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Begging Him for His Mercy
Dr. Omar Suleiman dives into the fourth quality of the servants of the Most Merciful.

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see if this works.

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So once again

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so now I have the lack of anatomy or salatu salam I was really good kitty mana and he was like me he had mine. So inshallah Tada, we'll try this again. And hopefully it'll stick this time. And I'll check in

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two, three minutes in again to make sure that the sound is working with enough time. So, you know, I was saying that somehow I'm falling in love again with these ions. And I think that just as we find as we studied before, and deeper from a structural perspective, how every surah ties in so beautifully into the next sort of, we're finding how, you know, these ions, especially these blessed groupings were lost pounds out of talks about a group of people and analyzers, that lists out a bunch of qualities about those people especially have, those can be so much more coherent than we may have previously thought. So we were talking about so many different elements of very valuable

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writing on so many different elements of the qualities of the Most Merciful and where we left off, you know, and similar to the angel series, where it's kind of this element of your life ties into this element of your life. You go from the loud outside world, to the innermost part of your home, where shuttles and piano will be laid. The nobility of the believer is their ninth prayer, a place of solitude, and that's the imagery. So what are they saying in their substance? What are these people calling out to a loss of hundreds?

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As they're in the corner of their homes? And they are making so due to a loss of Hannah Montana, in private, a loss of kind of metathesis? Well, Nadine, a co owner of the house live and the jahannam in Nevada can avana in the hacer at monster called one, one calm. Those are the people who entreat and when they say Our Lord ward off from us or Venice to ward off from us, either but to handle the punishment of health in Nevada had a can of Alanna Verily, its punishment is one that claims it's one that sticks and somehow the word of Rama Rajan, it actually comes from the same root as that which is used to describe a debtor who won't leave you alone, a debtor who stalks you. So when they

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say rather than letting now imagine owing someone money, as you owe that person money, they stalk you, everywhere you are, they show up, and they keep on calling you, they keep on watching you, they keep on following you, and you feel like you cannot escape their sight, and you cannot escape the rights that you owe to them. They're not letting you forget, and they're not letting you get away from the right that you owe to them. So these people refer to as Abba Johanna, they refer to the punishment of Hellfire as drama. It's like that rather than 13. Anytime you try to escape it, it will catch you. Of course, there's a physical elements of this that the Prophet slicin I mentioned,

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magic, the angel that guards the Hellfire, and the prophets, like some saw him on on the night of the solid Mirage and he wasn't smiling. And he was, you know, he had he had a very frightening appearance and it's not that he looks like that. It's that the loss of kind of what's out of causes him to appear that way to the people as they're in hellfire. So the idea of the Guardians of Hellfire not letting a person leave hellfire. So it's a drama, it's it just keeps pulling you back in time a lot. I think one of the highlights of 3431 is when when sister sneak peak was on and she was talking about this idea of you can't escape, right? It grabs you back and it's not healthy to

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think of escape. And one of the reasons why we try to escape thoughts of punishments in the Hereafter is because we want to escape any consequences are any commitments in this life. And so it's it's a matter of convenience, putting it off, and, you know, saying Lantos and an hour 11am and not do that, you know, even if we go to hellfire. You know, we'll only be there for a day or two, you know, eventually, like that alone will get us out. So I'll only be there for some time. And so it's okay, if I have this sim that I'm insisting upon. It's okay, if I do a little bit of this, it's okay. If I'm, you know, if I cheat here, it's okay. If I do this, it's okay if I and so a person

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starts to belittle their sins because they belittle the consequences of those things. Okay. So a lot of them have been like a stalker that you owe money to, and that debtor is a stalker and stalking you until they get there right from you. And that is the way that these people refer to Hellfire, in that other account of honor that it's punishment is one that claims in the hersa at Mr. Pawan, one more comment barely it is a wretched abode and resting place, such as Mr. Mr. Carr refers to ever present so speaks to it as a place

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pharma is like a pharma. It's never ending. Okay, so it speaks to time. So again, was the following meeting, ever an ever present place, more pharma meaning its punishment is, is for a never ending time. And so they say in the hersa. Mr. Pawan, one more partner. And so these people are expressing a fear of the punishment of the hellfire. And as you know, it connects in a very interesting way to the IRS before but first and foremost before I even get to the connection, amount, of course, to give him a line note, he pointed out something that's that's very powerful. He says, A in the home Yahoo, Luna Delica. And they're saying this with certainty, as if they've seen Hellfire as if

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they've seen Hellfire, right, so they're speaking about Hellfire, in that other high kandalama in the house at monster calm Obama, they're speaking about it as a matter of fact, and they're speaking about it from a place of knowledge as if they've seen it. So there is full certainty in its existence, and there's full certainty and its punishment, there's nothing hypothetical about this. It's and they don't have to experience it up to know that it is all of those things that they've given it in terms of description, because for them and living your life, there are people that believe in the unseen, a lot of telling us about it through a scientific muster of the trustworthy

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one, the Prophet sallallahu, it was somehow a lot of telling us about it through him, it's as if we would have seen it. Okay, so it won't be possible the long time will be set, for example,

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that if I was to see Jenna, if I was to see it with my own two eyes, I would not want it more than I already wanted. And if I was to see Hellfire, then I would not fear it more than I already fear. It's and of course, what he was talking about this idea that, you know, I know it's there. I know, agendas real agenda to have whatnot will happen. I know. jahannam is real. I know these things are real. And I have certainty about them. One of the ideas that we'll discuss in the angel series, towards the end, the very thing is, have you thought about the angels finding the circles of Vic of the circles of remembrance of the loss of animals out? And you know, Allah subhanaw taala? Asking

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the angels, what are they asking for? What's their what's their ask? And they're asking you for paradise. And the law says, Have they seen it? And Allah knows, they haven't seen it that we haven't seen it. But the way that they're expressing that desire for paradise, it's as if they've seen it. And the angels would say no, last times I says to the angels. So how would it be had they seen it? And when it comes to fear of Hellfire, what are they asking for? They're asking for the protection from hellfire. Have they seen it? And the angels say Nautilus pass out says how would it be had they seen it? Right? Like, how much more fear would they have? Had they actually seen it? And so this is

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the difference between and this is not just the plug of 15. But hopefully you're understanding why we chose the Navy team, you know, over this over this time, or anybody I've been to, I know the appeal right to the knowledge of of certainty or certain knowledge and certain experience to actually see it right to actually see it with certainty. And so the closer that anyone you have been gets to actually attain that the knowledge you're that the certainty that you have through knowing of it is just as much as had you seen it, as I know the theme, the closer that you get to a loss of hope. And the more that you work in accordance with that, one of the subtle level hasn't a whole lot

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out. He said during the night one night because this is regarding family and the people that should be praying at night. He said, I just submitted agenda Capernaum upon evil, he said I'm amazed by paradise. How is it that the one who who has who is pursuing Paradise is sleeping? Gentlemen, gentlemen, I'm amazed by gentlemen, how is it that Bonnie will have the one who is seeking it is asleep right now. Otherwise, up to the knob? And I'm amazed by Hellfire k phenomena how it will How is the one who is trying to escape it how he will has the runaway How is the one who's trying to run away from asleep right now. And so both of these things get thrown out of the home how often or

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former, as the law says and Swift is such that they call out to their Lord out of fear and hope both of these things the desire for paradise and the fear of hellfire.

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Those things together mean less sleep. That means more prayer at night. That means more hunnewell more seclusion and more you have more supplication to a loss of Hannah without asking the loss of data to protect you from those things and to elevate you. And the goal of all of that is to get to a point where hope and fear are overcome by that lovable loss of penance as pleasure. And so, you know no Fabiola hotel

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He said about Sahiba Rumi for a long time and we said no do half alone. Yes. He said, even if he didn't fear God, he still would not do something. Even if he didn't fear a lot, he would not disobey Him. Why? Because he loved a lot that much. He loved the love that much. And so that the the body that Allah mentioned, the body of the believer is the love of Allah. The two wings are fear and hope. This is a specific appeal to the fear part of this a healthy Fear not despair. Remember, healthy fear never becomes despair, healthy hope never becomes delusion. Okay, so that's the fine line, healthy fear never should become despair, healthy hope should never become delusion. So what

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are the connections to the previous hyatts? Number one, these are example of none. These are the servants of a whatnot. And so they are appearing to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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For his lemma, they're appealing to Allah subhanaw taala for his mercy. Okay, so the servants of the Most Merciful appealing to Allah for his mercy is there's something very beautiful about them, particularly number two. And this is a profound point, one of the dangers of being someone who has both a righteous life in private and a righteous life in public, which has already been established by these ions. Okay, so what's been established thus far, in the description of the servants of the Most Merciful is that they pray at night, you'll be tonight, it'll be him sooner than with piano during prayer at night. And during the day, these people carry out their lives with extraordinary

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grace. Okay, so they're graceful during the day with a lot of creation. And they are grateful to a lot in the night through prayer and supplication. So you've got a beautiful connection of your private life, your public life, Masha, Allah, it's all it's all there, right? So what can happen to this person? Well, that person could become proud, that person could become conceited, that person could start to see themselves in a certain light, and they could become prideful and boastful. So then the thought of Hellfire is like, yeah, that's for those other people, they could become judgmental, they could, because you know, you got to realize, if Stefan cannot attack you, from the

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left, he will attack you from the right shape and cannot attack you from the left will attack you from the right, if he can't attack you, by getting you to commit certain sins, either in the form of following your desires, or in the form of responding to foolish people, then he's going to attack you through your prayer through your fasting through those good deeds, and try to corrupt them and corrupt you by inserting pride and conceitedness. And showing off ostentation and being condescending, right, so looking down upon, he's going to try to corrupt you from the right side if he can't get you from the left side. And so the beauty of this is this is the second connection to

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the previous is, is that these are people whose worship has not made them proud to presume that they are from the odd out of a law, they're from the beloved ones, and they don't have to worry anymore, the fire of hell will not touch them. That's for those foolish people, you know, the fires for those foolish people that we just, you know, that we set set out to outside the fires for those people that aren't praying right now, while I'm praying, the virus kills people that are watching Netflix, while I'm praying to minute, that's who the fire is for not for me, I'm exempted from that category. Okay. So on the other hand, what we find here is that, you know, even though they have those good

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qualities, they're still afraid, they still have a healthy fear of a loss of adults.

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And they are praying to their Lord to save them from the punishment of the Fire. And so, you know, this is a, this is a very powerful connection to the previous IRA. And we'll talk a little bit more about that in a moment. The third, the third connection to the previous iaat is that, you know, a lot so it just took us from a scene where either hot blah, blah, blah, he'd want to set up, you know, people are bothering them, distracting them, and they're too focused. So I want you to think of think of,

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you know, a scene where a person is trying to get to a really important appointment. All right. And as the person is trying to get to a really important appointments, things are happening on the way to that appointment, and they just want to get there, right. So let's say for example, you you know, your appointments up, I don't wear if I'm not wearing my watch right now, but your appointments at two o'clock, and you get to the parking lot at 159. And you start running from the parking lot to the appointment. And as you're running from the parking lot to the appointment, you know, someone yells at you says something derogatory says something really dumped you and you don't bother with

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that person because I've got an appointment to get you. Okay, I've got something to think about. And so there's an essential connection here, which is that

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A bad man are too busy worrying about the severity of the hereafter to be thinking about the silliness of this world, I'm gonna say that again, they're too busy worrying about the severity of the hereafter to be thinking about the silliness of this world. And so I can't be worried about petty insults and fullest people taking aim at my reputation, which is, by the way, which you know, the faces reputation in the Arabic language, even in that language, because I'm too focused on protecting my face from the fire on the Day of Judgment, I don't have time for all this got to worry about that. Because,

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you know, I thought when I feel the punishment, and the hardship of the Hereafter, is so much harder than anything that I could endure in this world. And I need to focus on that, you know, as a family alongside an animal, you know, he wants some, he was an old man who was in his 80s. And he pinched the ear of a young boy. And he felt bad. And he told the young boy pinch my ear back, and Chambord was like, No, no, this isn't man, or it's not only a lot of time, who, who's, you know, who the Prophet slicin was, Shiloh? And who the prophets lie, some said the angels are shy of, I'm not gonna pinch your nose. Now, the Lord who insisted pinch my ear, and he kept on foot pulling back and

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saying, no, yeah, yeah, I mean,

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I'm not going to pinch, you're here, you're the diva, you're, you're the most noble man alive, I'm not going to pinch your ear, I will be alone, pinch my ears, and that this loss of dounia f1, I'm in this awesome, I feel. So pinch my ear, because the consequences of this world are far lighter than the consequences of the hereafter. Okay, I'd rather get pinched in the ear now, then pay the price of that injustice in the hereafter. And so the connection to the previous idea is that this is a person that is way too busy, focused on the severity of the hereafter to be thinking about the silliness of this world, including petty insults and foolish people, because they're worried about

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the very real consequences that exist in the hereafter for the wicked men last contacted protect us. And this is also handy for artists who will be low on regards to severity of consequences. She asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, when the prophets of Allah in the southern said that on the Day of Judgment,

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that people will be without clothes, people will be naked on the Day of Judgment. They won't have clothes.

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You know, they'll be completely in their original state naked, uncircumcised, no titles, no distinctions, no nothing. And I showed the low Anna, out of her hair out of her sinus and just a natural thought that came to her head, she said, Yes, a lot of we dealt with that the men and the women are going to be looking at each other a little while, they're gonna be looking at each other. And the prophets license said no, I said, he said, shut him down. Because the matter is too severe for that people will be so focused on the matter at hand, that they won't even notice that people will be without clothes, including themselves and have a lot to show you the severity of that. And

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so this is also a part of that, that there's a sense of the severity of the matter of the hereafter in front of them. And that sense of the severity of the Hereafter, and the possibility of punishments keeps those people focused on that. So they don't worry about some of the things of this world that other people get obsessed with. And Subhanallah This is really, you know, something that's very important for all of us to think about.

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How much currency do you put in certain things being intact in this dunya? I speak to myself first, alright, how much do we put in you know, this being intact, and this being intact, and this being intact, to where when, when a whole presents itself and one of those things, our core is disrupted, right. And so tie yourself to the Hereafter, because that is certain, tie yourself to the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala because that is a more worthy pursuit, tie yourself to those things. So that when, when, when this dunya just presents, its its usual wrinkles, your core goal and your core methodology of pursuit of that goal is not compromised in the process. There's another thing that we

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find here and this is a consistent theme of

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the connection between urgency and awareness, the connection between urgency and awareness. And so these are people that are contemplating the signs that check so funny, by the way, you know, she's so funny, really. Today Tonight, I really benefited from his work. So Pamela I never thought about I knew the idea or the narration. I thought about a blog Massoud and talking about the gardens of the hell I mean, but just such a beautiful, you know, elaboration on the idea that

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signs, the blessing of signs. So there's two senses, there are two ways to become aware of a loss of data, right? That we will show them our eye out

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in the horizons or feet and foresee them and in themselves until it is made clear to them and even half that it is the truth. Okay. So there's a sense of urgency that comes with a sense of awareness out. So it's adding on a loss of kind of what's Island mentioned, Alenia de facto alone a few 100%. How it will work done. I have not heard of that had adelphia Savannah.

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Okay, a people that are looking out to the horizons, looking out at the stars, looking out at the moon, looking out at the sun, looking out at the grass, looking out at the flowers, looking out at the mountains, looking out at the water, looking out at all of the signs of a loss outside the creation of a loss of habitat in the heavens and earth and that brings them to a place of full of love. This was not made in vain, not enough to have about a hypersensitive awareness based upon a contemplation of the heavens in the earth. Yeah, love this was not made in vain. satanic, how perfect are you? And what's the very next ask that comes a phenol does not protect us from the fire?

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Why? Because there's a connection between awareness and urgency. Okay, an urgency here. And it may be to lead off even sooner than what the AMA a person is taking to the corner of their home. And in a place of frustration and prayer. Where's the awareness coming from is the awareness of self and Felicity hum the awareness of our own selves, the awareness of our own creation, the awareness of the things that we have done. That's the type of awareness that we're developing here. And what's the next idea? Okay, a sense of urgency or a lot protects us from the fire, oh, Lord, protect us from the punishment. And so there is an essential connection between urgency and between awareness

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and urgency for feet, unfussy him from the heavens and the earth, and that within ourselves, as we beautifully elaborated on tonight, where we're shifting.

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And so what does that create in a person? Okay. And I want to speak to this that, that, you know, hope and fear, healthy hope and healthy fear, have very unique interventions into our testing into our spirituality. Health. Fear protects from what fear protects from the fact it protects from hypocrisy. Fear protects from hypocrisy in a way that hope cannot. So both protects from the felt Bhama

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I'm sorry, fear protects from hypocrisy both protects from the fat well not which is hope protects from what it protects from shallot it protects from being led by our desires. Why because we learn to hope in something greater. We put our we put the desire for a loss, paradise and the loss garden and loss pleasure above our hopes and the desires and the things that we have access to in this world. But those are two very different interventions into our tests. And they're very necessary. Okay, so how often what format your own number one kofun, what format they call out to their Lord, in fear, and in hope, fear is necessary to protect this from you fought to protect us from

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hypocrisy. That's why when I show the love of China and her, she asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the ayah instead of what we know and we're lost access to that became Sadie rune, I feel for a lot of them the hostile before, versus

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I believe it's 60. So 6660 6162, somewhere in there, but those are the people that rush to do good deeds. I showed the love until she said to the Prophet soul, why some of y'all also have a lot of another destiny is that the person that commits adultery, we estimate we estimate is that the person who commits adultery and steals or work or drinks alcohol, meaning, you know, sometimes we see that when a person makes Toba to a loss, and they repent to a loss of time, in an effort to turn their lives around very quickly. They become, you know, seemingly overzealous, so suddenly, you know, they feel like they have to make up for an extreme life of sin with an extreme life of good deeds. And so

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they turn the corner all the way and you hope you hope that they don't burn out and they don't go to the extreme there. Because you know what, all that's going to do is going to take them right back to where they came from, right setting themselves up to crash. Sometimes you see someone who does something terrible, and in the aftermath of doing something terrible, they have hypernova, like hyper repentance, and that could be a good thing. But it could be a bad thing if they set them unrealistic expectations for themselves, which will inevitably lead to their disappointment and to their depression and to falling right back in where they came from. So I'm totally alone unless you

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ask the question.

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Some of this is about these people that rush to do good, right? Because they were seeing this play out in their eyes. This is a society the Sahaba were a society of Congress. Right? They were a society of Congress. So they were seeing the beautiful parts of the world. Pre Islam all model the law on proposed Islam on pre Islam Hamza post Islam hands on with your line, they were seeing this play out in front of their eyes. So is this who this is talking about jasola and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that you have

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no daughter of the truthful. And some of the scholars, they said that what the prophet slicin used to say to her Ventus too deep, the daughter of the most truthful, the Prophet slicin was praising her innocence and her sincerity in her truth, truthfulness will be a lot of time. She said, what I cannot, when I can know who love you, suddenly, we assume with Assad. Well, who am Ehrlich you have a lot as

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he said, so long, some of that is the person who prays, who fast gifts, charity. And with all of that they're still afraid of a loss of Hamilton, they still have a healthy fear of a loss of habitat. And so they they're not proud or conceited. They don't feel like they've arrived in a way that they're going to stop because, hey, you know, what, I'm doing all of these things. So I must be good. All right, that's a disease, a disease, a disease, may Allah protect us. Because it's so easy for us to not see this disease, right? When you're sending when you're in a place of sin,

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it's a lot easier for you to be able to recognize that you're in that place of sin. But when you're in a place of good deeds, and you're developing pride, and you're developing conceit, conceit, and you're developing, you know, a self righteousness. It's a lot harder to see that. And that's why the prophets lie. Some of you said, no, that took me but

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if you were not to sin, I would fear for you something greater than sin and urge urge that you become conceited, you become conceited. So you start to see yourself committing good deeds, and you start to look down on people. And you start to belittle people. And so you start to put other people down, and it will take him or him on lots of data, he has a very powerful saying about this, he says that, and to be tonight, for you to sleep all nights, and to wake up naghmeh to wake up and regret till so. So to sleep all night, and to wake up and regret is better than for you to spend the whole night in family. And to wake up in the morning with pride. Okay? So, you know, for you to sleep at

00:27:38--> 00:27:53

night, and then to wake up with a sense of regret that you missed your prayer is better than praying all night and then waking up with a sense of pride. All right. So why because that person who slept through the night and did not wake up and pray.

00:27:54--> 00:28:32

They feel a sense of not have a sense of regret, they want to get closer to a loss of time, they're still trying to push themselves. Whereas that person who prayed all night maybe my think no Mashallah, look at me. Look at me. Okay. So this is something that we should take note of. And it is very important, especially for people that turn the corner with their religious lives, sometimes they forget where they were before they start to look down on other people. That's how a lot of sellers, one of the one of the the cures that we find from the sellers, by the way, is that you know, what, enough of them are going to follow sidama because there's a connection here also, when

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the ignorant or the foolish would would berate them, they would say Salama, the Sabbath would still believe that that average lay person who doesn't have the best of luck, probably still has something redeeming that makes them better than me. Okay, so that sinner might be better than me, the scholar, because i sin in a way that other people don't see, it's not as obvious as that sinner, and maybe that sinner, the one that's known for their sin, while I'm known for my good, maybe that sinner has a good deed between them and a loss of habitat, that will redeem them, and that will save them and that will enter them into paradise. And it might be that I, the person known for my good known for

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my religiosity, I have a sin that will be fatal, and that will lead me astray. And enter me into the hellfire. So the son of the pious predecessors would not look down upon those people that were obviously committing sin, because they still knew that it could be that they were so aware of their own sins, right? And they were so afraid of their own selves, that you know, they would say that maybe that person has something good about them and I send in ways that that person does not send so that person might be better in the sight of a loss

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than me it's an important quality to have and so these people despite their you know, Soon I'll be hona we've got a problem from Jay Jonah potty Salama.

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Despite these beautiful qualities, still have a sense of humility with a loss of handles, are still afraid of hypocrisy, are still afraid of their own sense are still afraid of their own flaws, and they're hyper aware. And so because they're hyper aware, they have a hyper sense of urgency. And when I say hope is a protection from the Falcon particular fears of protection from hypocrisy, are they from the amount of the alarm time and we said that the Sahaba used to ask the prophets lie Selim about the good things and how they can attain them. He said, Well come to us or wine shop. And I used to ask him about the bad things and how he can avoid them. And what did that earn for they

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follow the law and the profit slice of them was so certain, was so certain of the first protection from the fact from hypocrisy that he entrusted him with the names of the hypocrites. So how to love because that was his mindset, his attitude, he was so afraid of hypocrisy, that the prophets lie some of them saw him worthy of entrusting him with the names of the hypocrites. And guess what, guess who the first person actually the only the only person to my knowledge, no one knows best I could be wrong. So please don't take this as a fact, to my knowledge, the only narration we have a Sahabi asking for they told me a long time about whether or not he was one of the hypocrites that

00:31:24--> 00:31:51

the prophets I saw them had mentioned, was the law of all people, although, you know, machining, from those who was guaranteed from those who are guaranteed paradise from those who the profits why saddam had exposed so many times, right, so many times who the prophets license of the safe on flees his path. And Omar will be left behind who is asking today from the new man? Am I one of them? And he means it? Am I one of those hypocrites, I don't know,

00:31:52--> 00:32:00

if it'll be a lot of time, who has has the close has a fear that he might be falling short and the long nights of pm and sitting on Alma

00:32:02--> 00:32:15

did not cause him to develop a sense of pride and a sense of certainty that he was in the clear and no longer had to ask a lot of protection from punishment. Who are we? Who are we to think we should not ask a loss of pounds out of it.

00:32:16--> 00:32:17

Now to bring this all back.

00:32:19--> 00:32:20

And you know, there's a beautiful

00:32:21--> 00:32:35

sequence to these ions, by the way, because a loss response and a few I ops is not to just assure the believers that they will be protected from the terrorist agenda. But instead of lies which elaborates on the beauty of gentlemen,

00:32:36--> 00:33:18

you know, to save some kind of love that that you know, people that are like this people that are calling upon the loss of Hamilton as to the loss of adequate protection from the fire. A loss of habitat is not merely going to protect them from the fire, a loss of habitat is going to elevate them in the gardens. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that whoever asks a lot for agenda three times whoever asks a lot for agenda three times. Allah subhanaw taala causes Jenna to respond paradise response agenda itself responds and says Allah wa enter him enter her into me. And whoever seeks refuge from the fire three times. Johanna, the fire response and

00:33:18--> 00:33:28

says, Oh Allah, do not let him enter into me Do not let her enter into me. And so one of the people that say this throughout the night of that

00:33:29--> 00:33:44

journal, Allah removed from us, the fire of hellfire. The punishment of Hellfire in Nevada, cannot Varma verily its punishment is like is like a, you know, a stalking debtor.

00:33:45--> 00:34:28

You know, that comes to tickets, right? So May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to have that sense of urgency. May Allah subhanaw taala protects us from the punishment of the grave and the punishment of the Fire and the loss of kindness Allah replaced that with the reward of the paradise of agenda, and the companionship of the messengers on love. Send them a loss of habitat and make us the people that have the healthy balance of the love of love, and hope and love and fear of a loss of habitat. And may Allah allow all three of those things, all three of those qualities to drive us back to him, so that we may be counted amongst rebadow but man amongst the servants of the Most Merciful, loving

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

me, Zack, along with Aidan in Charlottetown, I will see you all tomorrow. Please keep this new job tonight. It's the 25th night. I'm going to be selfish here and ask you please your moments of seclusion these last 10 nights. If you can remember myself and my family and all of the team members that you have been and their families. If you can remember us all in short, what to add to every one of these last two nights. That's all I would ask of you in return for this in Charlottetown. So please make your app for us in Sharla and I pray that a lot

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

Accept it on behalf of you, on behalf of us may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us all to be amongst those attachments. In other words, a mean or something that must have been better for me and I'm humbled

00:35:13--> 00:35:15

to feel equal