establish economic justice in this case, helpful football was really because this man's money was not paid back to the prophets lie

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Selim, stand back and say, You know what? You people bury your daughter's life. You people, you know, do hedge and pull off without clothes. You people have major, major, major issues. I'm not going to touch any of you people or have anything to do with you people. Because I can't stand your lifestyle and worse than that, even before it's not the profit slice. I'm did not worship idols, or prophets lie. Some did not say, you know what, you guys have you go deal with your ship, and deal with your burying your daughter's alive and deal with all the horrible things you're doing. And then we can talk about head football. He didn't do that. So a lot of money was stolen. Because the goal

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was very specific. And it was a noble goal in and of itself, and so long as the pack is specific to that goal, and not a general Alliance, to where the presence in that Alliance could be taken as an entity.

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endorsement for the other actions of other tribes or other people in that Alliance, it was fine. It was okay. That's where the line has to be drawn. And the Prophet sly son was still willing to affirm that the same man on his Salatu was Salam. When he walked into Mecca, and he about and he removed the idols from the huddle, the Prophet slicin was still willing to work with these people that maintained their idolatry so long as it was for a specific, noble goal, even if he still hated some of their outstanding issues. Okay, do you guys understand that concept is clear from this Hadeeth kinda sort of, and so maybe in the question, answer, we'll have some more. The pact also teaches

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Muslims to embrace anything that's for the betterment of humanity in this life or the next. And this is a very powerful idea and the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, What are our no adultery, what taqwa to cooperate with one another, in righteousness and piety, and many of them were first studied. They said, a little righteousness refers to well being in this world. And taqwa refers to well being in the hereafter. So to our one should be based on one of the two things, and preferably for both. And until you either do to Allah forbid, you either come together for the well being in this world, the well being of people in this world, or you come together for the well being of

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people in the hereafter through chocolate. So the nature of these alliances is that they have to come together for one of those two things. And this is something that Muslims often but we have to pay very close attention to, because sometimes there is a just a seemingly just cause. But that just cause is being hijacked by a malicious agenda. And so Muslims have to look at the pros and cons of achieving that goal. And everything should be seen in the light of achieving other what taqwa one of the two, or both, when these types of PACs and when these types of Coalition's are taking number four or number five, where am I who's taking notes, or

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you don't want to be doing the sign on.

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Number four, the PAC doesn't only apply when Muslims are a minority and in a state of weakness, right. Rather, these types of pacts should and could be initiated when Muslims are in a position of power. Why do I mention this? Because there's this thinking that you know what? Muslims have to settle for these types of things, because right now we're weak. Once we get powerful, we don't have to worry about establishing the rights of upholding the rights of anybody else. We just want to have our rights upheld, once we get our rights upheld, the last pass it gives us power, then we don't have to worry about these types of pacts and Coalition's and so on, so forth. No, the prophets lie,

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some affirms that pacts of this nature could and should be initiated, even when Muslims are in a state of power. Because usually the discussions of hell fulfilled would

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take place only amongst Muslim minorities,

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or in relation to Muslim minorities, that Muslim minorities would speak about this importance of upholding a pact of the sort for the sake of someone else. Number five,

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their intimate say that invoking this pact is not restricted to collaboration with people of other faiths only. But a pact of this nature could also be initiated amongst Muslims to resolve disagreements amongst themselves or to uphold rights amongst themselves. All right, and I'll get to a very strong proof for that inshallah, to Allah in a few minutes. But the point is, Can these types of pacts be established amongst Muslims can Muslims amongst themselves come together and say, we're going to establish a coalition that will ensure that, that this takes place and that this takes place, I'll give you an example, if the massage came together, and they said, we're going to ensure

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that you know, certain principles are upheld and all of the massages that people are not wrong. And if someone complains of something in one method than all of the massages would step in, or if something happens here, then all of us would come together or if one messes of this struggling, all of us will come together to uplift that message. These types of Coalition's are good, they're good, any, you know, anything, any type of pact. And it can be binding islamically it can be taken as a contract of sorts where people come together and say, we will uphold the rights of so and so even if it's purely amongst Muslims, or us to resolve disagreements amongst Muslims, then we should do so.

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I'm on number six right. Number six

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The Redeemer say that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said hello tourists upon our tune sorona in love with laughter

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Are you supported or given victory by Allah subhanaw taala except by how you treat your poor.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was showing that Baraka blessings come to a society as a whole, when they uphold the rights of the weakest. There's a very powerful point that we don't see in many books here in Mecca, you know what healthful football did for them, because we know that voting ruins a society, the presence of oppression, ruins a society, it leads to a society being devoid of blessings and horrible, you know, horrible things happening to that society as a whole. Because eventually that lack of accountability leads to everyone suffering. But you know, what happened in Mecca? in Mecca, when these tribes came together and did healthful food, it actually led

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to a boom in their economy, because people from other countries and other tribes, were now less hesitant to do business with the people in Mecca to paddle so particularly, there was a boom if you know if you read in Saudi a lot of in the history of the Arabs in the history of Mecca, in particular, a boom in business from Yemen.

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Okay, because there was an understanding that we're going to get wrong if we go into business with people in Mecca, when they open that up. And when the news of health and food spread, it led to more blessing in their economic transactions. All right, so this leads to the betterment of society as a whole when people come together and they do this Allah subhana wa tada opens doors for that society, even if it's not a Muslim society, if all non Muslims came together in a society and said, You know what, we're going to uphold the rights of the week we're going to establish justice, Allah would place Barack a blessing in that society for that reason. And that's a powerful lesson that we take

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from the history of the of the mccanns. In this in this situation. Lastly,

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was this tact ever invoked after Islam in effect?

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Okay, was this pact ever invoked after Islam in effect, so we know that the prophets lie some in principle, he, he confirmed it in Islam, and said I would oblige if I was called to similar agreements and similar pacts to do this type of stuff. But did it ever actually happen? This is a powerful incident that took place not too long after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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It took place about 70 years after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That miracle of Medina was earthman an Abbe Sophia

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and he wronged the man and he refused to pay him back his money. now realize the prophets I send them particularly wanted to establish this type of accountability for leadership. He's saying that even now when I'm in power, helpful for Lord stands, these types of packs to stand. So there's not even a piece of yarn wrong this man and he's the governor of Medina. He's the Emir of Medina and he refused to give this man back his money and for saying a banality while the lavon Houma he stood up and he said, one lie let in them to Allahu Allah, La una de en be helpful for this episode was from ventile Hashem and so he stood up and he said, I swear by Allah, if you do not give him back his

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money, then I will invoke headful football. Yes, who else stood up at the loudness debate. And he was from banjo asset, the tribal leader of the allowed time, then acid and under loudness of air stood up. And he said, and I will invoke FL for those two so that the original tribe, the descendants of the people that ratified that original tax start to stand up under a man and then had he stood up and said, well, no American, Mohammed Ali, from Ben ozora, he stood up and said, and I am with you and American. And because they all stood up and they invoked healthful food or smarter than me, Sophia and gave the man back his money and he backed off. So not only was this a pact that

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could be invoked in principle or something similar to it. But it was something that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam invoked in spirits. And of course, in conclusion, you know, Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, of course, was bothered by the practices of Quraysh. Even as a young man, he never was comfortable with their practices. He wasn't comfortable with their morality. He wasn't comfortable with their shidduch with their polytheism he wasn't comfortable with their injustice, and lo but the Prophet slicin him was always eager to improve whatever conditions he was capable of improving. And as Muslims, we should take a great lesson in that, that alone because it's very easy

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to get overwhelmed like

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Where do we even start? and solving the problem of injustice. It's very easy for us to be overwhelmed. But the prophets lie Selim teaches us that it is part of our Deen that we join hands with with people for very specific causes. And if we can do away with conditions of oppression, in some capacities, then that slowly chips away at the spirits that allows oppression, to be maintained and allows injustice to be maintained. We ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to use us to establish justice amongst our communities, both internally within the Muslim community and generally in our society as a whole and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring ease to those who are suffering alone I mean, questions