The Prophets Prayer #03 – Covering the Body in Prayer

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In Al Hamdulillah Maru want to start in ob he want to stop hurdle one or other below him in Shuri and fusina woman say RTR Marina, manana de la who follow mobila woman you will follow her tiara Why should one La ilaha illAllah YW la sharika why shadow under Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy and woman said I learned he was standing up sooner to Hilario Medina and buried a sin Mr alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatu so this is our third session in sha Allah of the prophets prayer described or similar to sada to nebby by shavon Alberni yo Rahim Allah hota Island. Today inshallah we are going to discuss covering the Iota or the private areas when it

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comes to I'll solder This here is a topic that is discussed in great detail amongst Orellana perhaps one of the most comprehensive discussions that you find is the book of mmm and no we are a mandala his image remora which is about 25 volumes long and he has a section there that is titled covering the outer so a lot of what you're about to hear in sha Allah for this evening's discussion is from this particular collection by mmm and no we are Hema hilang

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when it comes to covering the outer, covering the outer or the private area is a condition for a correct and acceptable solder. This is Villa HMR. So without doing this, the solder can never be complete and therefore it will not be accepted by Allah azza wa jal and as a result, a person has to renew that solder they have to repeat that particular prayer. The word in Arabic comes from the word rude. Rude literally means something that is shameful, shameful to look at something that is disrespectful in and of itself in its nature in and of itself. It's something that's also despicable to look at. That's why these areas on our bodies is titled as our because it's not something

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appropriate that even us ourselves should look at. It's not appropriate Don't get me wrong, it's not something that you should refrain from doing no, whenever the need arises for us to care ourselves, then this is something we have to adhere to. But generally speaking, this is why this word I will This is why the LM and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our shed era titles it with this particular term,

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in terms of the covering the hour, so that the skin color of a hue of the person is not exposed. There are a couple of things that we want to look at insha Allah this evening, Allah azza wa jal says in sorted out raffia Burnie dama Hua Zhu Zi, Nutter comb narinder Cooley Masjid in or children of Adam, take your beautification upon the place of every prayer. Take your beautification to every sauna. What this verse here is talking about is cover yourself with beauty. Cover yourself, meaning the real beauty in an individual is how well they cover themselves what they wear. This is why psychologists have said a lot of other scientists have done tests over the years that have said that

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the first impression that you give to a person tells 70% of who you are. So how you dress how you comb your hair, how you look how clean you are, well, you smell, all of those physical traits. Tell us about 70% of your personality and what kind of person you are. This is why the Shetty emphasizes on Muslim it another Hadith that we all know is that cleanliness or purification is half of our email, it's a half of our religion. Why? Because the way we walk, the way we dress, the way we talk, the way we interact with each other. There's always a sense of cleanliness and purification that has to be there in order for us to interact with each other. We're going to look in sha Allah have a

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number of important issues when it comes to covering the

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number one. They are our own when it comes for the males. When it comes to the males, their outer is between the navel, the belly button and the knees. But these are not inclusive, according to the majority of erla. In other words, it's not including your bellybutton. It's not including the knees. Because the Hadith uses this word Isla.

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Either means towards something is just like when Allah says in the Quran in verse if I remember correctly verse number six and sort of Merida. Allah azza wa jal says to wash your hands, ILA to the elbows. So the what the fact that Allah azza wa jal uses this word ILA towards or to the elbows, some of the rhythm as say that when you're performing Waldo, it's not including the elbows itself, but it's up to the elbows. Other scholars said no, based on the practice of the Prophet, some of the lohani he was telling me in other ahaadeeth, that it also includes the elbows. So it's the same idea here. This evidence for this is based on a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he

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mentioned. If it is white, cover yourself with it, and if it is small, wear it as a lower garment or that he's out. So here this particular Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was talking about what you should wear. And he mentioned here, if it's wide enough, then just cover yourself with it. But if it's smaller than just wear it as a lower garment. And then when you look at the explanation of the Hadees the prophecies Salah mentions that this is between those particular areas between the navel and the knees. There are approximately five opinions, almost a half a dozen opinions of what exactly is the hour of a man especially when it comes to the solid. As far as the

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hour of the female is concerned. It is her entire body except her face and her hands when it comes to the Sala. This is based on an authentic hadith narrated in the Muslim head of Imam Ahmed and as soon as abida would, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us a lot about a lot of sila tell her how you live in LA I believe in Allah azza wa jal will not accept the signer of the heart of the female who has reached the age of menstruation, except with a female. Now the word that's used here is how to build some explanations of this Hadeeth. If you look at some of the books, they say that this is a woman who menstruate and this is incorrect. What is intended when the

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prophet SAW Selim uses this term high yield is just in reaching means a woman who has reached the maturity of menstruation because the reality is, and these are rare cases, but it does happen. A woman can reach maturity but she wouldn't menstruate, but she still has to pray her prayers. A third point and when it comes to the important issues of covering the Koran, the majority of the scholars have an Islam except with the exception of Imam Abdul Rahim Allah. They are of the opinion that anybody who wears a garment that is stolen, anybody who wears a garment that is stolen

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is then also the use this garment or if they just wear regular clothes and they play they pray in a place that is forbidden for prayer. So they walk into an environment where it's hot on for you to pray there in the first place. It's surrounded by a lot of Shotokan a lot of idols and things like that. Then, except with the exception of Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah

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the solar technically is still legally correct, but it has lost the perfection of the solder. the perfection of the solar is gone. What that means is that there is a chunk of reward from Allah azza wa jal that is lost in that particular slot so you, the person might end up just getting the bare metal